Monday, January 21, 2013

Kindergartner Suspended For Hello Kitty Soap-Bubble Gun

Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

Now obviously, anyone with any common sense would react to this story with immediate shock and disbelief. The 5-year-old child merely discussed "shooting bubbles" with a bubble gun she didn't even have with her, and she is immediately suspended? How does this compute? Have school districts gone completely insane? Actually, I believe they are quite aware and cognizant of what they are doing...
"A 5-year-old girl was suspended from school earlier this week after she made what the school called a "terrorist threat." 
Her weapon of choice? A small, Hello Kitty automatic bubble blower. 
The kindergartner, who attends Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania, caught administrators' attention after suggesting she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles..." (Source)

Teachers and school administrators attend educational seminars (propaganda seminars) just like law enforcement, social workers, and most other state employees. They are given "action plans" and memo's on "suspicious behavior". They are trained to create very specific environmental conditions within their classrooms. Do they understand the full implications of their behavior towards their students? Probably not. But they are aware that they are implementing an educational regime designed to condition out certain behaviors and ideas in the children they teach.

I remember well the DARE program from my early years, which taught us that drug possession was paramount to murder and that it was okay to turn in one's own parents for usage because it would "save their lives". I also remember the constant drone of environmentalism (some of which was legitimate, but most of it nonsense), which taught us the evils of humanity and "overpopulation", as well as the horrors that awaited us in the year 2000 (including the complete disappearance of fresh drinking water. I guess they missed the mark on that one...).

There is in fact a longstanding tradition within American public schools of manipulation. Hell, let's just call it what it really is: Brainwashing!

In 2013, little has changed accept the subject matter. Today, children are being trained with fear and shame to despise the very idea of firearms. Not only the misuse of firearms, but the concept of firearms ownership for ANY person. It is also no mistake that school officials chose the word "terrorist" when describing the Kindergarten girl.

I recently wrote an article covering the suggestion by Reuters gun control advocates (among others) that public schools be "forced" to institute anti-gun propaganda by the federal government using the threat of funding cuts:

They were quite bold and open with the purpose of this re-education curriculum; to breed out the American gun culture by browbeating our children. The problem is, this was already going on for years before Sandy Hook; they have only picked up the pace since.

School children across the country are now being suspended for toy guns, games with gun imagery, and even pointing their fingers as if using a gun:

This is not just a "zero tolerance policy" on the part of school officials. This is a concerted and directed effort to frighten children away from the whole of American gun culture using negative reinforcement. Like Pavlov's Dog, which was taught to salivate at the sound of a bell, America's youngest generation is being taught to cringe at the mention of a firearms. 

Anti-gun proponents will argue that is is not necessarily a "bad thing" to teach children to shy away from guns, however, regardless of the subject matter, it is NOT the job of the government or government employees to implant their personal world views into the minds of our kids. It is not their job to inject their personal biases into America's youth. Character development is the job of the parent and the child together. Period. 

The state should never be allowed to play middle-man and dictate philosophical and political ideals to anyone, especially the young, impressionable, and fragile. Once this methodology becomes acceptable to the public, it will never end, for if the government is allowed to choreograph the thought processes of school kids in one area, then why not eventually tell them how to think in ALL areas?

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Anonymous said...

I agree a little bit with what you say, however, much of it is sensationalized opinion. When you take on 30 or 40 kids you have to establish a safe classroom climate. That is the hardest part of teaching. Logical rules. Logical consequences. A place of respect. We are here to learn.

The question is what to do when a kid acts that way. I now teach expelled middle school kids and sometimes I just roll my eyes at reading their file. The problem is administrators and teachers worrying that this kind if behavior means that the student is a threat. Rather than redirecting or explaining why people can be scared of you...they simply err on the side of slamming the book at them so the administration isn't held liable. The most dangerous profile of kids I know aren't really the goofballs who play with toy guns but the angry loners, the viscous bullies, the kids who figure out school is a joke and do whatever they want, and the ore-gang fledglings listening more to their felon mentors more than anyone in the system.

So yeah, administrators are idiots. Teachers get scared and put the ball in their court, and everyone is covering their own ass rather than dealing with that behavior with an aside conversation and a good explanation why you don't do that at school. Again, the climate of school should be a safe place.

Anonymous said...

"The most dangerous profile of kids I know aren't really the goofballs who play with toy guns but the angry loners, the viscous bullies, the kids who figure out school is a joke and do whatever they want, and the ore-gang fledglings listening more to their felon mentors more than anyone in the system."

So, instead of blaming these kids and regulating them to be future criminals, we should be changing the system they realize to be "a joke" by your own admittance, and actually HAVE an education system that TEACHES rather than INOCTRINATES social control. See these future "felons" are not the problem. The problem is the education system has become a method of social control and indoctrination, NOT a place of true growth and learning. As the actual information is eroded, the rules and expectation grow. I am certain if you were to look at old textbooks over generations you would find some information not taught today that SHOULD be taught....because a truly educated populace is not easily controlled... and ignorance socially groomed populace IS.

If school, by your own admittance, is a joke... maybe it's not the kids that are the problem? Maybe it's the system the kids are being taught under.

So rather than calling these non-conformist kids felons and criminals, maybe start demanding changes to the education system that truly DOES educate! The writer of this article is NOT stating sensationalized opinion at all! What he is describing can be looked up and is fact. There is a woman who was in the education system who witnesses, even from the high levels, these things being done. Her name is Charlotte Iserbyt. Look up her videos on Youtube as well as other info. This is serious.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that it is the board of education's responsibility to make sure the school administrator and the teacher involved get thorough psych evaluations and should be prevented from entering the school until they are given a clean evaluation.

Anonymous said...

A five year old with a soap bubble gun or an inexperienced Muslim piloting a commercial aircraft into a building, both are fantasy villains. Both serve our government's policy of instilling fear, if you can suppress the urge to giggle at the idea, that is.

C'mon people! If our government or any officials are promoting an idea, you have to know common sense has nothing to do with it. You have to know by now that it's a lie, a deception. Tune these people out! Disrespect them. Laugh at them! They and their ideas do not deserve our debate.

Al Thompson said...

This is what happens when you put a perfectly good child in a school run by psychopaths. Which includes most people to teach in public and private schools. This helps to make the case for home-schooling.

Anonymous said...

Ya some child might get stuck in their seat and learn something.

Hide Behind said...

This is an example of where power goes when allowed too; as far as it can.
They cannot reach much further back than 5 years of age and the purpose is too reach that childs old age.
School systems are not structured for the students education but for teachers and school administrators convenience. They regiment and rank by grades to fit the sociatal neeeds of nations industrial and military needs.
We send chidren to school to be taught by children who were trained on how to teach other children.
They, the teachers are not educated but indoctrinated into a mindset that is not real to anyone elses mindset that has to become educated in order to advance in a real world.
An old ancient chinese scolars words ring as true today as centuries ago:
"The goal of a teacher is to instruct their students so that they can go on in life and become better educated than They "
"It is not to mold their minds for someone elses goals but to help them to learn all they can and be able to wisely choose their own paths in life".
Sad to say in this country our thrust of public schools and too a large degree by its uneducated and indoctrinat majority of populace, has been to get traing to get a degree so you can make money.
A medical Dr buries himself in medical formulae gets his degree to be a mechanic of the human machine.
Today miitary and industrial research demand a source of techical abilitys but care not if they are educated just well trained to be further trained is all they need.
The most agegious abuse by such a sydtem is that it takes the highest technicly minded to think of facts that they cannot use and then those facts are given too innovative minds to find use of.
The root of worry is that the innovation must be for war and the profits it needs from selected industry and that its educational system must be geared for their needs.
Our educational system has not produced the innovators for human needs and even while our military scientific Industrial and financials become the high paying Brain Drains of world we now find the needed innnovations to promote advances of human civilization are now coming from other nations.
Blame the teachets; no way; they are mere products of their culture.

Anonymous said...

I only said you need a climate that facilitates learning. Learning cannot happen in an unsafe environment. Or a chaotic environment. Like it or not, the teacher has to manage the class, set reasonable limits and keep people safe.

By claiming that somehow a book has the answer to our problem is treating education like knowledge. Which is only a part of it. Education in the modern age should be about communication, investigation, skill-building, asking questions, preparation for the future. Too many agencies get in the way of that. On all levels. Not enough effort has been placed on fully utilizing technology. Personally, I believe technology and alternative schools will replace public education if they don't reform.

While it is hard not to take things personally, I have worked my best to teach. I have taught drama, digital video, technology, geography, history, math, science, language arts, and speech and debate. I struggle every day for 10 years to improve my craft and have watched a lack of imagination and budget in the system dismantle an already antiquated system. I always was waiting for a revolution that never came and have pushed innovation by embracing technology, giving students choices, and bringing current and relevant issues to the forefront. Many teachers try and to the same (not all).

This is the joke I refer too. The system passes along everyone and finds creative ways to measure success and then hide failures so people can graduate and the status quo is preserved. Kids grow up digital and we got them reading 10 year old books and writing on photocopies of worksheets.

So, to all you who say the "system" is the problem or the "teachers" are the problem or whatever. Roll up your sleeves and join me and the 1000s of others who bitch about the system more than you ever will but we keep doing our personal best to teach regardless of how bad the situation we are put in is. And a teacher who does that finds respect within the classroom.

Keep up the debate though. It's good to hear outsiders opinions. Like I said, a revolution in education is here. I have taught myself many things I didn't go to school can too. The larger the class sizes, the more watered down the curriculum is, the more likely parents will make the switch to an alternative. Unless our society starts to innovate. It is happening.....its just that districts have very little capacity to shape the future. They are always reacting to the current crisis.

wishbone said...

america, you have completly lost the plot, what the hell are they putting in your water,?!

Hide Behind said...

We are already in the midst of the change educator,anonymous @9:02 talks about and yes the seperation already exist to some extent and has been shpwn in studies of social stratifications.
A child of white collar trends to white cpllar; blue collar to blue collar;; And lucky to have a dollar to lucky to find a job.
Almost all educational dollars ho to perpetrating this stratification, case in point state and fedeal programs of either tac breaks grants and set aside interest bearing programs that can only benefit primarily white upper middle and have collars not colors.
They are the ones with expendable incomes that the tax system save even more than what a large portion of people make in two or three months labor.
Charter Schools wether public private or private screw the public are already weeding our seed crop for the new economy..
Truth of no child left behind is that indeed no child will be left out of equation but the equation means trained to a leval ha can exist in outside of school.
Graded as not able to ptogress beyond hammer nail clerk janitor or military grunt then that is where their sic. "Education is directed and ends."
Notice UN mentions Right to a basic education so tjey can be productive members of society.
Today there are certain occupational settings where no or very little formal education can bring incomes oflow six figures. All you need is a skill set within that occupation. A skill set that does not nor ever will tax ones IQ or add to it in most cases.
Those basic skills are for public education not higher. And the"apptitude of a srudent is easily determined by 12 to 13 year level.
Basic to mean they go on to trade schools or training schools.
Can here dads now well the kids got to have some skills and a trade which is true but who determiines that kids position for life and also sets in place a new economic order of price and wage controls upon 60% of populace?
We just seen, are still sering a massive cut in standard of living to the lowest portion of those who thought they were middle class safe due to college degrees and so called trade efucations and that is now trending into upper midfle class safe positions.
On some occupatonal scales the wages have dropped drasticly and the industry does not care if you quit or no nurses because of immigrants just as skilled.
A teacher no matter the form of government is on the paroll and directions of the goverent and do not set national priorities no matter how much they whine.
Colleges and Universitys othhrr than private claim to be public institutions are no more than corporates.
Ask a "teacher" if they would like to live where resources are so controlled they would not be able to advance beyond say instructing 3rd graders nor be elihible to change occupational levels because of a priortized system that also limits numbers needed in eavh Discipline They would not like it but they damn well will instruct other peoples kids into accepting it.

Anonymous said...

A quick review of the entire education will or should show people the huge flaw in schools today...they teach kids WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. Children today are put on drugs if for any reason they don't follow the AGENDA... Agenda 21 is upon us. Google it and see what they want to do.

Just Me said...

Common sense no longer exists. Fear of making a social, political, or policy faux pas controls our every thought and move. Thinking for oneself is gone as is even the smallest degree of courage. Political Correctness forced us onto this downward spiral, but the good news is that folks are waking up to the ludicrousness of all these self-imposed regulations and restrictions with which we have gagged ourselves. How stupid is that?!
Liberal Progressives, always the instigators of such nonsensical regulations like PC, will, the moment they are aware that our common sense is on the upswing, invent another rule designed to suppress one or more of our liberties. We're sick and tired of that, and we're smarter now.
We have come too close to the edge of losing our entire way of life and falling under the full control of a dictatorship. Those who believe that can never happen in America need to pull their head out and take a look-around! Those who do not know the difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic need to find out. America is NOT a Democracy, and thank the Founding Fathers for that. A Democracy eventually and always devolves into one kind of "ism;" Socialism, Marxism, Collectivism, Communism, and Communitarianism. This last "ism" is what the United Nations Agenda 21, Sustainable Development will force onto the people of this planet under a New World Order. We are under a heavy, heavy burden, but we brought it onto ourselves with apathetic behavior, let-the-other-guy-do-it, thinking, and leaving our children to raise themselves as we work to keep up with the Joneses or parent single-handedly.
Take heart, fellow citizens. Keep speaking out, muster courage if you have none, and fight for your country as you would fight for your own life.
Just Me

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