Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?

Michael T. Winter, Contributor
Activist Post

In answer to the question posed in the title of this piece, this writer does not have a definitive answer one way or the other. There are, however, several aspects of this trailer that point to this being a psy-op. If you are on a website that would post this article, then there is very good chance you’ve seen the trailer for the movie Gray State as seen below. 

Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.

On the surface, one might applaud the intrepid director and crew, facing down Hollywood (much ado is made of this fact in interviews), and, even more so, having the stones to make a movie depicting our government in such a harsh light. But the surface is just that; a surface and we live in an age of deception.

Thanks to the Internet reformation, the plans of the globalists have been laid bare. The tricks they employ are numerous and come at us from every angle. This movie trailer would appear to satisfy two of their primary objectives within the paradigm of this deception. The first objective of the trailer is to instill fear and hopelessness into the population, which it effectively does. The second feat accomplished is to give warning of what is yet to come.

It is well documented that globalist-controlled Hollywood is complicit in these types of ‘pre-alert’ efforts by allowing television shows and movies to become vehicles of warning to the populace. There is massive evidence pointing to this modus operandi; 9-11, here and Sandy Hook, here are two recent examples. There are many more, but this space does not allow for a list, and this is not the focus of this piece.

We cannot claim that we weren’t warned in advance of any number of calamities; those in the past and those yet to come. The globalist stamp is all over this project. The globalists, (one might think not human by their actions) are just people at the end of the day, and people make mistakes. The Aurora, Co. shooting was rife with errors, here, and here. Sandy Hook was even worse, here, from a production standpoint (which from a globalist view was a production, no less so than a staging of Othello at the Met).

There are a number of ‘tells’ associated with this project. A ‘tell’ is a term used to describe the actions (and thus indicators) of a deception. Most commonly referred to in conjunction with gambling and gamblers themselves, the term is apropos here as applied to markers that this trailer is (in all likelihood unbeknownst to the entire cast and crew) a project of globalist emanation. The trailer focuses on real-life proposals by the elites, such as RFID chips, QE IV, and martial law. Sub themes include empty grocery shelves, cameras in homes, the ripping apart of loved ones and the heavy boot of the state. At the end of the trailer, the last shot shows a pyramid, a favorite image of the elites.

Google and YouTube, two of the most powerful (globalists owned) Internet companies on the planet are fully on board with the promotion of this trailer. A Google search brought up Gray State after typing in only ‘gray st’. After ten pages (11 listings each page) it didn’t slow down - the listings went on and on. What movie trailer in history has yielded such buzz? Remember, this is a trailer. No release date was announced then and none has been forthcoming, (This in itself is suspect. The trailer was made in 2011 and here we are in 2013. There is zero information online pertaining to a release date. It appears the trailer was made and that was it. One could almost call it a mini-movie production of and by itself.)

Most of the numerous links are to alternative news sites such as Prison Planet. Many of the site links are to dis-info shill sites known for being so. There is a great consistency to all the links - in every one there is a hyperlink to the trailer. It would appear the primary goal is to get people to watch the trailer. On YouTube, there are 492,260 views and numerous pages of ancillary interviews and analysis. These analysis focus on the feasibility of the concept of Gray State becoming a reality. In one interview with an actor in the trailer, he stated there was a lot of work to do in the “trailer.” He held up his fingers in the “Quote-Unquote” sign as he said “trailer.” That type of hand gesture is used to indicate (among other things) that what is being “quoted” is not the actuality of what is being inferred.

Research into the production company for Gray State, Hot Head Productions, from Minnesota, proved to be a dead end. There is a website for a Hot Head Productions in New York, but not the company sought. The only site discovered relating to the correct Hot Head Productions is here, but the phone number on the site is to a locksmith that has had the same number for seven years.

There is very little information on David Crowley, the director and writer. There are many sites with interviews of him about the trailer, what it means to society, etc. etc. But there is nothing on the man himself. In this age of LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and the like, one would think there would be something on the guy, but there is nothing. His bio indicates he likes making movies, (but does not list any) and that he was in the army. That’s it.

A search to discover the source of the initial funding remains unknown, not for lack of trying. None of the interviews reveal this fact. One interview has Crowley claiming the trailer cost six thousand dollars to make. The trailer has tanks, helicopters, exploding buildings and uber-expensive military gear. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that, with all the explosions and heavy duty armaments, tanks etc. it cost a hell of a lot more than six grand to make. Where do these resources come from? In an interview with Crowley, he claimed the trailer generated $67,000.00 in investment money. He indicated this would be used to create a media package to help draw investors for the movie. Wait a minute! The trailer was allegedly created to bring in investors. Now that that has been done, and $67K has been brought in, that money will be used to…draw investors?

The company that supplied the weapons and heavy armaments is The Bullet Exchange, here. The owners of The Bullet Exchange are revealed to be David Crowley (Director and Writer, GS), Mitch Heil (Director of Photography, GS), and Danny Mason, (Lead Actor, GS). The company’s C.V. reveals that they worked on two other movies, Pandemic, here and Problem Solving the Republic, here. Both movies underlying meme is the government is staffed with malevolent people intent on bearing us ill will. Crowley’s bio on the site lists “Experience: 5 years Army infantry, squad leader, Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan”. Heil shows, “Experience: Five years in the 82nd Airborne, Deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months and Iraq for 14 months”.
The question to be posed is this: How do Crowley and Heil go from being gung ho soldiers to dissident filmmakers? How do they accomplish this feat of rebellion whilst drawing on their contacts accrued from years of military service? One would think, if Team Crowley is genuinely rebellion minded in their project, that the Army, if not discouraging the film, would certainly not endorse the project to the point they help supply the gear to make it a reality. This smacks of psy-op collusion.

Psy-ops are the children of one acronymed agency or another. To obtain tanks one needs permission of the Federists and, well, tanks. Tanks come from the government, and the government would not willingly loan out tanks to be employed in a movie depicting them in this harsh light unless someone, somewhere had not granted approval. If this movie was independent and truly anti-government as claimed then it makes sense they would not have the cooperation of the government for the trailer.

The underlying message the trailer imparts rolls across the screen to the sound of guns blazing, “With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist?” There is no hope offered in this trailer. There is no ‘resolution’ and no happy ending - nothing but fear and panic inducing images and sounds. It is really little more than another salvo, fired by the elites, to further diminish our feelings of security and well being. Rather than succumb to the fear, there are wise words to ponder as an antidote to soul poisoning fear. “Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations.”

The elites want us to focus on negativity. This mindset, aided via media projects like this ‘trailer’ succeed in germinating fear and negativity. Perhaps this trailer is not disingenuous at all, and is exactly what it purports itself to be. But in this age of deception where the globalist enemy controls every aspect of our existence, the chances of this being a genuine concept trailer are slim. Based on the results of this cursory investigation as outlined above, one might conclude Gray State just doesn’t add up. From a globalist point of view, why make a whole movie (costing many millions), when for a fraction of that cost, they can create the same amount of fear just by pushing a well-made trailer?

Michael T. Winter has been published on RT here and Global Research, here. He also has published a novel called Branko’s Ride, purchase on Amazon HERE. Michael is based in southern Illinois, USA.

This article may be re-posted in full with attribution.


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Anonymous said...

They just love their predictive programming. Very slick trailer and probably how it's going down.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this article will help you understand how can the development of events. Good luck.

"The American Gulag as the latest form of capitalism"

"The number of prisoners in the USA compared with the 1972 year increased by 7.6 times.

In 1972 the U.S. had less than 300 thousand prisoners. In 1990 it was 1 million. Today the United States, where there are more than 2.3 million inmates, tops the list of countries by number of people in custody. This is about 25% of all those serving time in the world (the U.S. share of world population is 5%). The figure of 754 prisoners per 100 thousand of population makes the United States the world leader in the ratio of the number of prisoners to total population. As the American specialist publication «California Prison Focus» said, in the history of mankind there has never before been a society which held so many of its own people in jail. More people are imprisoned In the U.S. than in any other country - half a million more than in China, even though the population of China is five times more than that of the United States. The Soviet Gulag system of the 1930`s was on a much smaller scale than is the American gulag at the beginning of the XXI century."

Full article in 2 parts

Anonymous said...

They have to get the guns first....

Now everybody knows why they want the guns.

It's different this time.

Anonymous said...

Absolute 100% GARBAGE article. Activist Post I am VERY surprised you have published this. And no Im not some random person, I am actually an OWNER of a popular alternative news website!

Anonymous said...

They put the truth in the movies and laugh at us because we are programmed not to believe it and go back to sleep.

Oh, it's just a movie. Listen up people. This is what they are planning.

They put it in our faces!!

Anonymous said...

The latest suggestion is that routine medical encounters include asking about gun ownership. Does the average person realize how many individuals look at patients' medical records? The nurse, the doctor, the secretary, the typist (who may be in India, China, Pakistan, etc), the medical records staff, the auditors for the clinic, the auditors for the hospital, national Joint Commission auditors, coders, insurance companies, and of course, snoops who work in facilities who might a personal interest in your private information...The number of people who might be privy to a person revealing their gun ownership status (or anything else) is ENORMOUS. DOZENS of people -- whose motives may not represent good will. Consider your health care practitioner an extension of the govt and consider carefully that which you divulge.

kiminimunekyun said...

I can't even watch that.... the whole attitude of it is defeatist and not helpful for me. Whatever is pure and lovely, think on those things instead of dwelling on evil! The worst possible outcome is not inevitable.

Anonymous said...

A minor correction: my information shows the owners of The Bullet Exchange to be Aleister Crowley, Sig Heil, and Frieda Mason

Anonymous said...

Anything coming out of Globalist/Satanic controlled Hollywood should not be trusted. They have a ritual of needing to tell the public/sheeple what they intent to do next in veiled ways.

This sick ritual of needing to announce it before hand lessens their Karma for their evil deeds, so they can be around a little longer to yet do more evil.

The War they are engaging us in now is an INFORMATION WAR.

And Yes, a Psy-Ops War.
When enough people wake up to it - and we just say NO - theie War will be over.

There are more of us than of them and if enough people wake up - it will be game over. They are likely scared that enough will wake up and figure this out. So now comes the heavy control in all realms.

The bottom line is, when the people do not give them permission or consent to continue, it will be hard for them to because the Karma will be too great for them.

These Satanic elite are Karma dodgers.

Thanks for posting and illuminating us on this.

Anonymous said...

So if you check out the map in the trailer, there is an "X" located somewhere near Minneapolis. Is this the planned target of their next shooting psyops?

Anonymous said...

Very Good critical analysis Activist Post, and writer Michael Winter. Well done. Much thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, they sure fooled me! I sent them $50 thru a kickstart/go fund me campaign to help get the movie made and they sent me back a t-shirt.

Co-opted Confederate said...

Only in the movies, Only in the movies, only from hollywood, only from the mind of a government dupe. The movie makers must think every one who will pay to see his movie is as stupid as Obamafraud thinks those who voted for him are. Or he has never been in a gunfight or real combat and know nothing about how the 2nd American revolution will be really fought.

Anonymous said...

I read 3/4 quarter of the fine article and saw no
mention of another possible tell: the head man's name, Crowley.Talk about evil.

Anonymous said...

This article states: "The underlying message the trailer imparts rolls across the screen to the sound of guns blazing, “With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist?” There is no hope offered in this trailer." I have seen the trailer and have done my own research on the film.The film is not to instill fear but to wake people up to the possibilities of what America will be. We are living in an increasingly progressive Police State. I think this article defaming and trying to discredit Gray State is the actual Psy-op.

Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a concept concept film for a second grey state? The producers recently finished their final revisions on the grey state script. Also, I do not believe the author of this article visited their Facebook page where the script writers did and AMA for its page followers. They also try to keep everyone up to date as to where they are in terms of production. These guys are against the state as much as you are.

Anonymous said...

Great insight, Michael Winter. Unquestionably, TPTB control society using fear based memes and use their control of news and entertainment to reinforce these memes.

Another important meme to keep an eye on is the notion that the failure or collapse of society is inevitable. Several years ago, reading The Oil Drum website commentary, I come across this meme over and over again as academic globalist Kool-Aid imbibers harangued on the collapse of society from Peak Oil, Global Warming, and a House-Of-Cards economic system. It was endless doomer porn with few or no solutions suggested except for totalitarianism. A daily warning was that as the economy contracted violence would rapidly escalate owing to a primitive human nature that could only be contained with draconian measures. Instead, as the economy worsened, crime rates began to quickly fall. The Oil Drum pundits never admitted to this serious predictive misstep or seemed to wonder if their world view might be warped.

Around the same time, we saw the MSM promote 'End of Days' novels and movies.

If declining living standards don't trigger violent unrest in the masses providing an excuse for a full unleashing of the police state, then TPTB will attempt to create a series of incidents through false flags, weather modification, and orchestrated "unrest". We must stay alert.

Anonymous said...

How sweet to see that even when faced with truth, the masses would cling to the lies and false hopes that they have been spoon fed for the last forty to sixty years that have led up to this moment.

This moment, when critical thinking and unclouded observation are needed to understand that it has all happened right under your noses while your 30 second attention span will not allow you to take five minutes from your next social status update.

Regardless of the intent of this film trailer which I have watched, as someone who has seen what some would call "Oz" and what is behind the curtain, I can assure you that once the smoke and mirrors have been removed and the reality of it all hits you between the eyes, you may come to a much darker realization that we are only one incident from seeing this very thing happening in your town and mine.

Those who will sit and debate over the money spent on making this trailer and deciding it cannot be done so cheaply are those who give up far too easily and have become exactly what is needed for this to take place.

What you don't know can hurt you. When the people fear the government, tyranny has taken up residence.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that easily available guns have created a crisis in the USA that each year kills tens of thousands and wounds many more.

Yet idiots brainwashed by Hollywood, IDIOTS BRAINWASHED BY HOLLYWOOOD, actually believe that guns keep them safe!
The power of Hollywood to turn white into black and back again should not be underestimated....we are all susceptible to its effects. Remember gun nuts, all of your silly fantasies about saving your family from bad guys, government agents and common criminals comes from Hollywood, all of it. Wake up!

eruditehillbilly said...

Just when you think you are overly paranoid, you read something like this and suddenly feel very grounded in reality.

Anonymous said...

I actually know Crowley, and it was the Army that made him wake up to the what the government is actually attempting to do, take it as you will, but I am sure this is not a psy-op

Anonymous said...

I also know the core members that are putting this film together. I too am a veteran with no illusions of what I saw and what is happening now.

Psy-Op? You really must be joking. I know of the talent that volunteered many hours to the digital work that went into this as well. There were a lot of donated hours and talent, and no doubt there will be more just to make a point that you don't need Hollywood holding your hand to make a great film.

Calling someone a "gun-nut" because they tell you to protect your rights shows your lack of understanding about what the Bill of Rights was meant for and what your ancestors fought for.

You think because it's 2013 that our freedoms are not threatened? Really? They are already doing live fire exercises in various cities, just to see if they can pull it off. Do you really know what happened after Katrina in New Orleans? I do.

You don't have to own a gun to support the right to. But if you think that this is nothing more than a symbolism, then you deserve what you get when you give it all away.

I have no pity or sympathy for those unwilling to fight for themselves and those who would stand beside them. If you refuse to hold a sense of self preservation, then you deserve the cage you are being corralled into for whatever they have in mind.

You have a ability to make some solid choices - choose wisely. The truth may not be as pretty and fashionable as what they other kids are choosing, but you won't get a belly ache they will trying to digest the poison food and lies.

Genocide of a group of people on homeland territory is nothing new. If you think it can't happen, then you haven't really paid attention in your history classes.

Blacks were not the first slaves here. The Indigenous Natives were, and when they refused to be collared they were slated for genocide and the Africans were brought in to take the place of the slaughtered tribes.

There are plenty of documents out there so don't be a dick and ask for proof. Do some research and you will find it all just as easily as I did. You'll appreciate what you learn a lot more. If I give you the answers, you won't believe them anyway.

There are a lot of things wrong with this blog post, and it's a shame that even the independent bloggers are no better than the news stations they complain about.

You want the truth? Interview the crew if you think you can handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, you guys serious with this?? I served with Crowley in Afghanistan (we were stationed at Ft Hood together). I've been watching himself up from scratch (It started with The Bullet Exchange) over the last few years. I'm super excited to see this video come to fruition. As far as some of your points I'd gladly bat some of them down.

First, " The trailer has tanks, helicopters, exploding buildings and uber-expensive military gear"

If you pay close attention to the video, all the vehicles and many of the crowd scenes are CG'ed. They use a lot of green screen and effects to get what they did. Also their "uber expensive gear" is mostly airsoft grade stuff you can buy for cheap online. You clearly don't know much about battle rattle, so stick to writing terrible accusations on your little website.

"In one interview with an actor in the trailer, he stated there was a lot of work to do in the “trailer.” He held up his fingers in the “Quote-Unquote” sign as he said “trailer.” That type of hand gesture is used to indicate (among other things) that what is being “quoted” is not the actuality of what is being inferred. "

You're right, because it is a "trailer" in the sense that its a sample of whats to come, but its also to drum up interest and show what their small production company is capable of, in order to find investors to fund the full blown film. The screenplay is still in progress, (and I know this, because I'm sitting here talking to David via facebook... oh, but you said he doesn't have one? I must be makin this up), but they're very optimistic about getting this done. And that's another thing, the way he's going about all this through grassroots methods because he is specifically trying to get this made outside Hollywood's sphere of influence (which you say yourself is controlled by "globalists").

Im just scratching the surface in what could be a giant essay in refuting your "article", but I don't think that you really care. I think that you're just trying to ride a little bit of the internet buzz about Gray State.

Nemetron 2000 said...

Looks like incitement material to me. Incite people to rise to arms and fight the establishment, which of course plays right into their hands.

Make a movie about international bankers and CEOs of mega corps like Monsanto, who are responsible for ruining this planet, being dragged out their homes in the middle of the night kicking and screaming, and then being executed on the front lawns of their million dollar mansions (you know, something positive), then the film may pass my litmus test.

Otherwise, shit is just more the same, which is no longer tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Author here. As stated in the piece, I don't know if it's a psy-op or not. I would like to think NOT. I may very well owe an apology to the cast and crew. Based on the comments, I could be wrong. There is no ego issue here- if I'm wrong, I will own up to it. it seems very plausible that Crowley came to be awakened in the military, and this project is the result. I hope so. It is odd that the last name is Crowley and there is a Mason on this project. I will address this and other questions in an interview that Crowley kindly offered in way of rebuttal to this piece. If Activist post is kind enough to post it, It will be here. For the record, I don't see a conspiracy under every bed- I am just awake and on the lookout for falsehoods. I would LIKE to be wrong about this, and if I am, you will read it here. Thanks for all the feedback, people.

Anonymous said...

Gray State writer/director here (yes, my last name is Crowley). I appreciate the author's willingness to admit fault via his previous comment, and look forward to being contacted for this interview - hopefully to clear this matter up and make allies out of enemies.

The Gray State crew is accustomed to this sort of scrutiny, and are always open and honest about the project. Michael T. Winter, or ANYONE with questions about the Gray State project, can contact us at

Anonymous said...

If there was any truth in this series that was a threat to the establishment, it simply would not be allowed on TV........ever. Case closed.

Tripe has many flavors, but TV only has one, lies.

Anonymous said...

The uber-expensive military gear are simply 3-d models or images that have been added in. This is a legit production that can be done with a small budget on a good PC or Mac. They did a good job and I hope their movie can get funding for full production.

Anonymous said...

I typed Marshall Law and gray state came up

Anonymous said...

what a load of cobblers..

Unknown said...

Well, RT just lost what little credibility it had for me...
And all you cowardly idiots who want to tear everything apart out of your own fear-- you're already beaten. They're not worried about you. You're not on any "Red" or "Blue" lists-- you're on the "Yellow" list. The list that says "These people are already basically cowering in their little holes, paralyzed by fear, unable to even watch a movie for fear of what it may do to their fragile psyches. They are no threat to anyone except each other. Ignore them."
Man up. Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito, bitches.

Anonymous said...

This author states that tanks require Army blessing so Army may be behind this psy-op. The tanks are CGI, the explosives are mostly CGI. helicopters are CGI . As for the expensive military gear, this can be either rented or if one of the HOT HEAD production owners own some military retailer, then they can supply it for the movie.

Question I have is why does the government what to portray the government as a totalitarian type government? It would seem that the government would like everyone to know they control the government rather than forced down their throats.

Anonymous said...

its not a psy-op. i know the writer/director personally, and he is about as genuine as it gets. he is interested in exposing the corruption rather than being used by the corrupt.

Jake Siglain said...

i think the author is correct to question this , we need to question everything not just let it go because it might hurt some feelings. that is what happened to america. he obviously was open to be wrong.

AJ said...

The author also might like to know that tanks and APCs don't come from the gov't. They come from privately owned factories. Anybody who can afford a tank or APC (they ain't cheap) can go and buy one.

Maj. Gen. William A. Flatt said...

This article is a prime example of why the patriot/liberty movement is so fragmented. People assuming that everything they see is a psyop. HEY, DO YOUR HOMEWORK & CHECK THE ORIGINS. Gray State is NOT predictive programming like Amerika or some of the CR@P that comes from the MSM today, this is a private production that is issuing a WARNING CALL TO PATRIOTS, A CAUTIONARY TALE.


If we don't start getting proactive, if we don't start pushing back against the NWO in substantive ways, you will get the future you dread! Join the militia, volunteer to be a citizen grand juror, etc.

Anonymous said...

Aleister Crowley is a twisted cracker, ohw wait I googled the wrong dude......

Anonymous said...

The author points out a valid claim, this movie was supposed to be out this year according to them as one of the top four releases of 2013, hasnt happened and no mention of any release. I like the info of the concept of the trailer, but something is amiss!

Anonymous said...

If you look up Hothead (the supposed producers of the movie according to the trailer) there is no reference to this movie or its trailer, but one of their clients is psyops. Is the author that far off?
Is this a possible future presented in this trailer, yes, but it is a fraud, just like most of the websites that promote those that have a violent posting, they are part of psyops as well, called cointelpro, militia and resistance members stay off those sites, if you go there safeguard your info and your teams info and you will see how the truly are, A.R.M. is the worst on both sites taken over from probably the onset

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers fully supports the work of David Crowley, Danny Mason, and Mitch Heil, and we fully support the movie Gray State.

It is unfortunate that anyone would extend one's own paranoia outwardly to attack a serious project like the making of this movie. This movie is not a state-sponsored psy-op, but it is a psy-op sponsored by the general liberty movement in America.

I repeat: Oath Keepers fully supports the Gray Sate movie and the men who are making that film, Mitch, Danny, and David. They are awesome liberty-fighters and they make awesome good movies.

Elias Alias, Oath Keepers Editor

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, but I have to say you're an idiot. If you did a little more looking around before doing a knee jerk reaction article, you'd find on their very public Facebook page that it's an indie film crew rushing to meet the 2015 deadline.

They're definitely not part of some government "psy-op", at best they were jumping on the Occupy movement tapping into the growing feeling public unrest.

Anonymous said...

The author had me going for a minute...
Dude, have you ever heard of CGI??
For $6k anyone can have tanks an helicopters and freakin' dinosaurs in their low budget movie!
C'mon man! Do a little more research before you start knockin' it down.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, the super expensive tanks are CG, not real ones. And if you have any experience with film making you would also understand that with some talented friends and a cool idea you can, if you want it enough, do something like this for 6000 dollars. The military in the movie are most likely just local airsofters eager to bring their cool guns and uniforms and get some free lunch or something for a days work as extras. This article is so full of shit. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, article is off target either way. Fear and Hopelessness? Really? As I enjoy my entertainment; music, movies, shows, theater, and/or the news, I like to get caught up in the emotional ride as many fans should. For me, a gutwrenching burn of sadness for the state of freedom and suffering, a profound ember of duty to establish true freedom for our posterity, as well as a raging inferno, kinetic yet masking its potential to destroy all enemies of freedom.

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