Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Judge Napolitano: Killing Americans with Drones is Nowhere Justifiable Under The Constitution


"That is nowhere justifiable under the Constitution, nowhere justifiable under federal law," Judge Andrew Napolitano argued on FOX News today. "In fact, federal law and the Constitution are to the opposite. Unless you are actually pulling a trigger or are in moments of pulling that trigger or dropping a bomb, the government has an obligation to do its best to arrest you and charge you with a crime and prosecute you before it can indiscriminately kill you."

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't what's going on here strike you as the same as what went on during the last election? Americans were treated to a theater where Republican and Democrat positions were bantered about, candidates debated and the mass media sensationalized the elections, but none of this had anything to do with the outcome of the fake election.

Here we go again with another illusion. Our government is trying to show us they have great concern for the rule of law and are going to great extremes to present their case for us to endlessly debate. Unfortunately, the government's position is a done deal and we have no say in the outcome.

America has long ceased to become a land where the rule of law applies. All the theater we're being treated to is to make us believe we are a part of the process. We're NOT!

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