Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finding Entry Points of Consciousness to Overcome the New World Order

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

What will it take for enough people to wake up? Enough people, that is, to implement a real difference in society and our way of life. Let me reiterate my case for why I believe that truth will prevail. I believe that consciousness is a form of energy that is in motion. This motion is moving TOWARD growth and expansion not the other way around.

Thus, I pose a reasonable hypothesis that goes something like this: If more people are awake today than were yesterday and more people will be awake tomorrow than today, which I believe is the case, then mathematically speaking we can confidently predict that humanity will turn things around and defeat the current ideology of tyranny which is trying to take over the world.

Turning things around will require a paradigm shift; or, more precisely, several small paradigm shifts slowly leading us away from the current political paradigm. Paradigm shifts are happening all around us all the time. We actually have many paradigms (or beliefs) that make up our overall paradigm (belief system) and these paradigms are constantly being challenged. To someone not grounded in some reliable comfort source this idea of paradigm shift can be frightening. My reliable comfort comes from my understanding of the existence of things that we can predict like the natural sciences and mathematics, as well as my awareness of the things that we can’t predict or fully understand like god, the universe, the power and potential of the human being, and spirituality.

Keeping our goal in mind of awakening enough people to implement a real difference, we should consider finding as many entry points to consciousness as we can. How can we do this? By realizing that almost everything we do connects us to reality and truth. The magic is in seeing the interconnection of everything and realizing that the only reality is your current experience and this very moment, now. The past and the future are not more a part of our present reality than dreams. TV, movies, and all forms of media around us are all just programmed electronic media intended to appeal to your senses and influence your ideology.

With a firm understanding of who we are (free expressions of consciousness), we can then arm ourselves with an effective cognitive plan for success. Finding real-time loopholes or entry points to consciousness is an effective tool for advancing consciousness. Finding ways to relate to people from all walks of life is important. Learn to find commonality in others instead of differences. These commonalities will render real-time interactions much more memorable and influential. See the glass half full instead of half empty. Dive into the knowledge that is available to us about whom we are and use this knowledge as a tool for disarming the ideologies of hate. This knowledge about our own selves includes knowing what it is that you don’t know and acknowledging what it is that you don’t understand.

I speak about disarming the ideology because people ultimately can be distinguished from the ideologies they get caught up in. People can and do change and a person can shed their ideologies when they feel compelled to when the time is right. We choose to commit to our ideologies and use it as an identifier, but this can be penetrated and eventually altered. Often but not always this change happens over time and is influenced by our personal experience as well as knowledge accumulation, wisdom and logic.

Finding clever entry points to consciousness then becomes the challenge. So I offer a suggestion: observe what a person cares about and what consumes most of their time and see if you can connect important truth to what they do, then find the right time and place to deliver your timely message of truth.

Whether it’s discussing the lost retirement funds with grandma, Dad's real estate issues or junior’s student loan nightmares, these are all entry points to consciousness. Keep your entry points general and wide without personal attack. Personally, I leave the more aggressive tones for the actual gatekeepers who know what they are doing.

It’s important to distinguish between a victim of the system and a gatekeeper of the system.

Though gatekeepers need help as well, this article is geared toward reaching out to the average unaware citizen who would reasonably alter their path if they understood the magnitude of the evil being carried out by the globalist monsters.

The globalists have left a mess so large that almost every aspect of life has their fingerprint on it. That has actually made it easier to expose what they’ve done. The average government-Hollywood-mainstream media believer you may know, that won’t listen to any truth and logic regarding 9/11 truth science may be more inclined to listen when you explain the financial collapse, the Federal Reserve banking scam, unemployment, bailouts, or other more perceived relatively important issues. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that someone will believe exactly as you do or that one particular issue must be force-fed to a person who is not ready for that issue. People can and will always find topics to disagree on, so this is an important trap to avoid and be mindful of.

This process of skillfully fine-tuning selective truth to the people in the world around you is an important counter-strategy to the mass brainwashing mainstream media-Hollywood-Government 24/7 lying machine. Look around, we are progressing with every day.

We know that the sum of the parts is equal to the whole so let us acquire and implement small counter strategies like this against the globalists and their new world order plans until we hit critical mass awareness and observe critical change implemented at a significantly noticeable level.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Even though the picture isn't looking so pretty in the world right now, I have the faith that all will end well. I have always thought that truth will prevail. I look at the current world situation as a great battle between darkness and light, evil and good. The light washes away evil. It's the only way it can end.

Anonymous said...

We are all just muddling thru. The NWO is just Marx's ruling class.
Do your best and ignore the fear-mongers cashing in on predictions of doomsday and collapse. It has already happening, and we are all just muddling thru.

The greatest revolutionary act is to refuse to be afraid, paranoid, or embittered. Skeptical, yes. Cynical, no. Enjoy every single day and concentrate on how you can help others, including the homeless guy who lives in the vacant lot across the street.

Leave him a gift.

Anonymous said...

"consciousness" radiates and gravitates, it's in effect, throughout all phenomena. The proposition that 'consciousness is moving TOWARD something...' is a flight of fancy (respectfully) claimed by those who seek to deny (project upon others) their own nature of 'gravitation (dark side)'

"Truth" is, we are all consequences of this 'light, dark (radiating-gravitating/opposing votrexes)' and the troubles we face as a society and personally, arise from the religiously conditioned mind. Which not just demands an "ideal," (which is fair enough) but condemns all that falls outside of such limited perspectives.

Living the (so-called) "truth" that all is ONE, requires the acceptance that the condemnation of another (the usual scape-goats of illumi-blati; NWO; dark cabal, elite... the list is long) is in "truth" condemnation of the self. And as long as this persists, deceptively veiled as some sort of noble-ideal; the claimed peace, abundance... desired will not just remain as the ever-promised land - but the predictable descent into its 'polar-opposite' will 'naturally' (by universal law) ensue.

Forgive your own unconscious-guilt, then you will be free from the ego's insistence of projecting this torment upon 'others.' Then you are free to be the solution, unfettered by the dualistic-dilemma, which binds you to your predictable nightmare. Be the example. Seek to change no-one, but the only-one you can - yourself.

wishbone said...

everything in the infinite universe is "consciousness" from the smallest sub-atomic partical to the greatest galaxy, it is all based on two equal and opposing forces, (ying yang if you like) there is always balance, so, the NWO, it is the attempt of one evil, dark force trying to rule, but it wont, because a force of good and light will push back and force a balance. its called "KARMA" or for those with a scientific view, the law of "action-reaction", where there is a action there is always equal re-action. so, if you feel fear of a Nazi new world order, the best thing anyone can do is keep your head, say NO to the Nazi's, don't be a slave, don't be sheep, if the banks try to steal your money, close your account, if laws are unjust, brake them, if government are lying, thieving, mass murderers, don't vote for them, take away their mandate, take away their power. after all you are the 99%, they are 1%, CAN YOU DIG IT?!. the only thing to fear is fear, let them know we are not going to keep taking their SHIT.

Anonymous said...

Two hundred enlightened people will be enough to raise the consciousness of humanity, to the superconscious level.

And that's enough to prevent war, to prevent violence, to prevent all kinds of crimes, to prevent all kinds of prejudices - not that the whole humanity will become enlightened, but moving from conscious to superconscious is not a small change.

It is of tremendous value, it is ten times more powerful than your conscious.

If you can see only hundred feet, suddenly you can see thousand feet, suddenly your eyes have become a source of seeing things in their clarity, in their depth…

Because the world has become small, it is possible now to do what was not possible before.

Buddha tried, he managed at least one dozen people to become enlightened, but they could affect only the consciousness of a small area of the world.

It is as if you burn one candle in the room.

You can burn ten candles in the room; the room will be a little more lighted, but the whole world will not be affected by it.

The candles are needed around the whole world, and my sannyasins have to become torches, not just candles.

And if we can create - and we can create - in every country now we have sannyasins; even in communist countries, we can manage.

Two hundred is just the minimum number; more is possible.

And these people, just by their very presence, will raise the whole conscious level of humanity, will give them clarity, vision, insight, and will make them capable of dropping all nonsense that they have been carrying up to now.

Then the politicians cannot exploit them, neither the priests can exploit them.

All their gullibility will disappear.

And these enlightened people having nothing to do, just their presence is a catalytic agent.

Just as the sun rises and birds start singing and the flowers start opening and spreading their fragrance, whenever there is an enlightened being birds start singing, flowers start opening, and there is great fragrance released.

Osho - The Last Testament

Anonymous said...

On the day that the doors of Heaven were closed to me, I felt
a sense of sadness unlike any I’d ever known. Emotions are different up there. All the
human emotions are present, but they’re deeper, more spacious—they’re not just inside
but outside as well. Imagine that every time your mood changed here on earth, the
weather changed instantly along with it. That your tears would bring on a torrential
downpour and your joy would make the clouds instantly disappear. That gives a hint of
how much more vast and consequential changes of mood feel like up there, how
strangely and powerfully what we think of as “inside” and “outside” don’t really exist at

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