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Is "Gray State" a Psy-Op? Filmmaker says “No”

Editor's Note:  We don't typically post personal attack pieces, especially if based on speculation. However, I felt that Michael's original piece highlighted the very real aspect of psy-ops in art and film. Michael's article also contained an inquisitive tone (case in point: the question mark at the end of his title). This was also the first article that Michael has written wherein he does speculate about a specific individual's motivation, as opposed to general issues and trends. We are happy that the film's director, David Crowley, immediately came forward to clarify his position and engage in a dialogue with Michael and our readers. In retrospect, perhaps it would have been far better for Michael to have sought out this interview as part of his research into this specific film (and perhaps I should have requested that). In the spirit of interrupting our regularly scheduled programming, we are happy to present David Crowley's reaction to the original article, as well as some of the personal lessons that Michael Winter wants to share after speaking with him. Ultimately, readers should always do their own research and realize that no one has a monopoly on truth, and one never should feel threatened by new information as it comes to light. Lastly, this interview is fascinating far beyond the initial debate - it gives insight into how independent films are made in the modern era and the low-cost tools available to aspiring film creators. - Michael Edwards

Gray State
Michael T. Winter, Contributor
Activist Post

This author recently posted an article titled “Is Gray State a Psy-Op?”  It quickly went, if not viral, then at least reposted on dozens of alt-news sites. The comments ran from (condensed) “Those evil globalist bastards! Hollywood is evil!” to “Your article is a joke and poorly written, not researched and a slam on a legitimate endeavor”.

David Crowley, the director, contacted me and he graciously agreed to a phone interview. Given the initial medium of the article itself, I felt the best format would be this one. There were numerous points in the initial piece that upon my own reflection I deemed too trivial to address. My questions posed were culled from two sources: my own questions to validity, and points brought out by comment posters. I will say that I feel I have been taught a personal lesson in journalism, and I will not forget it. I also wish to point out that not everything that seems evil is evil. There are people out there that have the vision and fortitude to not only think about the problems we face, but actually endeavor to change the dynamic of that in which we find ourselves. After speaking with David Crowley and reading his replies to my questions (below), I am convinced he is indeed genuine in his efforts to wake up the populace as much as his vehicle can accomplish.


I’ve been struggling with how best to approach you on questions. It makes me uncomfortable to view you in any sort of ‘us v. them’ paradigm. It occurred to me to just keep it simple. With that in mind, I will only address what I consider to be valid questions. I thought this format would allow you to digest and answer with greater clarity any questions posed.


I want to be clear that I don't consider this response a defense - it's an opportunity to address questions a lot of our fans also have. People have discovered the project at various stages in its two-year (so far) production, so everyone has questions, preconceived notions, and reservations. And while I do conduct periodic Q&A sessions on our Facebook page, 90% of our fans may never see them.

This is obviously contentious material and scrutiny as to its intent is not remiss - however, the Gray State team has never feared questioning, since we have nothing to hide. We feel very strongly about the exercise of free will, and if our fans are not questioning their reality by now, then they're probably just here for the action. But, at the end of the day, we are simply making a movie, not proving anything, crafting an exposé of the system, or trying to batter down the horrors we'll be facing. This is a fictional film, with fake people, places and situations. This is exactly why it's unique - because now our message, our intent, and the visuals can be layered in without being overt, obvious, or preachy. This is NOT propaganda. While we care deeply about the message of the film - it will not be a blunt tool to batter the viewer over the head. After all - Jurassic Park did not attempt to make you believe that dinosaurs exist. It's a story, and if it's a good story, it'll stick with you, stay in the loop longer, and make a larger overall impact.

Q. As many in the comments and on other comment posts have noted, your quote of $6000.00 seems ludicrously low. Please explain the reality of that figure as it relates to real-life costs such as food, fuel, rentals, blowing up glass, CG effects, editing, acting, wardrobe, insurance, fees, permits, licenses, etc. etc.  It’s not my intent to put you on the defensive, please understand. In today’s high-priced (and soon to be hyper-inflation!) world, you have to admit that is a stretch. Perhaps you misquoted in the interview, for all I know. Maybe you meant $60,000 and didn’t want to correct yourself, not knowing there would be nitpicky pricks like me calling you on it. So what gives with that? While many say this is a sure sign of collusion, I am not convinced.

A. While I never expected to be audited, the budget for the trailer is a point of pride for us. For those who claim definitively that it must be a lie is either ignorant or out of touch with modern independent filmmaking, since the individual (and broke) filmmaker still has immense capability with applied patience, planning, and technology. Understand it took us a year to plan the trailer, and a year to edit it. And by us, I mean myself and my partner Mitch Heil. When we began the project we were both still students (we have subsequently graduated), but being a student put a few resources on our side, to include donated studio time where we spent three days shooting composite elements with around 40 volunteer actors. Production was done as cheaply as possible - we paid our makeup personnel and our three lead actors, but the rest were all volunteers who got wind of the project and wanted to be involved. The trailer was shot between March and July of 2011 - basically, knocking down extensive shot lists and planning around the schedules of our talent. The school also provided us with the use of a smaller studio in which Mitch built a set that was used for the bedroom wakeup and arrest scene.

A big aspect of your question likely involves the military equipment. As you know, Mitch and I are both former military. We have been running The Bullet Exchange, a military prop rental house/actor training service since 2009. The gear has been slowly gathered literally since we were in high school and decided to make movies after the Army, and now it has expanded to include police gear as well. So, the weapons and uniforms were "in house" assets. And, since the bad guys in most cases are faceless in the trailer, the bad guys in the battle shots you see are simply permutations of the same three dudes with subtle gear/weapon changeouts (me, Mitch, and Danny, our lead actor). In the riot scene we actually did have 10 riot personnel that we outfitted (many of them were 18-year-old volunteer actors), but for the ominous riot shots with a dozen riot cops or more - those are all Danny. In fact, Danny is in the trailer probably 150 times.

All of the digital material, editing, matte painting, color, music, sound, etc, were all done by Mitch and I (with the 3D CGI elements of two shots being handled by Mark Kasper, an editor/colorist at Broadview Media in Edina, MN - he helped us as we were learning Maya software, and laughed mightily after he read your article). The tank and helicopter models were purchased for about $100 each, and then we would add the components we wanted, like the turrets, antennas, different skin textures, C-wire, etc. Mitch handled most of the 3D work and rotoscoping, while I did things like matte painting and compositing. I also did the edit and score. We produced almost 90 visual effects shots, and about half of them didn't even make the cut - but they will be used in the documentary or BTS featurettes.

Naturally, if we hired people to handle all of these things over the solid 14 months it took to finish the trailer in post, it WOULD have cost a fortune.

We documented the entire production process, and it's our intention to begin putting it to use in the form of behind the scenes featurettes and VFX breakdowns. If you watch our current videos at, you'll see a lot of this behind-the-scenes material in use already. In fact, the sizzler intro to these videos (with the burning city streets spelling "gray state") was our first Maya project, and shows a lot of behind-the-scenes processes - that shot alone took 3 weeks. That's the kind of patience and planning I'm talking about. is my first website, made entirely in photoshop and TextEdit for an "intro to html" class. We also did our own marketing, we edit our own promo videos, and do our own graphics. This also cuts costs. I just wish someone paid us to do it all, since it's been pretty much a full-time job since November of 2010.

Q. CG - How much of the tanks, helicopters and explosions were real vs. CG? It sure as hell looked real to me on the trailer. CG is not so good yet that one cannot distinguish the difference. This leads into the cost, both in programming (if it is CG) and in real cost as relates to explosions, etc.

A. Mitch and I were both pleased about this when we read your article. As I said, we were students when we worked the trailer, and much of what we had to do was our first time doing it. So it's nice to hear that they look convincing. Anyway, literally none of the humvees, tanks, helicopters, or explosions are real. We are excited to begin releasing breakdowns that reveal the step-by-step process behind each VFX shot.

Q. If the tanks and exploding windows were CG, skip this question. If they were real, then please explain the cooperation you must undoubtedly (I would think - and if I’m wrong here, let me know) have been rendered by the military. As stated in the article, why would the military help on a movie of this topic/nature?

A. I'll answer the question because it's important that we address that we have had NO cooperation from the military, nor have we asked for any. The movie Memorial Day was shot here, and the inherently pro-military message garnered it huge support from the military, to include free access to blackhawks, humvees, and a battalion of national guard infantry. Gray State does not share this luxury.

We've had outstanding support from veterans, though. I guess they "get" it.

Q. I wish to ask about the overall content as relates to violence. Am I correct in thinking that the storyline (as with most trailers) is packing an ass-load of action into it with the viewer’s understanding the movie itself will not be one long roller coaster of machine gunning goons? I bring this up because the trailer does not dredge up anything but anxiety and fear. You must admit (being awake as you claim) that the globalists want us full of fear and anxiety. Your movie, by the trailer, seems to be a tailor-made vehicle to engender those feelings in the viewer, thus aiding (if not purposefully) the globalists. How do you answer this?

(It is my thought that you are doing this to warn people, and that is an admirable gesture. A personal observation only; I am torn on this. On one hand, I know that if sheeple are not ‘shaken awake’, then they will remain slaves and zombies - I get that. I really feel the vast majority will be like “Wow, that was fuckin cool!” As if it will happen in some other country… too much fluoride. On the other hand, if the focus in on negative shit like this, then that’s the world we paint. Sounds idyllic, but if people quit making movies about death and rape and genocide, etc. and focused on peaceful images and loving environments, then that is what we would be about. A pipe dream, I know - Homo Sapiens Sapiens are shit. But the question is; at what point do we start on the path to non-violence? Who becomes the man to start?)

A. We've been accused a hundred times of being fearmongers, CIA shills, zionists, and even reptilians. But the fear question is legitimate. My response is that just because it's scary doesn't mean it's fear porn, or a psy-op. If we were to frame the film in any context less horrifying, brutal, and impossible than our modern world today, then it would simply not be honest or faithful. And the trailer is nothing - the film's script is truly terrifying. It is several degrees more brutal than anything I've seen on film before. Yes, the globalists want us afraid. But really, who IS afraid? Your neighbors? They don't know what's going on. If this is a film to "wake people up," they'll have to be jarred. But again, that's not my intention - we are not prophets, and our filmmaker/artist status precludes us from being propagandists. However, we are still going to make a film that will faithfully render a possible scenario of an American insurgency, in all its brutal, violent, and tragic glory. But that is not the point of the film either - the thematic elements in play with the story are those of non-aggression, free will, love, and confidence in victory - even if they take your life and liberty.

In any film, by the climax we arrive at the core of the protagonist - his essence of character, deeply imbued with human truth - by burning away his shields to reveal who he is. In Gray State, our protagonist has a long way to go, so there will be a lot of burning. If you're scared, good - this shit is scary. But I'm not going to scare you and dump you off at the curb - there is meaning that you'll have to unravel in your mind for days. I have no obligation to show you a "Patriot" victory to get to the truth of character, and if the viewer chooses to shut himself off from this truth by becoming fixated on the scary images, that is simply his loss.

Braveheart. The Patriot. Gladiator. Why is Gray State to be held to a different violence standard than these beautiful films?

On a personal level, I do care about "waking people up." But that will never be a vehicle for a successful film that actually makes it to theaters. It is my intention to reach a human truth through character development - and do so in a world construct that HAPPENS to involve modern trends. Whether or not these trends are perceived by the audience as "real world" should be irrelevant - but by then the seed has been planted. Trojan Horse, not battle axe.

Your question is really speaking to the heart of the Gray State Controlling Idea, or theme. Currently, as it stands, it is identified as "victory is possible because defeat is voluntary," but I am trying to shift it to include more of an internal evolution flavor. The external world is what it is, and you may not be able to fix it - ESPECIALLY through the same violence and coercion that are used against you. But through collective non-participation, non-aggression, comfort/confidence in "what comes next," and most of all, the suspension of fear, the enemy is stripped of his power. But hey, you tell me - how are you going to tell a story like that without showing some scary shit? You make a flowery hippie peace movie, and see if it pulls any weight with the audience who doesn't already think that way.

Q. Regarding Google and YouTube and the inordinate number of articles linked to your movie site trailer. In this I am a bit of a stick in the mud (sorry to say), but of course I am willing to listen or read your reply, because I am very interested and non-partial in that interest. It is well known and documented that Google and YouTube are globalist entities - all mega communication platform are these days - this is undeniable. You have enjoyed immense space on these two engines. Is it ALL buzz, or is there help in pushing it from them? It’s quite possible you have no way to answer me on that, and I understand. You simply would not know. It is a well-known fact that globalists are masters at using people unawares. I certainly hope your project, created for all the right reasons in your mind, has not been promoted by the globalists in furtherance of their goal of universal spiritual disharmony. It just seems like a hell of a lot of help from entities owned by the globalists, given the fact that the movie paints them (the US Govt., the UK, Germany, etc. ad nauseam) in such a harsh and accurate light.

A. This is another point of pride - our effective marketing. During production and post production (up until early summer of 2012), we had built up our Facebook presence to around 3k fans - even before the trailer was released. Those 3k fans came from our primary demographics - the people who would support and promote our efforts. We attended the Bilderberg protests and met a lot of key "leaders" of the movement. With a consistently ominous marketing "voice," we layered clues about the film, pointed at real-world crossovers, and spread the net - then just hyped the trailer's release by degree until the day it went live. 1,000 views every hour for the first few days, 150k by the end of the first week. People were waiting and watching. The Google hits you're talking about are mostly forum posts by curious people interested in the trailer - and come on, the trailer is interesting, isn't it? It causes debate like this. It went viral. If you want to believe WE made all those forum and blog posts, or enemy agents did it - that's your business, and we can't account for it. And we have enough to do without making shill posts on thousands of obscure forums.

The strength of the trailer is what made it viral - and naturally since it is in Google's nature to yield search results - when you type in "Gray State" you'll get the pages that have Gray State in them. If we named the film Cat Picture, you'd get a lot more. It is silly to imply there is more Google "coverage" than actually exists online, or that we are being helped by them. In fact, the Google ads we tried to run using those $100 free Google ad space cards we get in the mail are STILL pending approval, and never ran. Google will tell you all about Gray State - but you have to ask it first. I do not think we're nearly big-time enough to register the attention needed to become censored (like any real project would be, right?).

As for YouTube - I don't see how we've enjoyed "space" there, apart from creating an account and uploading our videos to it, like everyone else. We've received no preferential treatment, and our view counts aren't even that high. YouTube will also yield a lot of Gray State hits because a lot of people have ripped the trailer to upload to their own accounts, created video playlists, or remixed to different music, or whatever - again, I presume, from the strength of the trailer.

Nothing in marketing came easy - we spent the year we were working on the trailer slowly building our name recognition among the groups, forums, bloggers, Facebook pages, etc. who would find it interesting. We just made sure when the trailer came out, people were actually looking for it. We now have about 3k YouTube subscribers and 12k Facebook fans - hardly anything comparable to someone who posts one kitten dubstep video or autotune remix.

I think if we were being helped along by the system, they'd have - I dunno - given us some of their globalist Hollywood douchebag actors, some expensive production value, or a website that wasn't made in TextEdit by me. We've fought for every inch we've gained, and it has been a slow and steady success. If Google and YouTube are helping us, I don't know about it - and they could be doing a far better job!

Q. What’s up with the phone number? It goes to a locksmith. I checked it twice for accuracy. I would imagine there is a logical reason, but in light of my investigative fervor you can imagine how the wheels in my mind were spinning. This is not terribly important of course, but I only mention in light of this being one question among a number. What say you?

A. The phone number on our HHP website is my phone number I've been using since 2007 or so, when I was stationed in Fort Hood. If you're having trouble reaching me, I would suggest the error is on your end - my friends, family, and clients reach me with that number every day.

I imagine I'm going to get spammed after this, but I will add that I rarely answer an unrecognized number. I'll listen to any messages left to see if they're real people calling.


I imagine you want to know about my name. I'll be honest, I don't know much about my family bloodline, but as far as I know I have no connection to Aleister. But Crowley is not an uncommon name either. Neither is Mason. I think anything other than perfunctory dwelling on the coincidence of our names in relation to our association with Satan or Freemasonry SHOULD lead to the next step in logic - are all satanists named Crowley? Are any masons named Mason? Has any Nazi ever been named Heil? C'mon. My name could be Fred Smith and people would still think I'm an imaginary front man for a new satanic Hollywood psy-op film. This criticism is unavoidable, but our detractors could do better.


As I wrote these questions (and answered some of them), I have become more convinced you are genuine on this. But then I have to remember the grieving father of Sandy Hook (smiling and laughing before going on camera to cry). See "Sandy Hook Hoax" on YouTube if you haven’t checked it- here. I have to remember there is great deception afoot, and your movie would by all appearances ‘fit the bill’ for a globalist psy-op, whether you are aware of the fact or not.


Of course I'm aware. But someone's got to puncture the MSM, and making another documentary won't do it.


I’m sorry to say that. You seem like a very intelligent man, so you too must admit the feasibility, knowing the globalist agenda. That being said, you can’t blame me for asking you these questions.


Nope, but I would have appreciated the email questionnaire BEFORE the last article you ran with! It's your responsibility as an independent journalist to ask questions, and I would encourage you and your cohorts to dig deeper before running with a series of coincidences. It's not like we've been hiding - in fact, you had emailed us and gotten a response before your article was published. It just makes it seem like you mistrust your own movement so much that anything of quality coming from it must be some kind of conspiracy. It's self-defeating.

I don't expect my answers to convince anyone of our innocence, if that is not what they want to believe, but what I've said is the truth about us, so take it or leave it. We honestly don't care, because the controversy is important, and we will toil on unaffected. If the mistrust intimidated us, we would have given up after the first YouTube comment.

Do your research and believe what you like! Free will is important. In the end, we're a couple of broke independent filmmakers making a movie that's timely and terrifying, and struggling to pay rent in the meantime. If we're on a CIA payroll, we're still waiting for the check.


Thanks for your time and consideration. I am flattered, honestly, that you are conversing with me. If you operate under a question-and-answer format, we can just post this and let it ride. If you are standing in the light of truth, then you should welcome the opportunity to address the questions that not just I, but many people, have posed.

Note: If you missed the trailer from the first article, it can be seen below:

Your comments about this debate are most welcome, please include them below.

Michael T. Winter has been published on RT here and Global Research, here. He also has published a novel called Branko’s Ride, purchase on Amazon HERE. Michael is based in southern Illinois, USA.


This article may be re-posted in full with attribution.


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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought it was psy-op as well.

The filmakers have a uphill climb to convince everyone otherwise.

The TPTB have everything in place, I think people should resist playing their game.

abinico said...

Any relation to Aliester?

Curtis said...

Some of you are old enough to remember where we were. Well, here we are. Imagine where we will be...

For those who have been paying attention, TP'sTB are putting all their ducks in a row. Shouldn't you be?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, There is a great deception going on here and we must not buy into anything that seems questionable.

Turning on the T.V. is dangerous nowadays as we never know what type of Psy-Ops du Jour they are up to for the day.

It is best to opt out of their game. I don't watch their propaganda T.V. nor do I buy their GMO corporate foods, stay away from their toxic vaccines, Rx drugs, and as much of their corporate junk as I can.

Anonymous said...

I'll continue to believe it's a psyops. The producers "do protest too much". Nothing is put on the "big screen" that doesn't ultimately serve the Illuminati. It's must more predictive programming.

In S. K. Bain's "The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual", he claims that the entire mega ritual was a tribute to Aleister Crowley. Several of the figures who appear in this ritual have the last name of Crowley. Maybe they want to keep it in the family.

Anonymous said...

Why would he be 'flattered' he was conversing with him?

Don't flutter your eye lashes too hard, Michael. So they called you a douchebag. So what. Don't get your panties in a twist and titter behind your hand like a sissy. That doesn't mean that you're wrong about your initial gut instinct about the trailer. These guys are saying all the right things.... "we're poor, broke independent film school students.... wanted to bring these issues to light" blah blah blah. Interesting coincidence, huh?

Either they are working for the system or they aren't. (You don't think Google or YouTube or Facebook can control that view count meter?! ROFL) I don't know. But I do know that the trailer is out there and fear is growing, understandably so.

If it wakes people up, awesome. If it is just fear mongering, oh well. Maybe it'll get people so pissed off they'll actually do something instead of just hoarding food, ammo, guns, toilet paper, and their own worthless skin.

Anonymous said...

They always put the truth in our faces in all these movies.

The psyop is they do this knowing people will say, it's just a movie.

So they put a lie on the nightly news which we all believe, and we dismiss the movie.

It's a psychological trick.

In this movie, they are taking to bible story which is true, knowing that we will not believe it.

Don't think these filmakers are smarter than you, they are copycats. And they know we don't read the bible.

Examine the other movies carefully. It's all coming true.

Unknown said...

I've got to say, you people really piss me off. I understand, to an extent-- I was in the same "place" 3 or 4 years ago. Then I realized-- if we reject every single thing out of fear, or out of fear of fear, then "they" have already won and there is not a shred of hope. Some of you people who consider yourselves part of the "liberty" movement will tear the ass out of anything put before you out of sheer hysterical panic, and with no proof but your own paranoia.
If you take everything with a grain of salt, and proceed with awareness and caution, then you've rendered yourself immune to the enemy's greatest weapons. But if you lash out at everything in a panic, then nothing good can come to you.
Just think-- all "they" would need to do to ANYONE, or ANYTHING, is feed a little money into it anonymously, over time; then, after a while, "leak" the info that the money came from Boogeyman X. Rothschild, NWO Operative, and bam! The terrified paranoiacs rip it apart and stampede for the exits.
Be bold, you assholes. Stop living in terror and letting "them" ruin everything without even trying-- stop doing their work for them.

Governmental Deception said...

a pys ops, must be a generation of rely on daddy Obama, lets be blinded and lets not believe this because the spoiled brats of America cant' see past their leaders a hole. Wake up this is what is coming if you cant see it you people are one dumb set of mothers fkrs. Should I write a list for you to prove and show that everything in the movie Gray State has or is already happening.... Uhmm the RFID chipping it's already being done in Texas, knowledge would tell you that is a test to see how the public would react... It doesn't go over well with those who are even semi away. Next will be the implant if we get that far most are to awake to know that average human isn't going to let anybody plant something in their bodies accept the idiots who believe the Feds are ohhh so helpful... man we do have a nation of morons.

Governmental Deception said...

I guess this bill that sit on the white house is a psy ops to huh

Anonymous said...

"David Crowley, the director, contacted me and he graciously agreed to a phone interview."

Uhm yeah, that is what producers plugging their new movies generally do.

Ex 82nd Airborn makes movie about big evil government taking our freedoms..........sure not a psy op, sure.
If this movie was real, a threat to the establishment or had a chance of enlightening would never see the light of day.
It looks like a calculated attempt to goad the right wing gun nuts into action and to further lead them down the road of lies that says the only solution is violence. That must be why it is getting so much play here. Seems like most readers are not buying this crap, smart readers.

Anonymous said...

1st of all glad both articles were written. We need the discourse. 2nd it's ok to be afraid. It will give us the strength to try to wake up the sheeple. In 1993 FBI visited my mom's friend because she was talking against mercury in silver fillings. Alex Jones had a caller on Sun.2/4 that said ATF paid a visit to her to question why she had bought so many guns. Another caller said his best friend is being threatened with Jail for Guns and the poster contest. TIME IS NOW FOLKS. IT's in overdrive. Time to wakeup Joe six-pack and Bertha bag-of-doughnuts.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fench on this ( psy-op or not ) all i know is it did shock and scare me then it made me mad , i will never give in to fear and this old lady will die fighting .

Anonymous said...

I checked out the GreyState web site. Rather than Psy-Ops, I would say it was sponsored by the NRA. Ignorance and fear = huge profits from gun sales.
The citizens of USA don't need to worry so much about NWO's or corrupt governments( always been part of the human condition.They have to worry the constant shooting/killing of their own innocent children. Seems any psyco can have an arsenal in the States.

Eochaidh OghaChruithne said...

Michael's critique was totally "weenie." How would Michael react of he knew that more than 300 innocent women and children were gunned down at Wounded Knee? Would he disassociate by joking that no one is innocent? After the U.S. soldiers murdered more than 200 innocent women and children in the surrounded camp, they rode down and slaughtered another 100 innocent women and who tried to escape. The next day the U.S. soldiers tried to finish off the few surviving innocent women and children at the Drexel Mission Fight. There's no way the Illuminati could possibly be spreading fear as a Psy-Ops in the form of a movie. American history can never be equaled in horror.

Anonymous said...

What the flipping hell does Wounded Knee have to do with anything now?! Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Anonymous said...

No matter what David Crowley says, many of you would still think it's a Psy-op. It's kind of pathetic. We as humans are prone to see patterns that agree with our current belief systems that aren't always there. We have a tendency towards self-deception. There is also the strong tendency to agree with the majority thinking of whatever group we are associating with. For those that still think it's a psy-op, it's time to step back and take a fresh perspective and look at it objectively as possible.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course, if it IS a psy-op, are they just going to come out and tell you that? These questions that the author has are legitimate. You mean to tell me that this crew had time to acquire all these props, learn professional quality film making techniques and CG, have a prop rental business, and do a stint in the military as well? Perhaps their stint in the military involved making psy-op films. What is the goal? Well, if the illuminati does worship satan, violent revolution would serve him well. Perhaps all these guys - Alex Jones, Ventura, and everyone who are goading people into anger and violence are part of the illuminati's team as well. Perhaps the name of the game is to flush out those that would take it upon themselves to violently revolt, then to ruthlessly crush them. We have not even tried, as a nation, a non-violent tax protest yet. Perhaps it is time to try that. BTW, the guy toward the end of the film with blood on his face sure looks like good old Robbie Parker from the fake Sandy Hook video. Just sayin'...

Eochaidh OghaChruithne said...

Grey State could not possibly be propaganda by the globalists to spread fear and anxiety. It's too mild for anyone who knows the horror of American history. When I see the authorities executing ordinary Americans in the trailer I laugh out loud at this feeble presentation of violence. When the real cops drag my neighbors out of their homes and put a bullet in the back of their heads, I'll still be laughing, because it'll be a joke compared to what's already happened in American history. Then I'll shoot back at the globalists. You, on the other hand, after puking your guts out and wiping your neighbor's brain-goo off your face will surrender because you can't handle the fear because you didn't know the horror of Wounded Knee or the rest of American history.

Anonymous said...

You guys are insane. I was in 2-2 Inf with Crowley; he is what he says he is.

Anonymous said...

Do the big bad 82nd, if this was so true it would not hit the big screen, That is how much you DONT know. Ever see Revolution, take into thought of this Obama just took over internet control..... and Uhmm all it takes is some bs lie from him to make up blame some other country and take down our power grid. What dream land are you in mr. I was in 82 nd airborne, ..... 101 st SPECIAL OPS kicks your azzes esp. 5th group. So try again weeney.... your 82nd cant touch them. Paid media is always told what they can put, knowing dam well that people who are to busy with life, hung up on fixed Football, and some people so hung up on it they'd marry it if they could mean while the crap is Fixed.. GO READ THE FIX is in..... while your at it wake up.

Anonymous said...

guess what not to brainy to say he contacted you. Are you suppose to be special now. Maybe he contacted me too, maybe he didn't .

Anonymous said...

I so very much agree with "Unknown" for his comment. Look at everything today, "illuminati" and everything else related in the conspiracy (including psy-ops) has been tossed around so much on tel-lie-vision and internet media now, that we're now paranoid of everything thats tries to touch at a topic as delicate as this. So someone here sees the Director's name David Crowley, then thinks "Wow!, he might be related to Aliester Crowley!" SMH, did you geniuses put that together yourself? LOL! Whats next? Anyone with the name Mason might be a Free Mason agent? This is the example i'm talking about. Forget about the stupidity you guys see on Youtube (owned by Viacom, property of the Elite), and read a damn book, since its better to learn from a source that has traveled out to study this information (whenever you agree with it or not), instead of some loser putting together pieces of propaganda spoonfed to them by ones who want to keep them paranoid and awaiting loss, along with other sheep that follow. I for one, will be watching and supporting this movie, not based on whenever its a psy-op or not, but because its a strong subject we are all scared to see in our future, and whenever its inevitable or not, will give us some thought into wondering what we can do to prevent or prepare for such an for its entertainment, since it is a movie. These guys raised there money independently online, I seen it, and now because of its topic, it should be dismissed as a psy-op? F*ck out of here!

Anonymous said...

I was kind of shocked to see that anyone believed it was a psy-op, globalist conspiracy. Then again, I'm not as versed in those conspiracies as many of you guys are. I remember hearing about this trailer when it came out, on a gun forum. I reposted it on FB and another forum or two for my like-minded friends to enjoy. All I can say is that it looks like it will be a GREAT movie, and I hope it does wake some people up as to what possibilities may be in our future.

Anonymous said...

This is a real case scenario that is very likely to happen every happening in a Marxist country is happening in the US right now. Sure this is just a movie but it also shows us a future we are very likely to endure. Think and believe what you will. There are unsighted warnings all around us every day.

Anonymous said...

Ton of psychologizing here in the comments is it a psyop? Is it genuine? Like omg!

Simple question to all: If you were going to make a movie to kick the sheeple out of their slumbers, what would you make and how would you make it?

KU_Law2013 said...

I find it kind of funny -- all the people on here who are accusing the filmmakers of being psy-operatives because of their military background. In the first place, it assumes that a person who is/was in the military can't have an opinion that is opposed to how they are used as a tool of the executive branch. Many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and veterans of all branches share the political frustrations of those in the liberty movement. Second, anybody who has studied the history of revolution knows that one of the Five Phases of revolution requires the members of the military and police forces to turn against the civilian powers in order for any revolution to be possible. If anything, you should be elated that members of the military are taking this stance - not suspicious beyond reason.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why anyone would condemn this film as a psy-op. They see the success that they see because people like me saw the trailer and thought "fuck yes! Someone is finally showing the real deal, when politics ends and it goes guns up". Spreading fear? Fear of what? The police state that is slowly crushing the life out of us why we all stand there with a sign? Sorry folks but America was born out of violence, preserved by violence and will continue to do so for as long as human beings remain biological life forms that compete for resources. Ultimately the only way you make evil go away is to destroy it completely and absolutely. Guts and steel beat all each time and every time. How's that war on terror going against a bunch of broke ass dudes running around the hills going? How'd Vietnam shake out fighting against farmers? No army can fight a nation of angry people under arms... no army not even the glorious and mighty army of the good old US of A (which has more than an adequate number of active duty folks serving who will quite happily dust their CO the moment he gives the wrong order). The MSM says all sorts of crap about sandy Hook and the changing attitude toward firearms... who has changed their attitude, no one I know and any 1 of the people I know can account for a dozen sheep heads the moment shit gets hot. Fear? Fuck fear. If you are looking for the globalist puppet master hiding in the shadows just stop, lock up, load up, be a god damned man and let it rain.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that a bloody American revolution might be the goal? Wars are great depopulation tools, which it does seem like the PTBs have a real desire to achieve. Their designer bird flu just doesn't kill enough people to satisfy them, so how about goading people into revolution? In order to get people angry enough to revolt, all kinds of tools will be used - including psy-ops. People really don't want to risk war in their own country. It is going to take a lot of psy-ops, and some nasty wet ops as well.

Anonymous said...

I will consider your argument about war as a depopulation measure if you can point to one war in that adequately reduced an industrial population to a point where recovery within a decade was not possible. The best war to date as far as body count goes was WWII that managed maybe 3% of the global population counting 2 atomic bombs. Are you considering wide spread nuclear release? Those things were great when only 2 huge nations had them aimed at one another but ceased to be an effective tool for global control the moment their numbers increased to be nearly unknowable and the delivery systems became close to impossible to detect. People fear the inevitable and the imminent but the moment the storm breaks fear dissolves pretty damned fast to the point that people go about their lives during a damned bombing. The globalists are scared to death of an uncontrollable war, they love the high tech deals that cost a fck ton of money to wage against small populations but millions of angry and armed Americans who have been chomping at the bit since the day they were born to fck somebody up, that's a war they really don't want hence all the recent false flag shooting bullshit cuz they know armed America means the end of their games eventually. Will people die? Fck yes and in prodigious numbers but 10% global population reduction isn't shit in the scheme of things. How long will that stock market hold up after all the guys trying to hit the trading floor are too scared to leave their house. How will that mortgage scheme go when people stop paying their slave dues? How's your police army going to work out for you when you cannot give that cop a better life than he would have by turning on you? Yeah a lot of Americans are currently afraid but have you ever seen how the craven react when 1 man stands up to the thing they fear? A good number of them swarm like a mob. Look how riots start 1 guy throws 1 bottle and its on like donkey kong. Stop giving globalist shit rags so much power over you and realize that in the long view these cats are dead meat.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are really reaching here. I can equate this as a microcosm for a much larger population body and it explains why we can't seem to all be on the same page or all get along, (Rodney King's phrase please?)

I'm on the team, and I've watched it almost every step of the way and these kids are a natural at this and very hard-working. When you see the behind-the-scenes videos that will come out you will begin to see the work these 3 (yes, I said 3) guys put into it and you might believe they were students (as they were 'winging' it and learning along the way) and the actors were volunteers. I still am amazed at the support we got from the local film-making community and the dedication they all had in just producing this very short teaser trailer. And I don't know about some of you, but I see mistakes in their 3d, (but hell, I do it) but it doesn't matter because of that punch you get when you watch the trailer with a kick-ass sound system.

I have supported these people and I will continue without pay as I have, and without question; they are very passionate about crafting a story- they do not like the Hollywood system and will continue to create without any of their help; but, believe what you will.

There is still no valid proof of evolution, though it is an accepted "truth" to many. Keep questioning.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the wolf in sheep clothing again.

The last poster is sort of loss here. The Agenda creates the scenarios that happen. One guy throws a bottle is a person paid to throw that bottle and create the said violent protest.

Careful so many that scream about the agenda are working for them. When they truly get emotional and rage it's showing you the wolf in sheep clothing.

Anonymous said...


You are right of course. Many military personnel have independent opinions and ideas. Pat Tillman and Bradley Manning being just two examples.

Eochaidh OghaChruithne said...

Lt. Christopher Droner, U.S.N./ B.U.D's., who's on a mission to kill cops in Los Angeles, California, proves that U.S. military personnel will NOT get with the programme of the globalists.

The real life Rambo is doing what he was trained to do. As you recall, the Colonel in the Rambo movie said that he was surprised that the movie Rambo wasn't killing more cops. Real life Rambos don't fool around.

Because I don't give a f_ck about anything and therefore nothing matters, I can't help giggling knowing that Droner is a fellow graduate of MK-Ultra and is now dead and buried. The C.I.A. will continue to kill cops and pukes (Ordinary Americans in C.I.A. slang) in Droner's name as part of a never ending false flag to terrorize the American people into turning over total control to the government. Or they'll keep killing in the name of the secretly liquidated Droner until they decide his time is up, just like the no longer useful Osama Bin Laden.

Near the end the of the Vietnam War Black men in the Black Liberation Army killed cops. Most of these mind-control robots were never caught. Of course not. Some were cops themselves and all graduated with honours from my old alma mater: MK-Ultra.

Anonymous said...

You guys are unreal. There is awake, and then there is paranoid. Understanding the NWO/globalist threat is one thing, biting every hand that comes along offering to help is just rabid. If you trust no one, you should probably go find a very dark hole to crawl into and not come out of.

I've considered myself truly awake only for the last several months or has been a very slow process to throw off all the misconceptions after decades of propaganda. But to simply discount the folks at Grey State because it "sounds too good to be true" without bothering to investigate is retarded. When the shit goes down, most of you are going to be crapping your pants in the woods somewhere because you were soooo convinced EVERYBODY was out to get you, you failed to make alliances with the like minded and were incapable of telling friend from foe.

Oh well. We'll miss you.

Not really.

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