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Student Invents Device that Charges Batteries with Radio and WIFI Waves

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German university student, Dennis Siegel, invented a device that captures electromagnetic fields like WIFI and radio waves and converts them to stored energy in batteries.

His electromagnetic harvester won second place at this year's Digitale Medien (Digital Media) technology competition at the University of the Arts Bremen, Hochschulpreis when he successfully demonstrated charging one AA battery over the span of a day.

Siegel explains the device on his blog:
The omnipresence of electromagnetic fields is implied just by simple current flow. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields which we are producing for information transfer or as a byproduct. Many of those fields are very capacitive and can be harvested with coils and high frequency diodes. Accordingly, I built special harvesting devices that are able to tap into several electromagnetic fields to exploit them. The energy is stored in an usual battery. So you can for example gain redundant energy from the power supply of a coffee machine, a cell phone or an overhead wire by holding the harvester directly into the electromagnetic field whose strength is indicated by a LED on the top of the harvester.

Depending on the strength of the electromagnetic field it is possible to charge a small battery within one day. The system is meant to be an option for granting access to already existing but unheeded energy sources. By exploring these sources it can create a new awareness of the invisible electromagnetic spaces while giving them a spatial dimension.

There are two types of harvester for different electromagnetic fields: a smaller harvester that is suitable for lower frequencies below 100Hz which you can find in the general mains (50/60Hz, 16,7Hz) and a bigger one that is suitable for lower and higher frequencies like radio broadcast (~100MHz), GSM (900/1800MHz) up to Bluetooth and WLAN (2,4GHz).
Here's a short video of Siegel finding strong enough electromagnetic frequencies to charge his battery:

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Anonymous said...

Correction the Person to invite such a device was TESLA, not this man. He merely used the idea that was found a hundred years ago and applied it to newer technology.

Tesla wanted to give the world free power over RF SPECTRUM frequencies long before anyone else.

This man "DID NOT" invent the idea to charge batteries by wireless means.

Anonymous said...

Same concept, but I'm pretty sure rechargable AA batteries weren't around in Tesla's day :)

Anonymous said...

Not buying into it.
All he is doing it detecting the presence of RF and lighting a led with it.
You can find and buy the same thing on one of the Spy web sites and are used to check and detect if there is a bug in the room.

stevor said...

back in 1975 there was a guy in my dorm at UC Davis who figured this could be done. He was an engineer. Too bad he didn't get it to work way back then. At least it's found now.
I WANT ONE! (actually, I want hundreds of them for combined power)

Anonymous said...

Only second place? Did his competition build a time machine?

Anonymous said...

^epic post

Anonymous said...

Correct title should read:

"Nerd student tries to steal Nikola Tesla's invention!"

This technology was invented by Tesla already in 1888. Sholtly afterwards in 1891 Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transmission by means of electrostatic induction using a high-tension induction coil before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers at Columbia College. This was then patented by Tesla as Patent 645,576 - System of Transmission of Electrical Energy on September 2, 1897. Later in 1931, Tesla built his wireless energy transfer technology in the Electric Pierce car he was driving without need to stop and/or recharge.

Anonymous said...

ATTN: In 1936, Tesla demonstated his "new motor" in front of hundreds of onlookers and media.

He put a 75hp "electric" motor in a car, went to the corner hardware store and bought some vacumn tubes, wiring and a few metal parts, came back; ran two wires from the "electric" motor through the firewall to a shoebox size box in the front seat in which he had arranged the tubes and wires, with two small metal rods protruding from the box. He then attached the two wires to the two rods, pushed them down into the box and said: "Now we have power" and ran the car up to 90mph (amazing for those days) for a "week" without any gas needed of course for his "electric" motor.
Tesla said that you simply tap the energy from the sun or the magnetic field of the earth, day or night and you can run your car, or with a similar "box" run you house forever, "FOR FREE".
The media attacked him and accused him of "trickery" and "sorchery" etc, that it was all fake (Standard Oil, the Rockefellers, etc, made sure his invention was squashed). As a result of the attacks and accusations, Tesla took his invention and went into seclusion, never releasing it or bringing it out again.

Anonymous said...

the energy fields around common electrical devices is usually pretty low. Hense the whole day to charge a "AA" battery. (pretty good actually). As for Teslas' inventions, you could transmit power thru the air by defeating a few safeties, and taking the door off your microwave oven - not that I'm suggesting you do it, but lots of "free" energy would come out of it. A 75 hp electric engine, without efficiency losses, is 56 kilowatts, well above what the vacuum tubes in a corner store would sell. I'm not saying Tesla didn't do it, but he was also known for Grand Standing in his later life.

Anonymous said...

A similar device has been readily available for many, many years to check for leaking radiation from microwave ovens. It would not be a source of free energy, once the em field is disturbed and energy extracted, the source will replace it. If the field is of a domestic system, then the meter will click over faster!

Anonymous said...

Its called induction and he is doing nothing but stealing electricity. This IS illegal.

Anonymous said...

yes all of the above posts are true, sad to say free energy has always been around... and it will always be suppressed.

Anonymous said...

The "crystal radio" does the same thing with a small diode and a capacitor. The first radio receivers were crystal radios back in the early 20th century. All this Siegel fellow has done is to optimize the device for the particular range of frequencies desired, using coils and capacitors as is done in the front end of any radio. He probably has also used many diodes in parallel to increase the parallel currents received for the device.

Power Unseen said...

I heard some radio hams talking about this once. Seems some guy was living near a powerful ELF transmitter and tuned his aerial to the signal. Large batteries were said to be connected up via massive diodes. Apparently this arrangement was enough to run the house lights. Until that is, a deficiency in the field strength of the transmitter was tracked down to his location and he was made to stop. Resonance is to a radio engineer as is compound interest to the bankers.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the invention very much! But the comment myth of Tesla's free energy 90 mph electric car takes top honors in the B.S. category. Tesla did some amazing things, this just wasn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

This whole technology could have been available, unlimited free electrical power for everyone, except Mr. Westinghouse and the copper mining magnates stifled and silenced Tesla. And they were able to do that because the giant deposits of copper in the Great Salt Lake area were just being discovered and exploited.

Anonymous said...

Very Easy to get free electricity from your Telephone line too! Don't tell anyone, though.

usor said...

"Student Invents Device that Charges Batteries with Radio and WIFI Waves"............................ NO HE DID NOT! This sort of thing has been around for many decades - ever since radio was invented. I have circuits for radio receivers which draw power from other radio signals in order to amplify and demodulate other wanted signals. Almost any schoolboy with an interest in crystal sets and 1 or 2 transistor radios will have seen these designs.

Patrick Sullivan said...

Tesla 56 kilowatts, 75 horse power to drive an automobile. Piece of cake. Henry Paine operated a free energy table saw as early as 1871.
The Four elements of free energy are explained in "Free Energy Here and Now and Then: Velocity Power Sources."

The book has some errors in it; the biggest one, 1871 appears to be the first date of a demonstration of an free energy machine. The book claims 1855. If you can overlook that, and some stressed writing, read it.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what? For the purposes of recording actual factual history, I hope someone does an n depth investigation & records the truth for posterity. That said, if this is such a "great" idea & magnificent way of collecting/storing or producing electrical energy for use in "any" device today..... what say we get off our collective arses & put it to work so we an reduce carbon emmissions & still hae the convenience of mobility & appliance uses that we crave or need. Forme, getting this to function effectively & efficiently, if it actually does work, is the REAL issue at hand!
Maybe, just maybe our DOE will finance this project & not finance projects like Fiskar, who ended up producing electric cars in Finland, rather than the USA where the over $400 Million loan to operate came from. Worse is, Fiskar is selling out to the Chinese AND, they get the super low loan rate on money we borrowed from them in the first place! No jobs in USA, the loan is introuble, plus the product & technology ends up in China. Methinks our genius politicians & activist rabble rousers know not what they do!!!!

Jimmy Trujillo said...

Very true...Tesla is the reason why we have radio frequency in the first place. As for frequency being transfered to electrical energy, he was was the man with this great vision but was cut short due to founds being terminated before he was able to complete this awsome invention. Its a shame but we must try to Teslas dream come true.

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