Friday, March 15, 2013

Gun Rights Face-off: The Constitution Vs. Dianne Feinstein

Activist Post

Dianne Feinstein proves in the video below why she has been singled out by Defense Distributed as worthy of having a 3D printed AK magazine named after her. Feinstein's assault weapons bill would ban the sale of 160 different assault weapons, as well as magazines carrying more than 10 rounds.

Senator Ted Cruz, who recently put AG Eric Holder on the hot seat over his clear misreading of the president's constitutional right to kill U.S. citizens anywhere at any time if the circumstances are "extraordinary," forces Feinstein to lash out with emotion and hyperbole, rather than answering questions central to constitutional principles and the rule of law.

Cruz compared her proposed ban as similar to banning books, to which Feinstein responded (with help from Sen. Patrick Leahy) that, yes, assault weapons are like child pornography.

As proponents of big government continue to assert that the same "personal defense weapons" for DHS are "assault weapons"  in the hands of citizens, the political fireworks have likely just begun.

Additional note: Feinstein's position on supposedly saving lives by restricting personal defense weapons remains wildly hypocritical, as she continues to downplay (or outright lie) about the amount of civilians killed from the offensive U.S. government drone attacks overseas.

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Anonymous said...

Off to download me one of those mags. This woman is so clueless and compromised it's not even fair.

Hide Behind said...

What the hell defines "american citizen"?
It Has no basis as anything more than being an accident of birth and even that status gives no one status above that of those granted temporary visa to travel upon any plot of ground on this planet.
As to a "CONSTITUTION"; You have an unwritten one and only memories of what and the hell a Bill of Rights never meant, so why do so many play the word games?
When Feinstein comes out against gun ownership why play jewish angels on point of a pin games? Tell her she is a fat faced lying self seeking greedy bitch and ask in a point blank flat out way, how many millions she will take to just shut up.
No one owes her a damned thing and why should any one give her any respect she does not deserve. When she is introduced as "The Honorable just flat out object to that title.
Why worry that you may offend, ohso you csn play your word hames and keep your face on UTeatslips as drfender of thecause.

MONKEYS OR CHIMPS make their asses available to an angry member of tribe and that is all well and proper for democrats, republicans, socilist, libertarians and the Green ys of both sides gas. but Americans are not chimps.
Chimps may not comprehend that their training has no rules behind it other than the whim of your trainer, so quit the mumbling of Constitution because there is none.
That means you no longer have to willingly give them your ass or assets as they have no hold over you if you are realy serious of taking off or even biting theie asses now and then.
They have no Right or right to their elevated positions other than what their guns can hold onto.
Of course ifall they need do is hold onto your hips you may as well pay them lip service as well.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, pornographic material, I can go to the store right now and get a magazine. I guess as long as they are not in schools it is cool. Well, as long as we keep are AR's out of gov. Controlled schools we should be o.k.. This so called Senator, looks more like the "Predator", doesn't even know what she is banning. It is well know that some of the guns on her list that she wants banned are also on the not banned list because it has a different stock. Really, any SANE person would laugh her out of office for being so damn blind. She is just trying to hang on to her over paid job...... That is it. Gotta have her 5 more min. of fame!

Winsmith said...

When Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution is gone, the whole thing is gone and no branch of government is paying anyone for anything in spite of the "triillions" that they carp about.
To put the gun grabbers on the spot, ask them why they don't disarm us lawfully by amending the Constitution?

Anonymous said...

Is this not a good enough reason to limit the amount of time a person can spend in politics? This one really believes respect is given based on a title! Last time I checked it was "earned". One person's opinions don't make it the law of the people. The people put them where they are and people can take them out. Pay attention people, this is how most of these polititions think. If we would pay attention and do our do diligence and research instead of watching TV "where they tell you anything to get what they want" we would be a lot better off. I was never military at all but I'll defend the country I love just as if I were, and I'll defend the constitution and bill of rights the way it was intended . Not by ideology . I will not give up my guns or stand down in the face of government imposed injustice. Impeach Obama now and show them in Washington that we won't stand for this nonsense any longer. We are the power they think they have. So let's get it together and do it before its to late to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein, AKA Einstein, comes from the place where bullets implode.

Anonymous said...


brad said...

My dambed senator!

She violates the constitution in at least 3 ways;

1) Feds have no legal jurisdiction or purview over private weapons ownership WHATSOEVER.

2) To deprive a citizen/American of their rights (and a little 237 year legal precedent as a nation) each person so denied needs to have a jury trial.

3) To deprive a person of their legal possessions, the govt must give that person a jury trial.

What other ways?

Hide Behind said...

When does the mind tip from rational into irrational behavior?
At what point does one with power begin to exercise power just to exercise power, to pass laws for no other reason than self agrandizement.
This is acase of abuse of power.
We receive writings by those who claimcredemtials og psychiatry. So do tell what disorder people such as Feinstein enjoy while perched out of reach of those they abuse?

Anglo Saxon said...

That woman is grotesque. Any woman who looks so grotesque will inevitably have a mind to match her looks. She is pushing this attempt to alter the 2nd Amendment simply because she is projecting her frustration at her own physical and emotional inadequacies.

Politics = a beauty contest for ugly and/or psychotic people.

Anonymous said...

If they ban guns, they will ban 3D printers....
Either there is freedom and liberty, or there is tyranny...

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