Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama Says You Have No Right to Banking Privacy

The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens - Reuters.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Big banks get away with massive fraud, laundering money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations, while average citizens are guilty of financial crimes until proven innocent. The land of the free no longer.

Yesterday the White House released plans that would give all U.S. spy agencies access to the financial records of all American citizens in order to better "track down terrorist threats", which administration legal experts say is "permissible under U.S. law".

What happened to "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated"?  That's the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights in case Obama's legal team needed a reminder of actual U.S. law.

Reuters reports:
The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters. 
The proposed plan represents a major step by U.S. intelligence agencies to spot and track down terrorist networks and crime syndicates by bringing together financial databanks, criminal records and military intelligence. The plan, which legal experts say is permissible under U.S. law, is nonetheless likely to trigger intense criticism from privacy advocates.
Financial institutions that operate in the United States are required by law to file reports of "suspicious customer activity," such as large money transfers or unusually structured bank accounts, to Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
Reuters readily admits that the FBI already has access to the financial records of Americans but the NSA and other intelligence agencies feel disadvantaged as they have to apply on a case-by case basis to view private banking records.

"For these reports to be of value in detecting money laundering, they must be accessible to law enforcement, counter-terrorism agencies, financial regulators, and the intelligence community," said the Treasury document given to Reuters.

So this new plan is to essentially make the FBI share the data they have with other agencies. There's been no change in regards to the U.S. government being able to track, trace, and database all of your financial movements because they can already "legally" do that. That's why Obama's lawyers say it's permissible under U.S. law.

What laws are the legal experts referring to?  "Reporting requirements are dictated by a combination of the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA PATRIOT Act," the Treasury told Reuters. So two of the most liberty-killing pieces of legislation ever, one with a sunset clause because of its gross overreaches on civil liberties, are the justification for U.S. law, and not the Constitution?

We can breathe easy, though, because the Treasury said those laws come with "some privacy safeguards".  Yet privacy is no big deal to civil liberties groups any longer according to law professor Stephen Vladeck who told Reuters:
"One of the real pushes from the civil liberties community has been to move away from collection restrictions on the front end and put more limits on what the government can do once it has the information," he said.
I'm not exactly sure which civil liberties communities he's referring to here, but there hasn't been any "real push" away from the issue of privacy to discuss what the authorities can do once they've already raped us. This statement by Vladeck is a clear attempt to move the debate away from the obvious violation of the Constitution to mundane procedural details.

In essence, law professors say it's settled law that you're guilty until proven innocent in America. Every spy agency in the country can now have access to your credit card invoices, mortgage payments, account numbers, and bank transactions whether you are suspected of committing a crime or not.

And if you are suspected of committing a crime, you'll be punished without due process like a terrorist because that is the justification for trolling for your "suspicious behavior" in the first place. Meanwhile, your tax dollars are being used to bail out the real financial criminals who defraud you, the government, and the public everyday.

How does it feel to be a slave?

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iamlightagain said...

The common area known as Washington District of Columbia, and the coporation known as United States Government, that resides there,need to be sold to some foreign dictatorial, commuist controlled country. They would enjoy the tyranical dictates comming from this administration.
I say this because, the verbage comming from DC no longer sounds like it is comming from the home of the brave and the land of the free America!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Eric to not call for arrests, understate the crimes and to tell us we are slaves.

Anonymous said...


We don't need no stinkin 4th amendment because the Constitution really is just a god damn piece of paper after all.

Anonymous said...

@ iamlightagain - "the verbage comming from DC no longer sounds like it is comming from the home of the brave and the land of the free America!"

I would argue it never did, or at least it hasn't for a very, very long time now.

See "Points in the Silver Commission's Report" in the New York Times, November 6, 1877 on how U.S Congress assisted Rothschild international bankers to rob the people -

"Silver demonetization existing everywhere, it must arise from some cause operating everywhere, and no such cause is or can be pointed out except the commercial crisis which commenced in Austria shortly before demonetization began, and extending from that country to Germany, caused an expulsion of silver from that country to England, which led the Rothschilds and other Jew bankers and syndicates of the Old World to conspire with William D. Kelley and others in the American Congress to demonetize silver in the United States, whereby they all derived large profits at the expense of the laboring classes."

The same people behind Obama today were behind the Bolshevik Revolutionary forces in Russia and Eastern Europe back in the early 1900's, and most here are aware of what they were interested in.

From a dispatch to Washington from Russia by U.S Ambassador David R. Francis in January 1918 -

"...Bolshevik Headquarters, has formally announced that a revolution similar to that in Russia has begun in Germany. The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution."

"Russia from the American Embassy, April, 1916-November, 1918" by David Rowland Francis, 1921, page 214.

The "internationalists" aka "globalists" behind Obama today have the same disregard for the nations and their peoples they seek to conquer and subvert for a supra-national agenda.

Those at the top, the real top - above Obama, pulling his strings - don't have one iota of sincere empathy for the American people, or any other people, just as the Bolsheviks didn't care for Russia or the Russian people back then.

They will rob, murder, imprison or do anything else they must do to the rest of the people in order to achieve their agenda.


Anonymous said...

Fear not, the Republicans will stand up to Obama and fight for the little guy like they always do.
They will also protect are guns and right to shoot. Relax people.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution ONLY reaffirms the rights bestowed by a higher power. IT GRANTS NOTHING.
Yet again more justice for just-us from the current resident. the P has been removed for a reason

Danny Adams said...

"Fear not, the Republicans will stand up to Obama and fight for the little guy like they always do."

Sarcastic or not, I wouldn't count on this, since a somewhat limited version of this program was implemented by the Bush administration in 2006. The Republicans won't do anything about it because they'll want the power for themselves the next time a Republican is president.

Anonymous said...

Obongo knows NOTHING about the Constitution. He's from Kenya, right?

No Intelligence service - especially the CIA - has any right whatsoever to the banking activities of citizens here at home. The CIA has NO right to spy on Americans on US soil. Period. The FBI must obtain a warrant before peeking into citizens' bank accounts.

brad said...

Okay, i'd like the banking account information and PINs to the executives running Monsanto, Prez O-oh, and my congress.

Anonymous said...

As Dubya once said
"Bring it on"

and as Doc Holiday said-
"Im your huckleberry"

Anonymous said...

The Constitution grants nothing, but the tyrants will seek to take it away regardless. We know who the bad guys are.

They monitor your every move and protect the people running airplanes for the drug cartels and laundering $100s of billions for them. Oh, yeah, one person was fired - the whistle blower...

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

Also note that the money was never reported recovered.

These tyrants think we are stupid.

Are we? Not me - and I hope more people start paying attention to the details because there is more safety in crowds.

Debt Money Tyranny

Anonymous said...

Republicans and Democrats get their power from Biggest Finance Capital - the people who run and profit from the Debt Money Tyranny system have the most money and they control the media - WHO do you think they will promote to office?

People who will do the bidding of Biggest Finance Capital If you challenge their institutions, like Kennedy and the CIA/War Complex or Sonny Bono and the weapons trafficking, well, bad things happen.

CIA/Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars & Sonny Bono's Murder with Author Bob Fletcher

There is only one party - the Biggest Finance Capital party runs the show. The demican / republicrat antics are mostly for show.

The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.
- Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope

Anonymous said...

Who cares?
No one has money anyway!
The joke is on them!

Maybe if you don't have money THAT makes you a terrorist threat? Damm, that makes this country's 99% a country full of bad guys!

Who's dopey idea was it to look at EVERYONE's Financial records to better "track down terrorist threats". What threat? I see Wall Street as the only dangerous terrorist organization we are facing!

Hello? I think the banks have the most money and a history of supporting terrorists. Didn't get that memo yet, did you Barak?

See, it's clearly obvious that ALL Americans are viewed as potential terrorists. ALL of them!

Bill Ayers has managed to maneuver into the perfect position to destroy took him 30 years but, he's in power now. Obama is just following his lead.

So as far as banking privacy, feel free to look at my non-existent financial records to see how broke I am. What a kidder he is....

Anonymous said...

Is it not beyond time to march on these maniacs and get rid of them?
Who in the world, other than the psychos with the war budget, likes the way things are going?

Anonymous said...

Russia: No bank snooping, no GMOs, no war, tiny debt, booted out the international bankers years ago, stockpiling gold, huge international reserves and a growing economy.

There ARE alternatives to "living" in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Russia? It's a TERRIBLE place to live. I know this because I heard it from the US government and in the western mass media.

Anonymous said...

While I admit I like Russia far more than most other countries today the statement from Anonymous that the Russians "booted out the international bankers years ago" is quite preposterous.

You are familiar with the fact it was Russian President Medvedev who showed the world the first view of the "united future world currency" in Italy in 2009, right?

That international currency would be monitored/controlled by the existing international financial cabal, primarily the IMF.

On 24 March 2009, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the People's Bank of China, called for "creative reform of the existing international monetary system towards an international reserve currency," believing it would "significantly reduce the risks of a future crisis and enhance crisis management capability."

Again, they want "reform" carried out through the existing international financial institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, that will make the banking cabal stronger with the creation of a single supra-national currency to go with their supra-national "globalist" world.

Just because Russia and China are playing a different role than the U.S in the NWO doesn't mean they're not part of the NWO.

The 5 founding members of the United Nations are the leaders of the NWO, always have been and always will be.


Anonymous said...

Did Obama really say this? And if he did it's a load of bull. Financial affairs should be private and have nothing to do with anyone else, not even the government, no matter which country.

Just like church and politics separated, so do politics and the economy have to be separated. Government is about governing, making laws, etc. And government has no business in the corporate world!


abinico said...

Basically this means the drug cartels now run the banks.

Anonymous said...

Russia has just banned foreign banks from opening branches in Russia. How does this fit with globalist banking controlling Russia? No wonder the west still considers Russia as the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

Obama is terrorizing each and every one of us. Let's impeach this bitxh!!!

Anonymous said...

"Russia has just banned foreign banks from opening branches in Russia. How does this fit with globalist banking controlling Russia?"

The banks in Russia are still partly owned by the same international bankers who have roots in Russia dating back hundreds of years, and they do follow and even partake in developing international banking policy through the NWO IMF and World Bank systems and forums.

In addition to supporting a new global currency controlled through the IMF and World Bank.

Last time I checked Russia has also embraced Agenda 21, at least parts of it and officially supports the initiative within the U.N, and that is a major pillar of the NWO.

Banning foreign international bankers doesn't do anything to hurt international banking as a whole but rather just helps the Russian international bankers.

If you notice most Russian media like RT and most western mass-media are actually sending the exact same messages to both people in the U.S/West and in Russia, though saying vastly different things to underscore that message - Russia is the #1 challenger/enemy to the U.S. empire.

Polarization has long been a favorite of these occult forces behind the NWO, one of their core mystical beliefs is that the universe is kept in "balance" by two identically opposite forces that only appear to oppose it each other but actually are working in harmony together.

If you create the "balance" as such then you can easily throw the balance off in ways that can be generally controlled to produce the changes you want to see - problem, reaction, solution aka 'order out of chaos'.

Maybe I am just too skeptical of Russia but since the Rothschild's had a vast empire there(in all of Eastern Europe) in the 1800's and the Bolsheviks controlled it for decades after that(Rothschild role internally is little known during U.S.S.R days) I just don't think it is wise to jump on the mainstream media's wagon of using Russia as the anti-thesis to U.S power.

Now Iceland is a country people should get behind and use as a role model, not the NWO forces in Russia and China that even the western media tells people are the "role models" they should follow if they dislike the U.S/Western power.


Anonymous said...

from my understanding if something isn't done in the next 9 months to turn this sinking ship called the us economy around it will begin a 4 year free fall and by then denial will no longer be a river in egypt. now we know why the big push for vaccines was so strong because they knew what we didn't. no wonder they think we're st0~0pid.

Anonymous said...

To Jonny:

If Russia is hand in hand with US/Western powers;

Why encircle Russia and China with US military bases? Why point missiles at Russia?

Why did the US covertly fund anti-Putin government demonstrations like they did in Libya, Iraq and Syria? To what end?

Why did Russia expel Jewish oligarchs like Guzinski, Berezovski, etc. and imprison Khodorkovsky? Isn't Israel an friend here?

Why did the US try to destabilize the Caucasus?

Why is anti-Russian sentiment continual in western mass media?

As Romney said, "Russia is the number 1 threat to the USA."

It's highly unlikely that these actions would be taken against a partner in crime. If this is a ruse, it's a damn good one. And expensive, too.

Anonymous said...

a safe bet would be to assume almost all of them are in on it. the shell game is downright exhausting. i'm guessing for a world government to exist, governments of the world would have to be in on it by hook or by crook. there i go thinking too much again.

Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional "unreasonable search and seizure".

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