Friday, March 1, 2013

NJ Police Raid Home of Activist on Rumor That He Had a Gun

We Are Change

On Thursday January 25th, New Jersey police officers entered the apartment of Keith Pantaleon without permission, warning, warrant or explanation. After entering the apartment, they apparently had suspicion of him having a weapon, though none were visible. The police then searched his home and found multiple firearms. Keith is a legal gun owner who is registered and has permits for his firearms in multiple states. According to his close friends is currently going through the process of obtaining his permits for New Jersey.

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Hide Behind said...

Weak article; WIth way too many could of beens, leaving viewers with nothing but surmises of what had been and what ifs'.
Many oft complain about official medias use of just this type of journalism and we who support independent journalism should do better than they.
Thid reflects poorly upon "We Are Change" which even though this respondent finds most of their views opposite to mine do admit that in past they have been at least honest and forthright in their presentations

Jordan said...

Maybe I missed something but if this guy has guns in NJ without NJ permits then that is illegal if NJ doesn't accept permits from the states in which he has permits. It sucks his life is ruined while there are real criminals out there but he did give the police an excuse to put him in cuffs...Hide Behind is right, this sort of reporting should cling to a higher standard.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, there appears to have an outpouring of support, goodwill, and donations for Keith Pantaleon and, according to updates on NC Renegrade, Keith has been released and is working with legal counsel to get his name cleared. If only we had more people like Keith with determination, dedication, and backbone...

To "Hide Behind": The youtube clip was a testimonial from a close friend of Keith, not an "article" - so don't use a straw man argument. Open your mind and do some digging for information on your own. Haven't you figured it out yet? The MSM is the distraction, propaganda, and brainwashing machine for the Matrix. That is why We Are Change is one of many groups trying to speak truth to power and offer some hope for transparency. You find most of their views opposite to yours? Like standing up for our civil liberties and exposing 9/11 as a false flag attack? It is time to educate yourself or go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Is there a debate here about whether there should be standard of having those who move from one state to another be required to leave their firearms behind in storage while they wait for permits to be issued by the state they moved to? Not only does this sort of bureaucratic red tape violate the very essence of the second amendment (no infringement), it is unreasonable by not allowing some sort of grace period while the application is being processed.

Did Pantaleon really "give the police an excuse to put him in cuffs" when he was at home minding his own business? Even after unlawful invasion of his home he remained calm and cooperative while his firearm stayed in a concealed pouch. No warrant. No grounds for suspicion. Therefore, no lawful reason for a search = Fourth Amendment violation.

Hide Behind said...

Have looked into issue; he may say he was or was going to but Police say no record.
If permit had been applied for then he may have partial defense; partial.
LOOK up states gun laws and see multiple of charges he could face.
If this personage in flic thought she was helping her friend her talking of his knowledge of laws jist helped convict him.

I personaly know of at least 3 state laws a froend inadvertanyly due to an inheritance of weapons.
Under state law thise weapons could only leave state to be delivered to any out of state residemce to a lferally licensend in that persons home state.
He could only get back there during fumeral but not for three months after will reading so when informed he went back was told no but told no.
HE SOLD them to relative and somehow they walked across all of US.
Any time one is charged with evrn remotest gun charge you damn eell no matter the state know the states laws.
Or even when you move interstate with weapon or else you are playin
g with fire.
I did not make the gun laws but if you are a gun owner you had best damn well know "What your responsibilitys are".
The pathway to Hell is paved with good intensions" and If you notice I was trying to not blame the lady in the flic who was very obviouly upset and instead criticized "We Are Change'.
I stand on my original wording!

Hide Behind said...

My journalist classes when it came to investigative writings stressed, repeatedly stressed, verify, verify, verify or else they will pick your writing apart and nullify the message.
An old saying of pick your battles before they close upon you; Otherwise you will lose your strength and resources upon lost causes and come the time to strike you will be powerless to do so.
They must of had a hell of a lot of wise Chinese in ancient times.

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