Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Climate Change: The Folly of "Demanding" Action

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

At a recent Washington climate change rally, who is demanding action? Demanding action from whom? What action?

In reality, the diminutive, corporate-media inflated rally in DC was organized by the very corporate-financier special interests that have been wreaking terrible havoc on both the human population and the environment of this planet for decades. They are demanding action from a government that already represents their interests.

Their demands are policies, particularly financial tax schemes that they themselves created and are are best positioned to benefit from while making no discernible impact on the very real environmental threats we collectively face.

Image (above right): Rampant CO2, high global temperatures, rising sea levels. A look into the future? No, this is Mesozoic North America 250-65 million years ago. Climate change has happened long before humanity's emergence, it will happen again, with or without us. The key to preserving what we as humans value, including not only our cities, towns, and countrysides, but also ecosystems and species - is to devise technical, pragmatic solutions to ensure no matter what the climate does, we can not only survive, but thrive.

It was an exercise in manufacturing consent for policies already long-ago devised and simply waiting for piecemeal implementation.

Yahoo! News' report, "40,000 People Reported at Climate Change Rally," mentions 350.org as one of the rally's organizers and key representatives. Upon 350.org's "Friends & Allies" page, an extensive list of human rights and environmental racketeers can be found, all either linked, or directly connected to big-oil, big-finance, big-agri, and big-defense.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its "Earth Hour" for instance, includes Fortune 500 corporations (page 24, .pdf) (and here) Walmart, Unilever, Coca-Cola, draconian intellectual property racketeer Christopher Dodd representing the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as a director, Bank of America, Google, and others.

While the WWF claims having big corporations as partners is "good news" for the environment, implying that they are shifting toward environmental responsibility - in reality it is exactly the other way around. Corporations are co-opting genuine concern for the environment to further enrich themselves and to create global frameworks that eliminate indigenous competition over resources they themselves are already exploiting and plan to continue exploiting.

The lack of real, pragmatic solutions, or even an honest scientific discussion on issues like climate change are particularly telling. This collection of organizations falling under the 350.org website have also been key in pushing other establishment agendas, most notably regime change and political subversion worldwide,couching a corporate-fascist warmongering agenda behind liberal concerns for "freedom," "democracy," and "human rights."

Real Environmental Threats

The climate of Earth has always changed throughout its natural history, and many times before the existence of man, has changed so dramatically that it has caused mass extinction events. 65 million years ago, for example, Antarctica was a thriving ecosystem covered in temperate forests inhabited by dinosaurs. The global temperatures were higher, sea levels were higher, and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels were many times higher than they are today. Higher temperatures, sea levels, and CO2 levels made the planet more habitable, not less. This changed however, and to the detriment of many species that are now extinct.

Before the Cretaceous period, there have been many points throughout Earth's natural history, that were we as humans to travel back, would find uninhabitable. The atmosphere has been in a state of perpetual change, the biology driven by this change has likewise continuously evolved. There is no "norm" in terms of geology, biology, or climate. The only constant is the inevitability of its constant change.

The climate will change with or without us. To ensure the survival of what we value in terms of human society, history, and infrastructure, as well as ecosystems and individual species we desire to preserve, we must come up with something better than "carbon neutrality" implemented by giving bankers yet another derivative to trade, and energy companies a legal framework to maintain monopolies over powering human civilization.

Part of the solution is not only leveraging technology to protect our towns, cities, and countrysides from adverse weather, flooding, and changes in temperature through innovative infrastructure projects, but undermining, decentralizing, and eventually eliminating permanently these corporate monopolies that are demonstrably destroying the environment.

Strange that 350.org wasn't marching against genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Monsanto's pursuit of genetically overwriting the planet. Could a planet face a more dire threat than being overwritten genetically, its very essence mutilated by profiteering corporations? Strange that 350.org's "Friends & Allies" don't demand an end to profiteering wars around the planet that see tons of depleted uranium, with a half-life of billions of years, being dumped in both human and natural habitats the world over. Strange that 350.org, and "Friends & Allies" like WWF have in fact partnered with Fortune 500 corporations that perpetuate global monopolies, centralized manufacturing and distribution (and profits) that encourage wasteful supply chains, unhealthy socioeconomic trends, incur large amounts of garbage, and require the very petroleum and CO2 producing processes they allegedly were in Washington to oppose.

Indeed, 350.org and partners like the WWF do not represent corporations joining environmentalists, but rather represent environmentalists being co-opted and manipulated by the very special interests committing real harm to this planet.

Don't Demand Action - Be the Action 

Waving around placards as part of a big-business rally couched behind environmentalism, demanding action from a government big-business already fully owns, simply legitimizes and manufacturers public consent for more of the same. More schemes, more waste, more fraud, more abuse, while the environment continues to unravel and a host of problems both directly and indirectly related continue to grow.

Real solutions generally don't involve corporations or governments, in fact, as a necessity must exclude them. The marriage between corporate interests and government regulations should be something all of us can agree on, regardless of where we sit on the political or environmental spectrum.

Real solutions involve a real education in science, technology, design, and manufacturing. This empowers people in all levels of society to accurately assess problems and apply local solutions. This, coupled with modern manufacturing technology enables more to be done on a local level, short-circuiting the petroleum intensive logistical chains WWF sponsors like Walmart couldn't live without.

Organic farming on a local level coupled with local farmers' markets eliminates entirely the need for Monsanto poison, fertilizers, and genetically modified franken-crops, along with the replacement of the petroleum intensive logistical networks that distribute big-agri's products. 3D printing, computer-controlled manufacturing, and local hackerspaces that encourage local entrepreneurship accelerate technological development and solutions that allow us to live the lives we wish to lead while doing so more efficiently in terms of energy, waste, and environmental impact.

In fact, when you think about it, almost all of these real solutions involve real community and local action, not placard-waving trips to Washington. These are not solutions that involve policies, taxes, and regulations, but rather technology, education, constructive, pragmatic, technical solutions that not only would make our environment more livable, but make our local economies and communities more viable and self-sufficient. The catch is, and the reason why this isn't being done, you will notice that none of these activities require WWF sponsors like Walmart, Nike, IBM, Toyota, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Citi, IKEA, Nokia, etc.

We all desire cleaner air, healthier food, safer water, and greener parks. Waiting for a corporate-financier establishment to give it to us, when they themselves are the ones that have denied us of these essentials is the height of both naivety and futility.

Does it make sense then, to see why real problems and their solutions have become the target of hijackers like the corporate conglomeration that is 350.org and the WWF? Does it make sense to see them offering "alternative" centralized, corporate dependent solutions that replace local activism and tangible, technological solutions?

Why travel to Washington D.C. and demand non-solutions to real problems when you can organize locally and begin making this planet livable in very real, tangible, pragmatic, and measurable ways?

Building Communities From the Food Up

Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg. Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.


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Anonymous said...

Sadly inadequate, Tony's article fails to mention that it will take more than local action, including massive protests on the scale that ended the nuclear age in Germany, that overturned 400 years of legal racial oppression in the US, and which have toppled numerous dictators.

Instead of criticizing a mass rally, Tony should be leading one, without the corporate taint, of citizen activists.

We need to end our reliance on fossil fuels and transition as fast as possible to green energy sources. In Australia, it was reported today, solar energy is now cheaper than oil and gas.

Petroleum products are killing millions each year (coal kills 13,000 in the US) and fouling our air, soil, and water. Nothing less than massive citizen activism can change the situation, as it always the case. Tony should be calling for genuine protests of ordinary citizens,not complaining that corporations are trying to buy their way into the managed dissent which we witness everywhere.

Tony, lead us. Your article will only lead to more cynicism about mass movements and encourage people to work only locally, which is an inadequate response to a global crisis.

Climate change, fueled by hyper carbon emissions in industrialized nations, is no hoax.
Only massive public protests can create the change that a broken and corrupt system cannot.

Only by acting collectively, on a global scale, can we bring forth the changes we urgently require/. Buying organic food (which I do) is for the well-off; it will never stop the energy monsters who are fouling the earth. It is a good personal decision, good for health and the environment, but with only 3% of food organic, we need political action by citizen democrats on a large enough scale to enable global changes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe kill 7/8ths of the worlds population would be a good fix?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 - what a load of crap. How many times do we need to waste 10 years building up a "national" movement only to have it immediately taken over by the establishment? What do you think just happened in DC? Who do you think all those people are? They all just got co-opted and your answer is to do it again?

You know, there is a saying, "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome." Think about it "Dale."

Anonymous said...

And the melting of the Arctic ice cap. What about that, something to ignore? The water outside our dykes in Holland get higher. What about that?

Scott said...

The most significant arguement in this blog is the fact that climate change has, is and always will happen. Man's 'catalyst' of this process is minimal at best. The earth can absorb allot of pollution. Climate change would be happening right now, even if all cars dissappeared tomorrow. That doesn't mean that I endorse pollution. I just wish people would read some articles by intelligent, educated scientists (see Harvard or Cal Berkley papers) that debunk the idea that man can/is altering the earth's climate all by himself....

Anonymous said...

Before the Al Gore marketing blitz started, the issue was environmentalism.

Smart brave honest intelligent people understood that polluting the planet was wrong.
Big gas sucking SUV's, corporate pigs destroying rivers and poisoning our air with smog, those were the issues that rightly mobilized the green movement to protect the planet.

All that good sentiment was co-opted and perverted by the climate change swine (NWO).
Taking the best emotions and character traits in people (their love of nature) and twisting it into a ruse to extract money from them to pay into carbon credits (run by bankster criminals) schemes has been a massive crime.

The 'left' got played and conned. Still, they have much more to be proud of than the right, who just laughed at all the environmental devastation and sided with the oil companies.

Nobody looks good on this one. The left had their good sentiments used against them, and the right sided with fascists and laughed while they supported logging, fracking offshore drilling and every other environmentally devastating corporate activity that was up for debate. Note, to right wingers, you never got any of the money for those resources plundered from the USA by big corporate pigs. The Republican party bosses did, but not the peons who voted for them. Never forget that while you laugh at the lefties who stupidly support the climate change fraud.

Right Dale, it is more of a criminal fraud than a hoax. Best to use accurate words and be precise.

Anonymous said...

Dale and others like him can't understand still, that just because you condemn the left and the co-opted green movements, that doesn't mean you automatically endorse pollution and big oil. In fact, Dale does more to help out these frauds by suggesting all we need to do is keep protesting. Protesting is organized COMPLAINING. They want you to spend the rest of your life complaining, because so long as you complain, and nothing else, they are safe. They can have their debates, their documentaries and counter-documentaries while the pillaging of this planet and its peoples continues unabated.

brad said...

Every planetary system which supports, enhances, or even allows biological life as we know it to exist is dying or in a state of accelerated decline.
Technology is vastly overrated. Can we actually remove planetary resources and have a viable technological future? It is possible, but the FIRST thing that will have to happen is changes in corporate charters. We can in no way afford to have corporations which damage us all.
You want to live a good life. All you ask is clean air, clean water, good healthy food, and a safe place in which to be protected from weather extremes. Well SHUT THE HELLLL UP AND SIT THE HELLLL DOWN AND EAT YOUR TOXIC FORKING FOOD! (timidly -) "But why can't i have safe air, water, and nutritious food, sir?"
So we stand here as though the people in suits making all those psychopathic decisions have the right to kill and poison us and the entire planet in their "rights" to make a (obscene) profit, and we seem to have no corollary rights to health, and the natural safe aspects which support that endeavor because the rich parasite's greed is more important.

brad said...

As far as i can figure out and research, CO2 = about 0.038% of the planet's atmosphere and becomes greenhouse in one UV wavelength. Methane in 2 UV wavelengths. In 2003 - last year i could find - the CO2 production of the 20 largest producers of CO2 was 0.00038% of the CO2 on the planet.
Science tells us that cycles of sunspot/solar flare activity increase planetary temps. Maybe this would account for the parallel rise in Mars temps i've heard about. Perhaps the fact that our planet is missing over one third of it's "normal" oxygen level due to toxic dumping and photosynthesis damage in the oceans (way more O2 production in oceans than land) and the deforestation which cause this decreased oxygen allow more UV through an inevitably depleted ozone layer? Then those UV rays can hit the vast amounts of water vapor - which is a greenhouse gas in all 3 UV wavelengths.
Oceanic chlorophyl production down because of petrochemicals everywhere. Pesticides, Herbicides, measurable SPLENDA for crying out loud, flowing up the Gulf Stream, and for those who don't know, Splenda is an organochloride. Like our favorite pesticides.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony: if I didn't know better (and I don't of course), I could swear that you are a CIA operative. From giving credibility and validity to the CIA's creation, "Al Qaeda" to tearing down those who have the testicular fortitude to do what you don't dare do, there isn't one you haven't missed. Politically incorrect doesn't even begin to describe your rants. Sadly, it is people like you who pretend to be enlightened that are fucking the hell up this country and it's already stupid people. Either you put your money where your mouth is and go to Syria and see for yourself what is happening and tie yourself to the Whitehouse fence or you should just simply shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

Like most NWO inspired debates......both sides are wrong!

Wrong are the mindless fools who ignore pollution and environmental devastation.
And WRONG are the kind hearted fools who love the environment and believe the Al Gore Bankster crowd that carbon credit scams will save the earth from a CO2 imbalance.

We need to protect our environment, but we don't need to support the bankster scum and their carbon scam.
Get beyond the two dumbed down roles they want us to play. And be careful of yellow journalism.

Anonymous said...

Anon February 20, 2013 at 8:41 AM ... so says the anonymous coward. Lol.

Edwin M Basye said...

Man-made global warming is a scientific fact, undeniable by honest inquiring intelligent people. The politics should be separated from the science. Cap & trade and carbon taxes and credits are schemes subject to corruption and corporatism. There are several things that can minimize our dependence on fossil fuels:

1. Evacuated tube transport (google it) would eliminate 98% of energy used by transportation. Since the 2% still required by this system is electrical energy, renewable sources are easily tapped. This is a long-term (10-20 yr) solution, a replacement for automobiles, trains, and airplanes, as the ETT system can achieve long-distance speeds exceeding that of airplanes. It can transport most freight, as well as people. It's time we replaced our 100+ year-old technologies with something much more efficient.
2. Alcohol fuel sourced from permaculture-based farming. This can include setting up cattail farms and distilleries at sewage treatment plants. A large percentage of our alcohol fuel needs for cars could be sourced from this alone, with a side benefit of improving our sewage treatment systems. Other sources could be sugar beets and in the deserts, prickly pear cactus, agave, etc. Alcohol can replace heating oil and gasoline. Car conversion kits for vehicles which are not already flex-fuel are only a few hundred dollars.
3. Solar energy continues to be more cost-effective as prices decline, especially for the sun belt. Lease arrangements can be obtained, or there are tax and rebate incentives. There are online solar power calculators to help you decide. It's likely you will save money right away, and if not, you could save in the future as electricity prices increase.
4. Reduce unnecessary military activity. Limit military to protecting our borders. According to Forbes, the US military is the largest consumer of fossil fuels in the world, devouring 300,000 barrels of oil per day. Just say no to imperialism.

Not only will these measures reduce our use of fossil fuels by more than 90%, they will help improve our lives. We will have cleaner air, less ground and ocean pollution, faster transportation systems, better foreign relations, less killing and maiming in wars, and increased prosperity for everyone.

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