Friday, January 11, 2013

Operation Homeland Liberty Kicks Off January 15, 2013 to Stop NDAA's Indefinite Detention

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On January 3, 2013, People Against the NDAA (PANDA) launched Operation Homeland Liberty. The goal of this operation is to stop the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) in all 50 states across America by December 31st, 2013.

This effort is being launched for two main reasons. Firstly, we now have the network and resources necessary to push back against this encroachment by the Federal government. The Tenth Amendment Center, Patriot Coalition, Freedom Outpost, Western Journalism, and We Are 1776, among others, are assisting us in restoring the Constitution nationwide.

Secondly, we are running against the clock. Even though the courageous efforts from the plaintiffs in Hedges v. Obama have elicited one ruling that the NDAA is unconstitutional, the civil liberties score of the 2nd Circuit Court of appeals and the Supreme Court leave little chance that ruling will be upheld in the higher courts. Odds are, the NDAA will be ruled Constitutional by 2014.

If the NDAA is declared Constitutional before there is a major stand from the states, it will then be extremely difficult to restore the rights usurped by this legislation. Very few County Commissioners, City Councilmen, State Representatives and Sheriffs will take a stand against the NDAA once it has been declared Constitutional.

Because we are running against this clock and now have the network to combat this tyrannical law, we launched Operation Homeland Liberty. We are kicking off this operation in Wood County, OH on January 15th, 2013 @9:15 am in the Wood County Courthouse.

If you are in the area, please join us at the event. We are aiming to have 100 people attend. If you are not in the area, please call the Wood County Commissioners at 419-354-9100 and politely urge them to use PANDA’s resolution to stop the NDAA in Wood County, OH.

50 states. 365 days. This is Operation Homeland Liberty. We will stop the NDAA and restore the Constitution in all 50 states by December 31st, 2013.  

Bookmark this page (CTRL+D), and check back at least once a week for new actions. You can take action below. Even if you are from a different state, every call and action helps:



Rep. Tom McMillin's NDAA bill is to be considered as the "first item on the agenda" for 2013. We want to push this until it is signed into law, and made great headway last year.


Call Michigan legislators NOW:




Wood County


PANDA is presenting on the NDAA in front of the Wood County Commissioners on January 15th, 2013. We are attempting to bring a resolution forth to stop the NDAA.


We have a lot of goodwill built up with the Commissioners in Wood County, OH. We want to keep this very polite.

If you are in the area, our goal is to get 100 people to attend. Please attend the event:

If you aren't close enough or can't attend, please call Commissioners Jim Carter and Joel Kuhlman at (419) 354-9100 and urge them to introduce our legislation to stop the NDAA.



Sen. Glenn Grothman, and Sen. Fitzgerald were approached by PANDA Wisconsin about NDAA legislation.


Call Sen. Glenn Grothman and politely demand that they introduce legislation to stop the NDAA in Wisconsin:

Glen Grothman: (608) 266-7513

Scott Fitzgerald: (608) 266-5660
PANDA Contact:

Dan Johnson

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Anonymous said...

This is a valiant effort and there are a lot of people hoping the action is successful, but there is a big fly in the ointment.

Americans have been conditioned to play by the rules and to respect the law and that's our Achilles heel. The other side, the Bush/Obama gang et al, doesn't play by any rules.

That's why it was futile to expect an "election" would actually result in change. It's also futile to expect our judicial system or our fifth estate to work as intended.

It should be getting pretty obvious to most people that our system is broken beyond repair by normal means. As long as we play "nice nice" and play by the rules with those who have perverted the power of government, we are doomed.

When the ruling that the NDAA is constitutional, it shouldn't be met with anything but laughter. Total disrespect for our judicial system is the only fitting response. Once we recognize how foolish we've been to listen to anything those who have stolen our country have said, can we begin to make some REAL changes.

joeshmo said...

First off, couldn't you guy's have come up with a less sissy name? PANDA? Really?? Somehow Im just not feeling the cause. If anything the acronym is counterproductive from the gate. First impressions are often everything. The name is about as about as LAME as those morons who don 17th century costumes while attending Tea Party rallies. How do you take the cause seriously?

PANDA sounds like something one might name a kids musical or maybe a chinese fast food chain.

Newsflash!!!, They dont play by the rules and they dont obey the laws they write. This mission is a pure waste of time. Its actually laughable.

How can you be so naive and or gullible to believe that you are doing anything other than buying more time and space for the criminal empire to operate. Wanna make a point? You need a kill list starting at the top....PERIOD. All that Mr Nice Guy play by the rules crap proves you are are already OWNED and TRAINED.

As long as there is a group called PANDA at the forefront of the fight for Constitutional rights of Americans,, the Establishment has nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever read the limitations of Federal Legislative Jurisdiction? I think most have not. So, before anyone goes off to rectify something that actually DOES NOT APPLY to the people of the several states and gets the right answer to the wrong question, I'll give a short explanation and then post several links outlining FEDERAL JURISDICTION and a link to an actual study commissioned by former President Eisenhower, whereby 48 Attorneys General researched and submitted a report of said study which will show that Federal Legislative Jurisdiction is limited to the ten mile square of DC, its territories and enclaves, thereby proving that the NDAA and any and all oppressive Federal Statutes, including, but not limited to all gun laws, cannot lawfully apply to most American Nationals. Ironically, it does apply to Elected officials, government employees and certain classes of persons!

So please, before anybody thoroughly embarrass themselves, first read these links and get the right answer to the right question.


In the United States, there are two separate and distinct jurisdictions, one being that of the States within their own territorial boundaries and the other being federal jurisdiction. Broadly speaking, state jurisdiction encompasses the legislative power to regulate, control and govern real and personal property, individuals and enterprises within the territorial limits of any given State. In contrast, federal jurisdiction is extremely limited, with the same being exercised only in areas external to state legislative power and territory. Notwithstanding the clarity of this simple principle, the line of demarcation between these two jurisdictions and the extent and reach of each has become somewhat blurred due to popular misconceptions and the efforts expended by the federal government to conceal one of its major weaknesses. Only by resorting to history and case law can this obfuscation be clarified and the two distinct jurisdictions be readily seen…

Anonymous said...

Well I think it sounds great! I live in a green state and would love to help turn it orange. The guys below me are douches though. And that joeshmo guy's profile is completely blank and all he did was trash the name and the cause. I remember reading (but can't find source, sorry) that some executive branch employees have control of multiple twitter or facebook accounts that they can post with. I even got one from a facebook account that actually listed the employer as Department of Defense whenever I was supporting a 9/11 reinvestigation cause. And it was basically the same shit, just saying it was pointless to support it and everything. I think this strategy is our best bet.

Anonymous said...

why has no member of congress started an impeachment process? Clearly we have an unknown and therefore ineligible person and quote possibly a foreign agent signing all these orders that enslave us. Why has no member of Congress acted on the behalf of the citizens they represent? Are they afraid will wind up dead like everyone that opposes this unknown person with 5 social security numbers and a faked birth certificate?

joeshmo said...

I didnt trash the cause, I trashed their method of confrontation. Not going to work. Those days are long gone. Id even go as far as to say PANDA if it was originally legit has surely been infiltrated by THE FEDS. That aside....the congress and the judges have long since been bought and paid for. Youll never win using the system they control.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to worry about this stuff its not important. What is important is God and Jesus, there go those nails on the chalkboard. Seriously folks you really think all the Bible prophecy that's happenings just a coincidence? Wake up hes getting close. The real meaning of life is to love God. That's all were here for. Jesus didn't come to condemn us he came to save us. I guarantee whatever you have to give up will be worth it. You ever see those happy go lucky Christians. Don't answerer that cause were few and far in between now but we exist. Their smiling their singing about God not a care in the world but God and heaven, and your sitting over there thinking what are they smiling about? You hate them because they got real joy and happiness. Let me tell you folks that only comes from living a life for God. They are living fulfilling lives. Try just making yourself happy you cant do it. True happiness only comes from God. So email me if you read this far. Why not give God a try? He gave you a chance.

joeshmo said...

Not man or woman enough to stand on your own two feet? Gotta hide behind a fairy tale? So..Nunnwhich is it.... "an eye for an eye" or " turn the other cheek".? Need action figure hero's God and Jesus to save you from simple human beings? Religion was invented edited by those in power so that the masses would become subservient and remain obediant for fear of burning in hell. Relgion = brainwashing/social engineering.

Religion takes in $ Billlions per year and pays no taxes. No red flags there? Have you ever stopped to consider just how utterly ridiculous the story of Jesus is?. Did you know you can pray to a banana peel or a cup o noodles and get the same resuts.youd get praying to jesus?

"But the predictions in the Bible are coming to pass"

All the predictions in revelations are just vague enough to fit most any scenario.

Anonymous said...


What have you done? Prove what you've done for liberty, and then you have a leg to stand on.

Any man can criticize, but it takes a man of integrity to try to rectify the situation.

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