Saturday, February 16, 2013

How the LAPD-Media-Complex Hijacked America For a Week to Murder an Enemy

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

It seems for one whole week that the mainstream media carefully coordinated with the powers-that-be at LAPD a planned vigilante murder of Christopher Dorner. Like a Hollywood script rehearsed so many times by the usual mainstream media teleprompter and talking points reading monkeys, this event seemed to have started and finished in Hollywood style.

At this point all we can do is stand back at amazement of the deadly vigilante-style execution of Dorner and the mainstream media acceptance of his murder without even going as far as questioning the corrupt and wildly bizarre LAPD behavior in this Hollywood story of vengeance.

Beware America for there are many lessons to be learned in the Chris Dorner story.

A. Police corruption is not to be exposed for the consequences are severe.

B. Police will use the corporate controlled media to accomplish their agenda.

C. Police and media don’t feel compelled to provide actual proof of their claims.

D. Los Angeles is no longer a safe place for good people who believe in reporting corruption.

E. The LAPD is now officially a gang of thugs that operate above the law.

F. The LAPD has the power to command the corporate mainstream media as to what they are allowed to record and cover, thus giving themselves exclusive control over possible criticism and exposure of corruption within their department.

G. The LAPD does not care for, respect or abide by the Constitution of the United States which grants every single American the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. Dorner wanted to be given that chance to expose their corruption and tell his story and was denied that right. Vigilante-style retribution is simply not part of the American Way and the Constitution.

H. The LAPD is on tape caught red handed planning the execution of Mr. Dorner and this recording is on record.

I. The LAPD reputation is destroyed, corruption seemingly beyond control and the department is in serious need of purging.

J. At any given time anyone can end up in a Christopher Dorner-like situation. That is, a person who attempts to expose corruption, falls out of grace with their boss, is subsequently fired and persecuted when allegations are charged to that person whether true or false. Even if Dorner committed the murders they claim, that does not make him less deserving of a fair trial. The fact of the matter is we will never know and the LAPD provided zero proof in a court of law to prove their claims.

A big part of America died this week when the LAPD appointed themselves the judge, jury and executioners of Dorner. Somehow it feels like a part of the Constitution died as well and the New World Order plans advanced when Dorner was murdered. America’s consciousness was jolted as the nation watched in horror at the LAPD WACO-style execution with the mainstream media puppets accepting their orders not to cover the execution.

Is there anyone not asking the basic question; "How can this happen in America?" Where is the outrage within the department or at the city level? Where is the media criticism of this murder? How can America allow this to happen without losing a large part of its own integrity and history?

The Chris Dorner story will forever be remembered as the week that the LAPD-Media Complex hijacked the consciousness of America and used it to justify murder and revenge. This was 2013’s version of the Bin Laden Hoax murder celebration. It seems American media is making it a habit to celebrate the death of certain people when they feel they have presented enough propaganda to sensationalize and justify the murder. Such is the nature of our slippery road to tyranny. 

The same kill-and-shoot-first attitude the LAPD displayed all week in their manhunt for their personal enemy will forever burn in our memories. The LAPD managed to instill fear in the back of most people’s minds as we all wondered, what if they "think" I’m Christopher Dorner?  It should concern everyone that this now officially lawless entity is running around freely with guns throughout the city able to pull anyone over and harass without answering to anyone.

Los Angeles has a problem, as does the entire United States, and I only hope that Americans everywhere will heed the warning codes hidden in the Chris Dorner execution story. There is a message in this story for everyone. May this event do something to wake up more people to the corruption and darkness that we face:  the global government mafia that has permeated government at the local level and now threatens freedom, democracy and individualism at every level.

Recovery and Strength

If you want to renew your energy to fight for America, freedom, goodness, integrity, honesty, transparency, justice, courage, honor, truth and democracy please recall and realize that things will get much worse before they get better; also remember that for every evil deed perpetrated by those who hate, some force equal and opposite is generated somewhere. I believe it is a law of nature; when evil abides, good is able to shine more brightly.

It is not difficult to see that fascism and evil is seeking a free-for-all on humanity. The oppression that America saw unleashed on the Occupy movement was just the tip of the iceberg. Things can and will likely get much worse . . .  so hang on to truth and justice, say no to fear, yes to love and compassion, and let your light shine as brightly as possible. Remember that the opposite of fear is love and love knows no fear. Use these basic laws of nature as your guiding light in times like these.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Have you seen the interview with the editor of beforeitsnews? It is worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

They did the slide job on Dorner....

You get the media you deserve.

Jonathan Wessner said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Considering that ALL news outlets were kept 6 miles away from the scene of the final fight, and went on what the police themselves told them, we have no proof of anything. I also feel, based on all the information given about Dorner, that, had he really been as guilty as they say, we'd have seen a higher body count. Things do not add up.

Anonymous said...

…25 years ago….I started working for the US Department of Defense, and in my first year of employment, found myself being designated as a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower”…I made the mistake of being honest with security officials regarding the illegal conduct of my chain-of-command…and was threatened with a career of harassment and abuse…except I tape recorded my boss telling me how the federal government worked, how the would come after me, harass me, makes things up about me…..which they did for over twenty-three years….since that moment in time I have tried to educate everyone I know about how systemically corrupt your government is…..we have been called tin-foil-hat folks, but the decay and corruption is devouring America... so that they get away without having to pay for the baby-booming pensions…they are corrupt to the core….and things ahead are not going to be good…please get prepared in the manner that suits your family the best….


RJ O’Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

The body in the cabin took a few days to ID because it was burnt to a crisp..........sorta believable, but no quick DNA test from some internal body part not charred???

And now, we have clear decisive declarations from the coroner that he died from a single gun shot to the head.
Not only that, but they can tell it was self inflicted. Amazing, truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great post and well put together. I've live in LA for 58 years and I have seen & research the complete corruption of LAPD aka the PIGS.

I'm not afraid of them and avoid them at all cost. Although, I know my rights as a sovereign citizen, I've never allow them to over step my rights at all.

However, we are living in a facist police state nationwide. I've decided after watching Chris Dorner execution similar to the SLA & Black Panters to learn to shoot a variety of weapons to protect myself against the Gang in America, which is law enforcement. I have nothing but respect for Peace Officer's.

All Power to the People.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include the two women and thier truck shot up FROM BEHIND because LAPD is using a new math. Two latino females equal one black male. And familiar looking vehicle.
I was never very good at math so someone will need to explain that one to me.

Anonymous said...

Here's what every cop MUST learn when on a manhunt such as the one a few days ago: If you spot a vehicle that closely resembles that of the suspect you're seeking, ENGAGE BRAIN before making any hostile move. Be sure that whoever's inside IS the suspect, and not someone who doesn't even closely match the suspect's description.

Those on the manhunt for Christopher Dorner did not do this; instead, they fired on a truck with two LATINO WOMEN inside. How idiotic can anyone be to not see that there were TWO LATINO FEMALES, not a BLACK MALE, inside the vehicle?!

Anonymous said...

It's not just LAPD. ALL police departments in every city in AmeriKa are just as corrupt. THEY are the terrorists. THEY will have to be dealt with in a brutal and lethal fashion. There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

The real question here is: who will arrest rouge police when the federal ones are rogue too? Who will dismiss and stand down the rogue army, air, navy and marines? Who will dismiss our completely corrupt and rogue congress and senate that allows this to continue? Who will arrest the banks for theft of everything in the world? Who will jail or destroy war criminals and who will jail or destroy the rogue elements here? We don't have a sympathetic army coming to help us.

Rick Carufel said...

I said when this story first broke that he would never make it to court. The police love it when there is no-one to contest their version of events.
No doubt his killers were all rewarded with a paid vacation for their murder.

Anonymous said...

This entire scenario played out exactly as I feared it would. I think Dorner knew his chances when he started. I do think something else has happened, people who never took interest in this sort of story have sat up and taken notice. Perhaps a few lost souls will find their way back to reality.

The second thing that may have been started by the LAPD rampage is a worsening of relationships between police and civilians. (as if it could get much worse) Eventually there will be no "backup" and these same thugs will find themselves in the position they have put others in. . I don't want to see it come to that, but they seem driven to cause it.

Anonymous said...

What's more sick. A completely insane and immoral police and officials from Washington down to the local level, OR the citizens who stand by and allow it. Oh I know, what can I do about it! Nothing. Do absolutely nothing. You're good at that. Your own cowardice, apathy, and ignorance have made you irrelevant. In fact, some have become apologists for their abusers. We don't need the corrupt Media to cover for the criminals, we're beginning to do that for them. We make excuses why it's alright. A PEOPLE DESERVE ANY REGIME THEY ENDURE. There are two things going on here. It used to be about the corrupt abusers, but it is more about the sick citizenry that not only allows it but in some ways enable it.

No one is coming to save you because this is about you standing up and using your brain and growing a spine and stopping it yourself. The Constitution not only allows it, it demands it.

Anonymous Feb 16 2013 at 8:48PM is looking for someone else to do something about this, just as most of the populace probably is. You're looking for a sympathetic army to come save you?
Look in the mirror. Until you grow some ______, you will suffer. Your cowardice is causing your abusers to have more contempt towards you.

Anonymous said...

The Mubarak dictatorship gave the world the best view of what state-media is all about. During the Egyptian uprising in Tahrir Square, millions of people took to the streets, there were tanks everywhere even fighter jets flying overhead, the police were gassing everybody and the thugs were beating and shooting them, then, through it all, state-media showed fake pictures of tourists walking thru Tahrir Square feeding pigeons (the same Square that was filled with 2 million people) and traffic smoothly flowing on the streets and the bridge over the Nile while the state-own presswhores told trivial tales of no significance and even less bearing on the reality of Egypt at that moment. A biggest show of cognitive dissonance the world has probably never seen. The US does exactly the same thing day after day. While people protest on the streets, are beaten, shot at and brutalized and the country is hijacked, the corporate media tells stories of Lady Gaga's new hairdo, Kim Kardashian's latest boyfriend and the American Idol competition and FAUX NOISE ratchets up the noise pollution. Americans, of course, are stupid enough to swallow it all, hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

Most average sheeple are totally brainwashed by shows like CSI that make the public believe criminals are insanely horrendous and that public authority figures are inherently the 'good guys.' Those of us who are awake and live in reality probably don't watch shows like, C.S.I. WE don't care about Justin Bieber(fever), American Idol, Keeping up with the Kardashian's or any of that other mind numbing garbage. Mass media serves the same masters that are behind the NWO.

Here's a good video by anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a court case coming up, I urge you not to go. I urge you to not stop when you see sirens, to keep driving. I urge you to block the roadway unless it is a firetruck or an ambulance. I urge you start protesting in front of court houses... because this BS is nonsense... WE are the true protection of society, not federalized bullies with a badge and a gun. WE need to step up.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd amendment !! a well regulated militia! made up of citizens fed up with those in power, abusing that power. There are millions of us ,armed to the teeth. willing and able and almost ready to do so. It wont take much more. That being said.....That is what they want!

Anonymous said...

Dorner was probably classified as a domestic terrorist internally, but not in the MSM.
Therfore, he had no right to due process under the NDAA 2013. So his murder was condoned. This is what happens when you let executive orders and narcissitic, frauds run your government. Stop voting Republican and Democrat, and vote for Libertarians, who ironically are also considered to be "potential domestic terrorists" by the DHS. I wonder why? Could it be because they believe in liberty and fiscal responsibility; the two most elusive things in Washington DC today?

I proudly voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012,so technically, I am a potential domestic terrorist, because I am awake and intelligent enough to see down the pipeline. Ending the FED would be a great first step towards stopping this international banker imposed tyranny. Look waht happened to Italy and Greece! They don't even vote for their PM's anymore. Some intl. banker tells them who is going to run the show. Coming to America. Get out of the stock market if you can, its about to get ugly.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the LAPD that was in charge of the Rodney King beating, and how about the badly botched coverup of the RFK assasination? Seems like LA is the black hole (a**hole)of coverup expertise. Seems like the presstitutes in the area are in bed with the LAPD for sure.

Anonymous said...

Did Dorner even exist?

It seems to be one psyop after another.

What are the powers that be doing in the background while they have us busy figuring these things out.

Is it all a big diversion.

How many rights have they taken away from us in that week. What executive orders or bills were passed that week. What wars were declared? How much more money has been stolen? Were chemtrails increased? Did they raise taxes that week? What country did they bomb?

Are these events now like a TV reality show? Keeping us busy with whodunits?

Crooked cops are nothing new. Is this one more blatent on purpose?

You really need eyes in the back of your head to keep up with these guys who rule.

They are relentless.

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