Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2nd Grader Suspended For Trying To Save The World

Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

The anti-gun propaganda conditioning in schools today is now utterly epidemic. As I wrote in my article 'Kindergartner Suspended For "Bubble-Gun Terrorism"', this extreme oppression by school officials is NOT about the safety of the children. It is, in fact, a program to delete the idea of gun culture from the next generation. It is designed to make them afraid to even think about guns, and to grow up with a disdain for firearms rights.

The following incident takes this propaganda to a new level by punishing children not just for toy weapons or paper weapons, but for IMAGINARY weapons! Public schools are now in the business of dominating free expression and extinguishing not just behaviors, but ideas. It truly is an Orwellian nightmare. Though, in a strange way it does make sense; the young boy involved was trying to "save the world from evil forces" after all, and the corrupt establishment doesn't like that kind of ideology being displayed in the next generation...

A seven-year-old boy was suspended from his elementary school for using an imaginary grenade while playing "Rescue the World" on the playground.

The story was featured on Fox 31 Denver. Second-grader Alex Evans pretended to throw a grenade into a box full of, in his words, "pretend evil forces."

"I pretended the box, there's something shaking in it, and I go pshhh," Alex explained.

Unfortunately for Alex, his exploits (heroic as they were) went against Mary Blair Elementary School rules. Those rules include no fighting (real or pretend) and no weapons (real or pretend).

Alex's mom commented that she doesn't think the rule is practical. "Honestly I don’t think the rule is very realistic for kids this age,” Mandie Watkins said. "I think that when a child is trying to save the world, I don’t think he should be punished for it."

Alex is just as perplexed as his mom. "I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended," he told Fox 31.

A similar incident took place last month in Pennsylvania when a fifth-grade girl was reprimanded by school officials for bringing a piece of paper in the shape of gun to class.

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School Suspensions Continue for Anything Remotely Gun Related

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Anonymous said...

Good gief!

Hide Behind said...

And what about the three public schools in the Chicago area that are staffed and run by the US MarinesInitially set up as a "boot camp" punishment for disruptive students it has grown into public funded military schools that is praised by its mayor.
On public supported financed, and public means all or partial fed state campus s you have CIA,DEA, and DHS vredited courses and not to forget our TSA.
WE already have colleges, not universitys as a colleg is but one part of the university structure,that receive a selected few of mainly our oligarchys children for no other positions than Federal Executive positions especially those dealing within State, Education finance and all our intelligence services.
The remodeling of society began in earnest two generations ago,1970s,and today you see the mindset of those generations and it truly began in school indoctrination instead of education
How many old timers sit on Official state education boards and lastly at what are the educators and managers that enforce this indoctrination system.
Just doing their jods?

Anonymous said...

The lesson the school is trying to teach is that violence is not the appropriate way to resolve conflicts.

American gun culture leads to 30,000 gun deaths a year; it is not something to be defended but something to be eliminated.

The author likely no experience teaching young children. I spent 20 years teaching at a juvenile prison, middle school, and high school.
What I learned is that violent ideas soon get translated into violent behaviors. Pretending to throw grenades is the prelude to actually using violence to solve problems. This is not a rule but a tendency.

Teaching children that violence and weapons are NOT the correct solution to conflicts and problems is the first step in creating human beings with the values and skills to live peacefully.

When I see a parent buying a toy gun for a 5 yr old, I want to scream. Schools should use common sense in how they deal with violations of their rules, but it is totally rational to discourage the use of weapons, whether in imagination or play, as the means of resolving conflicts. The school is sending a strong message: ideation of killing others (even if they are "evil") as well as playing at killing others is not allowed. The school should treat violations as teaching opportunities with conflict resolution lessons, real information on how to deal with people with real weapons (scat!), and alternatives to violent weapons as a way of "saving the world."

That the world can be saved with grenades is not an idea you want to encourage in a young child.

I have worked with many at risk children and understand well that imagining or pretending is prelude to doing. Aggressive ideas are the fuel for aggressive behavior. That is why we have the concept of fighting words. We know, from experience, that violence begins in the mind and heart and goes from idea to rehearsal to execution.
This pattern is not an ironclad rule but a general tendency common to almost all violent actions, which are first imagined.

And where did this child get the idea that killing some "evil" people will save the world. This is a narrative that resonates with Hitler and other mass murderers. If we just kill the bad people (Jews, Liberals, Marxists, Muslims, etc), the world will be free of evil.

This aspect of the "gun culture" is founded on a history of racism, demonization of those who are (or think) different, and what Orwell portayed as creating an enemy to hate and destroy, as a form of social control. Clearly, the parents have allowed their child to be exposed to the most vicious kind of propaganda about how to "save the world" and how killing is the answer.

Wouldn't the Christian concept of loving your enemy be more in keeping with educating a young child on how to deal with conflict?

Violent ideas beget violent actions; violence begets violence.
A child who has learned to use killing as a solution to problems is
very at risk of acting out in an aggressive way. That is what I learned teaching kids for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I love to hear people who have not been near a public school in decades opine on public education. Teaching children that violence is not the solution to conflict is "indoctrination," but the idea that killing people with grenades is a good solution is not?

Is it indoctrination to teach children that violence does not bring peace, that weapons are not the proper way to resolve conflicts?

If it is, it is the Doctrine of Peace, as taught by Jesus and used by great reformers like Ghandi and Dr. King.

Which doctrine shall the schools teach: the doctrine of violence or the doctrine of peace? Hmnnnnnnn......

Parents, popular culture, churches, and schools all "indoctrinate" youth. Certain values are taught: schools emphasize tolerance, conflict resolution, and the wrongness of violence as a way to solve problems. If this conflicts with the parents' ideas, they should find a school which teaches violence and encourages lethal ideas such as killing "bad people (who might be blacks, Muslims, Jews, commies, or just monsters)" with grenades.

I would use this as a learning moment, not a time for punishment.
But parents who disagree can find alternative schools to re-enforce the kind of doctrines they want their children to adopt.


Anonymous said...

"American gun culture leads to 30,000 gun deaths a year; it is not something to be defended but something to be eliminated."
This is false, the number for 2010 was less than 10,000 (if you don't count deaths caused by US Military overseas). On the other hand, there were over 32,000 auto crashes, so I guess we better prohibit automobiles (sarcasm intended).

We need to teach our children principles of non-aggression but also self-defense. Guns are a legitimate self-defense weapon, and probably the most effective.

Anonymous said...

Make it against the law to expose children to television ...( it is adictive and can contribute to irrational and unsociable behavior)

Anonymous said...

"Make it against the law to expose children to television ...( it is adictive and can contribute to irrational and unsociable behavior)"

FYI - The effects of T.V are far greater than most people think, the very first study into the psychological effects of television was done in the 1960's and concluded by coining the term "idiot box".

Television overloads our brain's sensory inputs causing the parts of our brains dedicated to critical thinking to mostly or entirely shut down and the reactionary part of our brains to take over.

All you do is take in and react to the information coming in, critical thinking beyond that input of info is next to impossible(some people have greater resistance to such effects than others though).

These effects can be noticed within a few minutes of a 3 year old watching T.V and cause them to permanently be stuck in "reactionary" mode and leads to ADD/ADHD(extremely common in the "idiot box" age) and many other mental conditions that make people have trouble thinking critically or focusing on intelligent issues.

Hence the "idiot box" is far more dangerous to human intelligence than most people think it is.

More on the "idiot box":

"It is commonly known that television flicker rates induce alpha brain waves, lulling the brain into a more subconscious state that can be compared to sleep, literally inducing a type of hypnosis within the viewer that makes them more susceptible to suggestion.

This has been known since the 1960s, and was most notably proven in an experiment in 1969, by Herbert Krugman. The research, undertaken by Krugman as part of a larger project concerned with advertising, revealed that the brain’s left hemisphere, which processes information logically and analytically, effectively tunes out almost completely when an individual watches television."

Read more:


wishbone said...

when i was a kid (many years ago) i played "cowboys and indians" we played war, space aliens with ray-guns. in 62 years i've never killed anyone. for gods sake stop being such arse-holes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wishbone above. Arsehole mentality - the gun control irrational fears

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