Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dane Wigington - Arctic methane emergency

YouTube - AdamKokesh

To hear the full podcast:

Global Geoengineering Fueling Venus Syndrome

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Anonymous said...

Hysterical nonsense which has been soundly debunked on Metabunk.

It's time the alternative news wakes up to two unpalatable facts about our community:

1. There are a large number of genuinely mentally ill, paranoid, delusional nut-jobs involved in it who are capable of making up and then believing the most outrageous garbage. On any given day there are thousands of self-proclaimed experts making mutually contradictory claims with exactly the same level of evangelical fervor. This idiot is apparently one of them.

2. The alternative media was probably subjected to infiltration from the get-go. The alt news is both a threat and an opportunity for the elites. They can create more support for their memes (in this case 'we're all gonna fuckin' die' global warming hysteria), they can apply misdirection by making stuff up and steering people on wild goose chases or they can simply get someone to talk utter crap and try discredit the entire movement.

3. There are many people in the alt media making a shitload of money off panic. Whether its economic collapse, social collapse, or mass die outs of any kind, you'll find the sites that publish this crap selling water filtration straws, survival kids, silver bullion, zero point energy generators, investment guides and what have you to the poor dupes who have been stirred into a panic by the latest prophecy of impending doom. Do you honestly think that if these people seriously believed the world was about to go to shit they'd be sitting behind their computers accumulating fiat currency? No, they'd be roughing it in the wilds of Alaska or Siberia and learning how to cook bird shit stew.

Anonymous said...

The HAARP like radar facility in Spear, Norway is creating high temperature plasma bubbles in the Stratosphere, which may account for present higher temperature anomalies.

Anonymous said...

Feb 28 at 3:29: The only nonsense here is what you're saying. The science is unanimous and very clear - we are destroying the planet and chemtrails is just making it worse. We are chemtrailed EVERY SINGLE DAY and our woods are dying! People here are sick and have been for at least many months. Get your head out of your rear and do some research so you can learn something, our planet is dying! Google Sixth Great Extinction; I've researched everything that Mr. Wigington says and it is all true; as well, my husband is a biologist, has vetted all the science and we can see for ourselves what chemtrails are doing. It isn't natural for it to SNOW AT 45 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!

Anonymous said...

You said two facts yet you point out three. While I may agree with you on certain points, I find it troublesome that you can't write a simple reply without factually. Inconsistencies are your enemies. You criticize them yet you unknowingly (I assume) employ them.

Anonymous said...

Is it irony that the sky behind this expert is blue? Am I the only one to sit under a Blue Sky while listening to his claim that blue sky's are rare? If you want the people to get there heads out of the sand skip the dramatics. We don't like being lied to. Your use of obvious Hyperbole is nothing more then propaganda. STOP IT! We get enough of it from TPTB and it's starting to piss people off.

Anonymous said...

hey you who says this is debunked science and is attributed to nut jobs, hysterics and paranoids - get a heavy metals test - test your rain water, snow & soil - until you've at least done this type of testing your debunked claims that chemtrails & HAARP do not affect global dimming of the sun, does not create artificial ice manipulation that changes rain into snow in 40 plus degree weather,does not create artificial manipulation of wind patterns and ocean patterns, has not created an arctic methane emergency and has not created a blue skies global rarity as a result of toxic heavy metals being spewed into the upper atmosphere, is not frying the ionosphere just to mention a few worrisome happenings then your claims here are simply denial at the expense of slamming others as paranoids, hysterics and nut jobs who are trying to get to the truth

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