Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is Bank of America Forbidding Gun and Ammo Purchases?

Mikael Thalen, Contributor
Activist Post

"I heard a rumor this morning that Bank of America is stopping purchases made with the cards on ammo and gun sales, is that correct?" said Freda, a 20-year customer of the Bank. "Correct ma'am," replied the phone rep.

This is the beginning of a shocking conversation recorded to YouTube.

Bank of America recently revealed their disdain for guns when they began refusing to do business with gun manufacturers and businesses that support the 2nd amendment. Just last December, Joe Sirochman, president of American Spirit Arms, made a Facebook post claiming Bank of America illegally withheld his company's funds because of the nature of its business.

But is this video true?

If so the bank appears to have gone even further and reportedly stopped all its customers from purchasing any firearms or ammo with their own debit cards.

"It sounds to me like my financial institution is now going to start trying to tell me, as the consumer, what I can and can not purchase," said Freda.

Despite the call sounding authentic, which it could be, another video has surfaced reportedly showing another phone call where a Bank of America employee claims the video isn't true.

At this time the viral video appears to be either mistaken, or outright false. Whether the employee misunderstood the question or the call was fake, the allegation at this time appears to be incorrect. Some have speculated that the caller's PERSONAL account was suspended, not all debit card users.

Regardless of the authenticity of the video, the damage could already be done as thousands of viewers of the video are calling in to cancel their accounts with the bank.

NOTE: I personally called Bank of America to confirm the video and I was informed that Bank of America has not suspended users debit cards.

This article first appeared at The Examiner

Mikael Thalen is a political activist and a self proclaimed history buff and current events junkie. He prides himself on being non partisan and standing up for fiscal responsibility and personal liberty in government.


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Anonymous said...


You personally called BOA and asked if they had "suspended" users debit cards. Really that is not what the banks are allegedly doing. They are allegedly simply refusing to authorize purchases to certain merchants. They are NOT "suspending" anything. They are allegedly illegally dening customers their contractual right to make legal purchases with BOA cards. This article is a fraud

Doc WhiteRaven said...

How about this...BOA has more then debit cards...I did not see anywhere in the article that "debit cards" were used or declined...and I am not interested enough to watch the video...I saw "cards." BOA has credit cards...I do know the guy's gun business was mistreated by BOA, with the stated reason's previously given...that is plenty enough for any right thinking American to cancel all transactions with BOA & to close accounts. BOA can have their opinion, I have mine...NO BOA...

Anonymous said...

Bank of America and other banks prevent people from buying cigarettes with credit cards and they forbid UPS from delivering them.

So why is anyone surprised with the gun thing. If they come after one group and you don't defend their rights, they will come after you next.

But of course, they are good and divide and conquer.

How does a bank get to write laws and decide what you buy with your money? It's insane. None of these things are illegal

Anonymous said...

It's not just cigarettes bought online and delivered. It's also alcohol and online gambling.

Any person with half a brain can figure out why. Just ask the banks(ALL BANKS!) for their User's Agreement statement and you'll see: the banks CANNOT payout funds from an account in one state to another state when the transaction is illegal or MAY BE illegal. Some states allow online casinos. Some don't. Same with online liquor sales. And when you get to that pesky little thing about transporting the stuff across state lines using USPS or UPS or FedEx to do it... well... yeah, the banks are going to balk at allowing those transactions at all because they don't want to be complicit in an illegal act of that nature.

I worked for a bank for many years I know what I'm talking about. It's right there in User Agreements and legal statements put out by any bank in the US. If you ask their legal department for a statement and clarification on this you'll get it with no problem whatsoever. Getting that request in through your typical representative though... eh. Ask for a supervisor and have them put in the request. You have to have an acct with that bank to request such a thing, however.

I think that the representative we're talking about in the article could possibly be correct in that the bank may restrict sales of guns or ammo(certain quantities, at least) for all of the above reasons. States are trying to pass bills on types of guns legally allowed, types of ammo and quantities. If I were the bank I wouldn't want to get involved either, even though it violates the MORAL stance of the second amendment. Businesses don't really have to follow that, though. They just have to follow the law. If they choose to follow the moral imperative of the second amendment then that's awesome but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone catch the fact that "Freda" refused to give her account number and even her last name, and yet the associate said he would notate her account? How could he notate an account of someone he has no info on? I used to work for B of A and if the person would not identify themselves, we could not give them any info. This call was made to B of A, but not for the reason Freda is giving in the video. The video was made from a call and was pieced together to provide the answers that Freda wanted recorded. Freda is the fraud. Besides, the debit card is drawn from your money, B of A has no say how you use it, unless they can prove the money was put into your account through ill gotten gains. Sorry folks, you have been duped by Freda.

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