Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TSA assaults & traumatizes three-year-old girl in wheelchair


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Anonymous said...

This is the reason I will never fly again. And not because of being patted down or otherwise, but because I'm afraid that if I were to witness something like this, I would become a violent traveler. It is time to start fighting back!

Government has pushed to far!

Taking His Name in Vain said...


Hide Behind said...

Lay the blame where it originates, at her parents feet and those of millions of american, not citizens but realy truly flocks of self and pleasure loving sheep.
Now sheep and sheeple os an oft heard derogatory term most likely heard coming from some red neck uneducated ass; But my own education while not as extensive as is many is not lacking.
I have sheared and butchered sheep and in youth helped herd them on friends farm and other than chickens there is no dumber or placid animal alive.
You can gather them together easily and train them to follow IPrimary ewe.
You can line them up single or two at a time and butcher by slitting their throats 10 or more at a time and hear not even a bleat by them or the ones standing in line.
They will walk past their own who are fallen or gasping for air, climb over the fallen ones and then stand still as you cut their throats.
SORRY folks but you sheep would stand and let this happen, worse yet take your 3 year old in jeaprody just so you can fly you asses?
Maybe I am wrong for calling you sheep, and instead should call you educated slugs instead.
Was a child of mine, I would of needed to be restrained physicly before I killed or severly beat some TSA ahole.
A father and mothersrs main concern in life is to protect your child from dangerous or traumatic injurys.
But then when a parent does'nt mind being fondled and will stand in lines without a bleat to be fondled, what else can they be but sheep.

egavacs said...

I suppose there isn't a human on earth who would stuff a tubular frame wheelchair with explosives or drugs. Some claim the security measures are a con by the establishment. Some passengers are exempted from body searches. What a mess. I''d like to re-find the source that specified who is exempted from body searches, and tag it to this post. If anyone else finds it, please include. No-regulation = anarchy.

Anonymous said...

People will abuse you until you stop them.

We haven't stopped them because we, including me, have no balls.

I refuse to fly.

Al Thompson said...

I too refuse to fly. I will not tolerate this kind of treatment for myself, nor would I ever want to put my family or friends through this crap. I used to love flying in airliners and I enjoyed my trips, but I will not voluntarily fly again until this nonsense stops. Government goons are just a bunch of psychotic Nazis

Anonymous said...

Thank god the 2nd Amendment loving patriots were at hand to take care of that one. Ha!

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