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Why the Sudden Barrage of Live-Fire Military Drills at Schools?

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An unannounced Army drill with military helicopters and machine gun fire simulating a raid on an empty school terrorized a Houston community on Monday.

It was reported that residents were shocked and scared by the sight and sounds of the raid.

"When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst," resident Frances Jerrals said. "I felt like I was in a warzone. It was nonstop. I was terrified."

Apparently, the residents we're the only ones who were shocked by the drill. The local government was also not informed of the drill and held an emergency meeting to open discussion of the mock attack.

This intense and terrifying drill came only days after a similar drill in Miami.

And it's announced that live gun fire (with blanks) will be used in yet another mock school raid in Chicago today. According to CBS:
A school shooting drill planned for tomorrow in the far northwestern suburbs has many parents upset. 
According to a letter from Cary-Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant, there will be a code red drill at the school on Wednesday. 
It will include somebody shooting blanks from a gun in the hallway “in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire.”

The only reason given for these drills so far is poor at best. Cary Police Chief Steven Casstevens said, “From the school’s request, they want to let the students know what the sound of gunshot might be, should that occur in their school.”

The excuse for the unannounced training in Miami was for "overseas training" although they paired up with local law enforcement to pull it off.

Last night, there was an unreported urban training drill in Pennsylvania that was simply posted as a status update, January 29th, on abc27 (based in Harrisburg) news' Facebook page:
That was a federal agency practicing tactical maneuvers at the capitol tonight! They had helicopters doing "touch and go" (hovering close to the ground, then taking off) and rappelling off ropes. They're gone now.
This is how they alert the public now? This morning they finally posted a very short update on their news website with a picture of a helicopter saying:
Witnesses described an action-packed scene at the Capitol on Tuesday night.

There were three helicopters flying high and low, practicing touch-and-go landings. People were also rappelling down ropes. 
Federal law enforcement came to the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex to practice tactical maneuvers.

They were gone as quickly as they arrived.
Perhaps the most bizarre multi-agency mock drill took place on January 17th in Portsmouth, Ohio and actually targets 2nd Amendment supporters who are school employees as terrorists:
The make-believe scenario is timely. Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government's interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.
The news of these several major drills happening in one week follow a prominent one in Minneapolis that took place late August, 2012. A lot of Black Hawk helicopter footage appears at that link. The people there received some warning. And so did the people of Chicago last spring although they were still left terrorized by "rattling windows," military men hanging out of windows and choppers with automatic weapons and low-flying "Little Birds" weaving in between skyscrapers. That "training" was in preparation of a NATO summit with expected protesters and was intended for "terrorist and crowd control measures."

Last January, multi-agency training took place over Los Angeles similar to the reports above complete with a  Black Hawk and four "Little Birds" -- It was described as "a dry run for a future mission."

Chief Warrant Officer David Duran said "’s always best to get the closest terrain layout to what the objective is.” They pick terrain based on what they "might be facing in the future." The chilling yet casual news report laid it all out. Likewise, "Urban Shield" surprise training drills have been going on for awhile now such as the one in Boston last fall.

It appears that heretofore unconcerned citizens are unsettled by the exercises that ride on the heels of the Sandy Hook tragedy. What is also ominous:  the drills in major US cities arrive just after the claim activist Jim Garrow made of Obama's litmus test for the military: Will you fire on American citizens?

And of course, the DHS is buying up all the ammo that's becoming increasingly scarce and recently purchased 7,000 AR-15s calling them "personal defense" while those same firearms are vilified as "assualt weapons" for American citizens.

Will the public become desensitized and accept terror-inducing drills around and in schools, in neighborhoods at night with no warning? With around two-thirds of our tax dollars supporting military spending, why would there be need to practice on the people in American cities?

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Anonymous said...

We are really losing our grip on reality. I'm taking it this is supposed to be a "Get used to terror and war you distracted little weaklings!" Kinda like "duck and cover" only worse, because it's more personal than all at once being vaporized with an ICBM; you're going to be tactically bombed and shot at indiscriminately, and wind up (A) lost or damaged collateral or, (B) immobilized, surrounded, herded, corralled and taken or moved some place where you're not gonna feel normal and happy. On special occasions, I wouldn't rule out a nuke here and there either.

Ever wonder how much more a country can tolerate?

Get used to it weaklings.

Anonymous said...

Now way would I send my child to school on a day with any 'drill' going on, and especially not 'live fire' drills. Why would I want my kid terrorized like this?

And given the number of 'drills' in close proximity to mass shootings, and the fact that the drill's 'venue' is so often the same as the killing spot - e.g. the 'active shooter in a school' drill that happened near to Sandy Hook - I wouldn't send my kid to school anywhere in the entire school system on one of those days.

Anonymous said...

Parents and even teachers are seldom notified beforehand. Only the administrators know. Sometimes kids are bussed to an "undisclosed location". Yet another reason to home school.

Hide Behind said...

Pure psy warfare upon american public, nothing less.
It is useless to point out reasons why these are not mere training and readiness drills by either the military or civil authoritys as that would require common sense not senseless comments.
Mama's you go right ahead and not cooperate and hope no one of authority notices it.
Populace reaction will be collected data points on some willing study being taken by most likely senior faculty members of established universitys.
If local authoritys not notified their reactions will be mere data points.
Even the lack of any visible reactions by populace are but more data points.
Would not be at all surprised if even our reactions not monitored and collated with rest of data as demographics and profiles of responders will relate.
In a society not mainly composed of Weeping Willows and unisex Limpid Willys any city administration that allowed such unannounced programs to take place should not just be asked why but thrown out of the whole damned region.
BUT they who are civilized do not mind being trivilized and will become a member of a circle jerking mental masturbation group.
Now common sence would ask why not hold such an exercize upon federal military bases as every one of them has edifices including base housing on most and even school houses on some. Hell even grocery gas stations of 7/11 style movie theaters and Mc D's and pizza joints.
Ah well, what the hell; In the land of commoners the common cents is all that matters.
In WA state the largest city is combined Ft. LEwis/ McChord in both land area, employment and populace. It merits city designation as it has a seperate although military uniformed. Overseen civil infrastructure no different than any city has.
GET this its lands are less than That of what the new DHS and Military facility at Moses lake is and both combined are far less than 1/3 the lands military controlls state wide
In all the referenced places these events are taking place thete are literally millions of acres occupied by federal building sites or raw largely uninhabited sites.

Anonymous said...

Do you people even hear yourselves? Geesh I swear someone is putting something in the water cause it is starting to sound like a significant portion of the population need a rubber padded room. The whole gun rights people are sounding like raving lunatics at this point and liable to lose more ground cause they are coming across as raving idiots to the rest of the population. You don't need conspiracies to take away guns we are doing it all on our own. So please stop take a deep breath, maybe take your meds and put your tin foil hat on, whatever it takes and think about what your reporting of a "conspiracy" really does. It does not aid the cause all it does is make the rest of wonder if maybe there is a portion of the population beyond criminals that shouldn't have access to guns. Did you ever think of that? The government won't have to take the guns away the rest of the population of America will do it for them. And you are playing right into their hands.

Anonymous said...

what is going to happen is some people are going to be caught off guard and think we are under attack and a 308 or 7 mm will take down one of them birds flying low and 100s of people will be hurt or killed then what?

Or maybe this is what needs to happen milatary has no reason to be doing live excersizes over populated areas

Anonymous said...

its in Texas & Florida, people. Who's in charge there? GOP. Who wants to scare everyone? GOP.

MiloliM said...

I just want to ask you this.....Why do we have military bases if we are conducting live drills in civilian territory? If the military complex is to make these drills public, shouldn't they make A LOT MORE public to us??? If this is a HSEEP drill, I'd like to ask that you make your Exercise Calendars more accessible to the public...or would that make it more obvious that you conduct these drills behind curtains, staging terror plots, to control the people around you with FEAR!?
STOP LEARNING PEOPLE!! IT IS TIME THAT YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF!! Take 2 days and explore something you love! Don't try learning about it, just think about it in your own way! Forget about what you have learned and make your own way work!!! It's time to wake up friends....

Alfie said...

Military has it's own mock cities to train like this.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were so many that have taken place recently. And I thought it was a good point mentioned in the article about these drills of the Military and their being asked if they would fire on American citizens. I think this all has to do with training the military for actions they may need to take when the new gun controls are enacted and many Americans going ballistic (pun intended) over it - as THEY assume will happen.

Anonymous said...

GOP? Who is the president,a republican?? I believe he is still the commander in chief. Who wants to scare everyone? Obviously the president does. Damn it- these people still want to keep their guns!! Darned 2nd amendment....

Anonymous said...

Patriots - - The video shows a helicopter from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Brigade, knicknamed the "Nightstalkers". Those are the helicopter pilots who fly the Nation's terror rescue team known as "Delta Force" (actually titled Special Operations Detachment Delta). As a former instructor who spent four years at the Army's JFK Special Warfare Center and School, I am familiar with their use of this aircraft which is unique to the Nightstalkers alone, meaning that no other unit in the Army has that type helicopter.

When needed to perform a terror rescue, these mighty warriors must have been over-trained by hours and hours of practice on facilities similar to those where the rescue is taking place. And since one cannot predict where they might have to act to rescue someone, they train on lots of varying structures and facilities. Note that the Army does not have such a wide variety of structures so there is need to train on civilian structures, such as was used in this training exercise.

Delta operatives do not often announce their training to the locals before they make their simulated rescues. Law enforcement is notified and on site to assist in dealing with curious public. Officially SFOD-D or "Delta Force" does not exist and is not admitted to being a military unit except in limited circumstances.

I do not see any reason for us to raise the alarms about this training. It does not indicate that the government goons will descend on our communities. But let me be clear, I do not trust the Woebama crowd and believe they are grabbing guns in anticipation of effecting a one-party state. However, with the video showing this to be a Delta training mission, I suggest that you Patriots focus on the myriad of other problems facing us. This is not one of them.

Sign me as "173d Viet Vet"

Nemetron 2000 said...

Working the psychological angle on the little kiddies, so that they go crying to their parents that "guns are bad". "I'm scared of guns". "Mommy, daddy you don't have a gun do you?" "Why mommy? Why!?" "Guns are sooo bad and scary?!"

You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm telling you that's how these sick ass motherfuckers think. They'll turn your own off-spring against you if they can.

iaincarstairs said...

To someone in the UK it's very obvious what is happening: the good cop and bad cop show.

When a terrorist state wants to break someone's defence, they first threaten them with a show of violence to someone else, to show what COULD happen to them if they step out of line. Like throwing a chair against the wall in front of the prisoner, or letting them hear someone else being badly beaten up in the next cell. Then the bad cop storms out, slamming the door, swearing he'll be back in a while to deal with the prisoner.

Then the good cop comes in and says, "now, listen, everyone here knows that guy is a jerk. We don't want him to come anywhere near you. But the problem is you're not co-operating, and as long as you resist, there's nothing we can do. Just do what I'm asking and you'll be fine, I promise."

The prisoner is really terrified now. He's got an unhinged lunatic on the one hand who he can see is capable of assault or murder, and he's got a guy on the other side who he wants to trust but it means giving up his rights and signing over his property, or testifying that his friends are criminals. He knows they'll be rounded up and given the same brutal treatment. But if he doesn't give in, these guys could go and get his children.

He feels helpless and there's a gnawing feeling at the back of his mind that he's being conned. But the screams and gurgling noises and sounds of bones being crunched in the next cell are overwhelming. He's completely terrorised now.

America is now inflicting the same terror it has imposed on the rest of the world for more than a century. But like the bad boys in Pinocchio, the joyriders and gas guzzlers and TV zombies were too busy playing and drinking and mocking the rest of the world to realise they were slowly being turned into donkeys, ready for shipment into slavery.

The truth is sinking in but it's just a little bit too late. Farewell, America: maybe the atheists can save you - if they could only stop arguing and debating and patting themselves on the back for more than a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

It could be a way just to condition the masses for when they really do come after American citizens. It is just a drill..... This is what really happened, but we have you covered....

Anonymous said...

Parents shouldn't send their children to school in that case.

Anonymous said...

Where were you patriots? WHERE?

I see so much talk about how, "when it happens", the American Gun Owner will Fight Tyranny. But where in hell was everyone?

You have attack helicopters doing what appears to be shooting live ammo. Did anyone fight back? No. Did anyone even raise their gun? No.

Gun owners all across the land did exactly nothing as this happened. NOTHING!

The government clearly has nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why people are buying ammo like it's going out of style?

Adam Evenson said...

It's called: desensitization. That way, when the final assault comes, the military traitors will enjoy a decisive lead as citizens stampede hither and thither trying to figure out what is hitting them.

It means: be prepared to get yours, fellow Palestinians, as it's clearly no longer a matter of "if," but "when."

It means that soon, even the most brain dead among MSM/jack boot thug sycophants still clinging to the 9-11 fantasy tale will be dodging bullets and bombs on main street America and crying, "Wha' hoppen?"

It will be but another already well-worn historical lesson repeated again and again: that bowing down and kissing the boot of an oppressor will not prevent the inevitable; that only one thing has the power to prevent that kind of inevitable, and that's a bigger inevitable projecting outward from the
victim(s). It's called, "Self-defense."

Lily said...

Huh? "they want to let the students know what the sound of gunshot might be" - how ridiculous! Just have them turn on the tv (at home under YOUR supervision) for a few moments.

Anonymous @January 30, 2013 at 7:02 PM - where did you say that bridge is? You know, the one you came out from under?

Anonymous @January 30, 2013 at 10:43 PM - you and your 'mighty warrior' terrorist friends are entitled to your opinion while there's still a first amendment. That doesn't make it any less sick to terrorize on the 'homefront', or anywhere else, for that matter. Now, please retreat to your bridge.

@Adam Evenson, you took the words right out of my mouth (or off my fingertips, as it were).

Get used to this folks, it is just a tiny taste of things to come, and what your 'enemies' across the globe needlessly endure for sometimes years on end. For democracy! And freedom.

The 'new normal'. Terrorism has come home to roost. And that's not even the worst of it.

Parents, when school is in session, hide your children.

Anonymous said...

I think the police-state activity around kids is an indication the powers-that-be are playing both the short- and the long-game. They know they cannot guarantee getting their police state while the two older generations are still alive. We have known freedom and have made it clear we will fight to maintain it. However, it is guaranteed that eventually we will all die, and that knowledge of freedom can die with us. Then the only people left alive - by then they'll be the older generation - will know nothing but totalitarianism.

Instead of keeping our kids in the dark to protect their sensibilities we should educate them about every development, or they'll not know what freedom was or that they could fight for it.

Anonymous said...

MiloliM - Did you really just ask us to STOP LEARNING and think about things in our own way? What you are suggesting is that we ignore facts, and simply make up our own answers. That may be the worst advice I've ever seen.

MiloliM said...

It is in all of our best interest to stay calm, appear as the sheep many people may be. The one rule for knowledge and success: DO NOT SHARE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!
When the American is pushed against a wall, there will be bloodshed. Our society has turned the population into a violent paranoia, and have yet to experience the repercussion of their mistake. When the conscious mind teams with the fear driven blind...the abomination will find itself, faltering.
*In a place where YOU are your only enemy*

Anonymous said...

um Fema Camps and Fusion centers.. The us Govt is a bad bad bad thing...

Anonymous said...

These drills are messages that the government wants the truth movement to pick up on. This is the government's way of stating it will pull another Sandy Hook sometime real soon, for the purpose of provocation.

They want those that know what's really going on to lose control and lash out at the government in some violent way, and they believe that by terrorizing children, and perhaps deliberately shining a little light on how they did the Sandy Hook false-flag, they will light the fires of uncontrollable rage in the illuminated portion of the population.

Once enough of the enlightened have lashed out, the government will have all the evidence it needs to label all those that disagree with the government as "domestic terrorists". A risky gamble if I don't say so myself, but I guess desperate times...

Anonymous said...

Are you Liberals so brainwashed that you are actually accusing the GOP of being behind these drills??? The GOP isn't in charge of our military you morons, Obama is!! He is the one issuing these training exercises and it is all for the purpose of installing fear into people like you, and practicing for when he tries to declare Martial Law. Wake the hell up! How in the hell can you STILL doubt something when it is right in front of your face! Go ahead and cower in fear, it's just what he wants!

Hide Behind said...

The Force Structure of our military establishment is way beyond one that protects civil society from international forces it is forming a civil society that must conform to its needs no matter the loss to that society.
There is not one Department of the Executive Branch that in actuality ndependent of militarys needs, and we know the Supremes have thrown out any constitutional protections if the words; National Security are used to justify any Executive Branches actions.
We have a special military unit of multiple diciplines that is hundred times larger than all the Secret Srrvicemen assigned to protect the president.
No matter where he is this unit is with him. I has medical, CHEMICAL RADIOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL GROUP,A COMPANYSized military that is airborne when he is airborne and forms a milea wide safe perimeter complete with every weapon and technological device from drones and satelite and telecommunications monitory and one of best multi group fighting force units right down to however many sniper teams the geographic and political terrain needs.
You could say it, The executive has a Praetorian Guard.
There are two more such Praetorian units and one almost as militarily sized as Execs is that of Our State Dept head and within it there are. RUMSFELD PROJECTED 7 but some now say as 14 that were not to come to full strengty until 2016 but Hillary upped the timetable.
The Area command centers are staffed by every Branch personell and Commanders can snd do vome from every branchThe commanders now have full area responability to order actions against what are deemed a threat in his area without awaiting presidential orders.
All intel units while under NSA in majority of cases goes through Defense and state department approval before reaching presidents deskMost of our special ops are carried out by units under direct contrl of State and DOD appointees.
Pelosi and the VP share the third Praetorian unit as they move about the world as they each have acces to personal Jetliners with accompanying protection.

Anonymous said...

Fear them but do not panic when they are over your head, fear is healthy panic is fatal. Replace your panic with precision and training and eventually our fear will be no more and they will be the one's afraid of us. "The people should not fear their government but rather the government fear it's people."

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