Saturday, March 23, 2013

Members of Congress Begin to Question Large Scale Homeland Security Ammo Purchases

Frank Simms
Activist Post

In the last year and a half the Department of Homeland Security has purchased upwards of 2 billion rounds of ammunition that many believe will eventually be used within the United States and on the American people.

The alternative media and even a few select mainstream reporters have heavily questioned these purchases and theorized about their actual purpose, with many coming to the conclusion that there is simply no other explanation as to what DHS has planned other than confronting some sort of massive civil unrest.

More recently, over a dozen Congressman have either individually demanded answers from the DHS or have signed onto a letter calling for an investigation into the ammo buildup.

On Friday March 15th, New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance, speaking at a Morristown Tea Party Organization meeting, was asked about the Homeland Security ammo buildup by a concerned citizen.

In response to the question Lance called for Congress to immediately get involved and demand answers from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.
I think Congress should ask the Department about both of those issues and I would like a full explanation as to why that has been done and I have every confidence that the oversight committee should ask those questions. 
Congress has a responsibility to ask Secretary Napolitano as to exactly why these purchases have occurred.
Less than a week later, during an interview with We Are Change reporter Luke Rudkowski at the annual CPAC convention, Congressman Timothy Huelscamp revealed that DHS had actually refused to provide multiple Congressmen with any information on their massive ammo buildup.

They have no answer for that question. They refuse to answer that.
I’ve got a list of various questions of agencies about multiple things. Far from being the most transparent administration in the world, they are the most closed and opaque.
They refuse to let us know what is going on, so I don’t really have an answer for that. Multiple members of Congress are asking those questions.
Now, under the backdrop of Congressman Lance calling on Congress to investigate and Congressman Huelscamp claiming that they have already been ignored, fifteen Congressmen have now signed a letter to the DHS demanding answers.

The letter, signed on March 5th, is clear in its call for answers to their questions which include why the ammo is being purchased and whether or not it has anything to do with trying to restrict the supply available to the public.

A recent article by the Record Searchlight highlighted the letter about the ammo buildup (which they called a "rumor") and the California Congressman who helped write it.
The stockpiling rumor — as a means to control firearms and ammunitions — has spread to sitting members of Congress, including the north state’s 1st Congressional District’s Doug LaMalfa.  
“The extraordinary level of ammunition purchases made by Homeland Security seems to have, in states such as my own, created an extreme shortage of ammunition to the point where many gun owners are unable to purchase any,” La Malfa wrote. 
Clearly the topic of DHS buying billions of rounds of ammunition is important to many Americans despite attempts by corporate media to claim that it is merely a rumor or that it has been debunked. (A lone comment by an annonymous DHS official is usually their only source.)

The American people must continue to demand answers and push their Congressmen and Senators to do the same, for the fact remains that Homeland Security has purchased enough ammunition to wage at least a 20-year war on the populace.



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Anonymous said...

Why in Heaven's name do we want to get an answer from our government? They only lie! All demanding an answer is going to do is delay any action while they play out some theater for us.

Any "answer" will just get us debating, examining or splitting us into opposing camps so we can carry on talking about the problem. Maybe they'll convene a committee to study this problem for a couple of years, but only after they've had sufficient time to collect and study all the relevant data.

How many lies does our government have to tell us to get us to accept the fact they are not going to be honest with us? EVER!

All we have to do is look at what our government is doing. The answer is there and it's the REAL answer. Forget the words.

Our politicians know this, too, and by pretending to all of a sudden wake up and fight for citizens' right to know, they are just performing their part in the theater being acted out for our benefit. The purpose is to delay.

Again, looking at actions and not listening to words, do you really believe that now, our Members of Congress have stopped representing corporate interests and are sincerely representing you?

Anonymous said...

They no longer work for us

They work for them

It's really that simple....

Hide Behind said...

It is too late to ask, it is too late to worry, it is only a matter of time until you find out the whys and whatfors of DHS ammo buys.
You nor your elected or tea party "FASCISTI" can do anything about the purchase and there are elected who damn well know the why.
Those little politicalq pimples who pretend to question just want some attention by powers that be so they will be "included in the big boys and girls DC Clubs.
Just take care of own needs and beliefs, that Ammo is to be pointed at you and you already know that so either make it easy for them or make it hard, your kissing of political pimps and shills buts just legitimizes their positions.
We need to Seperate Completely from ythem and just quit plqying their games.

MLW said...

DHS should answer for these ammo purchases, however, if they were a enemy of the United States why would they and who will make them?

It is self evident and obvious that any agencies and positions of the federal and state governments that violate the United States Constitution are against the American people. These are the highest crimes against the United States of America because they strike at the foundation of liberty for everyone.

Anonymous said...

For all those poor souls out there asking for an answer from our government, let me ask you;

Are you happy with our government "answer" for
- what happened on 9-11?
- what happened in Benghazi?
- where the MF Global $1.3 billion went?
- Obama's birth certificate?
- Fast and Furious?
- etc. ad nauseum?

You're NOT going to get an answer. You're going to get a story with the opening phrase, "Once upon a time," heavily redacted.

Anon at 8:49 is correct. Look at what they do, not what they say. Then you'll know the truth!

Nemetron 2000 said...

The very commenter says it all. The sudden feigning of concern by members of congress over these ammo purchases is simply for show. It's to keep the 'fence straddlers' who are starting to feel something is very wrong from worrying too much, and go back to watching Dancing With The Stars in a state of delusional bliss.

To the 'enlightened', these congressional inquiries trigger nothing more than a roll of eyes. To the blissfully ignorant, a sigh of relief that their "representatives" are going to "address the issue".

Anonymous said...

Local police are finding it hard to get ammo, wonder why! They should defund DHS NOW but don't hold your breath! To bad ammo companies bend to the DHS, they should say hell no, it's tax payers funds buying this ammo & we the people should demand congress defund all of DHS period!

Anonymous said...

"you can't handle the truth."

Why even bother to ask? In the end the information is classified due to national security. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Lets arrest the DHS as terrorists and hold them till the "war" is over !

Sheila said...

I'm also struck by the fact that citizen activists have been screaming about this for awhile but nothing was said by Congress until Forbes said it. We all know politicians don't really represent us. This is just further proof.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if they buy APCs and drones. If you're not doing anything wrong our government will not bother you. Ours is not to question why.


Anonymous said...

"If you're not doing anything wrong our government will not bother you."

97 % of the public unknowingly commit at
least one Federal felony a really
will suck to be you. This is not about
what I do...that not the governments business
anyway...its what they are doing on my
and your dime.

Hide Behind said...

Rather than worry about 1.6 billion rounds bought by DHS we should be asking where and the hell are the billions more of cartriges of many different calibers going or are they not being produced?
Gun and ammo producers knew that other than a few foreign non US based firms that they use to arm both sides in civil wars mainly hell no all are ex soviet bloc nations ammo by trade treaty was going to be curtailed.
Not only ammo but soviet era weaponry as well.
The real NATO ammo is only a seasonal run 10's of billions in just three months and new laws say surplus must be sold through fed agencys or fn destroyed once strat reaerves met.
All DHS did was buy that yearly surplus ammo..
not what was on ready market.
Also only allowing some upper bracket euro gun makers of our Asian. Or NATO allies in.
Americans gun manufacturers keeping mute on how they agreed to aid gov in present situation.
THey thought they would cut fat hog and they will and already are by sharing market for ammo between friendly firms.
its only small no governmental ammo and gun manufacturing and fabrication being slammed hard.
THEY ARE NOW THE oppressors tools.

Anonymous said...

To Jack:

Please define "wrong".

"Wrong" is kids having a roadside lemonade stand without documents.

"Wrong" is collecting rainwater falling on your property without a permit.

"Wrong" is following the Constitution.

"Wrong" is taking a photo of a farm without the farmer's permission.

The fact is, everything you do is "wrong" and the government WILL bother you because there is nothing you can do that is "right"!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious Jack..ass?

Maybe you don't care about Drones but, the fact you are not "doing anything wrong" makes you a prime candidate for suspicion by our Government!

The Government feels people like you have the "potential" for being a hostile. When you say you are not doing anything wrong, why would you say that, unless you really are doing something wrong!

You are trying to cloak your true agenda by making the statement, "If you're not doing anything wrong our government will not bother you. Ours is not to question why."

Your statement denotes automatic loyalty to whatever the government does...that would make ANY government suspicious of your real motives behind such a statement.

Anonymous said...

And the retard of the decade award goes to... (drumroll please)........ Anonymous "Jack" for his posting of March 23 at 8:17PM.
I'd hand the award over now, but I can't because Jack's been asleep at the wheel pretty much since birth.

John said...

On a host of issues the mainstream media has truly let this nation down and they are therefore a part of the corruption. History will not be kind. Truth will always come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

You WILL perish useless eaters!

Anonymous said...

By "wrong" I mean plotting against the government or inciting civil unrest. My sister works for the State Dept and you have no idea of the resources they have. Do anyone really think they have a chance against the DHS? For god sakes the state police could crush any uprising without working up a sweat.

My advice: go to work, pay your taxes and behave.


Anonymous said...

@ Jack

So you have a relative that works for the government? I really hate to piss on your little false sense of security ol'Jackie-boy, but the fact one of your relatives is part of the "Beast", will not spare you a bit of its wrath, and even if it did you'd still have the wrath of your fellow citizens to deal with. "Pick your poison", as they say. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that neither mine nor other people's statements will sway you from your line of thinking; only experience can teach in such situations.

The ability of the oppressor to oppress is never a good reason for those who are oppressed to submit. I'm pretty sure your sis has told you about all manner of diabolical machinations of death and destruction at the government's disposal; which should be a dead give away as to WHAT she is working for, but I digress. However the ability to kill is not and never has been a sign of "power" or "authority". No, it has always just simply been the ability to kill, nothing more, nothing less.

Anyway, you just keep working and paying your taxes like a good little cog in the diabolical machine (tell your sister to do the same). The father of all teachers will soon declare that class is in session, and I personally plan on getting a passing grade that faithful day.

On a side note: I've noticed that more government and establishment sanctioned ass warts have started to emerge in AP's comments section over the last few months. Must mean someone(s) is getting nervous.

Just an observation...

Hide Behind said...

We each survive in our own way, and Jack will survive within whatever framework he finds best for him; After all this is the land of opportunity is it not.
The closer to financial means you are the greater your seperation from the 70% of humanity but 99% closer to security of ass and assets.

Do not care what the Jacks of world do and furthermore care less what happens to them and have no doubts about they having a higher rate of survival than most of worlds population.
As one of early Bibical records put it; "In the beginning all was chaos"; and, at from my perspective I see no difference on todays world happenings.
"Gramps always said; "It is how you respond to the worlds chaos that will determine if when you die you were a man or just another animal."
There are those who coose to jin the ones that destroy others and pretend they do it for honorable reasons they are the chaos makers.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my take on this...If your not already in a group join one, or start one of your own having people you can trust. It doesn't have to be a large group, 15 or 20 is fine. Buy or trade or barter for enough ammo to get you by. Secondly, find a Viet-Nam vet who is willing to share his knowledge of guerilla warfare with you and teach you the art of making booby traps and as always, have plenty of food and water stockpiled in different locations as well as a bug out bag with food and ammo.

Anonymous said...

they got you by the balls. and there is nothing you can do about.

Anonymous said...

Guerilla warfare, booby traps, stockpile ammo, food and water???! Lmao. Get some Xanax and calm down. Your Viet-Nam vet with a Bushmaster AR15 will be of no help. First thing they'd do is cut the power and our citizens do not endure hardship very well. Trust me, you do not want to see any army striker units on the streets. If given orders to use deadly force our military will do so without hesitation. Get over yourselves.


Average Joe Patriot said...

Who is this "Jack" person? Doesn't sound like any American patriot I read about in school. Doesn't sound like any American hero I've ever read about at all. Jack sounds like a coward. Lay down your weapons, come out with your hands up, line up against the wall, put your children on the trains.

At first I thought Jack was being facetious, but this goes beyond caustic sarcasm, this is treasonous troll advice. I'll "get over" myself after I step over the likes of "Jack" in the blood spattered streets. No true American will give a damn how many semi-educated kids they con into opening fire on their own kin for three squares of MREs a day.

Xanax? Get over ourselves, Jack? Our government (the British government) tried to disarm us at Concord and Lexington and thus started a war which started a country.

Homeland "Security"? All that ammo, all those guns, all that food and water being stockpiled. It can be reacquired (they didn't produce it, we did, and certainly not so it could be used against us).

Our military is on the side of the American people, unfortunately they are scattered all over the far side of the world. We wouldn't want to let them down back here at home, while they're stuck over there, would we? They've suffered lies, broken promises, crappy medical care, been undersupplied, led by chickenhawks, pumped with unapproved drugs, suffered and died from agent orange and depleted uranium, harmed their own families with it, and been encouraged to violate Geneva Conventions and then tried and imprisoned for it.

If they make it back home, whose side will the American military be on, the Oath Keepers? Or the oath breakers.

Anonymous said...

Per Bloomberg's PROPAGANDA piece:
Bloomberg is working to reinstate SLAVERY. When the government can DICTATE how much soda-pop you are PERMITTED to drink at one time, that IS SLAVERY. What aspect of your life is NOT under their "COMMAND"?! Any government that will torture will enslave.
(1) I do not see a single sign of wear on the recoil pad or the bolt -- that shotgun is BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX.
(2) This guy is, obviously, a paid JUDAS ISCARIOT and he is JUST IN TIME for GOOD FRIDAY. Doing the bidding of the Temple Priest Bloomberg, leading the Flock to CRUCIFIXTION. Someone should tell him, SNITCHES wear STITCHES.

Anonymous said...

I see some paid government SHILLS here. If they are so ready to surrender, why would they even post their defeatist words? because they like in Bloomberg's ad, are PAID Judas Iscariots.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE" explain this governments FAILURES in Iraq and Afghanistan .... and they ARE failures. 50% of the Troops are applying for DISABILITY. That means a 50% CASUALTY rate.

Anonymous said...

Jack, how large are your 30 pieces of silver? Just in time for GOOD FRIDAY ...........

Anonymous said...

The only power is being unafraid to die. When you are presented with having to make a choice, and you will be, you must decide between liberty or death. If you choose the latter, then you have disempowered them. These soldiers don't realize that after they kill a large part of the population, they will be no longer useless, there won't be any need for them. They will have to submit to the slave model themselves and all that is promised to them by the leaders is a lie...a ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

Some of you sound psychotic and should probably be medicated. Apparently you fear that our Federal Government is one step away from declaring Martial Law. Meanwhile it's been helping rebuild homes and lives devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I would venture to say 99% of you have been taking orders all your life from you boss at work. In fact, most of your life has been consumed with work. And yet you act all outraged because our government too has rules you must comply with. The vast majority can't even manage their own pathetic lives and I,for one, am grateful that local, state and federal law enforcement officials keep a watchful eye on things. Like I said earlier if you're not doing wrong and have nothing to hide you have nothing to fret over.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I know who you are already. You're the bitch riding the white horse... your cover is blown

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