Top CNET Writer Resigns in Protest, Reveals Systematic Sellout of Corporate Media

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  • Richard Sievert

    CPS shoulders one!

    • Rockandroll84101

      no shit, ya, you’re right…..the cia set up a person to audit them so that they once and for all could make an example out of her…..she was….NANCY SCHAEFER….rep from georgia, she was supposed to be all out against the cps fraud going to all lengths, her husband got fast onset cancer and took her with him……..supposedly, but you know……its the gig, now….who will try and audit them again?….NOBODY, EVER, EVER EVER!, I am mad at this, but in writing this it seems to me myself like this could be someone gisting the prowess of the cia but I am not for them and their killings, i stand against them….someone soon should come along and take them all down, God willing.

      • Richard Sievert

        Nancy will set on God’s lap everyone she tried protecting will be her friend we don’t know the time or hour because you wouldn’t want too her husband was made sick as a gimich to slay the white- rabbit it’s not to late for the via too right the kill by turning the big bad wolf slayer too the grave and the three four two one ants also!
        If there was ever a time for man to kindle – flames now is the time because you will be saved from room 444 7th for the reply.

  • Richard Sievert

    ↗One two knock-out!

  • Richard Sievert

    Four years late but you get a denarios and a sheckle!

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