Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BPA Can Lead to Brain Impairment, Neuro-disorders

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical found in most plastics, cans, and other types of food and drink packaging is already linked to obesity, infertility and reproductive disorders in both genders, breast cancer, behavioral problems, and more.

Add disrupted brain function and development to the list. A telling new study explains how. Find ways to counteract BPA below.

The journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the study led by Dr. Wolfgang Leidtke finding that BPA could "suppress genes that are critical to early development of the central nervous system, which may predispose both animals and humans to neurodevelopmental disorders."

Liedtke, a Duke University associate professor of medicine and neurobiology explains:
Chloride going from high to low around the time of birth, in a very choreographed manner, is an absolute prerequisite for the nerve cell to find its right place. That is perturbed by BPA. If chloride is high, things go wrong. Nerve cells in the central nervous system are protecting themselves by pumping out chloride all the time.
BPA chemical prohibits a chloride transporter in the brain (KCC2) from getting chloride out of the cells. When the chloride levels remain high, neural circuits don't connect or form the normal way.

This study showed a more pronounced effect on the female brain and subsequent brain development issues for unborn babies. "The process of emptying out chloride from the neuron is faster and more dynamic in females." Exposure to BPA could lead to neuro-developmental problems later in life or triggered during trauma and stress, the researchers said. Previous studies point to reproductive and sex hormone problems for women, and this study goes into the neurological problems associated with BPA. For men, the fake estrogen effect of BPA led to gender-bending hormone issues when studied in mice.

The researchers found that the effects could be resolved or reversed if the damage to neuro-development was caught early on. Unfortunately, it required a drug that would correct the methylation to compensate for the high levels of chloride in the cells. Intervention like that brought hope for the team, but means that concerned parents would need to subject themselves and their children to expensive testing after a doctor's referral and then to a drug that focuses on that particular function.

Liedtke's main desire was to convince the EU to take the evidence more seriously and do more than just finally ban BPA in baby bottles and cups in the US; yet the chemical still remains in all food packaging and cans (including infant formulas). And paper money, receipts, and white dental fillings.

While it's clearly difficult, it is possible to alleviate the effects of BPA by avoiding plastics and canned foods. In a 2001 study, BPA was found in urine immediately after ingesting canned foods, especially soup. Although BPA is said to be expelled in urine, the ill health effects happen during and after contact, and higher urine levels indicate higher damaging levels. Some brands to look for appear here. If that isn't possible, then try this way to naturally reverse the damaging effects of Bisphenol-A.


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Brandon said...

We are constantly being poisoned are we not? One of my family members made the comment at my home once… “My mind is so much more clear after I drink your water!” We have a well and she lives in the city.

Hide Behind said...

Whenever one sees phenols on a lable it is wise not to use it.
When it was first noticed that the birth of femsles was far outpacing the rate of birth of males. And that the live sperm counts of males was falling drasticly along with a corresponing rise in female infertility in almost all European nations they commisioned a multi nstion study group; Their not majority of opinion but unanimous they claimed it was due to phenols.
It permeates all the soils and both above and below ground water sources.
They were in part from the plastic industry that began in Europe but almost all the materisl stemmed from over a century of warfare and lack of any environmental controls.
One side issue as to its effects on hormones they tracked that it could change the sex of a fetus in the womb from male to female.
That the females hormones wee still predominately male the female physical characteristic were. Prominent.
You find much the same traits in identical twins of animals such as dairy cattle where one is far more gender dominant than the other.
The less dominant is less fertile and if fertile at all is a lousy. Milk producer and or miscarries or bears stunted off springs.
Oh and one place other thsn on a can of food do uoufind it look on labels of coke pepsi and other pop drinks.
If one looks at all types of plastics and breaks them down to individual elements they all are toxic.
It is only by binding their molecular structures intoa new molecular chain can their hsrm be limite but not eliminated.
Plastics and their polymers are hazardous waste fromresidues in priduction of cemicals mainly found in oil refining.

Anonymous said...

This deliberate poisoning of our food, water and air is the ultimate proof the world has been hijacked by the devil through the global elite.

We live in a world upsidedown: all that is good and natural and according to God's plan has been reversed!

I cannot understand these elitists who serve satan - the synagogue of satan. They will have to pay deerly for their service to the devil.
Can't they see that the devil hates them as much as he hates the good men who work for God? To the devil his servants mean nothing; they are just souls snapped away from God.

They are dead souls!!

Anonymous said...

It's an all out war against humanity and they have all the money and weapons to do the job not to mention hundreds of years of war experience. The only hope we have now is the second coming of Christ and than we will have salvation. Pray to escape these things to come. Give praise to the great creator who will free us forever from Satan and his minions.

Anonymous said...

BPA is poison.

One of the most diabolical and under reported uses of BPA is on ALL receipt paper used by grocery stores and fast food joints.

Buy the crappy food (or the good stuff, it matters not) take and touch your receipt with BPA all over it.......and eat. Et voila.

Anonymous said...

Hi yes I agree about the devil wanting souls. Yes I agree we are as humanity under attack from sources who which to create a zombie controlled slave race. Is there a Second Coming? prob not.
There exists technology to make it look like there is a 2nd coming which can be used to promote a new world religion because the imposter will support nwr. Be wise... also helps news

Anonymous said...

there is no god, you are being farmed....end of story

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:29
'there is no god (sic), you are being farmed (sic!)... end of story

Can't you see that you yourselves have been framed? The Central Theme in the Illuminati Strategie is estrangíng Humanity from God. This is the main concern for the satanic (talmudic) elites: that people believe in God, because that makes them proud and fearless human beings.

That's why Humanism, Illuminism, Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, all these isms made the denial of God their Priority, so to reduce human beings to mere animals: cattle.

The point is that the elites believe very much in God's opponent; the devil named satan. By emptying the public space from God's Symbols and creative Energie, they filled it with their satanic immages and symbols and destructive energy. This is how they stole our World!

It was Charles Beaudelaire, the French poet, who once said: 'The cleverest trick of the devil was that he made us believe he didn't exist.' The devil exists for sure as does God, but by declaring 'God Dead', modern man fell prey to the devil.

Anonymous said...

YES INDEED - The Devil (Satan) aka Lucifer, angel of light is alive and wanting to drag every last soul into the lake of fire when that awful day comes!! He is the father of Lies and a murderer. Please folks, you would not be on here if you were not critical thinkers - take heed to the Bible

Anonymous said...

You 're absolutely correct in this quote! Satan, aka Lucifer is the father of lies.

Dimitri said...

something new to me
Fake urine

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