Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Joe Rogan and The Momentum of Ideas


Joe Rogan talks about The War on Drugs, The Singularity, and Corruption in Politics. From his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, featuring Duncan Trussell and Bryan Callen.

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Anonymous said...

Joe rogan works for zuffa, a totally fascist company, which is likely a dod front used to spread violent stupidity in society. Employees of zuffa are known, publicly admitted members of infragard, the fbi's program to use "private" companies to collect information on people and get them arrested for "internet crimes" (and we know what that includes).

Quoting rogan or posting his opinions is like trying to convince us that the makers of "call of duty" are trying to get kids active. If you're allowed to take joe rogan seriously, I'm allowed to take someone as silly as joy behar seriously.

Anonymous said...

If every single person isn't shown and treated with total love and compassion we will never be one ,and that is our design to be one with the universe. The elite plan on keeping us away from being any part of their NWO other than slavery. Joe was right in basically stating that the evil powers are moving along with fantastic technological advances that we financed but never intended to share. Sadly this technology is militarized and used against the world in their agenda 21 efforts but we will see what happens in a few short years. I'm sure that many will die with what they are unleashing on the populace.


Who in their right mind is DARE insulting anything negative about Joe? He offers information, and suggests you think for yourselves. THAT'S IT! A variety of guests, if you like them, listen, if you don't, DON'T! WHY COMPLICATE SOMETHING SIMPLE? Are you that intelligent that you think your articulated argument holds any truth or validity? You're mad @ him for collecting a paycheck? Why that's mighty cunty of you! I've been paralyzed 12yrs and the past 2yrs have been filled with joy, insightful conversation, and comedy. I have a broken neck. I honestly would've done myself and society a favor and committed suicide had it not been for finding like minds and realizing its ok to struggle and everyone does. I'm the 2012 AdultNationalChampion ClassF52 ShotPut, Discus, Javelin! 1st Place Quadraplejic! USA NATIONAL CHAMPION! What the Hell do you critics know, listen to, or what's your agenda? Normally, we don't waste our time with negativity. But, I'll tell Joe, there's still people hating on him Fri when I see him here in Chi where he waits 2hrs after a show to take pictures and shake hands with 3000 people. He's earned my respect! #DEATHSQUAD

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