Monday, January 28, 2013

Wyoming Announces Anti-NDAA Legislation HB 114

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On December 31st, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, containing provisions which authorized the indefinite detention, extraordinary rendition (and assassination) of anyone around the world without charge or trial. This law marked one of the darkest eras in American history, declaring the United States a battlefield and legally subject to the laws of war.

PANDA (People Against the NDAA) has been fighting back. Founded in January 2012, PANDA has grown to be the largest organization in the nation fighting indefinite detention and the NDAA. Since the launch of Operation Homeland Liberty, PANDA has started state teams in almost 25 states, and reaches thousands daily with the message of liberty.

Now, in the second shot (after BDR 728 in Nevada) to be fired across the Federal government’s bow, HB 114 has been introduced in Wyoming. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kendell Kroeker and co-sponsored by Rep. David Miller, Rep. Hans Hunt, and Sen. Cale Case, will protect the liberty of the citizens of Wyoming by prohibiting the unconstitutional provisions of the 2012 NDAA to be enforced here.

“The Constitution of the United States has the Bill of Rights for a reason,” said Representative Kroeker, “I take an oath to support, obey, and defend the Constitution and I take that seriously.  When the federal government passes legislation that violates the constitution, it is our duty as a state to make sure we protect the rights of our citizens.”

Now, in order to protect the rights of the citizens of Wyoming, we must take swift action. On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, the Wyoming Liberty Preservation Act will be voted on in the House Transportation, Highways, and Military Affairs committee. There are, however, Representatives on that committee who do not understand the seriousness of this issue and the importance of securing our inalienable rights.

Call these legislators immediately and demand they honor their oath, and stand up for the rights of all Wyoming citizens. Demand these representatives pass the Wyoming Liberty Preservation Act:

Rep. David Zwonitzer:  (307) 630-1955
Rep. Rita Campbell:  (307) 850-7364

Rep. Robert McKim:  (307) 248-2564
Rep. Tom Reeder:  (307) 235-0404

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Anonymous said...

We have heard many claims of certain American Politicians who claim that they really care about American lives.

If that is true, then end the Gerrymandering of House and Senate both State and Particularly Federal Seats, and ensure 100 % Public Funding of Elections, and that the Media provides Free Time to Contestants at Election Time as part of their licensing arrangement, and as part compensation for Bribed and Corrupt Journalism with a vested Interest.

Another thing that America needs is 100 % Public Funding of Elections, with Paper Ballots, with the Voting and Counting Process should be covered by cameras that are linked to the Internet for Public Scrutiny.

The Corrupt Undemocratic American Political System has cost more American lives, because Money spent on better roads would half the road deaths each year.

The Military Industrial Complex knows they have Genetically Engineered Lethal Viruses that can kill those they have given a certain injection disguised as a Vaccine.

The problem is that it will take a maximum of 2 weeks to kill the strongest and fittest Americans, and this is when the Plutocrats and the Puppets will fear revenge from the Americans they betrayed.

They will only be safe in their heavily armed Fortresses Palaces and Bunkers if the American People have been Disarmed.

The Physically weaker Americans will be too sick to fight, and they will start dying in a few days, and they are not the problem; nor are the Children who will not be a threat to them, after the Plutocrats and their Puppets have conquered America.

The Plutocrats their Puppets and the Military, and the Main Stream Media will pay the debt by printing Trillion Dollar Banknotes, and then sell Real Estate to Foreign Migrants in gold and silver, and they will become Extremely Rich, and the Migrants will work in the Armament Factories.

It could be that the American Government is taking Mexican immigrants, because they want fewer Mexicans in North America, because Canada is part of the West, and Anglo-America will be debt free with the most powerful Military in the World to start WW 3.

While covering up that 9/11 was done by Influential Americans, might be good for America not to prosecute in order to not have to pay Afghanistan and Iraq Compensation.

However, Many Americans think they should have a Proper Debate on what happened at Sandy Hook, and the First and the Second Amendments to the Constitution.

The Video Titled: Time for a New American Revolution at , and it has a very few bad words from People who Should and Do know better but it has enough good points that others might be able to clean it up and put it on the Internet so that all watch it, and think that can pass it on to others.

Alex Jones is offering 100,000 Dollars First Prize for best Video of Persevering Freedom and Liberty: Operation Paul Revere Launches at , and there are other Prizes.

I found a Website that seems to have many Videos on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Incident, and it is Titled: Sandy Hook Hoax at .

I have published several comments on the Sandy Hook Elementary School matter at , using the Moniker of Journalist.

Anonymous said...

um didnt he sign it on Dec 31st 2012?

Anonymous said...

I found a Video that is Titled: What The Evil Elite Don't Want You To Know, at .

Anonymous said...

The battle lines are being drawn...Dalai-Bama is more polarizing than even Bush.

I thought that bar was set pretty low.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

No, the bill was signed in 2011. It's just over a year old

Anonymous said...

It is very satisfying to see a segment of the sheeple beginning to wake up.
But why is it taking so long.
USA has long been known to the world as the United States of Amnesia. Have we learned nothing from the gangsters and their "soldiers"
(lobbyists)who are in control of this country ?

Anonymous said...

THE most corrupt government in the history of the world and I have not been able to figure out what to do about it.

Writing to congress has been a joke. Protesting doesn't work. Commenting online is like preaching to the choir.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 7:37-- everyone knows already what has to be done. It has not a damn thing to do with writing or talking or nice-nice legal protesting of any sort. But we can't say that kind of thing online, get it? You can think it but you can't say it, otherwise you'll have SWAT showing up at your house breaking your door and windows in.

Also, if we act first before the real FIRST blow is made by 'them' then the rest of the sheep in America won't wake up. They'll say that they're just putting traitors in jail or killing treasonous people who don't have America's best interest at heart... never realizing that we care more than they do.

Wait for the other shoe to fall, people. Then act. There's only so much of a leg that these assholes can shove into their mouths before the rest of the blind sheep truly wake up and realize what's going on.

Ignore the television's and radio's insipid messages and REALLY talk to friends and family about the truth. They're not as stupid as you think. The trick is to forcefully tune out all the garbage propaganda while maintaining your authentic self.

Buy guns, ammo, food, whatever you want. But be prepared to use it. Train. Learn. Because this thing isn't going to be solved in a court of law. It's going to be solved in the streets.

It's good that politicians are fighting the NDAA and other bills like it. It is serving to wake people up. But it's only going to go so far uphill before the baddies will swat back. THAT is what we're waiting for. They'll show their hand. Give them time. Be patient.

HereAmI said...

You probably don't realise this, but we are all involved in a Plan which has been established from the foundation of the world. This plan effectively allows mankind to manifest what is in his heart. He was given free rein for 6000 years, but no more. What is in man's heart is pure evil. His God is Satan, aka Lucifer, aka Hashem, The Name. The elite do not seek to deny this simple fact, in fact they are proud of it. God will allow this evil to become manifest; that is what we are seeing. Murder is now official policy, whether via drone kill lists or the vicious invasion and permanent destruction via depleted uranium of defenceless nations which sit on top of oil or minerals; or the murder of defenceless babies by the million, with never a word of protest. This latter is sanctioned by the rabbis who control America via Noahide laws, as they say that unborn babies are "rodef" or pursuers of the mother, and they have no "nephesh" or soul. God says "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee". Their unbridled wickedness and arrogance and stupidity can be accessed by investigating that most evil of books, the Talmud. All the other prohibitions are trampled upon; lying as official policy of the Jew towards the Gentile, theft as stated, adultery, which is epidemic, blasphemy of the Name of God, idolatry ( American Idol?), nobody keeping the Sabbath day....the list is endless. Judgement therefore is coming, for God is not mocked. All you personally can do is to repent and turn to the One who is the Creator of the Universe, and your saviour. He died that you might find a place in the new earth which was promised in Isaiah ch 66 v 22.
Tim Webb.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 7:37, “Any suggestions?”
Yes, here’s a short account of how English rebels ( brought down judges and tax collectors, bishops and kings who thot they had a divine right to impose taxes/debt on other men without the latters’ consent; men who, 150 years later, would guide American rebels.
These are lessons that are historically-proven, lawyer-proof and professor-proof. But still, don’t hesitate to perform your own due diligence.
Without this knowledge you should only expect disaster. No one else seems to be aware that there are two kinds of revolution: one that advances the cause of tyranny; the other, liberty. I call one a Bolshevik – the other, an American – revolution; after their most recent and spectacular examples. After reading 30,000 to 50,000 pages of original histories, I found that of the thousands of slave uprisings/rebellions in our history books, ONLY three advanced the cause of man (

Anonymous said...

All good talking points that must be heard!!!!

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