Monday, February 25, 2013

Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution If Feds Come For Guns


Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warns of a second American Revolution if cops have to enforce extreme gun control measures.

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Hide Behind said...

Scary scenario¿
The scary part is that this Sherrif knows that if ordered to confiscate american weaponry, police,military, and even his own deputys would follow orders.
Besides that he recognizes most of this nations people would if not outright support such measures not formaly resist ,even while the vast majority of american public have no confidence in our political leadership or those who wear Party Badges.
We cannot say that the listings of american gun owners is not alredy in foreign hands, because by now it should be obvious that we have not had an honest politico overseeing the protection of that list! None!
How many people realize that Iinterpol is now intigrated into our Federal Judicial and Homeland Security and has access to almost all FBI INvestigative programs.
This includes no fly list, possible terrorist threats such as religious orders that believe in Armageddon, Constitutionalist, States Seperatist, and who knows , maybe you raw milk drinkers.
When a nations leadership aids, for national political and finacial power for themselves, and ships weaponry into Mexico that kills tens of thousands, how can you even begin to trust their moral foundation.
To claim a Right to choose who to kill and who is a terrotist without any public oversight your president is already a criminal.
A criminal that the mass people would never want to see militarily, civilian military that is, dethroned for fear of upsetting their comfort zones,no there would never be a second american revolution.
Hell who actually believes in Constitutional law enough to put life on line, our military sure as hell doesn't as they fight for the hell of ITAND I DO MEAN FOR THE"HELL"OF IT; And financial political personages.

Anonymous said...

you are wrong, hide behind. There are enough law abiding citizens in this country that believe in their God given rights to bear arms, and believe in the Constitution and it's Bill of Rights, and I might add, are aware of the fact that this mobster Govn't and evil banksters are wanting to disarm the population for ultimate control and mass extermination, they will not let their guns be taken away. When push comes to shove, the fight is on. You can lay down and let them come for you if you wish, or you can go down like a man. Pussy or Tiger, which is it?

Anonymous said...

Leaked Dept of Justice memo this weekend: "Fatalities from mass shootings ... account on average for 35 fatalities per year."

In contrast last yr:
Cancer deaths: 580,350
New cancer diags: 1,660,290
Tobacco deaths: 435,000
Obesity deaths: 111,909
Hospital / Doctor error deaths: 98,000
Alcohol deaths: 85,000

The US ranks 34th in infant mortality, below Cuba n
just above Malta.

US kids diag w autism 1992: 15,580
US kids diag w autism 2008: 33,800
US kids w autism total 2008: 337,795
Where are the fake tears poser?

Innocent children killed by Bush n Obama drones so far: 216
PressTV reports 360 kids killed in Pakistan alone.

But the illegal alien traitor in chief w no US birth certificate
n a fraudulent social security number says the most
important thing for Americans to do before the worst
depression in recorded history is give up ur guns.

NWO cant happen if America is armed. Its not about guns,
its about control. Save the world's beacon of liberty.
Save the Republic.


Don't forget what ONE, LONE, PISSED OFF EX-cop was capable of doing recently in S. California. Regardless of his mental state he shut down most of the state. ONE GUY. There doesn't have to be THAT MANY who resist confiscation to make it utterly useless for them to continue trying. The more they try the more it will provoke a push back. Think of 10 Dorns ... 100 Dorns in every state, resisting the confiscation - simply and ONLY shooting police cars tires would terminate any and ALL confiscation attempts. They'd tell obama "Go seize them yourself."

EDwin said...

Hide Behind cus am scared,
You make things way more complicated than they have to be.You seem to say a lot without actually saying anything. It all sounds good on the surface until you start having a closer look.

Keep your disinformation for yourself, most people aren't buying your BS package.

NOW, the choice is becoming clear and simple, YOU are either ON the effen bus or OFF the effen bus.

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