Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Obama, Americans Aren't Committed to Aiding Terrorists in Syria

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

On Tuesday President Obama announced more aid to Syrian rebels to the tune of $155 million, bringing the total amount sent so far to $365 million.

The statement from Obama's White House reads "The relief we send doesn’t say “Made in America,” but make no mistake—our aid reflects the commitment of the American people."

Which Americans?  Do they know the aid money is going to radical Islamic terrorists who seek to overthrow a moderate leader?  I wonder if the rebels will keep the Chili's Restaurant in Syria after the "barbaric" Assad regime falls.

This new announcement of aid was laced with flowery propaganda and bald-faced lies to make Americans okay with giving over $1 per taxpayer to Syrian rebels.

First the propaganda:
For nearly two years, the Assad regime has waged a brutal war against the Syrian people—murdering innocent men, women and children, in their homes, in bread lines, and at universities.

Do innocent people die in civil wars? Of course, but this is clearly meant to make the American people hate Assad when the exact same statement, or worse, can be made about the rebels.
In the face of this barbarism, the United States has joined with nations around the world in calling for an end to the Assad regime and a transition that leads to a peaceful, inclusive and democratic Syria, where the rights of all Syrians are protected.
I'm sure the rights of all Syrians will be protected like those of Libyans once the Islamic radicals that our aid goes to take over the country.
We’ve worked to isolate Assad and his regime; impose sanctions that starve the regime of funds; recognize the Syrian Opposition Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people; call for accountability for perpetrators of atrocities; and provide humanitarian relief to Syrians in need.
Those sanctions starve more than the regime who still lives in luxury. What he really means is he starved out the poor in Syria and is now offering them crumbs to look heroic. And what Obama means by "democracy" in the previous statement is propping up the leaders that the West (not the people) recognize as legitimate.

Now for the lies:
American aid means food and clean water for millions of Syrians. American aid means medicine and treatment for hundreds of thousands of patients in Damascus, Dar’a and Homs. It means immunizations for one million Syrian children. American aid means winter supplies for more than half a million people in Aleppo, Homs and Dayr az Zawr.
I'm sorry, but I have to laugh. We are going to take care of "millions" with $155 million dollars? What's that about $2 a person for one day if that money was actually meant to reach the suffering people in Syria?  Give me a freaking break.

We all know exactly where the money is going.  It's flowing right to the weapons and dinner tables of the foreign Jihadists in Syria who commit far worse human rights catastrophes than Assad. We know the money is going to support global empire, the toppling of another sovereign central bank, and future aggression towards Iran.

So, no Obama, you don't have the commitment from me or any other Americans bright enough to see through your lies.

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Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself you murdering SOB. The American people give you a big fat FU.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Obama is going to be the worst president in history of the US. Well, at this rate the last president. His hypocrisy on Syria is infuriating. And bit by bit we begin our invasion of the continent of Africa, a project that will keep the war profiteers and oil companies in the pink for years.

Washington, Washington, come in please. Think of the ditty, Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home. Your house is on fire, your children are gone. The country will be destroyed before these warmongering hypocrites are through making the world safe for rule by Goldman Sachs.

come-and-take-it said...

Hey Lug-nuts, Your criminal aid to the insurgents in Syria is not supported by the American people. We do not care to engage in imperialistic wars that waste our money and our children. If you want to control the worlds resources, bring manufacturing back to the US, make something useful and buy the stuff. Your program of mugging nation-states so as to steal their wallets (resources) is reflective of your own criminal mentality. Do it in your own name and don't make like we believe your BS and support it. We don't!!!

Anonymous said...

Insanity. Our "fearless leaders" come up with the schemes that benefit only them, and get us to pay the debt for them.

Anonymous said...

A government run amok....

We're so far past the point of government "for the people, by the people"

It's no longer a few people on alternative news sites...everybody has had enough.

Anonymous said...

The fact they even bother to broadcast lies by whoever the guy living in our White House is, is a damning confirmation that there still a lot of stupid people living in America who, apparently, believe such drivel.

Anonymous said...

The Hebrew Elites of YaH-Who? (THEY) are getting ready to bring their armies in to surround Jerusalem - for their own protection, of course.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was against the Patriot Act to aid terrorists? One day they are Al-Queada, the next day they are the "Syrian Opposition Coalition."

I've got it all figured out now and I'm going to spell it out for all of you to read; Muslims are bad, especially ones that have their own central bank and do not do the bidding of Israel. Ok, but some Muslims are good, or at least temporarily tolerated. Those are the Muslims who rebel against Arab governments that are not friendly towards Israel and international banking standards/crime. So we send those Muslims money to take out leaders that are not friendly towards our "allies." That way, hopefully, we don't have to do the dirty work and be directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. But one day, after the Muslim brotherhood or whatever fancy name gets installed in Syria, the Jews in Israel will whine again, and Uncle Sam will have to take out his fly swatter. We did the same thing with the Mujhadeen in Afghanistan, which became the CIA front, Al-Quaeda. The war on terror is about as real as a three dollar bill y'all.

Anonymous said...

Are the American people that Obama is referring to international central bankers, and Israeli Jews? Did I miss something, or is Israel now a State of the USA? And when did the private Federal Reserve, the IMF etc. become the property of American citizens? I'm really confused. Because I can't think of one person in America who gives a flying @#^%$ about Syria.

Anonymous said...

The biggest creep ever foisted on the American people. Bar none

Anonymous said...


J Fearing said...

When I first saw Assad in an interview all I could think was, "what do we have against this guy?" Seems very bright, calm, thoughtful, prudent, and warm. Now after months of research I still can't figure it out. Perfect? Of course not but on a genuine path to bring his people into greater stability and peace. Religious tolerance, womens rights, democratic structures bing nurtured, 17% govt budget spent on education with english and french mandatory, etc, etc. We are simply trying to help overthrow a govt for our own security which I dont see as being threatened by Syria anyway? For Israel I cant imagine a stable country with tolerance and growing business sector is as much a threat as a neighbor pushing for the caliphate via terrorism. Assad's tough and shrewd and a man of integrity and true love of his country and people ...just the kind of guy you want to lead you in that part of the world.

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