Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top CNET Writer Resigns in Protest, Reveals Systematic Sellout of Corporate Media

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Anonymous said...

awesome subs.... hahaha

Anonymous said...

At this point, trusting the 'media' is simply a fool's errand. As for corporate influences over stories they find offensive to their interests, I think most of us suspected for years this was the case. What few knew is just how pervasive such censorship is. Ironically, the power over media by the elite uber wealthy & the political, makes corporate influences pale in comparison. Media is no longer a respected profession & in some cases, citizens see media as detrimental to the safety & security of the nation.

Hide Behind said...

Pssssdttt There were most likely 50 a hundred or more applcations for his position within hours and the HR person knew not a one of them would ever complain about stifling news content.
In fact the header for this piece was colored red when most appropriate color should be yellow.
It blazes out a wild report that gives an impression that a caped crusader stands chest thrust out demanding freedom of the press but then the issue of why what and then takes you away from him.
An investigative reporter would of first looked at the item rejected, the background of the person and how he led his group and the interpersonal dynamics of a parent corpover one of its minions.
Who was stooping who and who wanted to be stooped or stooping so they would move up the ladder
Wether this was a long running inter office battle, was the guy a little to cizy to product or too far from vorporates srt distances, none of this do we know and never will.
IN his position that timeline is actually beyond normal length,4 years, and in many cases of longevity the boss turns org into a fifrdom under his and not corpoates image.
AH like I ssid it is a gpod tag line to titilate and speculate and the only avvomplishment was like woman ssaid it focused on this singular item and.person but as to any real meat on issue it was no more tan a generalized bitch session.
Remember the Maine head. Line got a lot of mexican spanish Phillipines and of course americans dead; And it all was because Hertz wanted to sell a lot of newspapers.
Now that maybe yellow journalisms finest iinthe past but those boys back then wrte pikers compared to our corporate yellow journalist of today.

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