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10 Scientific Dogmas That Should be Questioned to Support Our Evolution

The Science of Delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality in principle, leaving only the details to be filled in.Rupert Sheldrake

Buck Rogers
Activist Post

The default scientific worldview of physical materialism is a paradigm that is being challenged in these paradoxical times. Technology continues to support human evolution, while also creating immense mindless destruction. Meanwhile, many people are having powerful spiritual experiences, unexplainable by science, that are causing an evolution in our inquiry into the nature of reality.

It seems that science and spirituality rarely co-exist, and in order for our worldview to evolve and our plight to improve, some of the rigid conventions of modern science should be re-examined.

Perhaps the most important belief of modern science worthy of further examination is the idea that nature is mechanical and constant, and that the universe was created out of nothing at the moment of the Big Bang, then instantly imbued with all of the laws and behaviors it would need ever more. In this paradigm, the habits of nature do not evolve, nor do the forces of nature. These remain constant, and that which cannot be explained is relegated to hallucination or cultural programming.

Gravitational force, for example, is an empirical physical constant that is difficult to measure accurately. Known as ‘Newton’s Constant,’ or ‘Big G’, this number is used in measuring the gravitational force between two bodies, and is taken from averages measured around the world. In recent years, ‘Big G’, has varied by more than 1.3%, a rather dramatic fluctuation.

Is it possible that the force of gravity affecting planet earth could be naturally fluctuating throughout the day, or that it changes in relation to other celestial bodies or events?

Under the current scientific paradigm, we may never know if gravity does in fact fluctuate because it is considered a ‘constant,’ and therefore no further investigation is warranted, thus demonstrating how, as a belief system, science contradicts its primary purpose as a method of inquiry.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, known for his forward-thinking works on the theory of Morphic Resonance, and author of the book, Science Set Free, gives us ten scientific dogmas that should be challenged with serious inquiry. Doing so would open up a tremendous new world of possibilities for re-examining the one riddle that science cannot solve: What is the nature of the human mind?
  1. Nature is mechanical – All creatures and systems in nature are but lumbering robots fulfilling a genetically programmed role.
  2. Matter is unconscious – Stars, plants, animals, water, etc, are just material things and therefore do not and cannot have consciousness.
  3. The laws of nature are fixed – This is the idea that natural laws were fixed at the moment of the Big Bang, and will continue to be constant until the end of time. The habits of nature do not evolve.
  4. The total amount of matter and energy is the same
  5. Nature is purposeless – There is no design in nature, and the evolutionary process is merely a mechanical function. There is no higher purpose.
  6. Biological heredity – The traits of a species are composed of a physical material that resides in the genes.
  7. Memories are stored inside of the brain as material traces – Stored somewhere in the proteins and nerve endings are the memories of the mind. Like a physical filing cabinet.
  8. The mind is inside the head – The mind is physically bound to the head and brain in some way.
  9. Psychic phenomenon, like telepathy, is impossible – Thoughts have no effect on the outside world because the mind is inside the head.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works – It is merely chance or the placebo effect if a natural remedy or other healing practice seems to affect physical healing.

Once direct experience has clearly demonstrated to an individual that science is incapable of explaining the total complexities of the mind and the immense nature of reality, then it is nearly impossible for an individual to return to the previously held belief of rigid material science.

Direct challenges to these dogmas, often in the form of out of body experiences, near-death experiences, or experiences with plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and psilocybin, can also permanently destroy one’s tendency to view the world in dogmatic scientific terms.

Until these dogmatic conventions are widely overturned and mystery and wonder is welcomed back into the scientific process, we will continue to see science fall short in the domain of ethics, sustainability and morality.

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Buck Rogers is the earthbound incarnation of that familiar part of our timeless cosmic selves, the rebel within. He is a surfer of ideals and meditates often on the promise of happiness in a world battered by the angry seas of human thoughtlessness. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com.


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Anonymous said...

It is very important to understand that the Occultist Zionist "Jews" that have taken over international finance and governments over the past few centuries also have taken over the scientific systems to pervert science to support their agenda.

Their agenda of course is universalism - one world, one people - which makes perfect sense for a group that is internationalist in origin and has members from virtually every race and culture on the planet.

It does not make sense for the majority of non-Jews however, hence they have used perverted science to try to convince the non-Jews(and opposition Jews) of the world that universalism is in their interests.

Largely they have done this through what I like to call "clouded science" of making people believe that there is no physical differences between different races by confusing the issue of "race" with the issue of "species".

The National Socialist's racial views were based on science from the pre-1940's which showed many biological differences between different races and potential biological "damages" that could be done by inter-racial breeding and such.

That all humans are part of a single species and thus have far more commonalities than differences is and was not disputed by anyone, not even the Nazi's.

However from a scientific standpoint it makes more sense to look for and study the subtle differences rather than the similarities which logically are supposed to be there since we are one species.

The pre-1940's research took the context of purposefully seeking out those differences in races within the human species and thus found them.

The modern "clouded science" takes the context of purposefully seeking out the similarities and downplaying or ignoring the differences.

Both point out very real truths but have much different ways of looking at those truths and extrapolating what they mean, in both cases at times for seemingly "shady" reasons.

To use a simplistic analogy - where the "racialists" might see a Polar Bear or a Panda Bear the occultist universalist's will see only "a bear", and may call you a bigot if you specify what type of bear it is... "rolleyes"

Human beings are all one species, not one race.

The Zionist Jews are seeking a one world "Jewish" race under the "NWO"(see Dr. Micheal Higger's 'The Jewish Utopia').

This is only one example of how they pervert science to push their agenda, pretty much the entire modern paradigm is designed to help with that.

Note that the two biggest advancers of science over the past 1,000 or so years have been the Catholic Church primarily through the "Society of Jesus" and the Freemasonic "Illuminati"(Pythagoras, Da Vinci, etc.) - though some believe the Jesuits are part of the "Illuminati" so there may be no distinction.

That such groups have an agenda is indisputable, they couldn't exist without them, so everything they put forward should be met with honest skepticism and have it's motive's questioned.

Note: on the race issue I personally feel that spirituality is the most important thing and thus although there may be some physical differences between races all human beings regardless of race are created spirituality equal and should have equal opportunity to advance and prosper in life(however they deem that to be so).

And of course "Human rights" are not race specific but cover the whole species.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing 'scientific' about any of the claims in this article. I think you will find that many scientists don't subscribe to 'dogma'. Dogma is nothing more than anecdotal evidence, which has proven itself to be unreliable at best. For this reason, science and dogma are opposites, and cannot coexist in any real sense without serious confusion occurring.
Buck, I think you really need to do some more research into the scientific method in order to understand it better. The problem of blindly accepting dogma is a recurring problem in all humans, and cannot be attributed to science. In fact, the widespread use of, and education in, the scientific method can actually immunize people against accepting any premise just because someone of 'authority' says so. Education is the key.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

Brenden's post is idealizing science. Ultimately, sure, it should not have dogmas, but it is a culture made up of humans with biases. A very clear example of this is that animals could not be written or spoken about as having intentions, consciousness, emotional states, cognitive processes well up into the early 70s. Science was not alone in this bias, many non-indigenous religions, which had a great deal of power in the West, had this bias also. But nevertheless it was there and scientists who, in professional contexts communicated about animals with what might have been judged as a pathetic fallacy risked their careers. All the while all sorts of lay people knew that animals were like us in these ways. Slowly the resistance to the obvious dissipated in the scientific community, and not because new research - there was enough evidence already and evolutionary theory made the correct conclusion the right default - but because of cultural shifts in the West.
Many of the biases in the article are truly present in the scientific community.
Brenden is right, the scientific method need not be biased in these ways, but the culture can have this effect. Further the default positions are generally heavily culturally biased ones. IOW what scientists view as the position bearing the burden of proof and what must not be assumed is often if not nearly universally a culturally biases a priori.

Brenden tells Buck to investigate the scientific method. Right there in this suggestion we can see the confusion. The article is not a critique of the methodology of science, but of the current biases and this is clearly laid out.

Anonymous said...

I actually have phd in physics. I read the article and had to comment on the portion related to gravity. What is important here is that the gravitational constant (big G) is on as good as the instruments in which it is measured. So naturally this value will change as technology evolves to the point of providing better values. This goes with all constants though. In recent years studies have been done to see if gravity is invariant with time. Some physicists suspect this is the case. What you have to consider though is the structure of our celestial systems and how they might change if the constants are changing. In some cases matter would fall apart if certain constants were to change ever so slightly. So we can look at what is happening to see macroscopically if such changes are taking place.

EDwin said...

I'am so glad to hear about this.

A lot of so called "awakened" people still haven't figured this out yet.. brainwashing can be a bitch to overcome.


HereAmI said...

Jonny is right to point to the "Jewish" influence on science, but wrong to imagine that their philosophy allows that the rest of humanity is of one race, which they plan to rule over come the unscriptural advent of something they call the Millennial Age.
These people believe that the Gentiles are cattle. We have no "nephesh", or soul, and as such are outside the purview of the Ten Commandments. The Jew is permitted, encouraged even, by his rabbis to steal from the goyim; their property is like something found in the desert, ie the first to find it owns it. A goy must be killed for striking a Jew, if the Jew strikes, he may go free.
Anyone doubting their incorrigible moral turpitude should Google for Menachem Begin's 1982 speech to the synagogue of Satan infesting the Knesset, which began, "We are the Master Race..."
If they have more time, they can access Michael Hoffman's stunning expose of these people at "Judaism Discovered", 1000 pages of shocking revelations, fully backed by the requisite quotations from the Talmudic wisdom which underpins it, eg the dicta that fish once were able to draw wagons, not burying your cut fingernails causes miscarriage, the excrement of a white dog is efficacious for healing, and that Adam had sexual relations with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.
Such is the Jew.
Now for his science. Firstly, note that the Blessed Albert stole everything he published and was honoured for, including the ubiquitous e = mc2. If you control the academic world, and fund its publications, you may easily visit such deceptions upon the unwary.
The Big Bang, Evolution, "multiverses", and String Theory, are essentially Judaistic concepts which derive entirely from the Kabbalah, the "mystic" offshoot of the Talmud. As such, modern science is exposed as a faith-based religion; ie there is nothing fundamentally secular or knowledge-based about it. It is a religious theory in essence; no more, no less. It will surprise you to learn that the Age of the Universe was already "known" in the first century by rabbi Ha Kana. How did he achieve this remarkable feat? Simply by analysing the 42 letters of the Name of God. Those of you who are aware that God's Name has only 4 letters may wonder which god's name was being tinkered with at the time.
Reference is made above, to the force of gravity. This is believed to hold the universe together, but in order for this to be even a remote possibility, we must generate chimaera such as Black Holes and the neutron stars which underpin them. Please visit The Electric Universe w/s if you are interested in the truth about the forces which uphold all things at the first level. At a deeper level, we should be aware that "All things are upheld by the Word of His Power". He, of course, being the Son of God who for a few short years, dwelt amongst us, "And we beheld His glory, the glory as of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and Truth".
As a final blast against their false science, be aware that the Enlightenment so beloved of Illuminati everywhere was actually a darkening of true understanding. The Bible informs us unequivocally that "The sun also arises, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose", and, "The world also is firmly established, it shall not be moved". Quaint and old-fashioned? Or the simple truth? No less a figure than the recent Astronomer Royal, Sir Fred Hoyle, stated that the geocentric model of the universe could not be distinguished from the heliocentric model. The only question which remains to ask therefore, is, "Who are you going to believe?".
There are only two alternatives; the Bible, which is the self-proclaimed Word of God, ( see "The Other Bible Code" by Vernon Jenkins for all the mathematical proof you could ever ask for ), or the Talmud of the Jews.
Your choice.
Tim Webb.

Anonymous said...

I see lots of good threads on the internet on topic A............that end up with long winded wordy absurd comments that attempt to switch the topic to Jews. They either kill the thread or take it in a direction away from the topic at hand. I see it a lot because it seems to be working.

Science has always had pressure from power and money to serve it. The best scientists get killed or marginalized and the scum who cooperate and play ball get to be famous.
Clearly there are lots of honest dedicated scientists, but they are no match for the big money that drives the bus.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous 2:56 pm

You make the point that these biases have cultural roots. Therefore, they have nothing to do with science. The phrase 'scientific dogmas' in the title of the article is very misleading. It also reminds me of something religious people do. They try to equate the methods of science with the methods of religion in order to make religion seem more valid.
The reality is very different. I'm currently taking a college psychology course. The text for the course explains many of the biases included in this article; meaning that the scientific community is well aware of these biases and actively works to reduce their influence. This is the reason for the various methods of research and the practice of 'peer-review'. While many scientists can be biased towards support of their own hypotheses, this is a human issue and not scientific.
True science is based on empirical evidence and is open to change. Organizations have historically resisted change. The idea that the universe has some 'fixed' nature doesn't come from science, but the problems common to most organizations. Organizations seek to preserve themselves at all costs; even if it means destroying knowledge in the process.
There are so many blatant misunderstandings about the scientific community in this article that I can't even begin to address in this comment. Do your own research, and find the answers yourselves.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

Here is an absolute hypotheses for you. "All men live to pursue happiness". An absolute predictor of human action.

Anonymous said...

I do not subscribe to this nonsense about how people from different cultures and 'race' shouldn't mix. This is plain self delusion, right there and has no basis in science whatsoever. There is no evidence that mixed marriages produce unhealthy offspring, on the contrary both my siblings have married into other 'races' and produced beautiful, healthy and intelligent children anyone parent would be proud of.

What we have to address is the issue of INTERBREEDING which has produced widespread evidence of genetic abnormalities, brain damage and unhealthy offspring. Just look at these Black Nobility families across Europe and their history of cancer, mental insanity and a whole host of abnormalities simply because they wished to preserve their bloodline. Nature did no intend man to stay in his nest, rather to go out and conquer the world and cast his seed far and wide over land and sea over the broadest possible space.

One last thing that gets overlooked is the power of LOVE and mutual attraction! People will always be attracted to who ever they are attracted to and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Call it natural selection, call it God's divine plan for man and woman but the power of LOVE is the greatest gift we have against their cold tyranny and the right to chose who ever we chose to spend our lives with. We should be celebrating our differences yes, but not get caught up in the delusion that they wish to divide and rule us by. YES WE ARE ALL ONE SPECIES DIVIDED INTO MANY TRIBES. THERE IS NO MASTER RACE AND THERE IS NO PURE RACE EITHER BECAUSE WE ARE ALL MIXED.

Unity is their greatest fear and the best way to show solidarity is to unite against them by overcoming our petty differences rather than being imprisoned by them in a New World Order. It saddens me when people speak of 'race' because their bodies become their prison and they never realise their full potential as eternal beings. We must transcend the flesh, we are all spirits in a material world and spirits cannot be defined or contained by colour or physical dimensions. We must break this MIND & BODY PROGRAM they have imprisoned us in.

Jerry said...

I have been aware for about thirty five years that it is the mind or spirit that thinks, not the physical body. When the body dies, the spirit /mind lives on. When light slows down to under the speed of light it begins to become self aware. We are creatures of light, our spirit/mind is most likely made of light. Most of the worlds problems can be traced to this one basic truism: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul??? God put together a world that offers more than enough for every one. Greed, hoarding more than one needs makes others do with out. Enoch in the old testament and some of the Christians in the new testament practiced an all things in common life style. We will be forced to that again soon, as a survival strategy. Jerry Clark

brad said...

Being the stranger your parents warned you never to talk to . . .
Earliest memory from this live @ about 6 wks at baptism. Born recalling part of 3 prior lives. Astral projection, telepathy, precognition, and Cosmic Consciousness [3rd grade] all been there/done that.
Scott Tyson has an interesting book called "THE UNOBSERVABLE UNIVERSE" in which he points out that the observable portion of the universe, the matter, particles/quantum, etc. constitute only one five hundred trillionth of the volume. Essentially, we can only observe and test a VERY small amount of existence. That is (probably did the math wrong) a sinngle cubic inch of matter (observable)equaling one portion to the 35.3 mile cube which is NOT observable or testable. Scott is atheist, and fun to talk to, but in an unobservable portion of that vast proportion, how absurd is it to dogmatically claim that there is nothing spiritual or Divine, much less other unknowns?
You can prove that the brain/mind is NOT you if you are intelligent enough, perceptive enough, and honest enough. Simply sit and meditate, but do NOT try to eliminate thought or sensation. Simply observe the sensations/thoughts/emotions as they become evident. Gently do this and note the phenomenon as it is observed.
Eventually you come to realize that NONE of these emotions, thoughts, desires, sensations, etc are YOU. They simply are observed by a state of consciousness which is separate from the observed data. That consciousness becomes known as who we really are, and is not limited like brain/mind/body comcept of self seems to act. You actually lose being forced to respond to situations in a predictable manner. Knowing one is beyond the emotional tugs and manipulations allows one to respond in almost infinite variations, and all of them can be carried out with love.
NOW if only "i" lived there. And yes, that is why there is no capitalization of the personal pronoun "i" in my writing.

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