Sunday, January 6, 2013

Technocratic Fiat Implosions and the Battle Over Gold

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

In 2011, the technocrats devised a scheme, with the assistance of Hans Hoogervorst, appointed chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, that Europe would be included in IFRS9, a new rule that eliminates mark-to-market accounting of sovereign debt from the European Central Bank’s balance sheets.

When mark-to-market practices were installed in 2009, it led to a short-term market recovery, which presented a false positive as banking institutions no longer had to provide capital to promote long-term financial stability. In the Euro-Zone, banks can now conduct business as sovereign debt becomes the only path that can be taken by countries being affected by the technocratic takeover.

Under the guise of creating jobs, Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, is buying back mortgage-backed securities. At a steady $85 billion per month, Bernanke is quickly becoming the biggest landowner in the United States. This plot is turning Federal Reserve fiat into hard assets at an alarming rate, as the technocrats implode fiat currencies across the globe.

As the multinational corporations have moved domestic US manufacturing offshore, our nation has been severely deindustrialized. Because of the North American Free Trade Act  combined with QE3, the central bankers can drive up food costs to astronomical levels while acquiring commodities futures on the stock market to profit from this planned implosion.

As the value of the US dollar drops consistently, BRICs nations have begun backing their fiat with precious metals like gold. When China trades with Iran to obtain oil with gold, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cannot manipulate the system as they have done for decades whereby they took excess US dollars acquired and purchased US Treasury bonds to prop-up the US financial system.

The result of the actions of BRICs nations is the systematic death of the petrodollar, and the US dollar as the global reserve currency. Without money laundered from OPEC to the US Treasury, there is less financial backing for the Zionist funding for war in the Middle East.

To further punish BRICs nations for circumventing the technocrats, the New York Department of Financial Services announced that the Standard Chartered Bank, housed in the UK, would have their operations suspended because of $250 billion that were transacted to Iran, as US regulators use financial terrorism against this Middle Eastern nation.

In October, President Obama signed an executive order that claims governmental authority to steal money out of customer bank accounts of those judged to have assisted Iran with “certain transactions” that would facilitate their ability to economize on their petroleum resources. And this agenda is hidden within the EO that redirects attention to the sanctions imposed by the US and UK.

Obama has empowered himself, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the US Treasury to use authority imbued to them by the President that the US government would impose any amount of sanctions on Iran for the sake of bringing the nation to its economic knees.

This includes prohibition of:
  • US banks loaning money to Iran or any person involved in Iranian interests.
  • Using credit cards to facilitate interests of Iran or any person involved with Iran.
  • Acquisition of property and interests in property by the US government of any person suspected of aiding Iran or their interests.
  • Sanctioning individuals against investing or purchasing with intended profit for Iran.
  • Prohibition of individuals importing goods, services, or technology for the benefit of Iran.
With the US dollar failing, the only out by the technocrats is to further implode the fiat so that a new global currency can be introduced. The Institute of International Finance (IIF), a group of technocrats that represent 420 banking cartels and financing houses have joined the cry for a one world currency.

One Troy Ounce Silver Medallion
In May, The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) issued a report proposing that the current system of world currencies and capital rules that govern the world’s economy need to be altered in order to stabilize our economic crisis.

UNCTAD wants to see the BRICs countries, known as the non-aligned nations, considered surplus nations, cut their imbalances, thereby taking the financial burden off of the UK and US as upholding the global reserve currency.

A global monetary system that replaces the US dollar as the global reserve currency will accomplish this goal.

The UN proposes a complete overhaul. In the report “Adapting the International Monetary System to Face 21st Century Challenges”, they call for:
more intense debate on and reforms to the international monetary system imply that the current system is unable to respond appropriately and adequately to challenges that have appeared, or have become more acute, in recent years. This paper focuses on four such challenges: ensuring an orderly exit from global imbalances, facilitating more complementary adjustments between surplus and deficit countries without recessionary impacts, better supporting international trade by reducing currency volatility and better providing development and climate finance. After describing them, it proposes reforms to enable the international monetary system to better respond to these challenges.
They recommend movement toward a global currency that will replace all current currencies. Revaluation will be accessed and the worth of money would redistribute with oversight of the IMF, WTO and ultimately the United Nations.

Zionist-controlled Goldman Sachs has directed their clients to sell their stocks as the US economy falls over the financial cliff created by the technocrats. David Kostin, chief US equity strategist for Goldman Sachs explained:
Political realities and last year’s precedent suggest the potential that Congress fails to reach agreement in addressing the fiscal cliff is greater than what most investors seem to believe based on our client conversations.
Knowing that there is a big push in the financial world for acquiring hard assets, George Soros has sold his stock in CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs and is buying a reported $130 million worth of gold.

According to the World Gold Council, the central bankers are also amassing massive amounts of gold to the tune of 157.5 metric tons in 2012.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

Technocrats are non-partisan experts chosen to guide govt policy. Is that a bad thing?

Susan previously said that NATO would confiscate all our guns by xmas......did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

@ Dale - "Susan previously said that NATO would confiscate all our guns by xmas......did I miss something?"

Yes you did.

Although there may be some question by some here of whether Susanne Posel is a "shill" agent of the system simply fear-mongering or not officially she has never claimed to be part of the system and thus can't know anything for certain.

She made a prediction, which at the time the way things were going regarding the (claimed) Sandy Hook incident and with "Doomsday' looming overhead it made sense.

But like all predictions at best it had a 50/50 chance of being correct, and it turned out to be a 0/100 chance(thankfully).

Only a fool would assume that a prediction by someone who's not an "insider"(officially), or even by an "insider" for that matter, was a certainty.

I've made probably thousands of predictions in my lifetime and probably a good 70% of the time or more I have been completely and totally wrong, which usually is a good thing.

But about 30% of the time those predictions have been right on the money, or at least partially or mostly correct.

Just because she was wrong in one prediction(or more) that she made doesn't mean she is wrong about everything.

An intelligent person will take her views and predictions into account as a possibility, nothing more.

Dismissing her views on every issue because of a failed prediction or two is just very closed-minded in my opinion.

Her incorrect prediction on that matter has little or nothing to do with the topic she discusses here in this article.


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