Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why are AR-15's 'Personal Defense' Weapons for the DHS but 'Assault Rifles' for Citizens?

"We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where government is free to do as it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission." - Ayn Rand

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Why are fully-automatic AR-15s with 30-round magazines and hollow-point bullets called 'personal defense' weapons when the Department of Homeland Security purchases them, but semi-auto AR-15s are assault rifles in the hands of citizens?

DHS Orders 7000 AR-15s - Wiki Image

The Department of Homeland Security filed a purchase bid this past June titled "Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation".  It is combined bid for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition and "select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense."

Increasingly the government is giving itself privileges that they are taking away from citizens. This is becoming most obvious in regards to gun rights, but it's becoming a widespread abuse of power across all aspects of society. The government is supposed to derive its authority from the people not the other way around.

Ron Paul recently addressed this exact topic proposing the simple solution: "Anything the government assumes they have a right to do to us, we should assume we have a right to do that to them."

If we are to be a nation of, by and for the people where the government has no rights that aren't afforded to citizens, then this assumption may be the check on government overreach that's so desperately needed.

By the way, the DHS is only authorized to work within the U.S. borders, so who do they plan to use these weapons on?

Watch the brief video below covering a bit more detail on the DHS purchase order:

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  1. At first glance, it would appear that the DHS is arming itself for "clandestine purposes", however, once you read the bid paperwork and ancillary documentation a better picture is developed. The DHS umbrella includes border security, customs enforcement, airports and immigration enforcement.

    I completely agree that they should have these weapons to protect themselves, particularly on the border where the drug gangs are carrying AK-47 & FN FAL PN-90. However, having said that, I see the irony of calling it one thing in the hands of the government and something completely different in the hands of a citizen. But, this isn't a problem created by DHS. this is a marketing issue foisted upon us by a biased media, backed by utopian idealists that are so well insulated from real life by money and influence that they know nothing of life for the common man. Our society today is not so different from the monarchies of olde.

  2. If firearms are so dangerous then I suggest that Americans consider disarming when the federal government disarms.

  3. Here's a thought, and I'm just spitballing here...

    If the government wants to control the rights of legal citizens to protect themselves while, at the same time, failing to enforce the laws on the criminals, maybe they should issue all citizens full threat level 1 body armor. Part of your punishment, assuming they do decide to enforce a law or two on criminals, would be to have your armor taken from you.

  4. Why? Because THEY say so. THEY have put a "descriptive" to the "noun" AR. So it's going to be "assault." Tptb have so much fear of THE People, because the ELITE know they're doing wrong to us. and they're afraid we will assault them, they KNOW they deserve nothing better.

  5. You're quoting Ayn Rand? Should I quote Lenin when trying to critique fascism?

    Suppose they let Libertarian minded people keep their guns, on the condition that they helped track down "immigrant socialists", "looters", and union organizers. I suppose that would be an acceptable trade-off, would it?

  6. Assault rifles and personal defense weapons, what is in a name, and why? Deep questions, here are a few more.

    How ill your AR-15 protect you from bio weapons, which the government has in abundance?

    How will your AR-15 protect you from chemtrails which can be adapted from their current slow poison profile to death from the sky?

    How will your AR-15 protect you from EMF weapons directed at you from a location you cannot even pin point?

    How will your AR-15 protect you from the thousands of drones which are already taking flight?

    Call it whatever you want, AR-15 purse, AR-15 assault weapon, or AR-15 frying has zero value against the arsenal of your adversary.

    YOU know your AR-15 gives you an edge over someone with a .38 special, you know it. Why do you fools continue to harbor your fantasies about a shoot out with some government agency where you win the day and keep everyone safe? Oh yeah, Hollywood sold you those fantasies, and you just can't let go. Wake up, and stop buying guns.

    1. Yep, quit buying guns. Thats your answer. This way only properly trained gov't and military personel will have them because we know that THEY always have our best interests at heart!! **choke choke smirk**...... Typically response from someone who knows nothing about history or just doesnt give a damn because the Messiah 'Obama' has spoken!!

    2. I'll quit buying them when obama can prove he is legally qualified to be president, you know just show the real birth certificate, that thing! By the way when someone tries to rob you, just talk them to death and tell them you voted for obama.

    3. Of course you could always look at Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq and see how an insurgency equipped with technologically inferior weaponry can be effective against superior numbers and arms.

    4. Umm, dude you're talking about WMDs. You know, they're rather indiscriminate when it comes to who they kill? People armed with rifles are a little more discriminating--in fact that's why they call it "insurgent" or "discretionary" warfare, you know?

  7. You give yourself away with the messiah insult, fail.

    Not buying guns is not offered up as my solution to fix things..........I simply point out that the small army of gun lobby liars are LYING to you when they say guns will keep you safe, save the Constitution or our freedom. I pointed out your lies, I did not pretend to offer up a solution. That was your attempt to avoid the obvious point. Very lame, but I am sure you get paid for what you do........I work for free.

  8. "How will your AR-15 protect you from chemtrails, bio weapons, drones...etc?"

    Through informed target identification, acqusition, and a well placed shot.

    Somebody is ordering all of the aforementioned catastrophies to be visited upon American Citizens.

    Somebody is executing those orders.

    Informed target identification. Target acquisition. A well placed shot.

  9. All one needs do is look at the folks in Syria fighting their fully armed government to see the value in armed citizens. It's not one man with an AR15, think 2 million men with them. The syrian public would likely give their left arm for a few hundred thousand of them about now.

    Assad has a modern military as well as chemical weapons etc.

    Personally I don't expect that in our country, but an AR fills the role of hunting rifle, predator control as well as personal defense weapon. I live at least a half hour from any police help out in the country, the only thing that would stop a home invasion here is me, no neighbors can even see my place. Of course the only trouble I realistically expect is from the two packs of local coyotes after my small livestock.

  10. It's only because people that work for the government and draw pay are masters. Civilians that don't work for the government and pay the wages of the masters, are slaves. How did it get all turned around, anyway?

  11. Why should the military, police, and other security forces get weapons meant for combat, when citizens can only have such assault weapons if they have purchased them or stolen them.

    How long will will we allow our guns to be confiscated? (Clue: they never have been)

    Why shouldn't armed gangs and private militias and lone assassins be allowed the same weapons as the security forces? In the war of all against all, presumed by the father of conservativism, Thomas Hobbes, we all need to be ready for combat.

    But remember: the pen is mightier than the
    sword. If you are afraid, get a gun, and if you are afraid the govt will take it, get another and hide it. Never surrender your fear, for that is the foundation of your being and your need for weapons of mass killing.


    1. I am at a loss to find logic in your words. First and foremost, the pen is only mightier than the sword if you have a press free from bias and not beholden to those in power- we barely have that. The latest Gallup poll indicates that the mainstream media in 2012 covered stories favorable to the administration 67% of the time, neutral 22% of the time and negative 10%. Pew research said the numbers are 76%, 18% and 6% respectively. So, if the "pen" you are wielding is directed at the administration, the only chance for it to be "mightier" is if you engage in close combat and manage to jab someone's jugular...

      As for the rest of your attempt at irony- you failed.

    2. I actually make a point of keeping a bic type pen in my ponytail, heh- heh

    3. I actually DO keep a bic type pen in my ponytail most of my waking hours, and yes,
      I do have some ideas about the potential versatility of this little item!

    4. @Dale

      You ask/state that guns have not been confiscated. You may not be old enough, or informed enough to recall 2005. During Katrina local Gov with US military, and local municipal police disarmed law abiding citizens.

  12. Anyone who thinks that it is the "citizens" fighting the government in Syria simply isn't too bright.

    1. It is the citizens and it has been since day one. However, having said that, foreign fighters have rushed in to help topple another "non-Islamist" government in the hopes of back filling it with something similar to Iran... Like Egypt did and Libya is on the way to and Iraq will sooner or later and Afghanistan is trying to.

  13. When original DHS Bill was introduced the argument was that we had quite a bit of intelligene gathering capabilitys but agencys wrre not sharing that info and what was neefed was a Central clearing house for all internal, read domestic, inntelligence could acted upon by already existing agencys.
    It was never mentioned that it eould bevome an enforcement arm; to the ears of the general public that is.
    Congress passed an open ended bill that had no limits placed upon the Organization. And 90% of them never read but approved.
    This after surrendering their Constitutonal Powers as only body that can decare war over to the Executive Branch.
    To add insult tp injury towards Constitution and people that elected them the through in words of by any means possible.
    That should of been time to of launched a revolution but instead we wanted blood revenge and like gn idipts we plastered autos with fn ribbons and littered the streets with red white and blue flags and ribbons
    The peoples houses gave President umlimited power and thereby by not howling like hell the americans agreed.
    DhS is still ininfacy but it is one big baby already and we you or I cannot stop its growth through any Parlimentary means.
    The importance of DHS buying weaponry lies not in the type of wraponry but the "INTENT FOR WHICH THEY WERE PURCHASED "
    This juvenile attempt to present an argument for they who own such weaponry is the same misinformed idolotry they hid behind of the second amendment protection being only part of Constitution worth fighting and dying for.
    Have read every explanation as to why they need that much ammo and armament and it is pure bull crap and no one dares to call it that.
    Just the ammount of ammo is more than double the total that every police agencys and military training. Uses each year. ON american shores that is.
    While military have an overabundance of stockpile bullets that are clasifoed. Seperately as strategic stockpiles and only orders from manufacturing current usage means.
    DHS is tasked with having not only respodibility to train all government agencys that need arming and training but it has to stoclpile enough ammo to hand out to all security forces both authorized police depts but all members of private security firms that under new laws and rules by DHS will be deputized by them.
    And please stpp your fear that someone may upset your comfortable butt by actually resisting
    tryanny by force of arms.
    Take a walk today with no natoonally declared emergency and noyoce how empty the bullet shelves are. You will find blank spaces for many ordinary huntin rounds and non nsto rpunds scarce as hens teeth.
    The police departments do not carry in storage more than what a minor civil unrest calls gor and will need resupply
    HEll they fire thirty rounds now to kill one unnarmed perp and NY finest took 43 and only hit pedestrians. Goof thing that perp offed himself or quite posibily another 14 would of been hit.
    To call millions of people fools for thinking that just because we only have semi autos that we do not know how to make every shot count.
    You have over 25 million hunters that know what bullet placement is about as they take to woods with bolt actions shotguns andsingle shot rifles.

  14. To well placed gnats can drive a bull insane.

  15. Then it needs to be bid as an assault weapon, not as a personal defense weapon. This is absolutely outrageous, and I can only imagine that this will never make any news channel . BTW, I used the contact email listed on the bid, and am interested to see what response I receive.

  16. Obviouly some people commenting in my opinion aren't getting the point. They argue about power and say we have none against the weapons of the establishment with semi-auto weapons.That is not the issue. Argue that all you want. The point is self defense and deceit by our Government. We as Americans have the right to own the same weapons as the Government and even full auto weapons and sawed off shotguns for personal defense against anyone who tries to harm us or enslave us, including Government.

  17. Playing word games?
    Look up the word loser and tell us who has been winning and who losing by all their mental manipulations of what should be.
    This is not time to be playing scrabble against opponents that make up words and controll the dictionary that says your words are not real and theirs are.
    You are but bitching over how you lost, nit picking the what ifs of battles lost.
    The question asked has little grounds or bearings now upon the fact that military looking weapons have been defanged.
    Those once held by toothless laws protecting them now find the men as also being unable to bite their attackers and stand around blubbering : "DON'T TREAD ON ME OR I WILL GUM YOU OR BORE YOU TO DEATH IN OUR MISERY.

  18. I never knew there were so many paranoid-lunatics on this board..oh,well Remember the Bastille!

  19. First off, an ar-15 is not fully auto, never was. Its semi auto, to say other is a lie and propaganda. Second, why does the government not want us to have them ? Easy answer, they dont wish their enemy to have the same weapons and ammo as they do. The rifle in the trunk of the shooters car at sandy hook was not even an ar-15 ! All propaganda to further the governments agenda. And yes i can prove it. An ar-15 has a charging handle at the back of the weapon to load it, the video footage of the police officer checking the weapon clearly shows him pulling a bolt handle on the side of the gun to check the breach. Not something found on an ar-15. I own one ! Now for the matter of what good one will be aginst high tech weaponry. Just as good as any other weapon. Our leaders are setting themselves up for the conflict they know is comming due to their own folly. They would have to give up their agenda of power and wealth for themselves to fix the problems in this country and are too greedy to do so. Insted the plan is to make us dependent on government for as much as they can to try and use that dependance as a means of control. They control healthcare, so they control life and death for many and if they disarm us we would have no means to stop them from doing whatever they want, and that is their plan. Marshall law will be instated at some point to " keep control of the situation " and the president will no longer be held up by term limits. The government will be endowed with unlimited power to do whatever they wish to crush all who apose them, and so will it start. The end of our freedom. The same way hitler, stalin, and like minded dictators always rise to power. This progression has been under way for years. And now our leaders have used tragic events to push the changes they need to seal the fate of this country. Socialist. Thats what it is, plain and simple. Communist ideals. While it always starts with a pretty picture of an ideal world for the masses, we will pay for it with our lives. The national news helps further the government agenda by telling their lies and only reporting what they are told to. Notice how you never hear the stories about how a law abiding person shot a robber or saved anothers life by pointing a weapon at the crook and letting them have it. Notice how you are never told about the mistakes made when reporting the lies. The sandy hook tragity for example, you really going to tell me no one told NBC that it was not an ar-15 in that trunk and they had it wrong? They never corrected themselves at all, insted they kept telling you how it was an evil assualt weapon and that only evil people have them. The favorite weapon of gang members they said, another lie as the fully automatic ak-47 is the favorite weapon of urban gangs as it is cheap. An ar-15 is an expensive investment. They also failed to mention that the cocktail of meds the sandy hook shooter was taking for his mental illness is the same one taken my almost every mass shooter in the last 25 years ! That little fact was left out. The media is a joke. A bunch of yes men to the government that only seeks to keep us under its boot and further their own greed for power and wealth. The few having ultimate power over the many. Change in our favor can only come from the people telling the political officials " your fired ". We hired them to protect our intrests, and they have failed us. In any sense of the word, any of us would be sent packing from our jobs for failing to do just that, our job. They lie, cheat, try to take our rights away insted of protecting them, go around the laws set to keep them in check, and then tell us we are not smart enough to tell them they are wrong. They are like bratty children, and should be told so.

  20. In response to Anonymous January 29, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Assault rifles and personal defense weapons, what is in a name, and why? Deep questions, here are a few more.

    How ill your AR-15 protect you from bio weapons, which the government has in abundance? ( That would look really good to
    the rest of the world, maybe it might even open up this stupid
    government to foreign intervention against it.)

    How will your AR-15 protect you from chemtrails which can be adapted from their current slow poison profile to death from the sky?
    (See above.)

    How will your AR-15 protect you from EMF weapons directed at you from a location you cannot even pin point?
    (Again,see above.)

    How will your AR-15 protect you from the thousands of drones which are already taking flight?
    ( Drones sure aren't winning wars in the middle east are they ? The
    Taliban and Al-Qaeda are still going strong.)

    Call it whatever you want, AR-15 purse, AR-15 assault weapon, or AR-15 frying has zero value against the arsenal of your adversary. ( Cute and typical elitist smug sarcasm. Ever hear of something called guerilla warfare ? Really, who would expect to defeat a tank or fighter jet with and ar-15 ? And if these rifles are
    so worthless in warfare, why are infantry issued them in fully
    auto ?)

    YOU know your AR-15 gives you an edge over someone with a .38 special, you know it. Why do you fools continue to harbor your fantasies about a shoot out with some government agency where you win the day and keep everyone safe? Oh yeah, Hollywood sold you those fantasies, and you just can't let go. Wake up, and stop buying guns.
    ( Let's just huddle in the fetal position when push comes to shove. Let's just allow government continue to rape us of our rights and freedoms. I know, the ballot box will change everything right ?
    Hollywood and the media sold you that fantasy bub. What agency pays you to post as a shill on websites? )

  21. I am going to file the proper paperwork to get a FULL AUTO AK47. MOLON LABE.

  22. The thing that is being overlooked, is that a "select fire" weapon is NOT an AR15. Select fire means a select switch between semi-auto (which an AR15 is limited to) and either full auto or 3 round auto burst.