Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Potemkin Village in New Orleans

Jeff Berwick, Contributor
Activist Post

With this year’s Super Bowl it looks like the Powers That Be realized they could stop pretending that the Super Bowl had become anything but a chance to unite their financially, ethically, and spiritually bankrupted subjects in worship of the militaristic imperial state and into acceptance of the state's push toward complete power over their lives. The whole show has become an embarrassing parallel of the circuses of the late Roman Empire.

Where to begin? There was the fawning praise and worship of the military as the nation's "heroes", as if these people weren't the otherwise unemployable tools of foreign aggression and dominance. Even going so far as to have an ad that stated, "Without the military, there'd be no Super Bowl"! I nearly snorted my beer out my nose on that one.

Then there was the shameless display of kids from Sandy Hook. I guess being put on such display before the nation at the Great Games was considered a suitable way to help heal the emotional wounds of the youngins who survived the tragedy. It looked suspiciously like callous propagandizing and tear-jerking to my jaded eyes, however. You'd think that a country that gobbled up The Hunger Games books and movies in the last year would find it at least a little revolting to see children offered up for viewing like that amidst all the state propaganda and just before a form of gladiatorial combat.

The Sandy Hook choir was joined by Jennifer Hudson, of course. Her mother, brother and nephew were killed in a shooting in 2008. I was all but expecting them to lower the corpses of her family members from the rafters as the encore.

I'm not the only commentator in the liberty world who will make the observation that the Super Bowl is just one of the many circuses to go with the bread doled out by the collapsing USSA empire. But something else really struck me about the Super Bowl recently. It's not just about the entertaining distraction or even about propaganda. In its hype and glitz, it's like a Potemkin Village—an attempt to convince the hundred or so million people falling into possibly permanent poverty that everything is “Just Fine”. That the US is still a "rich" country on the verge of economic recovery after a temporary bad spell (caused by a few "greedy capitalists" and not central banking) and that the violent criminals running their lives have everything well in hand with the best interest of the people at heart. So sit back, relax and watch these millionaires tackle each other and the entire over-the-top spectacle!

I should point out here, however, that I enjoy sports. And, there's nothing wrong with making millions for playing a sport. I want to make it clear that I have no problem with sports on the free market, or with athletes getting stupendously rich for using their talents in a free market. I'm not offended like those people who spurt nonsense about what a shame it is that men get millions of dollars from willing customers for carrying a ball around a field while teachers and soldiers, both of whom are subsidized by dollars taken from people under threat of violence, make so much less. I have no problem with athletes or actors and directors making millions if customers want to give them all that money to watch them practice their craft. As a peaceful person who hates the thievery and violence of the politicians and central banks, I hate when any talent is twisted to serve the state, as it is in the case of the Super Bowl (and Major League Baseball and Hollywood in general; it's also why I can't stand the inherently statist Olympics). I wish they would just play football. Instead there is all the flag-waving and state-speak of the state's killers as heroes returning home to their families, as if they were reluctantly blowing up civilians to defend their homes instead of acting as mass murderers and state enforcers in exchange for a government paycheck.

So I do have a problem when what should be a free market pageant of the freakiest human athletes is instead used to help create a Potemkin Village. The term “Potemkin Village” comes from an apocryphal tale of Grigory Potemkin erecting fake settlements along the Dnieper River in order to make Russian Empress Catherine II (known as "Catherine the Great") believe that things were going much better with the Crimean campaign against the Turks than they really were. The story of these false settlements are said to be as accurate as the stories of Catherine's sexual appetite for horses. That is to say they were a deliberate twisting of real events, spread by enemies. (Catherine did have a healthy sexual appetite, as Grigory Potemkin, one of her many lovers, would know.)

The veracity of the story of the Potemkin Village is debated, with some experts claiming that the story is entirely a myth. Either way, Grigory Potemkin and his villages have slipped into our language as denoting something fake built up to impress and to hide the complete lack of anything underneath.

Which brings us back to the Super Bowl. Such a mighty effort to show wealth, unity, strength! And then the lights went out. Amidst this big, money-eating pageant, something as basic -- and symbolic -- as the lights staying on the whole time couldn't be managed.

That's what they get for holding the Super Bowl in a third world communist country, though.

I was almost wishing the lights would stay out for a few more hours and we could watch in HD a remake of Hurricane Katrina in the Superdome... but this time with rich people.

My more philosophical and poetic friends tell me that the gods are drawn to hubris because they like cutting prideful people down to size. So maybe they were watching this year's Super Bowl and decided it was time for a slight hiccup in the proceedings, maybe giving a small, easily dismissed warning that the whole facade is going to come down and reveal the moral and economic emptiness just beneath . . . . 

It may not be the wisest thing to shrug off a subtle message from the gods. If they are indeed suggesting that the jig is just about up, shouldn't you be making your plans accordingly? If getting out of Dodge -- and getting ready to annul your marriage to the USSA -- isn't on your immediate lists of things to do, at least make sure you can get the best economic and actionable advice possible to thrive as the economic reality in the US can no longer be covered up by bread and circuses.

Jeff Berwick is the editor-in-chief of The Dollar Vigilante


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boomerbeans said...

Just make sure you BUY all the dollar vigilante paraphernalia or else you won't make it out alive!!!!

Prepping and Fear mongering has really turned into such big business I'm surprised, along with ammo and gun sales alone, we aren't completely recovered economically.

With a healthy dose of COMMON SENSE, All you need to know and prepare is available FREE.

Stop making these jackals rich. Expose them for what they are and stop saying, "they're helping"

True help doesn't have a price tag dangling from it!!

Merlin Wizard said...

Well, aside from the diatribe of disgusting nonsense you spew about the military, I agree with your view of the pageantry employed at the gladiator games to obfuscate with reality for the mindless drones the state has created.

Your absurd opinion of the military aside, the notion of "state-sponsorship" did abound and it's unfortunate that you spewed a perfectly good beer. I would suggest that you review your history books, hopefully you have some recent enough so that black folks aren't referred to as "negroes" in them. In those book, you will see that the "state-sponsored murders and thieves" are, in fact, the reason why there is an America. That fact cannot be countered with any evidence, no matter how perverted or twisted it may be.

Your vision of the "village" is quite accurate otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Actually Jeff, the lights going out was an integral part of "the circus". Note that they went out on cue , came back on in 33min, and the "thousand points of light" were then displayed.

Anonymous said...

They don't even admit that greedy capitalists are responsible for the economic downturn. They claim it's the fault of greedy poor people who refuse to work merely because there are no jobs available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your analysis. Like the Golden Globe awards, the Superbowl is another example of the ruling elite hijacking entertainment for propaganda.

Merlin Wizard said...

"Greedy capitalists?" "Greedy poor people?" Claims of "wanting free stuff" as a cause for the downturn? Do you just make this stuff up as you go along?

No one claims the economic downturn was caused by greedy poor people wanting free stuff, but can't pay for it because there are no jobs. That's manufactured hyperbole and nonsense. The reason for the collapse is pretty widely accepted as a result of extremely risky financial hijinks, created to suck money like a vacuum cleaner out of the pockets of everyone and redeposit it into the pockets of a much smaller group. Those same scams were also unregulated by the government, even though they were well aware of the risk. The result was huge and all encompassing. Housing prices unnaturally escalated, credit prices dropped significantly, lending practices were loosened to unwarranted levels and everyone (rich and poor) started leveraging themselves into positions they could never sustain. The bubble burst (for whatever reason) and all the pigs started getting slaughtered; rich, poor and everywhere in between.

That debacle started it all and is the straw that broke the camel's back leading us to today. Greed most certainly got us here, but, you had better keep your facts straight and lay blame at the feet of everyone... Everyone who blew all their credit at Walmart, stretched their credit cards at the mall, purchased a boat/car/house/furniture/etc with "cheap credit" they couldn't afford, refinanced their lives with "subprime" loans, sent their kids to college - purely on credit, bought a new house with no down payment and my favorite, leveraged their lives to a debt-to-income ratio equal to that of Greece!

Capitalism isn't the problem, greed and stupid people in large numbers is.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of these clowns preferencing their beliefs and solutions by FLAUNTING their wealth, using scare tactics, then selling you their "program" at "a special discounted rate" (but only to you because you understand...)

Yeah, you're free to do whatever you want to make a buck but you cannot ignore the shit you are faced with in the mirror.
Or maybe you can and I'm just ignorant.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - "Like the Golden Globe awards, the Superbowl is another example of the ruling elite hijacking entertainment for propaganda."

You do realize that the word "entertain" originally meant "to divert attention", typically from reality.

So all entertainment is propaganda when they are trying to keep people asleep to the reality of what they are doing to the world.

That is especially true of these gladiator shows and self-congratulatory award shows where the people making millions and millions of dollars diverting our attention from reality fight for the title of being the best at making us all "sheeple".

They have certainly successfully "entertained" the masses very well over the past half century or so.

Look up the First Motion Picture Unit of the USAAF from back in WWII... a number of their propaganda films were nominated for and at least one received an Academy Award for how well it manipulated people for official propaganda purposes.

"The First Motion Picture Unit (FMPU), officially designated the 18th Army Air Force Base Unit, was the primary film production unit of the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) during World War II and was the first military unit made up entirely of professionals from the film industry. It produced more than 400 propaganda and training films, which were notable for being informative as well as entertaining."


The Transformers franchise is one of the best examples of modern military propaganda, and the occult propaganda pervades pretty much everything including the military stuff.

To be "entertained" in any way in today's world has become propaganda as it successfully diverts attention from the very important things happening around the world.


Gary orGibby said...

@MerlinWizard You'd really have to be a wizard to wrap your head around your pathetic, slavish, slobbering devotion to anything "military."

Only someone certifiably insane can't see that the most massive problem on the planet today - by a factor of a million - is the US military and the arrested adolescents that serve them (and not just the ones wearing their ridiculous costumes). The dirty, little secret, of course, isn't so secret. Hell, it's plastered over everything that this twisted, sick country does and that is the complete and utter devotion to the military slaughterhouse including the whores, psychopaths and sycophants that worship these ape-children.

We will know when we've grown up as a species when every military is wiped from the face of the earth (first and foremost the US war machine) and the profession known as "soldier" will be seen as the moral equivalent of "pedophile" (which most of the top ranks consists of).

Anonymous said...

Jonny, "The Transformers franchise is one of the best examples of modern military propaganda, and the occult propaganda pervades pretty much everything including the military stuff."

You rock, man!!!!! I thought I was the only one who saw that. I love Transformers but eventually throughout my own awakening even I had to question the "Till all are One" anthem of the Autobots. American to the core.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - As someone who grew up with the original Transformers cartoons I also have a soft spot for the franchise and the modern movies, but wow the propaganda gets piled on thick at times.

The most common propaganda theme in modern U.S cinema is Americans saving the world, though that extends back to the days of the red, white and blue "Superman" saving the world from "evil villains" every day and such as well.

Occasionally other countries may get mentions as assisting in the cause but it is always the U.S.A that leads the way to "save the world", usually through military forces. (See Independence Day, Armageddon, etc.)

If it's not the U.S government or military then it's usually some lone American "Rambo" super-hero that saves the day.

It's almost laughable when you consider that large numbers of people on this planet(tens of millions if not hundreds) only know the U.S.A as a country that came in guns blazing and destroyed their worlds, not saved them.

But the truth is cheap and boring, whereas the billions that get invested in Hollywood propaganda make it very "entertaining" and more fun to believe than the truth is.

And some hot women with lots of cleavage and skin and sexy clothing and slow-motion running and such always trumps the truth in a society dedicated to drinking beer, watching football and beating the crap out of each other for fun.

That said however I will admit it's easy to raise your flag for Megan Fox... lol.


Merlin Wizard said...

@Gary or Gibby- comments like your's are entertaining. Say what you want about the military, we live in a free country where you can speak your piece, without fear of retribution.

We'll have to agree to disagree on the subject of the military since one of us grew up in it, served in it and understands it's purpose and the other one is you. Take care - I'm off to a new subject.

Anonymous said...

"We'll have to agree to disagree on the subject of the military since one of us grew up in it, served in it and understands it's purpose and the other one is you"

Wow, you really are full of yourself.

I guess the thousands of soldiers who disagree with all your propaganda crap just "aren't real soldiers" by your standards.

My grandfather(RIP) would completely disagree with you on pretty much every government/military related issue judging by your ridiculous posts around here.

And unlike you he volunteered for WWII, led a scout unit that got ambushed and wiped out by SS troops resulting in him being severely injured by a grenade attack and deemed "unfit for combat".

He was offered a medical discharge, instead he went back to Canada to volunteer for duty at Trenton AFB, where shortly after he "went above and beyond the call of duty" to ensure the safety of a plane load of soldiers coming in during a nasty snow storm.

It is ironic for someone who had low opinions of the government that he proudly displayed his commendation from the Canadian Prime Minister till the day he died.

He got rid of his medal for his European actions though as it reminded him of his comrades that died under his command and he didn't feel he deserved a medal for getting them killed.

He was proud of his service though despite the pain of it because he was supporting his 'brothers in arms', not the agenda his service ended up supporting which he despised.

If you think you speak for all military men and women then you really are as delusional as you come across being.

My grandfather exposed the truth with his simple comment that the difference between a "war-hero" and a "war-criminal" is in which side wins the war and writes the history, nothing else.

My grandfather was a "war-criminal" by his own admission, as all soldiers are because war itself is a crime, usually justified with lies.

You are a war-criminal as well if you have ever actually served in combat, but you are proud of it where a true soldier would be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Jonny, or maybe he is just a fat troll in mama's basement making a buck a comment.

Anonymous said...

"and there's nothing wrong with making millions for playing the sport" and "talent" REALLY???
well you can keep that asinine comment to yourself - were you guzzling beer when said?! I hope so! I suppose the owners of these "teams" also are worth the trillons they have,,,, you have just lost any credibility with me - small wonder this country is lost,,,,

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