Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seattle protester files suit after video shows police lie

Screenshot - video below
Mikael Thalen, Contributor
Activist Post

Maria Morales, a 30-year-old Iraq war veteran, describes what happened to her at the 2012 May Day protests in Seattle.

“I have somebody’s knee right on my neck, I can’t breathe. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t know what I’m being arrested for.”

Seattle police had their hands full when a peaceful protest turned violent after dozens of protesters in black clothing and masks began breaking windows, spray painting cars, and slashing tires. One officer was even reportedly hit in the face by a glass jar.

Seattle police officer Sonya Fry claimed that the arrest and later assault charge was because Morales had cursed at her and punched her in the chest. “If it’s your testimony against the testimony of a police officer, you’re going to lose every time,” said Darryl Parker, Morales' lawyer.

Luckily for Morales video of her arrest appeared on YouTube, showing officer Sonya throwing Morales to the ground. The case against Morales was immediately dropped after the prosecution saw the video.

“I want to believe the reason people do their job is because they like it and they’re there to protect citizens and this is not something they should have done,” Morales said.

SPD would not comment on the case. Morales claims due to the lawsuit against her, shot lost her home and her job as an emergency medical technician. Morales who is pregnant, also says she is worried about the stress that has been put on her baby.

Morales says she hopes that her lawsuit against the city will stop other people from being falsely arrested in the future.

A girl is thrown onto bikes by her hair for trying to leave when police asked her to.

Mikael Thalen is a political activist and a self proclaimed history buff and current events junkie. He prides himself on being non partisan and standing up for fiscal responsibility and personal liberty in government. You may contact Mikael with your comments and questions.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! They yanked her hair and threw her on a bicycle...

I wish instead of dropping the case after seeing the footage, they had charged the officer for LYING and false accusations, and for brutality! Why do they simply drop the case after law enforcement LIES?

Anonymous said...

There are only ever charges against police officers when massive public outrage puts them into a bad PR situation.

The rest of the time the police are above the law.

Until their uniforms come off and then they become potential victims of the police state like everyone else.

Sadly it's not until an officer experiences being victimized by his or her "brothers in blue" that they actually are awakened to that harsh reality that what they actually stand for is a far cry away from what they are taught/indoctrinated to believe they stand for.

And then they are in a tough position where they can't really say or do much about it without ostracizing themselves further from their "brotherhood" and becoming even further victimized(like being locked up in a mental hospital for reporting corruption).

Thanks to this video there may be a chance for charges against the officer yet if public outrage grows loud enough, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that.


Anonymous said...

SPD has a very strong and extremely corrupt union, with City Hall under their thumb. Don't expect anything to change.

Paul Rowlandson said...

Well,I certainly hope you don't believe your lying eyes. Our men in uniform, exist only to serve and protect, so don't bad mouth them and don't provide video to the contrary; it's unpatriotic and could show that you belong in a mental institution.
Rule No.1 : The police are always right
Rule No.2 : When the police are wrong, refer to Rule No.1.

Anonymous said...

hey paul you need some help oh yeah go fuck yourself like the rest of youn dicks

Anonymous said...

the boys in blue are now the men in black.

Anonymous said...

It is funny when the people that are suppose to protect you cause the most harm. I say put the bikes in charge atlest we would know were we stand.

Ian said...

They are putting on a false face. Their body actions reveal that they are frightened of getting out of control.

Anonymous said...

'Passive resistance exposes the true nature of those officers who are unfit for service. If this failure to punish these power hungry perverts persists, the crowds will eventually organize bringing an end to the police reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

When will the masses realize, that it is more of us, than it it them. Point Blank Period. They know this (hence) police brtuality. People quit turning in your guns for food or whatever they are offering. Hell wwhat thay are offering is not even equal to the value of your fire arm. IJS

Anonymous said...

You people with this policy of "Non Violence".... When will you get tired of "feeding" thier system?... You protest, you get arrested, you pay fines, they get bonuses... you go to hospital, you get bills... They win, you lose... and you accomplish what? not a damn thang...

m said...

We humans can be horrible creatures.

Anonymous said...

You people with this policy of "Non Violence".... When will you get tired of "feeding" thier system?... You protest, you get arrested, you pay fines, they get bonuses... you go to hospital, you get bills... They win, you lose... and you accomplish what? not a damn thang...

You people with this policy of buying another gun every time FoxNews tells you to..........when will you get tired of spending hundreds of dollars on another gun at Walmart and feeding the corporate monsters who rule over us???? You buy a gun, you go home and look at it, oil it, look at yourself in the mirror holding it...........and you accomplish what? not a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

@Anon January 4, 2013 8:59 AM - "and you accomplish what? not a damn thing."

Actually they accomplish giving the police/military reasons to use all of their high-tech weaponry they keep piling up.

Without people like that all that weaponry would go to waste.

Short of arming themselves with anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft weapons and other "heavy weapons" which are all prohibited already by law they won't achieve much else.

But it makes them feel good to know they could at least fire off a few shots in return before being torn apart by vastly superior weaponry.

In fairness if a police officer or two with handguns or shotguns come knocking having even a small handgun yourself could save you maybe.

If martial law comes knocking with a dozen or more soldiers with military grade weaponry and good training then having those guns actually puts them in a worse position than those without guns.

There are pro's and con's to every scenario.


Anonymous said...

They should have held this evidence back from the prosecution, let the cop lie on the stand, then offered this video to "impeach the officer's testimony" and get her ass on the Brady List.

She still filed a false police report. I hope that Morales wins big and gets the lying scumbag cop fired.

Anonymous said...

Can there be a follow up to this? I'd like to know where I can donate money for her, if $100 of my dollars turns onto millions for her when she sues these fascist swine I would feel like I was doing my duty as a true patriot and American citizen.

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