Friday, March 8, 2013

Banks Too Big To Jail, Hacktivists and Citizens Not

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A great many people around the county were rightfully shocked and horrified by the recent excellent and hard-hitting PBS documentary, The Untouchables, which looked at the problem of high-ranking Wall Street crooks going unpunished in the wake of the financial crisis. The PBS piece certainly rattled some cages, particularly in Washington, in a way that few media efforts succeed in doing. *

Attorney General Eric Holder is revealing why Wall Street hasn't been charged for fraud or any other crimes. In Senate testimony, he pretty much said banks are too big to jail, that they will not be pursued. Where is the justice in letting big banks run free- even be bailed out while the government - while aggressively attacking hacktivist Aaron Swartz?

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The War on Hacktivists: 100 Years in Prison?

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Hide Behind said...

Everywhere I look I see Govrrnment is no more than women and men made of flesh and bones; They like to whisper in each others ears and make each other propositions as they hide behind the closed foors of State Security.
Some say the old goverent died; Well of course it did not for it never lived except in the fickle minds of men.
It is not the better sort that run for public office but the ones who like to whisper in others ears.
Their whispers are not of common good but for their own good and behind them are lust gold and power to rule.
They talk aloud in piblic to ears as deaf as a stone to anything other than what's in it for them; They hand out welfare checks for loyalty to they in the new government.
And money always talks!

Michelle Lane said...

Why is PayPal allowed to donations which are Free Speech to WikiLeaks, which infringes on our US Constitutional Rights but, Hacktivists cannot stand up for our Rights without threats of Federal Prison???

Anonymous said...

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