Friday, February 1, 2013

Public Schools Torturing Students with Behavior Problems


This video shows the shocking ways that public schools all around the country are dealing with students with behavioral issues. What's most disturbing is that these clear methods of torture under any definition are LEGAL in public schools.

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Anonymous said...

If "they" did that to my kid I'd be in jail.

ABC propaganda in support of privatization???

iaincarstairs said...

This is what happens when Darwinism and the atheists take over. What else can you expect from this type of philosophy? To them, man is just a beast, not much diferent than rats or flies. Everything is a matter of survival at someone else's expense.

Anonymous said...

"This is what happens when Darwinism and the atheists take over"

Yea, because the fucking Christians have such a tolerant history. Perhaps the crusades will ring a bell.

Fucking religious people always blame everyone else. The problem is the entire system in US. We need to go back to the constitution, remember the one about not respecting any religion, dump are current government and get back to a constitutional republic government run by the states. Period.

Burn the churches down is a good start as well. Get rid of the club house of the pedophiles.

As to the first anon posting, right behind you brother. I would definitely be in jail .... This type of treatment is to be expected when the moral compass of the country is set by the government, which engages in torture, secret rendition, NDAA, drones killing children and all the other atrocities committed by our government. Note all presidents claim to be Christian, yet they are the animals.

Anonymous said...

I will say it again : Home School your kids. Find a way.

ATHEoST said...

Um, iaincarstairs, your comment shows that you are quite ignorant. Atheists have ZERO responsibility for our country going to shit. Perhaps you're just trolling... Can you really be that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the kids should behave???? If not, take them out of the mainstream classroom. We're a weak nation that accepts a lack of behavioral decorum in the schools and then wonders why that behavior then emerges in the mainstream public!

Anonymous said...

These children have behavioral problems because of poor diet, toxic medications, and bad genetics. It is not about discipline they are poisoned.
Everyone of the mass shooters was on head meds or in withdrawal. Pharmaceuticals not illegal drugs. Study done of serial killers showed that 90% were not processing copper properly. This can be avoided with DNA testing and targeted supplimentation. Many "mental illnesses can be attributed to mineral derangement and or heavy metal toxicity. [which causes MD].

Anonymous said...

If a parent did that they would be thrown in jail for child abuse and would have lost their children forever. Another example of how government is exempt from their own laws.

Plus, this is type of treatment escalates the behavior and does not teach a child socially appropriate behavior or, most importantly, how to change their behavior. What this is about is unquestioned authority. Scary thought with police arresting 5 year old kids, this and now people wanting to put armed guards in schools. It seems to me that it is a good way to teach the next generation not to question authority and give all power to authority.

If you want your kids to be safe, loved, and not to be treated like animals, find a way to home school while you still can.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Let my kid come and tell me something like this occurred in school.

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad we homeschool! My kids are happier and healthier.

Anonymous said...

In fifty years time nobody under sixty years old will know any different from this state brutality, and if they can't defeat the older generations because of active resistance they can get their totalitarian state through playing the waiting game in the knowledge we all die, and the experience of freedom dies with the last of us.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do (I am 57 y/o)that we in America have past a Rubicon and have slipped into total insanity?

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