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20 Key Ways to Defeat The New World Order

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

We are living in a 21st-century feudal society and we are the serfs. Humanity is sliding ever faster into the great abyss of subsistence living. We have heard it all before; the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. However, we hear that humanity outnumbers the globalists and their minions.

Americans have 300 million handguns and these two factors should allow us to defeat those of far fewer numbers. If this were true, tell me why is humanity losing the war against tyranny?

How does one defeat the New World Order (NWO) with their control over the banks, the military, the corporations, health care and the politicians? In short, they own it all. Is there any way to defeat the NWO? The truth is, I don’t know how to defeat the NWO and neither does anybody else because we do not know how to mobilize society. Below are a few suggestions that I feel we can use to slow them down. I call it the “death by a 1000 cuts” strategy. Following our delaying actions, while we get our house in order, this article concludes on what it might truly take to defeat evil.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Sun Tzu once said that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” The previous parts in this series have clearly demonstrated that we cannot defeat the globalists on the battlefield. We cannot fully count on the police and the military to protect us as we revolt against this unfolding tyranny. However, there are some strategies that we can employ which can slow down the NWO until we can get our act together and fully prepare.

1. Take your money out of the megabanks. Now, they are presently harassing customers who are doing so. Therefore, go to the credit union or state-owned bank and write a sizable check from your soon-to-be former bank. At the same time, take out the daily maximum from your account. Keep enough in the bank to pay your bills and no more.

2. Turn off all mainstream media. Control of mass media is the key to the Bolshevik strategy for command and control. Only listen to networks and visit websites like the Republic Broadcasting Network,, Steve Quayle, Stan and Holly Deyo and Genesis Communication. Do not watch network news unless you are viewing it as a way to determine what the enemy is up to. Apply the same logic to your local newspaper as they are all owned by Gannett Broadcasting. Most of your radio stations are owned by Clear Channel and they all have the same globalist propaganda.

3. Get your children out of the government schools with their NWO Common Core curriculum along with their zero tolerance policies and transgender restrooms.

4. Never a borrower or a lender be. We are now a nation of debt slaves. Pay cash for everything. If you cannot pay cash, then you do not buy it! Own your future instead of the banksters owning you.

5. Service your car at the local garage and do not use the car dealer’s mechanics.

6. Stay out of Walmart, Kmart and every other slavemart. Shop at your locally owned store and stay out of the chain stores they are all owned by the enemies of humanity (e.g. Walmart slave labor).

7. Dine out at your “mom and pop” stores. Stay out of the corporate chains as you are only feeding the NWO beast.

8. Buy gold and do not hoard cash. This cuts into the power the NWO bankers have over you and your country.

9. Never vote for the incumbent. The longer the power hungry are in power, the more likely they are to be on the take.

10. Store food and water. Buy privately sold guns and bury them so you have them following the coming gun confiscations. You will need them to protect your food and water.

11. Try, as hard as it might be, to buy only Made In America products.

12. Make a registry at your local community mail box of which you list the trades and skills possessed by your neighbors so you can trade craft favors. Also, sell your products in the same manner. Trade and barter and get out of the habit of using credit and debit cards as well as cash. This will minimize your tax bill. There are laws being passed against these practices. Ignore these laws. Starve the Federal Reserve beast.

13. Educate your neighbors, family and friends that this government is controlled by those who would do you harm.

14. Have an escape plan. When the roundups start you will need a place to hide out for about six months.

15. Grow your own food and try to conceal that fact as much as possible. Encourage your neighbors to do the same so you are not murdering each other on the fourth day following the coming currency collapse.

16. Eat organic and avoid GMOs. Exercise, read and take vitamins. Meditate before starting each day.

17. Let chemtrails become the new symbol of the tyranny that is ruling over us.

18. Do not ever get on a bus of any kind where they promise safety and food. History shows that you have a 98% chance of not getting out of the new place of “safety” with your life.

19. Your best allies are your families and extended family. Plan according to this principle.

20. Realize that you cannot prepare for all eventualities. Therefore, enjoy each day, because the future is promised to nobody and we live in very predatory times.

How to Defeat the NWO Once and For All

We cannot defeat the NWO at this time because they are us. Yes, they are indeed evil personified, but they represent everything that is also wrong with us. All of us are the NWO, and if we want to not be the NWO we need to stop acting like them. Every time we cheat on our spouses, we are no different than Jon Corzine who cheated investors out of 1.2 billion dollars of secured investment accounts in MF Global. Every time we spread malicious rumors and lies about another human being, we are no different than what Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch do with CNN and FOX on a daily basis. You see, all of us are the NWO.
We have met the enemy and he is us.
When you come to realize that, every human encounter possesses a nexus point with every human being we encounter. In each instance, we have a choice to be honorable, compassionate and kind to another or to take advantage of them. You have a choice to chart a new path for humanity or to walk in the evil footprints of those who have come before you.  You can pick up the Cross and walk the path of righteousness. Or we can continue to serve and be ruled over by evil. We have a choice, but our window of opportunity is quickly closing.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.


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Anonymous said...

I have to differ with number 9. I would advise: do not vote at all. How would it be if they held an election and nobody cared or participated. We could send the message that we know the game is rigged, and we want no part in it.

Anonymous said...

The "coming roundup?" The coming confiscation of guns.

Be compassionate to your neighbors but arms yourself so you can kiill then when they come hungry and in need.

This is the paranoid fantasy of the far right. Here is my advice: ignore all those who are trying to scare you into buying guns, buying gold, buying survival food, etc.

The NWO is just the old ruling class. Read Marx, unite: we cannot survive chaos with guns and social Darwinian ethics. We can survive only through cooperation.

Vote for those who propose real solutions (ie gun control, marriage equality, sustainable green energy. Don't listen to those who tell you that all politicians are the same. Study how politicians vote and support those who support causes you believe in. Remember: most Democrats voted against the invasion of Iraq. All parties are not alike.

Above all, keep your sense of humor. Preparing for doomsday only helps bring it about. Prepare for human equality and freedom by turning off rightwing radio and Fox news. Love your enemy.

brad said...

Either way.

Rep/dem are the same coin in a rich man's pocket.

Elect/reelect the rep/dems and you are thinking that the people that write and then legislate the problems are solution TO those very problems. Are you insane?

Voting anyone else is the ONLY sensible vote. Not voting just tells the people that (since many will vote) there is no significant opposition to their policies/prestige.

Anonymous said...

#12 will not work. I have a solid skill list. I have traded and bartered time. Except for close friends and family, it doesn't work. Skill has been on the decrease for quite sometime now. The real value of labor is not understood by most as they relate it to cheaply made goods from overseas. They will want it dirt cheap or they will rather do without. They have nothing to trade or barter as they have no skills and are not interested in learning any as it is too hard and too much work..and in reality it is. They will get what they want by other means.

Those with skills will benefit their family and extended family. They have the choice to give it to charity. It may improve their quality of life. It will give them satisfaction and purpose. It may lead to an income.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Australian (BIG DOUGH PARTY)Liberal dudes? Why don,t they comment on PETER REITH,S "VERY LUCKY" land deals on the victorian mornington peninsular farms re-zoned housing,AFTER his incredibly lucky purchase of thousands of acres of this land? PETE got your tongues?

Sharon Schade said...

Soooooo, how do you buy AMMO for your privately sold gun that you buried for an emergency?????? Yes, this may be a VERY ignorant question, but if you have registration issues for buying guns what restrictions are there for the ammo needed to make the gun WORK?????

Anonymous said...

Anon 809: Strange how those Marxists and "Democrats" are into stockpiling billions of ammo, putting Monsanto in charge of our food, insisting on indefinite detention and drones against US citizens all the while pushing to disarm us and crushing the economy. Your Marxism, both parties and the NWO don't sound so great to me..people are correct to be "paranoid".

Anonymous said...


-plant FREE FRUIT TREES, VEGES... along roads, in school yards, parks... google: guerrilla planting; FREE FOOD = first step toward sovereignty, ABUNDANCE TO ALL

-use & create FREE STUFF at all levels = best weapon against their profit based system

youtube/google: GIFT ECONOMY

Walking Turtle said...

Opt into gold and silver? Hmph. Nice, BUT...

Ever try to swap pure metal of that class for a loaf of homemade bread, a gallon of decent milk and a block o' cheese plus maybe even a couple dozen eggs with only an ounce bar or round of of Silver to put on the table?

The whole deal might approach twenty bucks or so, max. So where does that fine transaction's CHANGE come from, silver being roughly thirty-odd bux an ounce at this writing?

In practice, you will either walk away with the goods, having traded more metal than is right for enough food to live on for a few days - or you will (if lucky) end up trading that fine Troy Ounce of bullion for considerably more food than you can store or even carry, that day.

Or, failing either of those semi-happy outcomes, you will KEEP your ounce of Silver and STAY HUNGRY. (Same for gold only worse.)

Solution: Make your OWN Homemade Money! Clean, shiny troy-ounce bars of COPPER, neatly labeled and protected with tough plastic tape, work GREAT for such purposes! Just get handy and gear-up with an inexpensive digital scale plus appropriate metal-cleaning and cutting tools and a workbench, of any sort that works.

Even the kitchen table. You are literally MAKING MONEY with your BARE HANDS. So why NOT?

Then turn to. Each step of the overall Handcraft Manufacturing Operation - the cleaning, the cutting, the double-check weighing, the labeling and surface-protection - adds REAL INTRINSIC VALUE to your final in-hand product. Best yet: The net Trade Value in today's market comes out just right for those smaller purchases of Life's basic necessities - about a buck an ounce is a handy and mutually acceptable just about everywhere.

Just work efficient. Build your SKILL and make MORE MONEY FASTER!

31.105 grams per Troy Ounce, btw. OK to go a leetle over that weight in the cutting but do NOT go short - after all, you NEED the GOOD WILL of your produce-producing Neighbor to SURVIVE. NOT a good idea to short your neighbor NOR your own self in any way, y'know.

Fact: This very approach has worked for ME with MY friends and neighbors from the start - with the notable exception of one dyed-in-the-wool fellow (a house-painter) who tried to sell his traded-for bars at spot-rate wholesale to the local Metals Salvage yard exactly once - and predictably came up somewhat short in Debtor's Dollar terms, by his lights.

But HE still thinks quite exclusively in US Federal Reserve paper currency's terms. And consequently, in support of his ongoing delusion, that YT is some sort of freako tinfoil-sporting nutcase... So I trade freely with everyone I know EXCEPT him.

Told him that the other day when he came out with his media-driven mockery... He seemed taken aback and laid off his ridicule-speak somewhat crestfallen and right quick. (I do think he'll come about, in good due course, really.)

Oh well. NOT my problem today! There's bound to be one in every crowd, even in these borderline times. (It is to larf just a leetle in passing.)

Stay dead-honest and homegrown industrious - and LIVE. Your children just might thank you for keeping to that set of Old School First Principles. And that is all. 0{:-)o[

Anglo Saxon said...

Anonymous (aka 'Dale') March 27, 2013 at 8:09 PM ... seems like a really strange dude. Love your enemy? You mean my enemy the Khazar-Jew, who is hell-bent on world domination no matter what?

Remember, your enemies choose you. You seldom play any role in choosing your enemies.

How can the real solutions be found by voting for those who want gun control, marriage equality, sustainable green energy.

We all want green energy. That is a no-brainer. We would all prefer to be free of the Oil Cartel, and of those who depend on a continuance of our obsession with private motor vehicles.

What the heck is "marriage equality". Another thousand pages of Marxist neutral gender hogwash? Men and women can never be 'equal' as they are not biologically identical - period. They are instead, complementary, which is where the typical American girl fails big-time ... because she doesn't understand she resides deep within the International Bolshevik beast.

Man needs a woman and a woman needs a man. Simple really, but Hillary Clinton worshipping Democrats are hardly likely to understand even simple truths and honest concepts.

And what has gun control got to offer the ordinary person? The only beneficiaries of gun control will be an increasingly totalitarian Washington DC, and an increasingly rogue Lower Manhattan.

Dale asks that we "turn the other cheek". My fear is that the cheek he wants us to turn would please the ubiquitous Gays of Sydney, London, and Los Angeles the most. Now that is both disgusting and perverse!

Dwale should learn to grow up first, instead of coming to websites such as this in order to promote Femo-Communistic (i.e., Obama approved and endorsed) clap-trap.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dale - Marx was a uniter, huh? Ok
You are not awake - this is not about Rep/Dem as they are all the same. We shouldn't have to worry about any kind of marriage being illegal/legal as the govt has no business being in the marriage business. Turning the other cheek is an awesome idea and I always do that as much as I can and will continue to do so. You helped us all remember our sense of humor, as what you posted was pretty funny - thank you for that. And lastly, I am pretty sure that none of us watch/listen to Fox news - that comment had me ROTFLMAO!!!
This was a good article with some good points especially after you've read Dr. John Coleman and the 21 Goals of the Illuminati, written over 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the ideas above to avoid and have personally been working toward all of them. It;s amazingly difficult to avoid buying poisoned food on a budget but I otherwise feel I am doing ok.

One part here that totally stopped me in my tracks was "transgender restrooms" - what do you mean by that??

Anonymous said...

Share skill set and barter. I've tried that several times. Most people have nothing to barter and they most certainly do not understand value of what those who do have something of value is. Not a clue. Further, the measurable IQ of the North American Populace has gone down by 5% since 1980. Those who know about these things realize that we are now, for the most part, are what would have been called mentally retarded just a few generations ago. Yep, mentally retarded. I'm not kidding. Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
-plant FREE FRUIT TREES, VEGES... along roads, in school yards, parks... google: guerrilla planting; FREE FOOD = first step toward sovereignty, ABUNDANCE TO ALL
-use & create FREE STUFF at all levels = best weapon against their profit based system
youtube/google: GIFT ECONOMY"

Nice try anonymous, You're adding VIRULENT MISANDRY (Anti-Man) FEMINIST nonsense into a very serious issue for an agenda is not worthy of any women I know.

Adrian said...

What about Bitcoin.
see maxkeiser dot com

Anonymous said...

With regard to guerilla planting, if you have lots of seeds.
Here's an idea that works when it's not raining, take one helium ballon.
tape parcel string, it burns real slow like a slo burn fuse.
Tape about 3ft of it to the balloon, so the balloon will burst after 30 minutes to one hour. Take 4 ordinary balloons with seeds in them, blow them up, tie them somehow to the helium balloon, and attach smaller slo burn fuses to them too.
Release, your 4 seed balloons will burst about 20 miles away, depending on wind and your helium balloon will burst sometime later so as not to cause unnecesary hazard to aircraft.

dconnolly said...

Yes, I am confused by the "transgender restrooms" as well! I homeschool/unschool and I can assure you my reasons have nothing to do with the school's restrooms. (I really hope this isn't a snide attack aimed at human beings deemed too different, and therefore worthy of condemnation & hatred.) A clarification would be nice, please.

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