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Will Authoritarianism Come to America?

Dedicated to Lauren Taylor Ellis, who is a fellow advocate for freedom, and friend, and has sacrificed her time to help with the various projects I have embarked on.

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Alec Scheer, Contributor
Activist Post

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have forever held onto the belief that our government – along with the people’s willingness to accept drastic measures – would never attempt to propel the nation it is deemed to have authority over, into despotism.

Americans have long held the belief that history repeats itself, which is entirely accurate. However, when it comes to the world history of authoritarianism repeating itself, Americans dispel such a notion as a conspiracy theory.

From as far back as the Roman Empire, we have seen nations experience great growth under capitalism, which was followed by heightened government intervention in such things as the economy. Moreover, the increasing regulations were followed by a gradual slide into despotism.

As seen from history, once tyranny swallows a nation, two actions usually precede within: A collapse, or a revolution.

We have been taught that the atrocities experienced by the people under the regimes of Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin would never come to fruition in the United States - for we are the nation swelling with freedom.

Of course, a moment’s investigation into the absurd claim that we are a free nation would refute its fallacy. All the more likely, this claim could be fashioned into the compelling libertarian argument that while there is government, there is no divine freedom, for the government’s very nature withholds a monopoly on force (taxation, military) and thus violates the crux of libertarianism: The non-aggression axiom.

Nonetheless, I am afraid that I have an obligation, having learned from history, to announce to you that we are, in fact, repeating history at this very moment. The repetition commenced 100 years ago with the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

Before proceeding, it would be rude of me not to tell you, in a short manner, why the Fed was the commencement point at which the United States took the path of authoritarianism.

As G. Edward Griffin pointed out in his staggeringly well-documented book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A second look at the Federal Reserve, the Fed is a private bank founded by a group of prominent men, who, at the time, filled the executive roles of primarily the oil, railroad, and banking industry during the early 1900s.

In addition, the Fed is a central bank. Its job, being a central bank, is to inflate the supply of fiat paper currency. The Fed’s job is to also print or issue the currency of the government they have an agreement with, which is a power generally granted to central banks by the government.

Typically, the process of monetizing government debt securities (bonds) results in inflationary effects due to the mass printing of worthless, non-commodity backed dollars.

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In their entirety, central banks, such as the Fed, are polar opposites of the free market because they would not be able to inflate the currency, which is what occurs when a gold currency is in use because it is subjected to the forces of the free market such as competition and demand.

We are now so far down the path of repeating history that we have reached the pinnacle of a nation’s preliminary authoritarian changes. The pinnacle I refer to is more of a stage within a subtle, but rapidly deteriorating, authoritarian society: The choice between full-on despotism or taking action against the despots, and not repeating the history of tyranny.

Sadly, a plethora of nations, throughout the world, have chosen not to do the latter. Instead, they chose brutal despotism.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, this slide point from preliminary authoritarianism to full-on destitution has become readily apparent. Now, calls for disarmament of the nation have become widespread. In attempting to remedy the hysteria caused by the massacre, the legislation put forth and called for by lawmakers in legislatures of both state and national levels is centered around banning guns themselves.

On top of that, President Obama has granted himself the authority to indefinitely detain any American citizen on the pretense of suspected terrorism with the passage of the 2012 NDAA, and reauthorized that power in 2013.

The list of legislation and executive actions that are along the lines of despotism is far out of the scope of this article. They range in the thousands (regulations included), and could fill volumes of books explaining how they are unneeded or are not the direction a free society wants to go in.

To keep this pronouncement short, I have left to only say that when the government starts to consistently push for the disarmament of “its” people, you can rest assured that drastic tyranny perpetuated by the government will come into fruition after such a thing is signed into law.

We have long traveled the road of authoritarianism . . . however; I believe we are reaching the end of our travels.

The stage at which we choose full blown despotism or freedom is now upon us.

Thomas Jefferson once said,
The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms, is as a last resort, to protect themselves again tyranny in government.
The time to protect ourselves against tyranny in government is right around the corner; that is, if we do not attempt to make a few more peaceful charges against the ever-increasing despotism.

Despotism, or freedom. Which do YOU choose?

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Anonymous said...

They're certainly trying to install some form of authoritarian regime, this means that we must NEVER surrender our "liberty teeth" (guns).

Anonymous said...

This is all second fence stuff. Read Jack Mullen's pieces. There is another layer.

A friend of mine said it best, and I quote

"The best we can do is create what we want versus support what we don't want. It is pointless to fight the machine because we have too little or no help and the machine is far too powerful. We CAN create what we do want on a small level. We can create small pockets of goodness and help others to evolve and evolve ourselves. This is the most we can do and is the only way to not be part of the problem.
I wish that I had spent the last 30 years developing solutions rather than trying to ferret out the sinister forces and find a way to fight them. My life would have been substantially different and I would be a different and better person. Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations."

sooriamoorthy said...

But it's already there and it's been there for some time now.

Anonymous said...

The little pockets of goodness, though, are snuffed out one by one. I'm thinking of the raids on raw milk producers, and the uprooting of people's gardens, etc.
Regards the Sandy Hook "massacre" we are told about; questions remain, and will not go away. Have you seen any bloodied bodies? Gunshot-smashed windows? Interviews with wounded survivors? In any shooting, there are usually 3 wounded for every one killed. Photographic evidence for the mass evacuation of 600 pupils? Evidence for the "long gun" allegedly used inside the school, but actually found in the trunk of the black car? Or is it just "four hand guns" now? Given the legions of obvious hoaxers who have strutted their brief hours upon the stage, eg Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, H. Carver II, and the various "parents", none of whom seemed especially bothered that their children had just been brutally murdered, is it not more likely that these children and adults were anaesthetised within the school, perhaps following on from an unscheduled "doctor visit" to "vaccinate at-risk populations"; kept all day in that state, and then brought out late at night in body bags, but still alive, then to be taken off and sacrificed to Satan a week later at the winter solstice? We know that the "elite" are very keen on this sort of thing; in the UK Jimmy Savile has been declared a Satanist with the ear of the son of the alleged monarch. We have all seen the various Satanic hand-signals employed by both young and old.
This is unthinkable, of course. Until you start to think the unthinkable, at which point it starts to look like the most plausible scenario.
Either way, there is going to be another massacre in the US. This will either take the form of an uprising against a system which is clearly satanic and evil to a degree hardly imaginable, or the subsequent annihilation of a population seen as goyim, and as such, being without nephesh, or human status, outside the protection of God's Law. This is represented in the Land of Israel even today by the Purim holiday.
"And see that thou utterly destroy those sinners, the Amalekites, and fight against them until thou hast utterly destroyed them".
This is the underlying and essential message of the Talmud, beneath whose evil aegis you now exist.

Spartacus Jones said...

"Will authoritarianism come to America?????"
Gee, I don't know.
Will the guitar ever have a place in rock 'n' roll music?

Try to keep up, Mr. Van Winkle.


Hide Behind said...

The ones who actually control not just ours but any nation what percent of the population are they?
How will you connect with them if. Are you not already connected to them?
You are most likely an employee or a small sized self employed buisness owner that makes your daily bread in a more or less honest fashion and your pnly vontact with BIG BRO is through the income tax where you avail yourself of all deductions allowed.
You personally may of even gotten to shake the hand or received a hand on shoulder from a state or local elected official but few ever get that close.
You most likely never had a hand in actually writings of Bills of Legislation.
Yet for some reason you know more about the political process, and the personalities, not just todays but of the past as well than quite possibly 80% of your fellow citizens.
And many of that 80% are indeed part of the ones who do control the nation but only as minor players.
Why is that?
Could be that you care about something far greater than just your immediate life styles?
Would you prefer living in a society where one does not have to live within and is forced overtly or covertly to lie in order to survive?
This is what Authoritarianism is all about,;Making your life a lie because you must live as others tell you to and or worse yet, that their is no alternative.
The life you have now is made up of many choices, some good some not so good, yet you made them in a time when they were available and in the near future the next generation will not be able to make choices.
For authority hates uncertainty and a police state is not just one of machinegun toting cops on corner beating and robbing the citizenry for political bosses, it is much more in that all facets of society from cradel to grave must be regimented much as is our military forces.
Force where people voluntarily give up personal choices and place all their identity under governments use.
You were of past the future is here and the hammers are falling upon all the old institutions of that past.

Anonymous said...

Along the same lines, "Will the sun come out today?"

It's almost 2pm and the sun has been out all day.

Still, let's discuss...

This is not a matter of debate, it's happening.

Anonymous said...

This is really a ridiculous article. A country founded on Roman philosophies and hierarchically- and patriarchally-based modes IS authoritarian by nature - religions are part of re-inforcing that authoritarian idea.
The only thing different now is that the full pathology of such mindsets is coming to the fore. And those principles are failing fast, as they should. Hierarchical and authoritarian based societies, which this one has been from its inception, must come to an end.

Hide Behind said...

No one denies that governments have authoritarian powers and that once established they can become Hierarchial in nature but one can I think argue that the very nature of some forms of government are more conductive than others to become heirarchial in structure.
I have tried to read every work upon political and social governing that the founders of this nation read and damn few believed a Roman Republic was ultimate form of government but do agree that most praised a religious philosophy as being a good basis for not govrrnment structure but for instilling a strength of character and moral grounding.
Damn near everyone pointed out natural law as what made a society of men act towards each other and that was the basis for "Innate Rights.
There were characteristics of mankind beyond the aauthority of state or any religious institutions to rule over.
Heirarchys are natural outgrowths of any long standing institutions and were also warned about by those who initially put together our governing statements.
YOU mention heirarchy you get two responces from most people family linage through males and family connections but in US politics such family lineages are not the general rule and today it is not all of male dominence either.
You find like minds and temporary loyaltys of groups composed from many differing demographic backgrouns. That have ideas in common of what should be.
Lets not forget that Authoritarianism is not just a male trait, England has had three very authritarian Queens and Margret Thather was called Hatchet for her ruthless abuse of any that dared oppose her.
An old axiom of political natures: Those who run for office say they wish to serve. But in truth they wish to rule. At their very least expectations they wish to be among they who rule.
What we have today is not one order trying to overthrow just those who rule but to overthrown the concepts of self rule.

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