Saturday, February 9, 2013

Police Helicopter Lands to Harass Woman for Her Papers


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Anonymous said...

"Am I being detained or am I free to go?"


Stop talking.

JoeThePimpernel said...

They had to make sure she wasn't a cartel member or human smuggler before they landed. They wouldn't want to confront anyone who might actually be a criminal. It could be dangerous.

Hide Behind said...

COPS¿ No these are not police but military men using tactics that may be somewhat justified if our nation were being attacked by women carrying cameras and a back pack.
If these are police then they are rogues who are breaking all the conditions of our Constitution.
I llegal search and Seizure, no matter how one phrases the action this was in effect an arrest, momentary admittedly but it arrested this womans rights to be walking where she wanted to be and inpursuit of no buisness of anyone but hrrself.
When she askedwhy she was being stopped the uniform said oh we are investigating something that is not a legal representation.
What he was doing was a warrantless act.
The meaning of warrantless is not just a paper not signed by a judge; What it means is an act without justifiable reasons.
We have came to a point where even words meanings are left ip to the whims of authority andwe accept such changes at freedoms petils.
This is but another example of what limits power will reach,as far as it can go until it meets a more powerfull force in opposition. NO opposition here for fear of what we all know canbe the consequences of just telling him to FO youhave no right to stop and question me.

Anonymous said...

oh. now i see

Anonymous said...

Food for thought:

Cost of Huey Police helicopter: $1,8M

Annual Aviation and servicing cost: $0.5M

Average Huey maintenance crew cost (need 4 @ $80k each) $320K

Average Huey pilot salary (need min 2@ $125K each) $250K

Hourly fueling cost $2,000

Hoping to find a horny toad in the desert, but running in to a flying NAZI instead......PRICELESS!!


San Bernadino county which this flying NAZI represents filed for chapter 9 Bankruptcy last year in July:

Captain Jellybean said...

Looks like an efficient use of resources......

Anonymous said...

Sickening creepy guy.

Anonymous said...

A reptile posing as a human being accosts female in the middle of nowhere posing as a threat! I've seen everything now.

Anonymous said...

Would there be anything wrong in trying to evade the 'copter or at least delaying the landing? as a form of 'practice' or perhaps a way of concealing personal items to see if it can be done? Just curious, but it seems a waste to not see what one can do in a situation of 'copter harassment. We will have to face these problems with the drones, too.

Anonymous said...

What would have become of her if she had been alone and no camera?

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