Monday, January 21, 2013

Navajo Lament: Truer Today?

Hastiin Tee Yazzie 1923
Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Old Hosteen Yazzie was a sage Native American who lived past 110 years old. He was the last Navajo to surrender to Kit Carson and U.S. soldiers in the 1860s around the time of "The Long Walk." His poem was seen on a lot of post cards that are now mainly sold as cheap nostalgia if they are still prevalent. His words lament the confusion of what many call "White Man's Ways," but more specifically, big government's ways and not only their treatment of Natives, but also for anyone trying to live sovereign under the whims of invasive government rule and a manipulated economy.

Even as early as the 19th and well into the 20th century, Hastiin Tee Yazzie or Hashke Yazhe as he was also called knew what was up. He could see the failings of a left-right paradigm, big bankers, and the devaluing of goods a century before many of us arose. His words should not be forgotten.
Wife he die,
I so sad.
My o' hoss
Done gone bad. 
Buy ol' Ford
No good too--
Ride and push
No can do. 
White man banker
No can trust.
Take it monies --
Bank go bust. 
Stock market hogs.
Run it country 
To the dogs. 
He big money man,
Big money man
No more money man
By damn --
I done vote
For Uncle Sam.
*It is suggested that the Navajo language did not have pronouns for females.

Hosteen means mister, sir or very respected elderly man
Tee (pronounced "Tsh E") means little
Yazzie means tree
Old Mr. Little Tree (meant respectfully)

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Hide Behind said...

Navaho lands are only partialy owned by Navahos and that which is is up forsale to highest bidder no matter what gets destroyed in the process.
The lands are managed by one of the most corrupt Original Nations Administration there is that walk with hands out and waste on themselves and Bureau of Indian affairs people kiss Entitys like Peabody coal annd other energy and mineral firms golden rings.
Oh the EPA people love their gov pay and perks but when big coal says they cannot stop the largest polluter coal fired plant in USA they smile and rubber stamp whatever for the pay.
PEABODY DRAINS 10'S of millions of gallons from a large aquifier to move its coal while the power plant it feeds puts tens of millions tons of coal ash in the air.
While above the aquifer places are dry and partched and epa denies any study of polluted aquifer as not being svientific as it was not done by them.
If any city of white man has as many cancers. Deaths are quite common as the 54% of unemployed cannot afford health care. Where TB, hepititis! Malnourishment and diabetes infects some 45% of he non cancerous ones.
BUT of course they are not whites but sovreign indians so no need for CDC concerns of epidemic ccatastrophy.
BIA Navaho Gov renewed a contract for coal at the same pricePeabody agreed to years ago.
PEABODY that openly braged how they stole by quirks in contract is a connected White man in DC.
DO not blame the white man for the Navahos not getting even a minor percent as those who do own land become millionairs while rest of tribe becomes poorer afterwards. They are civilized indians of the Apple Clan who have always taken the money and then ran.
Yellow cake uranium mess lays atop the ground from unreclaimed mining cobtractors land and once again a few Apple Clan Navaho will sell their lands to uranium miners owned by foreign firms that will ruin a small Navaho towns water and pollute it.
That the mine can do so even though it breaks white mans law is because it is on Apple Indians land.
There is more mineral wealth taken yearly from their reservation than the gross income of some Latin American nations and even less %return to those who supposedly own it.
The selling of anything called indian ary is where majority of income is made.well if your gonna pretend to be go all the way.

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