Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Electronic Tattoo Printed Directly Onto Skin

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Ever found yourself wanting a cool barcode tattoo like Agent 17 from the movie Hitman? Consistently looking for new ways to store all your "medical" information directly (quite literally) on your person at all times? Dissatisfied with your VeriChip's performance?

First there were electronic stick-on tattoos with stretchable batteries - now the electronic sensors can be printed directly onto - and soon into - human skin.

Welcome to the world of "epidermal electronics" as introduced by John Rogers, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois (U-C).

Rogers Group has introduced variations of flexible electronics before, with the group exploring various applications such as batteries, solar cells, and wireless equipment. But the newest innovation allows the ultrathin mesh electronics (essentially a computer) to be placed directly on the surface of the skin, eliminating the need for the elastomer backing previously used as an adhesive.

The concepts have been developed for over 14 years with an aim to have chargeable circuits, wireless reading and connection to phones, iPads and other reading devices. They don't just detect body temp and skin moisture but even electronic signals from the heart and brain.

Closeup of battery/sensors on skin
The stick-on sensors were very temporary and couldn't withstand much. The skin-printable sensors stay on with a spray-able bandage and can last for two weeks, but that's why under-the-skin embedded sensors are on the way for more permanency.

With this accomplishment the group continues to move forward, further developing the flexibility and capability of the already astoundingly thin and intricate battery. The expressed goal is better, targeted healthcare sensory and data. Which is why the work is funded by The Office of Naval Research, The Department of Energy, and - surprise - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

Stretchable lithium-ion battery with video

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kim said...

Stop right there. Step away from this idea. Go back, carefully, to the fork in the road where you lost your freaking mind, and go the OTHER way--toward freedom, individuality, and self-monitoring. In fact, RUN.

Anonymous said...

Closer and Closer to REV.13:16-17.

Anonymous said...

do not accept these on your bodies. its the mark of the beast

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kim. Nothing good can come from this.

abinico said...

And I bet all of congress is gonna line up to be first and set an example for the rest of us.

Gary orGibby said...

Gee, I wonder why I've got skin cancer?

Anonymous said...

no no no no!!!! monitors electronic signals from the heart and brain. so invasive.

there will be a brilliant PR campaign for these.. the awake will not take part though.

Rowan said...

I don't know yet how nice I think that is. Electronics into the human body still seems a bit strange to me. Perhaps I am already old fashioned.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure this will hook right-up with my wireless defib.& pacemaker and maybe i can jump start my car!!!! do not l.o.l ! God save us!!

Anonymous said...

I am really eager for them to offer an electronic Marine Corps Bulldog tattoo with a bulldog which licks his gernitalia and barks at sailors.

Anonymous said...

Before you get one of those things, look up the brain implants placed on cats/rats that control their behavior. Getting one of those is a great way to turn yourself into a controlled drone

Anonymous said...

Absolutely NOT! Revelations is coming to pass....

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