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Escalating Tyranny in America

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Stephen Lendman
Activist Post

America's no democracy. It wasn't established to be one. It never was and isn't now.

Latter day framers today would be called a Wall Street crowd. They included money-lenders, investors, speculators, merchants, politicians, planters, and lawyers. High-mindedness wasn't on their agenda.

They wanted America run by people who owned it. They made sure it turned out that way. Wheeler-dealer government is policy. The "supreme law of the land" is whatever presidents and sitting governments say.

Wealth and power alone mattered. It's more than ever true today. Popular interests are entirely excluded. Government of, by, and for the people never existed and doesn't now. Constitutional rhetoric is window dressing. It's self-serving for powerful interests. They're accountable to themselves alone. Rule of law principles are null and void.

Democracy is illusory. America's been on a fast track to tyranny for years. Post-9/11, things hardened exponentially. Police state America is real. Duopoly power assures it. Monied interests have full control.

Homeland repression is policy. Resisters are threatened. They can be arrested, abused or murdered. Obama appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. That's how tyranny works.

Obama's rogue agenda threatens world peace. He's waging political, financial, social, and hot wars. He targets humanity. He's eroding fundamental freedoms. They're fast disappearing.

Progressive Radio News Hour regular Paul Craig Roberts says "it has happened here." Institutionalized tyranny is real. Dissent is targeted. So are whistleblowers. Permanent war on humanity is policy.

So are extrajudicial killing, torture, guilt by accusation, indefinite detention, military tribunal justice, lawless surveillance, warrantless wiretapping, unchecked secrecy, manufactured threats, criminalized peace and social justice advocacy, and compromised academic freedom.

The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan. Obama nominally heads it. He governs to the right of George Bush. He's arguably America's worst ever president. He elevated rogue leadership to a higher level.

He's a war criminal multiple times over. He governs lawlessly for the monied interests that own him. Whatever they want they get.

Militancy and anti-progressivism defines his agenda. He's lawless, belligerent, and pro-war.

He's hard-right, reactionary, and pro-corporate. He's anti-democratic, anti-dissent, anti-freedom, anti-civil and human rights, anti-environmental sanity, and anti-government of, by and for the people.

He spurns fundamental freedoms and social justice. He usurped unbridled power. He's advancing mass impoverishment, corruption and grand theft at the highest federal and corporate levels.

He's a moral coward. Arguably he's amoral. He's a serial liar. He broke every major promise made. He represents the worst of rogue leaders.

Law Professor Francis Boyle told Progressive Radio News Hour listeners he should be impeached. He urged House Republicans to so. He belongs in prison, not high office.

He's heading America for WW III. If he's not stopped, it looms. Humanity may not survive his second term.

No president should have unbridled power. Obama uses his recklessly. No one is safe anywhere.

Voltaire once said it's "dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." It's dangerous living in America at the wrong time.

Repression targets popular anger. Supporting right over wrong is threatened. Full-blown tyranny is a hair's breath away. International, constitutional, and US statute laws are null and void.

Equity, justice, and other democratic values long ago were abandoned. Corporate empowerment and advancing America's imperium alone matter.

Anyone can be targeted for any reason or none at all. They can be indefinitely detained without charge or trial. Baseless suspicions alone matter. Constitutional protections don't apply. Unchecked power is policy.

Obama has diktat authority. He has final say. He afforded himself unchecked power. Patriot Act provisions established domestic terrorism. It did so for the first time. It turned lawfulness on its head.

Evidence isn't needed. Accusations suffice. US citizens and permanent residents are vulnerable. They're unjustly targeted for supporting right over wrong.

They're guilty if (wrongfully) accused of intimidating or coercing a civilian population, influencing government policy by intimidation or coercion, and/or affecting government conduct by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.

Sweeping federal powers reflect policy. Obama takes full advantage lawlessly.

He targets global justice advocates, freedom-fighters, whistleblowers, civil libertarians, environmental and animal rights activists, unwanted immigrants, and Muslims for political advantage as well as praying to the wrong God.

Anything goes replaced constitutional protections. No one's safe anywhere. Doing the right thing is criminalized. Challenging state lawlessness risks arrest or death. It's not hard imagining where this ends.

Police state crackdowns escalate. Resistance is called dangerous to national security. Dissent is endangered. So are fundamental freedoms. They're fast disappearing. Full-blown tyranny looms. Obama's policies advance it.

On August 25, 2011, the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms headlined "2001-2011: A decade of civil liberties's erosion in America."

Former Nazi leader Herman Goering was quoted, saying:
The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. Tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace-makers for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger.
Professor Gary Orfield co-directs UCLA's Civil Rights Project. In May 2003, he said:
The loss of civil rights often begins with the reduction of rights in a time of crisis, for a minority that has become the scapegoat for a problem facing the nation. 
The situation can become particularly explosive in a time of national tragedy or war. 
But when civil rights for one group of Americans are threatened and the disappearance of those rights is accepted, it becomes a potential threat to many others.
He expressed concern about targeting America's most vulnerable. He said Muslims and Arabs are endangered. They're scapegoated in the name of national security. They're terrorized for political advantage.

US-style fascism is real. It's wrapped in the American flag. Big Business/Big Government/Big Brother rule. Machiavellian ruthlessness is policy. Bipartisan complicity enforces it.

Obama's nominally in charge. He usurped unprecedented powers. Police state control is policy. Merriam-Webster calls it:
a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administration and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures.
Iron fist harshness targets challengers. It's a short leap to anything goes.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) says Washington "consistently (doesn't) recognize the protections afforded by the US Constitution and international law, and in doing so, it has failed in its responsibility to maintain a democratic society that is both open to, and accountable to, the people."

Anti-government criticism is endangered. It's criminalized if Washington says so. Obama did what his supporters thought impossible.

He exceeded the worst of George Bush. He governs like a tinpot despot. The worst is yet to come.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War. Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


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Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit. Anybody who actually believes that this slimy shitstain has unilateral control of everything in this country is balancing a full outhouse on their neck. All the states have to do is tell him to take his "laws," which have ZERO jurisdiction inside the 50 states, and shove them up him fascist ass.

Anonymous said...

@Anon - 10:22 AM :

No not really, all federal prisons and federal property in the states is considered non-state property where state authorities have no authority over the feds.

And they do have federal task forces DEA and ATF and DHS groups and FBI offices and paramilitary SWAT teams and such in virtually all states as far as I'm aware.

They could very easily step in and force their will on the states and take officials who refuse to comply into custody in federal prisons and courts and such, in theory.

That such things would start a civil war is pretty much indisputable as even the DHS has noted that American society is ripe for a civil war right now.

But since many state law enforcement agencies are now under the jurisdiction or at least in "cooperation" with federal DHS and FBI authorities and such it may not actually involve state forces fighting the feds.

As just one frequently recurring example see the numerous violations of state laws and legislature by federal forces, often with at least some state authorities in cooperation, against medical marijuana dispensaries and drug treatment clinics and such across the U.S, but especially in California.

The suspects charged go through federal law enforcement agencies, federal courts, federal
prisons, etc. that bypass state laws and authority.

Since much of the state's budget money gets "granted" to them by the federal government as byproduct of bs IRS federal tax system they have long ago largely capitulated to federal authority officially or unofficially - if they don't do so they get less funds to fulfill campaign promises and then don't get reelected.(in theory, that is the threat)

It is very naive to think your state officials will help the people that much, maybe some here or there but the majority will likely not bite the hand that has been feeding them for a long time now and which does have the federal forces and military forces to at least make a good effort to force the state's capitulation if need be.


Hide Behind said...

What makes anyone think that those who rule in their state are not all a part of the of the very same power structure with all the same lies thievery etc .
How and WHY is someonee chosen to run for a Senate seat¿
Who do they owe and what promises were made to their primary backers,
Why is it that once there they spend more time attending corporate and financial partys than in the Senate?
What Bills do they write that ever get passed without being approved by upper party leaders ¿
For that matter who wrotes them for them¿
Break it on down to yoir State that al your Reps have their fongers in the dpistribition of federal funds from your grade school to the corner rape clinic and some hacks town swming pool or librsry.
And just who gets the cpunty city and state contract to build your infrastructures,do you know.
Where does the increase in welth for even a one time elected seat in government come ftom that totals 5+10 x the salary of the office come from.
In some of our southetn states countys orp whole ststes the popilace may as well live in a fascist state so lost in flag waving to notice wjat and thell they are waving for.
Talk of state wages what of all the active military and their civilisnso eho depend on tjat fed invome. ?
Will your state pay all the military retired incomes or for all the yocalso policeo uniforms snd guns when the fed cutd off its fund ¿
It is power of the purse that is the law.
There are many within each state that cut the workes throats thats ignorant or volunteers just for a job any job with the state or on fed projects.
You got bible yhimpets in every state who usr tax free and Faith Based Charity monu to feed their flocks nerd for more wars more wars and then worship at the dildiers feet avenging angels for their hate.
No Obamas corription was handed to Him by people in power from every state and he now is in command until they can find another clone of him.
THEY only have 350 million to choose from.

sooriamoorthy said...

It wasn't established to be one: that's what I've been saying for ages.

Anonymous said...

A hard hitting article that exposes the truth of what goes on. It took courage to write this.

HereAmI said...

Jonny, you make excellent points, and express them well.
Thank heavens for someone who has enough respect for his readers to spell-check before posting.
It occurs to me that the Jewish Zionist forces which are hell bent on turning the US into a version of the Bolshevik state will not move until the entire edifice has been so weakened at state level that their unopposed takeover is a foregone conclusion. Then, the New Cheka will swing into action. Midnight arrests, barbaric tortures and murder will become the new norm. Having not learned the lessons of history, you will be compelled to repeat them. You will realise too late that anti-Semitism is the only sane response to the presence of Jews in your midst. 66 million Russian Christians were brutally and gleefully massacred by this group. You have not defended the true church, and have chosen to be ruled by the synagogue of satan with its wilful murder of 50 million innocent children, as you looked on. This has been permitted because the rabbinical Noahide Law which has usurped the Common Law considers that the unborn have no nephesh, or soul. This in direct defiance of the Word of God as revealed at Jeremiah ch 1 v 5, and in the Sixth Commandment. Now you too are abandoned to the Prince of Darkness, and there is none to help you.
Paradoxically, in Russia now we see the resurgence of an anti-Jewish leadership. The original Jewish controllers of the "proletarian revolution" who miraculously transformed themselves into the oligarchs when the time was right, have been criminalised and thrown out of power by Putin. The new world order has been reconstituted with Russia now being the sole remaining beacon of freedom in a benighted world.
Tim Webb.

Hide Behind said...

Was Jeremiahs Scepter of the Rabinical or nobility.
And that of the man named Jesus of what Sceptre did he decend from?
The greatest scourge of the earth for over 14 centuries has been the christian church and from its roots the worst and most dangerous to all humanity and even the earth itself has been whites preaching civilization through christianity.
Find a tenet of christianity that is any different than todays growing tyrrany.
Humanity was not even a concept until about 1400' s and then it was used to elevate white civilization over inferior racial less than humans.
The concept of property got its foothold through the church that changed any non believers into objects.
It is the root of why americans buy, to own,and the reason why we look upon the dead of all races as no more than objects, subjects that must conform to fit our norm.
It is but a less viable form of what holds those of Judasim's continuity of race and religion.
The white races in US use up the vast majority of earths resources because we believe our dollars deserve them and our society knows. It is a culture that worships power unconsciously by the majority. But those who understand what power realy is are now the next step in forming a global society but with a different norm and americans are now whining as they with power know you as no more than objects.

Anonymous said...

they tell you what they want you to believe - they tell you yours is mine and they take it - that's all there is to it. Start making plans to avoid them or whatever you have to do to survive

Anonymous said...

"Militancy and anti-progressivism defines his agenda. He's lawless, belligerent, and pro-war.

He's hard-right, reactionary, and pro-corporate. He's anti-democratic, anti-dissent, anti-freedom, anti-civil and human rights, anti-environmental sanity, and anti-government of, by and for the people."

Well there goes the right-left duopoly again. I thought you moved well beyond that.

How about Right and Wrong?

Anonymous said...

Lendman is right on every point. How could anybody with the slightest capacity for analytical reasoning and judgment disagree?

From the signing of the Declaration of Independence by a handful of men, until now, the few that have tenured in the halls of government in the united States have continued, inexorably, to wrest this country into the police state that is presently looming over the whole world, not just the people of this country, but especially them because it has to consolidate here first.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jonny, those zones you talk about are NOT part of the 50 states. You're talking about, basically, sites like military bases, armories, etc., etc. ad nauseam. Of course, these are areas that were ceded (for whatever reason) to the "feds" by the states, but they can just as easily "uncede" those areas. First and foremost, the CONstitution is a gigantic fraud. It is NOT legally binding on anybody, despite the "supreme law of the land" crap. The "feds" sure as hell don't consider the CONstitution to be legally binding on themselves, so why does anybody like you think that it's legally binding on ANYBODY? "Elections" are a complete farce. Since every idiot in this country votes by "secret" ballot, nobody can prove that ANYBODY actually won any election, so nobody can prove that any of these cheesy crooks "won" any election, meaning that nobody can prove that any of these slimy crooks have any legal authority at all. Therefore, nobody can prove that anybody has any obligation to obey anything that comes out of the pieholes of any of these crapweasels.

I dare you, or anybody else, to prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You just need to step out of yourselves and your politics to see how this article is arguably the best history lesson ever! I believe in having a morally guided society, and I believe that Thomas Jefferson did as well... but the framers of the Constitution, the people who modeled our Nation after the constitution of BRITAIN consequently made sure that no honest, hard working, NON WEALTHY American could have a say, have property, or complain about how much they got prodded by injustice. Again it was Jefferson who added the Bill of Rights, and we almost didn't get a BILL OF RIGHTS because the greedy little shites who ran this country from before its beginnings liked and still like authoritarian power. They still like giving us humble Americans barely enough to live on, like it when we get squeezed into prisons and get our property and our money taken away in fines. It's all a game, and it's high time we said NO to the law.

Anonymous said...

We live under an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats.
An oligarchy is government by a select few.
A plutocracy is government by Elite Globalist Politicians, industrialist and bankers of the NWO. They rule from behind the scenes and are the shadow government. The political hacks are stooges and puppets of International Finance.
They are in collusion. It is called intrinsic and constructive fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, check kiting and counterfeigting.

The American people are slaves of corruption. It's time for everyone to lay their cards on the table and reshuffle the deck.

The more you expose the corruption; the more it stinks. It's time to flush this rotten system down the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Instead of reciting the pledge of allegence, people should be reciting the declaration of indepence and reading the constitution!

Anonymous said...

USA is finish,kaput!

Anonymous said...

Much of what this article states is completely true. But it didn't start with Barack Obama. It's been going on for years, even before the events of 9/11. I know because I blew the whistle on someone years ago and the Feds have made my life a nightmare as a result. Obama is just the latest president to take part in this scheme and he has certainly gone way beyond anything Bush ever did. Unfortunately, the people of this country are so passive and apathetic that it will take a lot more abuse to get them to really do anything about it. But the Feds aren't taking any chances and that may explain why Homeland Security has purchased over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets. The Feds also are planning to have over 30,000 drones flying over the skies of America by 2015. The worst is yet to come, especially if there is a complete economic collapse on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

The day following the ratification of the constitution, the constitution was trampled., Actually the very second after the ratification the constitution was spit upon by our leaders. This however doesn't make me reject the idea of unaleanable rights, the right of Man, and all life to live to their own destiny rather than under the boot of a power entity, to include a selfish mass hell bent on democracy at the expense of the rigths of a minority. France tried un-restricted socialist democray and everone nearly killed themselves over it. Democracy equals tyranny every damn time! Liberty so far has been unatainable, but don't knock it until you've tried it. The golden rule of treat others as you'd be treated used to matter. Now its how to I make the powerfull elite take from a hated minorty and give to me? How do I punish my enemies using the government? How can I bring terror to those I disagree with using the IRS or the NSA or both? Democracy is for the coward hellbent on enacting tyrrany against political foes, liberty is the courageous willing to respect others even when they disagree with you.

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