Thursday, February 7, 2013

After America Collapses, What Comes Next?


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Anonymous said...

This whole presentation from the beginning denies definitions of the operational components.

Firstly, it assumes each individual is an unwavering adherent to a particular form of Communitarianism, but still maintains a Godlike understanding of possible antithetical goals of neighboring governments, who are likewise as tolerant.
The truth of the matter is that humans at any time are under the influence of many governments often with conflicting principles e.g. personal, familial, tribal, ...., etc., and humans do sometimes take offense and do sometimes act instinctively not rationally.

Secondly, The term government is not defined! I have yet to find a written definition of government that is general enough to be applicable to ANY form of government past, present, or future.

As far as post-apocalyptic US, it will be more of the same, perhaps fragmented, with new faces and old ideas. Just as it has been since the dawn of man! Humans have both physical and mental boundaries and habits are hard to break, especially on short notice!
The idea of a confederation of incongruent Governmental islands would make travel and trade difficult if not prohibitive, and it smacks of Agenda 21!

Have in truth another fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

The trigger word here being "simple". Too simple. Won't work, they won't let us without full scale war. Yes, what a dreamy, 60's type ideology. I came from that generation. The most hated...why? because it is too free for their taste and besides, it is Biblical, all this madness happening around us. You can't stop fate, God's plan or Satan's evil un-leashed- whatever you call it, we will go the way things are going. You and the comparatively handful of people just don't have to fire-power they do. That's all they believe in.

marcos toledo said...

Prepare for the Dark Ages on steriods and all hell braking out worldwide. These fools will want alot of company when they go.

Jetgraphics said...

After the collapse of the socialist / usurer alliance dominated U.S. government, perhaps we will see a restoration of the republican form of government, as promised in Art. 4, Sec. 4, USCON.

GOVERNMENT (Republican Form of Government)- One in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people ... directly ...
- - - Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, P. 695

[] People directly exercise sovereignty - over their private property, absolutely owned
[] People are not subjects of government
[] The welfare and rights of the entire mass of people are the main consideration

Declaration of Independence, Founder's Edition.
Job one - secure rights (endowed by Creator);
Job two - govern those who consent; and
Job three - leave people alone who did not consent nor injured the person or property of another.

Free men don’t need government permission (license) to live, wed, work, trade, buy, sell, own, travel, or run a business. Free men don’t work a portion of their lives for the benefit of another - under duress. Free men don’t shirk their obligation to defend their rights to life, liberty and private property, nor take kindly to disarmament by their servants.

It goes without saying that any government instituted to secure rights has no delegated power to tax rights, infringe rights or otherwise impair rights...without your consent.

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