Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pandemic Watch: Another insider announces that a global pandemic is imminent

Janet C. Phelan

Dr. J. Joseph Kim, founder and director of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, has recently declared that a global pandemic is “inevitable” in the next couple of years.

Quoted in an article in US News onDecember 24, Dr. Kim opined that a global bird flu pandemic would result in a considerable death rate, stating, "I really believe we were lucky in 2009 [with the swine flu] because the strain that won out was not particularly lethal," he says. "Bird flu kills over 60 percent of people that it infects, regardless of health or age. It is a phenomenal killing machine—our only saving grace thus far is the virus has not yet jumped to humans."

Through his declaration of the imminent nature of a pandemic, Kim adds his name to a growing list of insiders who are stating that we are shortly facing a disease event of a global magnitude. WMD Center Executive Director Randall Larsen, former Senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent and Dr. Daniel Gerstein of the Department of Homeland Security have also been reported as making these predictions.

At the very time that our attention is focused on the possibility of losing our rights to defend ourselves via our potential loss of our second amendment rights, the insidious possibility of a global pandemic is lurking....well, right under our pavement.

The possibility for utilization of the water system as a delivery system for a pandemic-type agent remains salient. Recent disclosures as to the existence of imposter pharmaceuticals which may also induce disease and death, coupled with reams of documentation as to the dangers already resulting from vaccines, present a multiplicity of mechanisms for population reduction.

Truthfully, I prefer the word “genocide” to “population reduction.” Given the selective nature of delivery systems already in place, it is very likely that when the (engineered) pandemic hits, it will only affect certain types of humans. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that at the time of deployment, our public health officials will declare that certain races “appeared” to be more vulnerable to the toxic agent, when in fact only predetermined groups were exposed. This is how selectivity in terms of delivery system works.

Dr. J. Joseph Kim launched Inovio after working for Merck and Co, where he was a senior vaccine developer and led efforts in manufacturing and process development for several products and developmental therapeutics. These new products include vaccines for hepatitis as well as developmental vaccines and therapeutics for HIV/AIDS.

Merck has been under scrutiny for a number of years for problems with its products, including drugs such as Temodar, PegIntron, and Intron A. Questions have also been raised concerning the safety of some of Merck's vaccines. Some of the recent concerns follow:
  • In 2008, the FDA issued a warning letter to the Merck vaccine production facility in Pennsylvania after citing multiple violations of manufacturing rules.
  • In 2011, 13 vials of the Merck Gardasil vaccine, from six different countries were tested by SANE Vax, which found that all were contaminated with genetically modified HPV DNA. The package insert had claimed for the last five years that the vaccine contained no viral DNA.
  • In 2011, Merck recalled over a million doses of HIB and HIB/Hep B vaccines due to possible contamination.
  • Again in 2011, concerns were raised when Merck vaccines were found to be contaminated with plastic.
  • Merck was again in the news in 2012 when headlines announced that its HIV vaccine actually appeared to facilitate the onset of the disease.
Dr. Kim left Merck and founded VGX Pharmaceuticals in 2000. He was appointed director and CEO of Inovio in 2009 and combined VGX with Inovio Biomedical in that year to form Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

Inovio continues to partner with Merck, according to the Inovio website.

Inovio is working on a universal flu vaccine and has also developed DNA vaccines which use the broken DNA of viruses rather than the viruses themselves. Inovio is also pioneering the use of electroporation in its vaccine delivery systems. This utilizes small pulses to open cell membranes for milliseconds, allowing strands of a virus' broken DNA to enter the cell.

Inovio has received $28 billion in funding over the past 24 months from the National Institutes of Health, most of which was allocated to the HIV vaccine, according to Dr. Kim. Inovio reports partnering with the Department of Homeland Security and the US military.

Dr. Kim is a member of The Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Kim did not respond to calls from this reporter.

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Anonymous said...

Right on time, here we go with the ramped-up 'season flu' -- always gets worse.

Anonymous said...

"our only saving grace thus far is the virus has not yet jumped to humans."
That,s probably what they are correcting right now so next time the unleash it more people will surely die

Anonymous said...

"Right on time, here we go with the ramped-up 'season flu' -- always gets worse."

Are you implying that the seasonal flu is somehow engineered?

It's a possibility I guess but there is a natural reason for the flu and other ailments getting worse at this time of year - when it gets colder the electrostatic environment of the Earth becomes far more supportive to germs and viruses and bacterias and such.

When exposed to the high energy electricity/plasma of the "Solar Wind" even relatively mundane bacteria and such goes into over-drive(basically becoming a "super-bug"), as shown by a NASA experiment not long ago.

More electrical energy = greatly boosted growth and strength of the bacterias/germs/viruses, and greater resistance to treatments.

There is a reason that during the winter "static electricity" becomes a far more prevelant issue, the same reason the highest energy locations on Earth at the North and South Poles(where the 'Solar Wind' is 'funneled' into the Earth's atmosphere producing the aurora's) are the coldest places on the planet.

Ironically though it's actually worse in the relatively warmer areas due to the fact that in the colder places people usually are bundled up more and thus less likely to spread the viruses, and there is usually smaller populations as well.

That's also why if a major natural or manufactured pandemic is going to hit it will likely be relatively soon, within the winter season most likely when the natural increased electrical environment will assist in spreading it much faster and make it much harder to combat.

But hopefully myself and all these doctors and "insiders" are wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

"Dr. Kim is a member of The Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum."
thank you for the useful information Kim, more just as useful...
sky is blue,
water is wet,
Dr's only practice,
"Dr. Kim left Merck and founded VGX Pharmaceuticals in 2000. He was appointed director and CEO of Inovio in 2009 and combined VGX with Inovio Biomedical in that year to form Inovio Pharmaceuticals."
WHATT??? Kim makes his living from vaccines/phamra???
vaccine companies sell vaccine's for profit,to idiots
the flu is one of the least of our worries especially since the gang of 535 is back in session.

angryoldgit said...

Of course there will be a new Bird Flu pandemic, when the labs of Big Pharm, finally manage to concoct one.
The last swine flue pandemic was designed to cause thousands of deaths, by lacing the vaccine, manufactured by, Baxters, with LIVE bird flu virus. This was discovered by Czech scientists who decided to test supplies waiting to be distributed to 15 countries. The death toll would have been horrendous.
However, the WHO shrugged and said that rare flu viruses were routinely released into populations, via vaccination in order that drug companies could test the effectiveness of their vaccines.
As far as I am aware, using human beings as lab test rats, without their knowledge or consent, is a crime against humanity. Of this I am certain, no one will stick another needle containing vaccines in my arm.

Anonymous said...

This "insider" is a CEO of a vax company. He's not an insider, he's a eugenicist pushing death and fear.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope they are working on a global pandemic. Industrial civilisation is collapsing. You may not have noticed tuned into your electronic gizmo or watching inane garbage on TV, but is is collapsing. We passed the sustainable level of human population about 6 Billion people ago. Reality is simply catching up. When it does there are two scenarios. Complete and total wipeout. Survivors won't want to survive Or. Wipeout 6 Billion now and and completely change the way society operates. We have good chance in the latter scenario and no chance if we take the ostrich approach. It's that simple. I came to the conclusion a few years ago that the only method that makes sense is a global pandemic. If you don't understand what I'm saying you need to research Peak oil, peak gas, peak everything. Arable land and potable water depletion, fertiliser and gas, methane gas releases in the arctic and antarctic, Also understand that renewable energy is a myth and will accelerate our demise.

Anonymous said...

A global pandemic 100 times worse than spanish flu would be a blessing in disguise. It would solve 90% of our problems over night.

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