Saturday, February 9, 2013

Violent LAPD Shoots First at Anything Resembling Suspect's Car

Activist Post

Almost proving the ex-cop Chris Dorner's point in his manifesto of cops using excessive force, LAPD are the ones who appear to be on a rampage against anyone who's driving a car even remotely similar to the suspect's.

The video below tells of how cops have opened fire on yet another innocent vehicle "generally" fitting the description of Dorner's car.  Luckily the innocent driver was uninjured.

Previously, two women were hospitalized after being attacked by police for driving a blue Toyota Tacoma while they were delivering newspapers in a quiet neighborhood. Police were looking for a pickup truck of a different color, make, and model with a supposed connection to Dorner.

Upon seeing this truck drive down a residential neighborhood, police began unloading their weapons on sight. There are almost 40 bullet holes visible in this picture.

Dorner's original complaint against the corrupt cops in the LAPD stems from their use of excessive force against civilians. And during their crazed man-hunt for Dorner, they seem to be proving his point. Whether or not Dorner is found guilty of these shootings, the LAPD and surrounding precincts are not doing their reputation any justice in their handling of this situation.

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Anonymous said...

OOooohhhh it "generally fits" the suspects had wheels, a pickup bed and a cab... The cops are out of control, so scared out of their minds they will kill anything or anyone that moves around them. Proof they are desperate to, not take the perp into custody...but silence him for good. And judging by this display of desperate, mindless violence aimed at any innocent civilians, Dorner was right all along about LAPD's bazaar behavior as they are now incriminating themselves for all the world to see. This department should come under immediate and intensive investigation by state and federal authorities. The chief should be suspended pending criminal charges along with the trigger happy goons who shot up these innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that one individual can shut down entire regions of police forces and make them so ineffective.

I guess that goes to show you why gun control is such a major issue, without it they have no control.

Anonymous said...

Now America is being shown what life was like in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder how many of those officers are vets of either war. There should be a lot more outrage about. "Shoot first ask questions later" policy. Even the media was being kind in their description of the 'unfortunate' incident.

Anonymous said...

THIS is why we have the right to bear arms, to protect ourselves from the tyranny of unaccountably criminal cops, and other agents of the corrupt anti-democratic regime running the USA today.

Anonymous said...

" many of those officers are vets of either war"..?

What I'd like to know is, how many were trained by the Israelis.

Google Tristan Anderson, Emily Henochowicz, and Scott Olson. What is the common thread?

Anonymous said...

"THIS is why we have the right to bear arms, to protect ourselves from the tyranny of unaccountably criminal cops, and other agents of the corrupt anti-democratic regime running the USA today."

Really? you think if yo ever get into a shooting match with the police or any other government officers its going to end any other way than your death? Sure you might taken a couple of them with you but its not really going to protect you.

Anonymous said...

Not me. The People.

"...being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

There is, always, the alternative:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Anonymous said...

My solution is to disarm the government, and honor the spirit of the Second Amendment.

One of the principle grievances of the American colonists was the maintenance of standing Armies which provide a despot the means of oppression.

The Swiss model provides an excellent example of democratic national defense. Every fit male is a member of the militia, and possesses - at home - among his full military kit a fully-automatic assault rifle, and ammunition.

Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world. Switzerland has not attacked anyone, or been invaded, for over 700 years.

Look at Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, where irregular forces with no air power were able to withstand years of occupation by high-tech super-power armed forces.

If the will of the People were to turn against the police, we would see the tables turned. In El Salvador when the people rose up against Duarte's Guardia, they initiated a civil war.

What will be the tipping point here in post-911 USA? Do we love freedom enough? Or do we deserve what we have accepted, what we choose to tolerate?

Hide Behind said...

Not going to protect you to fight back? Go back to your bedroom, turn on your disneyland bambi night light and crawl under your bed.
It is not nor would it be their own asses they would be trying to save but all the cowardly shees asses as well.
The Principles of freedom and yes your citizenship in this nation demand a response that may someday require you to put your ass in jeaprody.
As one responder wrote this sounds like Iraq and oops they are just collateral damage.,well I and a hell of a lot of people do not want that mindset to become the revailing attitude by our leadership or so many who value themselves higher in value than those harmed or the Principles of fteedom this natoon is SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT.
At one time the high courts ruled it was not illegal to defend oneself, family, home and property from unknown assailants.
REASON : Peopl were being shot. While being invaded day or night by police who entered much as todays swat teams do.
Trouble was it was mainly cops getting shot as they did not have all of todays body armor and techniques of today.
As an aside the home defenders used shot guns and mostly revolvers to defend with no semi auto ARs.
When cops made a mistake wrong person or address and theuly or home defender got shot but lived it was the home defender who using the laws of land got aquitted.
So inorder to get around the NO KNOCK LAWS the cops and feds came up with Knock and identify before entry a law that since our last 20 Presidencys has been shredded.
NOW POLICE DO not even have to announce presence or if theuy do it is as they blow the lock or knock your door down.
Back to a military tactic prevalent in Use wherever our war on terror excuse is in practice.
Talked to over 50 grunts from Afghan Iraq and elsewhere and the all admitted DOOR Kicking was a blast and when asked how people reacted they said who cared all that mattered was they and buddies safety and that yes now and then someone unarmred was killed. IT was just trigger time.

Linda Minor said...

They were supposed to be looking for a black Nissan.

Anonymous said...

Against a determined man they seem to be easily fazed and their [over-]reactions can be used against them, after getting them into a good ambush point chosen by a good commander. It is obviously a weakness and in a civil war you would be wise to exploit it.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope LL Cool J stays INDOORS !
I'm not saying that Dorner is a HOAX or anything....
But this Dorner guy sure is a dead ringer for LL Cool J
Just saying...
LL Cool J as a media dry diaper role model has the same "dry diaper"smile when he gets his picture taken.
So does this Dorner cat!
Don't look at their ears,because they also look the same.It's just a coincidence.
Dorner is Real!
This is Dorner
This is LL Cool J
Google image both of these twinks.
If I was LL Cool Jay I would stay off the streets! LOL
Run hide...he's gonna get ya!
How do you know that this shooting up of a vehicle isn't a crisis actor BS story.
California has a big gun vote coming up doesn't it?

Hide Behind said...

I am afraid, in fact deathly afraid but am not afraid to admit it.
I have been lucky in life and have loved and been loved far more than many a man ever could hope to be, but to my shame and guilt received far more than I deserved.
Being of a common sort of man I owe many people for what I am today and they all know or knew I appreciated their help and by their examples I shared myself with others not as a dent to them but as a mark of respect.
I am not a self made man and of no real consequence wether I live or die in the larger frame of human events amd would only be missed by but few.
I have debts of the common sort, bills of cost of surviving on purchaces, but beuond that of material debts there is but one major one, that of the one to my country.
I eho tried to never lose the respect of others towards myself and paid them all my debts to them and never sought means to harm them or betray them amd did the same towards my country; I now find my love of country betrayed by that country and not because of any fault of my own.
My country nourished me in my infancy and protected me most of my adult life, but now it has become bent upon my destruction.
I contributed to its coffers and towards its rewards fpr those who through the vagaries of life were less foryinate than I.
I gave up my freedoms amd individuality by fighting in its wars only to learn later that while I fought for it I was fighting for a whore that sold itself and my loyalty to it to the highest bidder..
Yet as if in a family you try to forgive and forget those events caused by a member who belittles or demeans your attempts to love them you hope that eventually they will see the errors they make.
In the case of my country and its government of people they enriched themselves by whoring and know no shame in their acts and care not what I or any other men that gave freely towards oour Libertys think or needs.
Not content with jidt whoring of themselves it and they now want to put myself and millions of others up for sale to strangers who will use us and anuse us any way they want.
Why am I afraid, afraid to death?
It is because I may now have to figjt to thedeath to protect not only my own dignity and memories of what life is all about but for the ideals once held by a nations people that made a nation worthy of sharing and the caring of its peoples love.
My ancestors and in my own life there are many that deserve respect amd now what they and I once respected is in danger of disapearing.
They who norished me deserve my not faltering to keep their memories and qualitys alive and I cannot let them down or I betray their memories

My bones my genes are and have been buried in these lans since the mid 1600's. And now I am afraid that they call to me to remember them,and yes if it comes to that fight with the only means left available, with the gun.
I who lived life with but two goals to never harm my fellow man, and only once failed inadvertantly by deception of my government,; And the last goal ws to leave this earth in better shape than when I was born.
To deny those goals is to deny my life had a meaning and that my bones that are buried in these lands also had a meaning.
That I cannot surrender to, no matter how rich and powerfull the whore has become.

Anonymous said...

It is almost as though this is a real-life version of V for Vendetta and Dorner understood the formula: the right kind of provocation would trigger a behavior pattern exposing the L.A. cops as the corrupt and out of control power trippers that they truly are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Dorner sure does look like LL Cool J the supporter of Barry Soertero and Oprah.This Dorner dork loves the medi and Piers Morgana.and Anderson Pooper,and MSNBC
But at this stage of the game it would be real stupid to pull a PsyOp using LL Cool J as Dorner.
I notice Dorner's head is blurry and has a shadow imposed on a shadowless LAPD costume.I don't think they would photoshop this Dorner guy after the Sandy Hook kid they photoshopped, and forgot to add her legs.
LL Cool J really really really looks like this Dorner character.The UN small arms treaty must go through at all costs!But they wouldn't stoop THAT low.

Anonymous said...

If I did that they'd throw the book at me.

Anonymous said...

I have read a bunch of articles so far about this, and it seems so many want to call this guy one thing or another, and all saying well why didn't he report them to the Media or some other agency. The point is, cops all over this country all watch out for each other, LIE for each other, and generally keep each other out of trouble. And yet they continue to break down the wrong door, destroy property, kill and taze innocent people of all ages, and yet they Keep getting away with it. Well WHY would an Innocent person want to shoot at cops? You tell me. ALL Cops and Politicians need Citizen Oversight to keep them Honest, or it becomes a Power Play for the cops and politicians. That is what is happening in this country today.

Anonymous said...

kill a cop die in the street. welcome to amerika.leave your humanity at door and bend over.

Anonymous said...

When you app;y for a job with police, sheriff's dept.,FBI, DEA, BATFE of any of those LEOrgs you have to realize that you are putting you may be putting your life in jeopardy. Shoot first and ask questions later is O.K. when you are being shot at but if you take the first shot without making an assessment of the situation is unprofessional, cowardly and just plain careless. Now the cops are protected by law, in some instances, in not giving aid to victims in violent confrontations with criminals. WTF do we need cops who harass tax payers and don't do the job they were hired to do? What happened to "protect and serve?" Vigilante justice would be better than our present LEO's.

Anonymous said...

OUT OF CONTROL!! These drone puppets behind a gun and a badge are totally pumped up on their adrenaline rush if not coke, running amuk shooting people. Mistaken id? Oh sorry. Our policy is to shoot first and ask questions later.
I'm sure the mindless drones who shoot these innocent humanbeings will now get their promotion.

Average Joe American said...

"Really? you think if yo ever get into a shooting match with the police or any other government officers its going to end any other way than your death? Sure you might taken a couple of them with you but its not really going to protect you."

Perhaps. I think Dorner, however misguided, is making one thing perfectly clear to us all, however: A citizen with gun can certainly recalibrate the equation for the entrenched establishment, and hence for the rest of us.

I've heard so many people say hey, look at all the high-tech stuff they've got, even satellites for God's sake, the typically armed citizen doesn't stand a chance! Give it up, people!

Well, we only know what we're told about Dorner, but one thing we're told is, this is what one lone citizen can do, and it is scaring the living crap out of them. They can't even shoot straight enough to kill two old ladies delivering newspapers, is how messed up they are by Dorner.

Several years ago the phrase "going postal" took the place of "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Now we'll have: "Pulling a Dorner."

We'll probably never really know the full story, though he's trying to tell it. In the final analysis the media pull the strings, and theirs are pulled by an international corporate spider living on a web constructed by...who knows? Some Mother Spider, some God Spider.

But we will remember Dorner, however the MSM may spin it and the authorities try to explain it (they've already begun the spin, of course, but at the moment it's out of control; the bug is escaping the net--not Dorner, their message).

The message is, You Can't Win. Whatever his faults, Chris Dorner is at least saying: You Can Make Them Recalibrate.

Whatever the facts, forcing the PTB to rethink shifts the balance, even if only a little. Guys like Francis Marion and George Washington did that, and won a country against forces we could not supposedly conquer. They recalibrated the mindset of those arrayed against us.

We fought back.

The guy who gave it some thought and said, no.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone keep calling this corporate fascist regime a government? Real governments do not act or work like this.

Why do most still continue to call local empires run and controlled by corrupt and very bad people counties?

Why do we keep calling these dens of corruption run and controlled by thugs in black robes, suits and ties all under the color of law, courts?

How is it that we continue to allow these corporate drones and minions to believe they have any authority or jurisdiction over any private human unless a real crime was being or has been committed?

The real truth is that these criminals and their road pirates have no more jurisdiction or authority over you then the door greeter at Wal-Mart unless you were committing a real crime that involved a real victim.
If any of you still believe that you live in the land of the free, you may want to remember the following quote, "None are more enslaved then those who think they are free."
What do you think?

Walking_Turtle said...

1) The full, non-redacted manifesto Document of "Christopher Dorner LAPD" may be viewed at URL fwiw.

The text directly appeals to Independent Investigative Journalists to look into his situation. So here we ARE.

2) OTOH, Independent Journalist Extraordinaire nee´ 'Dallasgoldbug' of has already provided some hair-raising indie material regarding the origin and provenance of the incident - the which renders the origins of the above-linked manifesto suspect (to say the least).

Meanwhile, in the Activist Post video @ ~2:08-2:18, an apparent woman is walking away from the apparent scene, apparently social-nudging and wisecracking with two apparent men, all three quite clearly done-up to the Nines in Professional Management Drag and tee-hee-hee WISECRACKING amongst themselves about... WHAT?

Oh wait wait nevvermind forgettit I get it the joke is all on the Rest of Us and the Paper Delivery Team caught the Big Punch Line FIRST. (Hooboi...)

Point: All this confusing and apparently contradictory point/counterpoint material from the Web is hereby posted to Activist Post in the fervent personal hope under Heaven that, THIS TIME, the Genuine WHOLE TRUTH of the matter shall be OUTED, NON-FAULTY and INTELLIGENT, once and for all.

Duly noted that CA has a BIG 2nd-Amendment Gun Rights Vote coming up HARD right now... And that the LAPD is STILL best-known, post-Rodney King and Ramparts scandals, for its' ongoing Big Money Insider + Blue Line "No-Service-Oath-taken-seriously" violence and overall infandous corruption...

Opinion: The Punishment of the Innocent will continue AND INTENSIFY until the day that eight or ten Good Well-Informed Citizens and one HONESTLY Constitutional County Sheriff team-up to form the appropriate Citizens' Grand Jury - and thence to prefer the appropriate CRIMINAL charges, methinks.

GO FIGGER. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

Anonymous said...

The job of the police is not to protect you. It is their job to protect the corporaion and arest code violators.

Case is point I called the sheriff to report a neighbors vicious dog that tried to attack me. When the 1 horse hick town sheriff arrived on the scene his shoulders were held back with his chest out and his arms held out away from his sides. His eyes were like the tumblers of a mechanical cash register. Instead of me being the victim, I was the subject. He immediately started looking around for code violations. Than he tells me that I am violation of Lyon County zoning ordinnaces. My respose was that I called about a neighbors vicious dog. Never call the sheriff or the police. Call your lawyer 1st.

HereAmI said...

"Protect and Serve" is about "Protect the Corporation's profits and serve its interests" You are its property, and that's why they can do whatever they want with you.
The Corporation of the US was registered in DC in 1871. It was set up in parallel with the Constitutionally-based system, which is what you believe that you live under. It was initially restricted to the geographical 10 sq. miles of the DC area, to get round the commercially-inconvenient limitations imposed by the Constitution and the B of R.
Congress is meant to protect you from this usurper of your rights. However, the weakness with the Congressional system is that its members can be bribed. So the parallel system, backed by endless floods of fiat banking money, can subvert these very protective statutes. The conflict between Federal and State power will ultimately always only have one winner, the one which controls the cashflow, which since 1913 has been the Fed.
Martial Law is what we see being enforced in the above story, ie an ad hoc response by a militarized police force, serving the government not you, which in the conditions of the State of Emergency in which they find themselves year on year, has the right to impose a militarized solution, which is a bullet in your head. Or 40, as we see in the above example.
Please note; every courthouse in the US displays a US flag, which is gold fringed. This fringe indicates the exclusive flag of the US President, in his role as C in C of the Armed Forces. Martial Law is dispensed therein, not Common Law. You are an Enemy Combatant, under the jurisdiction of this law, as your president has been telling you via the NDAA and his kill lists.
You are not a sovereign living spiritual creation under God's protection, but an inanimate object, a piece of state property, with an SS# and a name spelled out in all capital letters. Think of your SS number as the virtual but direct analogy to the number tattooed on the forearms of the Jews. Just as they had, you have a commercial value, not a human value. In their case, it was so that Hitler could be remunerated by the Rothschilds every time one of them made it back to Zion, or Palestine as it was known then, aboard the M/V "Tel Aviv", an ex-German merchantman flying the swastika flag, and with a Nazi captain.
Your middle name will be represented, unlawfully but legally, as a single capital letter. This is not proper English usage; it is what is called a misnomer; the mark of a thing, a legal fiction. Thus you are addressed as "Mr", a term not found on your birth certificate.
This certificate registered your birth. "Register" is from the Latin word regis, which means "of the King". So those of you who imagine that you escaped tyranny back in the days of the Revolution, think again. You are the King's property from birth. He can borrow from the moneylenders by quoting your birth certificate number, which implies a lifetime of tax servitude, and is therefore collateral against his debt to them. You will work until you drop to service your corporation's interest repayments to the Jews who control it through debt.
Welcome to the world of the "person", ie an artificial construct, a theatrical fiction, a mask, a personality; not a real, living, breathing, human being.
Such is the way in which the legal system has enslaved you. This system dates from the days of the Roman Empire, and its Commercial Code. And you are still languishing beneath its malign influence, imagining yourself to be free, and living in a mythical land of the free.
Please be aware that the law is never about moral issues, only about money, and how you can be financially exploited. You are being told the truth at every step, but if you choose not to understand the meaning of the words they use, they cannot be blamed. Your ignorance of the law is no defence against it.
Tim Webb.

James Smith said...

they want he dead so there is no trial, if there is one the LAPD dirt will be coming out.. that is why they want him dead

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when for the last two decades you send the American police chiefs to Israel for training. Don't believe me? Search Engine : US police chiefs training in Israel. Your Guilty till proven innocent. Anyways the just shooting randomly to get ready for when the can kill us with drones.

wishbone said...

america, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, you can kiss that dream bye-bye. good luck, your going to need it. you have a ZIONIST/FACIST domestic enemy in washington.

Anonymous said...

Blaming the Jews is the stuff of gutless cowards. The USA was a sick twisted country for decades, long before Israel was created.
In the gun crazy sick nation, cops criminals and average Joe's are armed to the teeth and oh so paranoid. This is normal American police work, and when they shoot the wrong black suspect you racist pigs never complain or care.

Anonymous said...

CNN received a package from Dorner on Feb, 1. Obviously the CD of evidence, the "I never lied" note and bullet riddled "coin" were not worthy of a story until after the more recent events. So please stop with the "why didn't he go to the media" because he did and like any other honest story it was ignored.

Anonymous said...

They are proving his point ... mistaken identity? Anybody driving a pickup will get a hail of bullets? Thank heavens the cops shooting are freakin incompetent or people would have been killed.

Anonymous said...

way i see it, if cops knew we was armed and had the "inalienable" right to shoot back, they'd think first before opening fire.

Walking Turtle said...

Fact: Consent of the Governed is *key* to governmental legitimacy. Our ancestors did not consent to the 1871 imposition, nor to that of 1913. So how many HERE now actually do willlingly consent to ANY PART of today's Infandous Corporate Rulership, HM?

Fact: The once-covert corruption of all those nice-dressed sold-out false-faces who we originally trusted implicitly to represent and defend OUR VITAL INTERESTS merely INVALIDATES any claim toward "Legitimacy" the present tyranny may seek to advance under Very Shiny Mass Media Cover etc. Whereas Commercial Law *REGULATES* all manner of Fraud, HUMAN LAW ABOLISHES IT ALL.

Fact: No CONSENT on OUR part equates to NO LEGITIMACY on THEIRS. No fancie-schmancie Gold Fringe Sophistry has the power, in and of itself, to invalidate the Natural National Sovereignty of the Rest of Us. WE, in the aggregate, ARE THE NATION.

Not "Mob Rule", this, no mistake. Rule by Mob and Mobster we already GOT. No, it is for the RIGHTFUL RULE of COMMON LAW under HEAVEN that the Rest of Us still stand. Complete with Lawful powers and procedures rooted in *ancient* Human Tradition for the preservation, protection and defense of both Human Law and Lawful Human alike.

Molon labe, you Syntheticated Beltway Policy-Wonk Slaves, oh YEAH... But y'all might just want to TRY LIVING in the HUMAN WAY, FIRST, before you lay-into sumpin' you just could get used to LIKING a LOT, once you WAKE UP to your OWN CRIPPLED HUMANITY - and WHO CRIPPLED YOU in the FIRST place, HM?

Hint: It weren't any of Us Folk. Guaranteed.

Come ON! Good MORNING! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

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