Friday, March 22, 2013

Is Government Immoral? A Philosophical Debate


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Anonymous said...

Basically, Stefan is jealous that the government has control right now. HE wants control. HE wants to profit by building a military-industrial-prison grid. These two are the problem, not the solution. There is no true anarchy in what Stefan proposes, nor is there true justice in what the drunk lawyer is saying. How about Stefan's voice at that end clip where he describes what the fleeing (accused) rapist will encounter? Borg. And why the obsessing on rape? How many times does he bring that up? Something is not right with either of these two. Corbett was the best thing about this video.

Tom Hagen said...

Stefan and the voluntaryist/anarcho-capitalist religion are trying to walk people into a trap where they can be completely enslaved by a corporate ruling class who will answer to no one. There is a reason that government has always emerged from anarchy. The focus should not be on getting rid of govt, the focus should be on refining and controlling it. Govt on the scale of the US federal govt is a disaster waiting to happen. This was supposed to be a republic of much smaller govts. We need to restore that ideal and reduce the federal govt to it's subordinate role. We are enslaved now by choice - negligence. We let this happen. But we can turn it around.

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