Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One Man Stands in the Way of Arizona Anti-NDAA Bill

Activist Post

The 2012 NDAA allows any person, including American citizens, to be indefinitely detained without charge or trial, sent to a foreign country to be held, and even executed. Not a single law has eradicated more of our Constitution protections since the Civil War.

Now, Arizona has a chance to defeat it. Arizona has the chance to become the first state in America to enact real protections for its citizens against the NDAA. HB 2573, introduced by Rep. Carl Seel, passed Committee 6-2 last month, and passed the Rules Committee yesterday.

Yet, one Representative does not see the tide turning to liberty.

Representative Andy Tobin is currently blocking HB 2573 from receiving a full House vote. He is willing to kill protection for the people of Arizona, and allow the Federal government to trample the rights of his constituents.

We will not allow him to block this bill. The rights of the people of Arizona depend on it.

Show Rep. Tobin the tide is turning in favor of liberty. Urge him, politely but firmly, to bring HB 2573 up for a vote.

If you have to leave a message, ask him to call you back. If you send an email, ask for his reply and tell him to honor his Oath. Forward this crucial message on to friends and family.

Contact Rep. Tobin NOW and urge him to bring HB 2573 to the floor (out-of-staters are highly encouraged to call as well, and we find it most effective if you don't mention the state you're calling from.):

Representative Andy Tobin

Please visit P.A.N.D.A for the latest legislation and activism surrounding the NDAA.

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Jan Sam said...

ttbombk this is occuring in Canada and hasn't been discussed by mainstream media at all.

brad said...

Back when Tipper Gore and her "christian" friend wives in congress tried to become the censorship for all the music industry, a song came full blown into mind w/3 verses and finale.

Somewhat relevant in that one line mentioned that those wanting to control and censor don't realize that eventually they will end up on the wrong of a wickedly swung stick.

I don't want you carving all my lyrics to the bone./You may see no worth in them, but still they are my own./You are not a necessary part of putting down my thoughts./You're the self-deluded tyrant, free-thinking man has fought./(chorus) And you'll all be cursed as fools./If you think your little bit of rules./Will stop at what you've aimed- who's to blame?

Look across my shoulder with your different point of view./If you think that you excel at judgement, that just isn't true./If you decide which thoughts survive and you decide which thoughts to slay./You've dediced God gave me free will for you to take away./ (chorus)Don't you think you might be wrong?/ To try to change my simple song?/ Those little rules you've known. How they've grown.

Well you went to see the new show but you found it had been closed./ And it seems that there are thought police 'most everywhere one goes./ And though you go half-crazy from this regimented mental health./ You are helpless as the experts come and strip off your bookshelf./ (chorus) You're so angry, you could cry./ Now you see through other people's eyes./ The rules you help to bring - bear a sting.

(finale, whatever)
Now you're sitting in your living room. A knock falls upon your door. You thought you gave them everything; they're still demanding more.

A smile slips across your face. They're wanting what you hide. But they can never take your soul, it's hidden, so deep inside.

Yes our world (echo) Is sad and grey (echo) We hide all night. (echo) We fear all day. (echo) We've lost our path. (echo) And gone astray (echo, then drawn out) Since our song, our song was sent away.

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