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Number of gun companies refusing to sell to gov’t entities restricting gun rights triples in just two weeks

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Madison Ruppert
Activist Post

When Brent Daggett originally reported for End the Lie on firearm companies refusing to sell their products to government entities enforcing what they see as gun control laws that endanger our Second Amendment right to bear arms, the number of companies was quite small.

That has radically changed recently with the number tripling in just two weeks. Now some 124 companies have joined the fight against restrictive gun laws according the Police Loophole, a website established to track “companies that have taken the step to publicly announce that they will not sell items to states, counties, cities, and municipalities that restrict their citizens’ rights to own them.”

The number continues to rise and, according to Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. of CNS News, “In just two weeks, the number of companies participating in what has been named the ‘Firearms Equality Movement,’ has more than tripled from 34 companies to 118.”

The number has now swelled to 124, although it is unclear where Gwyn-Williams, Jr. obtained the 118 number for his March 9 report since it should have been 123 on March 9, according to the Police Loophole’s dates.

Barrett summed up the movement well in writing, “Barrett opposes those who are illegally disarming the American public from their efficient arms and creating superior armed elitist government agencies.”

The most recent company to join the fray, C. and H. Arms, revealed their decision in a Facebook post.

“Even though we love to support our nations law enforcement agencies,” C. and H. Arms wrote, “We will not sell any item to any agency that restricts said item to its civilians.”

Wilson Combat announced their policy, which applies to California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago, Illinois on February 28.

“Wilson Combat will no longer provide any products or services to any State Government imposing legislation that infringes on the second amendment rights of its law abiding citizens,” wrote Ryan Wilson, Vice President of Wilson Combat.

“This includes any Law Enforcement Department, Law Enforcement Officers, or any State Government Entity or Employee of such an entity,” Wilson continued. “This also applies to any local municipality imposing such infringements.”

However, Wilson made it clear that they will continue to sell firearms to any citizen not affiliated with the government, so long as they can legally do so.
Wilson Combat will in NO way support the government of these states or their anti-gun agenda that only limits the rights of law-abiding citizens. Wilson Combat will continue to supply any product and/or service they can legally sell in these states to all non-government affiliated citizens.
For those who are not aware, the police loophole is the practice of some states, counties, cities and municipalities in the United States that restricts their citizens’ ability to “fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms with restrictions such as magazine capacity or types of firearms,” according to the Police Loophole.

“However, these government entities do not place these restrictions upon their own employees, such as police officers,” thus clearly creating a loophole.

It seems that the Firearms Equality Movement, based on closing this loophole and further discouraging gun control legislation is not going to slow down any time soon. It will be interesting to see how governments respond to this increasingly numerically powerful movement.

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Anonymous said...

gun companies... more like mom an pop custom gunsmiths

Anonymous said...

Those same gun companies will however, continue to fight tooth and nail to make sure that convicts, felons, drug dealers and mentally unstable people can buy guns without delay, background checks or other silly restrictions.

Gun companies, they love you and the Constetooshun too, honest!

SamAdams said...

One of these comments is a deplorable admission of apathetic treason due to government assisted ignorance. They express their disdain for liberty and basic rights using a kindergarten spelling of "constetooshun". May you receive full Bolshevik "benefits" for your loyal service.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Those same gun companies will however, continue to fight tooth and nail to make sure that convicts, felons, drug dealers and mentally unstable people can buy guns without delay, background checks or other silly restrictions.

Gun companies, they love you and the Constetooshun too, honest!
March 11, 2013 at 9:19 AM "

You can buy marijuana and cocaine, and both are illegal already. (Generally speaking) It's already illegal for convicted felons to own firearms.

Anonymous said...

"convicts, felons, drug dealers and mentally unstable people". By that you mean those whom have positions of power in this country? The same people who gave guns to drug cartels and gangs in LA, Chicago and Miami, right? The same people that want only themselves to have the guns, right? I hope you never get to enjoy your fascist utopian wet dream!

Anonymous said...

"convicts, felons, drug dealers and mentally unstable people. By that you mean....."

NO 12:43, I mean exactly what I said....not some crap you make up to suit your silly gun fantasies. Why is it that the gun salesmen always like to parse words and talk like lawyers??

What I mean is that slimy gun companies always use the NRA and their multi million dollar lobbyist budget, to fight against any restrictions or rules on who many own a gun, no matter how dangerous that person may be.
By using their weasel words to argue that urban gangsters need access to assault weapons, the gun companies show what scumbags they are. By attempting to change that subject, you reveal the game you are playing. You get paid, I work for free.

Hide Behind said...

Anonymous @8:52 is pretty close to dead on as the majority are rather small firms that do not sell much dirct to police or federal. SOME sell to small gum shops for resale and don' t worry. Any local legal will ne sold whatever he needs.
Patriotism begins in the pocket book and it pays to kiss cops butts.
None of the names listed are needed by any gov agency for them to have fully armed police agents.
What realy froghtens the anti's so much is the "SIMPLICITY" and relatively inexpensive of not a junk AK but the AR platfoorms is.
A month before this last buyimg frenzy those patriots on that list and slimeball patriots at gunshows could build and sell using allnrand mew parts an AR of decent quality fpr under$500 percopy. Today buying new parts give me 4 employees and even at the high cost being gouged by manufacturing "patriots" we could assemble easily 5 to15 weapons a day and keep cost right at 1100.
The listing is those who except for just 3 manufacturing firms would disapear and will in all likelihood even with out new lawd.

Anonymous said...

I applaud ALL of those companies. The Second Amendment was written to protect the nation from any government that would overstep it's bounds as they were established in The Constitution. States writing exceptions for 'law enforcement' into unconstitutional laws is merely proof that the Second Amendment must urgently need to be defended. They are writing into law an end-run around the Second Amendment when they do that. And lest any of you forget - this is still America, and nobody has any legal authority to make a citizen justify his purchase of anything, nor to force the purchase of something else. Those actions are just not provided for in the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

NO 1:42 PM... I do not get paid to comment. I'm curious, is the gun running to drug cartel "conspiracy theory"? Those 'gun' companies are for profit, so what? They're making a profit because there's demand. I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

I assume the government can/will make up new legislation to close down gun manufacturing company's that refuse to sell to them, Than appropriate production for themselves.

scarecrow said...

The Goob is working both ends and making better progress in drying up the ammo, (billions of rounds) which makes the guns kind of useless.
Paying attention to what Goob is doing requires full time attention. The biggest problem with American sheeple is their limited attention span, and Goob is fully aware. Get your body and mind right and then get active, do something to organize peaceful protest. We can win this if we people work together. Peace

Anonymous said...

Peaceful protest isn't going to do shit. These assholes have tanks.

Anonymous said...

so they take away our weapons then the deer population explodes wild life as we know it runs rampant we have more wilflife vehicle collisions wild food runs out we have a major die off that pulutes the environment weapons then go under ground a major black market springs up you think aliens an drugs are a problem now just wait add weapons to the list felons can right now order black powder weapons cause they listed as primitive weapons along with archery a razor back broad head can go right thru a armored vest an a .50 cal hawkins rifle just wont leave a nice bullet hole it takes body parts an yes i agree with the no sell that companies are doing right now what they really need to do is include ALL GOVT local federal an state every agencies,employee,all of them

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