Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rand Paul's Brilliant Defense of Civil Liberties Against Drones

Activist Post

Today, Sen. Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to participate in an active filibuster of President Obama's nominee for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan. Sen. Paul spoke for two hours about the importance of civil liberties and the Constitution during a time where America is declared a battlefield in the war on terror. This is a must-see speech whether you're from the left or the right.

See Part 2 below:

Rand Paul goes on for over 9 hours.  Check out the rest here

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Anonymous said...

Senator Rand Paul's DC mailbox is now full. Please let him know we appreciate and support the filibuster through his facebook page!

Average Joe American said...

I don't do Facebook, but I did happen to tune in to C-Span shortly after his filibuster began, and it ruined my plans for the morning, but I couldn't tune back out. It was riveting, succinct, and said enough of what needs to be said for starters to keep anyone who has not paid attention so far thinking well into next week.

I've been voting for his dad, and contributing, for nearly a decade. What of saw of Rand didn't exactly blow my skirts up, but I paid occasional attention. After the things he said today, he's got my full attention.

Bravo, Rand! (Not that you'll be listened to any more than your dad was, but at least no one can say it wasn't out there on the floor before the SHTF.)

Anonymous said...

meanwhile Boehner and all but 16 GOP conservatives just gave Obama a budget continuation until Sept. YIKES

the Lewis Carrol reference was great....I guess Obama is the queen

Anonymous said...

This has been the issue in ALBERTA,CANADA. people do not run the government, Corporations run government, and the people have apathy, so sad.

Anonymous said...

This is the way congress should work, not behind closed doors!

Anonymous said...

Well......Now the cat is out of the bag. Rand has placed the issues squarely in the lap of the Socialist Agenda aka the O bambastic Barrack Hussein. And now bad boy bad boy, whatchya gonna do when they come for you? I sure hope Rand understands where he has placed himself. I sure hope he isn't planning on taking any private airplane flights any time soon. I am sure the Mussad is watching his schedule very carefully. But I must say, " Rand, like your father, Your my hero. I just hope it doesn't you your life thou I am sure you would give it gladly to defend what you believe in". So much for the rest of wussy's we call politicians let alone the fearful populace we now call the sheeple. If you really want to go down the Rabbit Hole, go to . You will definately get educated on what Ron Paul called ' the inner workings of the system'. But I know dear reader you won't bother. It requires reading and comprehensive critical thinking. A rarity in our country today.

Anonymous said...

Now if only Paul would support white people against illegal aliens, and more legal immigration from the third world.

Anonymous said...

oops!! i thought chaves was the one with the drones killing his people!! silly me, it was our republicrat pres. and saviour obama!!you know ol change and hope barack!! God help us!!! still looking4Che!!

Anonymous said...

The Pauls defended the Bush wars, Bush torture and Bush drone murders.

Now Obama has expanded the Bush crime spree in every way from torture to drone murders. Obama is doing this with Republican support as we all know.

Rand Paul is a loyal Republican.
On his recent trip to Israel Rand, said and did all the 'right' things. He kissed ass and bowed down and stated an attack on Israel is an attack on they all do!
Rand Paul voted to support Monsanto and other greasy food giants in the Senate and VOTED TO DENY STATES THE RIGHT TO LABEL GMO FOOD.

Rand Paul is a classic greasy Washington insider at the trough. Once, every 20 issues or so, he must side with the people to con them into believing he has their interests at heart.

It is very sad to see how gullible people can be when they are desperate for some leadership and some integrity. The swine and dogs who prey on that desperation by hyping fakes like Rand should really be ashamed of themselves.

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