Friday, February 22, 2013

N.C. Lawmakers Kill Medical Marijuana Bill Because It Had Too Much Support

Calling on all activists to respond.

Activist Post

When lawmakers in North Carolina are flooded with phone calls from their constituents in support of a piece of legislation they consider it "harassment" and kill the bill to make it stop.

This is what representative democracy has become in North Carolina, where lawmakers just killed a bill to legalize medical marijuana to "stem the tide of phone calls and emails".

According to WRAL Channel 5 in North Carolina:
The House Rules Committee has killed a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana, an effort by House leaders to stem a tide of phone calls and emails on the topic.
It is somewhat unusual to give a measure an unfavorable report. Typically, bills that won't pass merely sit in committee unheard and untended.
"We did it to be done with it, so people could move on for the session," said Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam, R-Wake. He said lawmakers we're being "harassed" with phone calls and emails about medical marijuana.
In other words, stop bugging us to do your bidding. Who do you think we work for? They act as if we work for them, at least before they fired us for "harassment".

The committee only allowed 20 minutes of public testimony before voting to kill the bill, H.B. 84 The Enact Medical Cannabis Act, which would have allowed patients over 21 who suffer from a variety of ailments to receive prescriptions for medical cannabis.

This is a shocking level of disregard for the seriousness of their jobs as well as the will of the public no matter what the subject of the legislation.  This should not be permitted.

What's funny is they actually think this will stop the phone calls and emails. Instead let's turn up the pressure. Below are the names, emails and phone numbers of all the members on the North Carolina Rules Committee with Paul "Skip Harassment" Stam at the top of the list.

Share this with everyone you know whether they are sympathetic to the cause of medical marijuana or not. Urge them to contact these representatives to demand fair a hearing for H.B. 84 and an up-or-down vote in the General Assembly.

Paul Stam - Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-2962

Tom Moore - Chairman
Phone: 919-733-4838

Justin Burr - Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5908

Here are links to the rest of the committee Members:

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Magamud said...

North Carolina is the leaders in this backwards old neanderthal thinking. Totally Pathetic.

Richard said...

I live in NC. This state has been living in the 19th century for over 100 years and will contuine to live that way.

Hide Behind said...

Richard you are right but to tell truth it is closer to 150+ years.
A state where dumbing down began in 1860 and hit the bottom in 1865; And like the Confederacy, never to rise again.

PJ London said...

1860... was that before or after they outlawed feathers and tar?

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you but marijuana was legal 150 years ago

Anonymous said...

[quote] In other words, stop bugging us to do your bidding. Who do you think we work for? They act as if we work for them, at least before they fired us for "harassment. [unquote]

Of course government and government officials work FOR THE PEOPLE!!

Anonymous said...

wasn't weed legal in the 19th century?

Anonymous said...

Better to spend your time on a Re-Call election for those that voted to "Kill the Bill". If they refuse to do their jobs, take their jobs away.

King of the Paupers said...

Jct: It's almost like there was a hidden agenda. Like the voice vote counts at the Republican convention! Har har har.
"Wasn't weed legal in the 19th century?"
Jct: And part of the Twentieth as well as every century before that. It was in the pharmacopia until the Twentieth when it was removed.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about high time, no pun intended that everyone working for the Government and the State and Federal level gets a rude awakening to the fact they work for us the Citizens of this Country and not for themselves. If they really want to see being held hostage to the public wait until they all get pink slips this next election. Then they can find out what real life is like anymore looking for a Job.

Anonymous said...

That's "representative democracy" for ya! Next cycle every legislator involved needs to go down to defeat in flames!

Gypsy Marlowe said...

We introduced a study bill for medical cannabis in 2008, our first bill for medical cannabis was in 2009, we were told that year by Mr. Stam, that as long as he was there, this bill would not pass. He began to exert pressure on other legislators to keep them from supporting this bill. We have educated, informed, pleaded, begged, cried and watched patients cry in disbelief of the cruelty of our legislators. All these citizens are asking for is safe, legal access to medical cannabis medicines. We need pressure to be exerted against our Speaker of the House, as well as these individuals that cruelly killed our bill due to public support. We can fuss and demand an apology, but it won't help those sick and dying patients gain access to the medicine they need.

Rebecca Forbes said...

What is also funny about this committee meeting and what happened that day... is the room was PACKED with supporters, and only ONE witness against it who did the dirty work for Christian Action League, Mark Creech, who should as well be added to the list of phone call, letters and e-mails. Mr. Creech stated to member Todd Barr that humans DO NOT have an endicannabioid system, that the National Cancer Institute evidence on tumors is false, and that Satan made marijuana. I confronted Mark Creech on his Christian values in the halls of the Legislature Mon, Feb 11th handing out invitations to the NCCPN lobbying day tues. He was handing out a lobby against our bill, and is a LARGE part of why this bill was killed. Please add this man to the list, as he claims his job at the Legislature under his politcal non profit is to guide NC policy with Christian Values, and he was the ONLY Witness against our bill. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Oh, like how we've been harassed, hunted and arrested for how many decades?
Liars. This proves these politrickcians need to be ousted, they clearly don't work for the people and don't care about the people. This is clearly a big huge sign that the people chose poorly in electing whoever did this terrible, ignorant and evil act of keeping a friggin plant illegal.
Fuck the laws anyways, seriously. Follow your own laws.

Anonymous said...

When this is happening at the flagship of the NC higher ed system, is it so surprising:

Anonymous said...

Cannabbis ? Sure it works! BUTT,the mega rich shareholders of "BIG PHARMA,s " wouldn,t get any money out of it,so their politicians voted it down!

Anonymous said...

Big Pharma can buy stock in medical marijuana! They will still be lining their pockets!

Anonymous said...

tried to tell everyone what was gonna happen thats why i moved to washington

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to call all names on that list . ty .

Anonymous said...

Something has to give. It's hard to believe NC, home of The Research Triangle is soooooo far behind.

Anonymous said...

north carolina republicans are worthless pieces of crap and remember to vote them out in 2014"

Anonymous said...

I want to know what does calling and e-mailing these people do? That is why they threw the bill out so they could stop all the calls and emails.

I think finding out who sponsored the bill and asking them to reintroduce it might be one way to go. Also vote them out campaign against them find someone to run against them.

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