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Washington Governor Encouraged After Marijuana Legalization Meeting with Feds

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It appears that the US Department of Justice may indeed let Washington state proceed with marijuana legalization.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee met with US Attorney General Eric Holder this week to discuss marijuana legalization in the state. Inslee said the meeting was "very satisfying" and that he was "encouraged" that the Feds will respect the will of Washington voters.

This past Election Day Washington voters passed Initiative 502 by a wide margin of 56-44, joining Colorado to legalize recreational marijuana.

“I do believe it is my duty to follow the intentions of the voters of Washington” Inslee said. “I went into this (Holder meeting) believing our state should go ahead with implementation. Nothing that I heard dissuaded me from that view.”

According to Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who attended the meeting with Inslee, the purpose of the meeting was to "avoid a legal fight" with a federal government that still considers marijuana illegal.

In a statement, Ferguson called the meeting with Holder "cordial" and "successful" as he and the governor "communicated Washington state’s intention to move forward in implementing I-502."

The biggest concern that Holder and the Justice Department expressed was how Washington will "prevent distribution of marijuana outside the state.”

If marijuana that was legally grown in Washington state was transported over state lines, the Feds could invoke the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to enforce federal prohibition of cannabis.

Washington state also held its second hearing to hash out the regulations for Initiative 502 last week. The meeting was standing room only and drew pot entrepreneurs from all over the country.

The video below details the hearing as well as Inslee's meeting with Holder:

Inslee and Ferguson are hopeful that the Obama Administration will let Washington move forward with legalization without interference. This would likely encourage the many other states now considering legalization.

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Anonymous said...

Asking the Fed for permission is legitimizing their authority. The State has authority - not the FEDERAL government.

aahpat said...

Tell Congress: End The Jim Crow Pot War In 2013

Ending The Jim Crow Pot War in 2013

Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the powerful U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and a sympathetic ear to pot reform issues, is planning hearings soon to consider

the federal response to the legalization votes in Colorado and Washington states.

We can end the war on pot if we engage Sen. Leahy and the Congress NOW on this issue. The war against pot begins and ends in the U.S. Congress.

The time to act is now.

If Leahy is your senator PLEASE consider writing to him and asking that the Congress consider removing cannabis from Schedule One of the Controlled Substances

Act and instead include it in subtitle E of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 for distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages and tobacco. This would allow the states to

regulate cannabis as they see is best in their communities.

If Leahy is not your senator you can write to your senators and ask them for forward to Leahy your wish that Congress consider removing pot from Schedule One of

the Controlled Substances Act and instead include it in subtitle E of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 for distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages and tobacco. You

might also express your wishes that your U.S. senators and Representatives join you in your advocacy on this issue to Sen. Leahy.

Anonymous said...

Watch Washington become an economic powerhouse with low unemployment, fast.

Anonymous said...

Legalization of Cannabis sends the wrong signal to the young. It really does. What impact will that have on the small children coming up in a climate that encourages even more altering of the mind/body. It's escapism from reality. Will there be more sloth in the future?

Axiom said...

Legalization of Cannabis sends the RIGHT signal to the young.
It says to them we are not stupid adults producing increased usage by prohibiting it and we are not fascist adults denying someone else the right to consume what the hell they want in THEIR OWN bodies !

Anonymous said...

I honestly cant wait for it to be legal. To the poster above you said and i quote.***What impact will that have on the small children coming up in a climate that encourages even more altering of the mind/body. It's escapism from reality.*****))) alcohol does the same thing. You as a mother/father have a legal right ((as with all drugs and substance's )))to say no to it in your house and to teach them what it does. This isn't about you nor will it ever be. it is about the millions that feel it is their right to smoke it grow it and use it for products . It can be used for healing , medical , paper, oils , clothing and much more. It is a natural resource and frankly if you had any ounce you would research the reason's behind many who would like to see it legal. Not just for a good ole time (which some will do) but for moral reasons. The US government needs to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

It is proven that cannabis cures cancer (Harvard). As a parent its OUR job to EDUCATE our children on drugs, alcohol and herbal healing medicine. No different than teaching our children to not over eat sugar or caffeine. Cannabis cures disease. You can't overdose on cannabis and you can shrink a brain tumor or cure skin cancer. Maybe a joint from time to time would get people to chill out, be in the present moment and appreciate being human for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Youtube "Run from the Cure"

Rick Simpson has allegedly been curing some cancers with hemp oil.

An MD Anderson cancer research, of all people, cured his prostate cancer using Rick Simpson oil.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If people up in Washington start curing their cancer with this stuff... the Pheds will be on you like white on rice... that's my prediction.

If you smoke it and act silly - no problem. The jails are already full, no need sticking more people in them. When the jails lighten up, though... might have to crack down. Especially those private prisons.

BTW, I wouldn't recommend using any mind altering drug for anything other than legit medicinal purposes.

That should be by free choice, though.

As for children, teach them the bankster hand maiden government grows the drugs in Afghanistan, the bankster hand maiden government arms the drug cartels to murder the non bankster affiliated drug runners, the bankster handmaiden government protects their masters' corporate banking fronts when they launder hundreds of billions in drug money every year, the bankster hand maiden government cuts deals with their bankster aligned drug cartels to ship in the drugs, the bankster handmaiden government uses the drug laws to try and seize paid off property (like a hotel a few articles away from this one), the bankster handmaiden government uses their bankster lobbied gun laws to fill up the bankster financed/controlled private prison system (to feed slave labor to their other corporate/government fronts and feed the drug trafficking industry in the future as well as generate criminals to terrorize law abiding citizens so they run to the bankster handmaiden government for "help" and, last but not least, use the Fast and Furious gun running operation to blame the Second Amendment so that they can disarm the population just ahead of their bankster/government duopoly engineered economic collapse.

Somehow, when you know the truth, doing drugs loses all it allure. It ain't counterculture cool, people.

It is sheeple dumb to use international banking cartel supported illegal drugs.

Hide Behind said...

Washington State is not looking to cures or to raise economy of its populace but to increase its control and taxation to finance a State bureaucracy already out of controll.
All one has to do is read the law carefully to see openings as large as airplane hangers for the states new roll as overseer will come in.
It has long been one of easiest states to get medicinal permits and the highest per capita economic areas of Olympia/Seattle/ Tacoma having more registrants than rest of state combined.
They alone were more than enough to carry the bill.
They who pushed ( no make that wrote the followers were believing their own inhales) damn well know and understand the flaws in it but say oh that's alrigjt we will foc it later on.
Criminalize and Legalize are both under Government power and to lealize foes not always mean more freerfom from goverent control.
Just as is now with gasoline the state recieves more in tax than any other entity upon its sale so too will ee soon see pot the same.

Anonymous said...

The feds lie. Mark these words. The feds lie. Just wait.

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