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How to End the 'Gun Debate' Forever

UN's 2011 Homicide Study(pdf).
Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Violence is driven by socioeconomic and cultural factors, not the mere presence of firearms. The statistics clearly show this, and the very same statistics manipulated by so-called "gun control advocates" irrefutably contradicts their agenda's premise when put into proper context. Worse yet, the obsession over gun control sidelines the urgency needed to address issues like poor education and dismal economic prospects for those living in the most destitute and violence-stricken neighborhoods in our country.   

UK vs. Japan: 2 Unarmed Societies, 2 Vastly Different Homicide Rates.

Despite both nations being disarmed and having almost no "gun-related homicides," according to UN statistics*, Japan and the UK still have an astronomical gap in homicide rates. Why? A visit to either country reveals an entirely different culture, education system, infrastructure, and socioeconomic paradigm. This is why despite Japan having a much larger population, even total homicides are lower than the comparatively more violent but less populated United Kingdom - with homicide rates in the UK nearly 3 times higher than those in Japan.

According to the UN's study, which includes the most recent annual data available, Japan, with a population of roughly 130 million, had a mere 506 homicides over the stretch of a single year. Conversely, the UK, with less than half of Japan's population (53 million) had 722 homicides. The rates per 100,000 people for Japan and the UK are 0.4 and 1.2 respectively. The UK, despite being an unarmed population, and having virtually no gun violence, still has 3 times the murder rate than the nation of Japan. Those that are murdered in the UK or Japan, are just as dead as any human being murdered by a gun in the United States. And clearly, this indicates that the presence of guns, or their banning, is not a significant factor driving homicides and violence.  

Gun Control Doesn't Work - Ask Mexico.

Despite the hundreds of millions of guns to be found across the United States, with tens of millions of American citizens armed - some very heavily, the homicide rate of America is still below the global average of about 7 homicides per 100,000 people. The US' homicide rate? 4.8 murders per 100,000.

A nation like Mexico - which is conveniently dismissed by gun control advocates, has - according to the UN - a homicide rate of 22.7 murders per 100,000 people, despite having vastly stricter gun control laws on the books. A visit to Mexico and the United States would, like visiting Japan and the UK, reveal a starkly different culture, education system, infrastructure, and socioeconomic landscape. Socioeconomic factors drive Mexico's rampant violence - not a lack of gun control laws.

Logical Fallacy of Focusing on "Gun-Related Homicides"

It is true that "gun-related homicides" are higher in the US than other nations in a carefully selected "industrialized nations" category - however, it can also be said there are more snowmobile deaths in Michigan than all of America's southern states combined.

However, in comparing Michigan and America's sub-tropical region, the problem isn't snowmobiles, the problem is reckless behavior. Comparing only "gun-related homicides" in the United States with other nations is similarly dishonest, intellectual bankrupt, and statistically invalid. The problem is homicide and violence in general - not merely the means with which a murder is committed. A human being stabbed to death with a knife or throttled to death with one's bare hands, is just as dead as a human being shot with a pistol, shotgun, or "assault rifle."

A serious dialogue in tackling violence cannot begin until "violence" in and of itself is recognized as the problem - and not merely a myopic fixation on one of many implements that can be used to commit acts of violence. Indeed, guns do enable people to proficiently kill large numbers of people - but then again, so we are told by the US government, a handful of men with box cutters managed to kill 3,000 innocent people on the morning of September 11, 2001 - with not a single shot fired.

The human capacity to commit violence is unencumbered by a lack of means to do so. Banning certain implements will not deter an individual, or group of individuals from harming others if that is their intent. As the UK's disarmed but still violent society illustrates, merely banning guns is not the solution. The differences between Japan and the UK are not legal - but socioeconomic and cultural. In the UK, violence in general is the problem. A focus on the implements rather than the factors that drive it, is like treating a cancer by nursing the symptoms. It is a logical fallacy - and ultimately a fatal one.

Obsession with "Assault Rifles"

According to the FBI's 2011 analysis of homicide in the United States, out of 8,500 gun-related homicides, only 323 (3%) were committed using rifles of any kind - including "assault rifles." Compared to knives and other cutting instruments (1,694), blunt objects (496), and bare hands/feet (728), rifles should be the least of the honest "gun control" advocate's concerns.

The obsession with "assault rifles" for most is psychological, irrational, and a result of a manipulative mass media, blowing out of proportion what are superficially horrific "massacres," but statistically rare (a fraction of 1% of all gun violence). On an institutional level, the obsession with "assault rifles" stems from the fact that semi-automatic rifles are the standard arms of modern combat, just as muskets were when the 2nd Amendment was first put to parchment. For a runaway tyranny, tens of millions of rifles in the hands of its citizenry poses a major obstacle for further exploitation and expansion both at home and abroad.

Handguns in the most destitute parts of the United States, driven by poor education, poor economic prospects, and rampant drug crime, drive the vast majority of "gun-related homicides." Solving this problem means empowering these people with a proper education, and the means to make for themselves a viable local economy as well as acquire the skills necessary to participate socially and economically on a national level.

By addressing the root of violence, it would also empower disenfranchised people to take for themselves a larger percentage of the nation's wealth - something the current ruling elite are demonstrably not interested in. So the violence will continue for the sake of preserving the wealth and influence of corporate-financier special interests, while attempts to disarm the public will be made to allow for that wealth and influence to be expanded further yet at our expense.

End the Debate Through Organization and Deterrence

1. Address the Real Cause of Violence: Looking over the UN's statistics and then studying the multitude of factors in each country driving total homicide rates can give us a glimpse into both the cause of violence and real solutions for reducing violence. Cherry picking weapon-related homicides to suit one's political proclivities at the expense of ignoring systemic violence is not only intellectually and morally depraved, but negligent as well. 

The most violence-stricken nations - nations like Honduras, El Salvador, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, Sudan, Colombia, Puerto Rico - suffer from tremendous socioeconomic disparity, a lack of education, political turmoil, rampant drug gangs, and even low intensity civil wars and proxy invasions fueled by Fortune 500 exploitation.

Guns did not create these conditions - guns are not even manifestations of the turmoil spurring on the violence, rather the abuse of firearms are - the runaway fever of a bacterial infection. Treating a fever alone will not cure a serious infection - and to ignore the infection and myopically fixate on the fever alone will cost the patient their life.

Conversely, education, socioeconomic development, technological progress and the leveraging of technology to empower the downtrodden, impoverished, and violence prone, are the antibiotics used to battle and ultimately cure the infection.

The body's ability to induce a fever is a natural defense against infection - as an armed population is a natural defense against armed gangs, despotic governments, and foreign invaders. The fever is only dangerous if left unattended and if chronic infection beyond the fever's ability to suppress it sets in. Disarming a population is analogous of disarming the body of its natural defenses, an immunodeficiency which turns routine sickness into life-threatening conditions.Mexico's decision to disarm law abiding citizens across its nation has left millions defenseless in the face of drug gangs who have no intention of honoring Mexico's gun control laws - the result is horrific violence that threatens the very survival of Mexico as a nation.

Commit to addressing all violence - not just "gun related" crime, and force the "gun control" advocates to both recognize the true cause of crime and commit to facing it. Will an honest individual argue against stopping all murder as opposed to only "gun-related homicide?" Will an honest individual argue against improving education and socioeconomic prospects for poverty-stricken, violent segments of the population? Will an honest person look at the inner-cities of America and honestly say simply banning guns will cause rainbows to shine and progress to finally be made toward lifting people out of socioeconomic stagnation? Do honest individuals or media personalities only cry to "ban guns" on the rare occasion suburban children are killed, when people in the inner-city face death on a daily basis? An honest person would not.

2. Get Organized Locally: It is clear that the "gun control" agenda peddled by the US government and the global corporate-financier interests that direct its policies, is aimed at subjugating civilization. This is the same government that willfully lied to the American people regarding "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq to trigger a decade-long war that cost a million innocent Iraqis their lives, along with thousands of US troops sent off to hunt the non-existent weapons and fight terrorists funded and armed by America's own allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A government interested in stemming violence and protecting innocent life, they are not.

Trying to debate a criminal who only debates as a means of stalling for time and obfuscating his ceaseless efforts to exploit, dominate, and destroy all around him, is an exercise in futility. There is no debating or negotiating with a criminal, nor with an illegitimate, criminal government. The interests of Wall Street and London driving American and European politics will not be "convinced" to end their assault on human freedom through clever debate.

When confronting a belligerent adversary, the first priority should be avoiding conflict - be it rhetorical and political, or upon the battlefield. This is not a tenet of pacifism - but rather a stratagem devised by renowned Chinese warlord, Sun Tzu in his treatise, The Art of War:
To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.
The idea is to pose a level of martial, economic, and social prowess, vigilance, and preparedness - denying your adversary even the opportunity of feasibly confronting you. It also involves imposing your will upon the adversary, rather than simply responding to a series of your adversary's provocations. It cannot be said of America's firearms owners that they possess any of these qualities - which is why their rights and freedoms are being slowly subverted, and the battle slowly taken from them. 

Getting organized locally, first as a shooting club, then as community activists involved heavily with local law enforcement, volunteer firefighters, disaster response, gun safety and marksmanship courses, competitions, and so on creates a physical infrastructure, a coordinated, active and well exercised armed citizenry capable of facing a myriad of adversity together as a community, for their community. 

For each county in the United States to have such an organization, guided by American values as documented in the US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, would collectively create a deterrence that would shut down the "gun debate" before it even started. Banning guns would be as feasible as banning gravity.

Such an organization being present and prepared for natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, would be able to maintain law and order in a personal, local way - a way federal agents, troops and mass-murdering Blackwater mercenaries could not compete against. Such an organization would have immediately went into action, and FEMA would have been left at a roadblock outside New Orleans, barred from meddling in the affairs of a responsible, sovereign citizenry. 

Getting organized is the only solution. Anything less will lead to the slow but sure, incremental erosion of our rights and ability to address our responsibilities in the manner of our own choosing. Endlessly debating professional propagandists is a necessity, but this alone will never succeed. Presenting a corrupt, tyrannical government with the organizational capacity to defend our rights both preserves these rights, and prevents conflict from even occurring in the first place. That such organizational capacities would include local law enforcement, and ideally even the National Guard, would take organized force out of the hands of special interest, and put them back in the hands of the people for whom they were formed to defend in the first place.

Getting organized locally can be as simple as two people gathering around a table for a preliminary meeting, going to the range to responsibly exercise their rights as firearms owners, or organizing a firearms safety course through local law enforcement. It seems like a small step to take, one that will not make much of a difference, but a single viable model can provide an example for others to replicate across the country, in parallel and to great effect. Those groups that aim on being balanced, responsible, inclusive, representative of all who live in their community, objective, and attempt to reach out to everyone, especially those who stand against the right to bear arms, will be amongst the most successful.

Additionally, such organizations must by necessity address the actual causes of violence through improving education, infrastructure, and economic prospects on a local level - as is the duty of all responsible, well-informed citizens. Having weapons is not enough if you have no means of sustaining yourself socially, economically, or logistically. Building a strong, self-reliant community, and a nation built up of such communities is the other necessary ingredient needed to sustainably preserve freedom.

The first county that actually reduces crime by addressing its causes rather than endlessly fighting its symptoms, and is able to successfully communicate that success, will have erected a mile-high brick wall for "gun control" advocates to climb over.

It is likely that even opponents of gun ownership will see activism addressing many of their own political causes, including poverty, education, and economic disparity, and realize the best option is not animosity and endless debate, but pragmatism and cooperation in the streets.

Such organizations expanding in parallel across the country will have an incremental effect on reversing the tide that has been set in motion by special interests posing as "progressives" and manipulating the minds of the well-intentioned the world over.

It was through slow, incremental regression that got America to where it is today - and it will take lots of hard, patient work to progress forward.  

The corporate-financier driven mass-media - be they faux "left" and anti-gun, or faux "right" and pro-gun, are here to ensure we chase our tails endlessly in debate while the government pragmatically eliminates our ability to arm ourselves, all while the violence continues unabated. The purpose is to prevent us from stepping back, and actually doing something constructive to both protect our rights and improve the conditions our communities are suffering from. We are subconsciously preparing for a confrontation we will never win, because it is one that will be "pushed back" indefinitely until all the weapons have been banned, confiscated, or sufficiently regulated out of practical use.

Heed the words of Sun Tzu - stop holding your breath for a battle you should not want to fight in the first place, and instead, begin building locally the organizational capacity and deterrence to render moot gun control advocacy and the insidious greed of special interests that drive it.

Get organized, and end the "gun debate" forever. 

* The complete UN study, from the UN's website in .pdf format can be found here. 

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Anonymous said...

None of this gun-grabbing has anything to do with gun violence. The goal is to consolidate power in the hands of the few against the many. This article may have value as an outline for a propaganda campaign. But the gun-grabbing is simply about power and global agenda.

Average Joe American said...

Tony, what if it's in the water?

The subject of your article permits the philosophical mind to run in many directions: political, practical, even poetic. But, hey, really? What if it's something in the water causing us all to bad things?

Forget the water. What if it's something as simple and unnoticed, so caring and parental acceptance of medical treatment for maladjusted, misbehaving children?

What if it's chemicals? In our kids' brains, administered by Big Pharma via smiling doctors in suits? Telling us our kids need behavior-modifying drugs, newly-invented to "fix" them?

What if that were the case? (Crazy as that may sound.) What IF that were the case? If the experts in suits have been told wrong things by the other experts in lab coats working for Big Pharma?

I'm kidding, of course. Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Tenex, Risperdal, Abilify, Concerta, Adderal, Strattera, etc., these are science fiction, right? Lithium, dozapine, methylphenidate? Get serious. Put into our kids?

Who, after a time, begin killing people massively and suddenly, without warning?

Must be the Hollywood influence, or those games kids play on their computer thingies.

Wait, maybe, just maybe, it's the Second Amendment influencing their wild behavior. Take away the tool, they'll be fixed. They were misled by large cap "clips" and scary-looking "assault-style" weapons.

Let's run with that. Developing kids on prescription mind-drugs, driven by the mere existence of available guns to slaughter people.

I'm working on it...working on it...

Nope, can't wrap my mind around it. I grew up with crazies, who had access to all manner of weapons. None had access to psychotropic SSRI drugs like they're handing out to kids these days.

Co-opted Confederate said...

Finally some one with some intellectual fortitude has outed the Suck any thing for a vote or a buck gun grabbing politicians for what they are Stupids Immoral evil sociopaths who crave power enough to control the actions of millions of human being just to feed their egos and bank accounts. Violence can be curtaile quicker and more cost effectively by making those guilty of violent crimes (Homiside) pat for their murder with their life Preferably trhe same exact way they took a life. And screw all the warm fuzzy touchy feely expensive DNA evidence is gonna clear em all nonsense. Use a gun in any crime and You never get out of jail and you work a minimum of 10 hours a day producing what ever it is that the Penal institution is housing you needs to operate even if it means pedaling a bicycle generator for electricity enough to run the Washing machines

Paul Panza said...

With all this "gun logic", we never get to hear from the people who have had gun violence thrust on them. We who don't own weapons and have been shot or have been mugged at the point of a gun or rifle never get air time. Firearm owners are a minority. The "warrior gene" is never discussed. Peace loving, non-gun owners are forced to provide tax money for an active war machine which is certainly a case of domestic violence and murder in our global village but that is not part of the presentation. However, we (peace lovers) are supposed to supply non-violent solutions in writing contests to a nation that is being fear mongered into purchasing more firearms by so called alternative media sites. This makes me suspect that the lack of a balanced presentation in the mainstream media is just as prevalent in the "alternative media". It also suggests that the alternative media is aiding and abetting the weapons manufacturers (global elitists) and therefore is not an alternative at all but more of the same intellectual drivel that has nothing to do with morality, ethics or cultivating higher consciousness. The Neo-niggers and their Reptilian Overlords are laughing all the way to the bank, their well armed military will crush any domestic gun grabbing populace but let's waste time on defending the 2nd amendment which has done nothing to stop what has already occurred. With all this in mind "gun logic" would suggest to me that I should purchase as many illegal weapons I can afford because I may have to kill, military, police and my neighbors who have turned into food looters as I certainly wouldn't want to have traceable firearms linking me to their deaths.

Hide Behind said...

Have been saying it for over 60 years and was told it first by a grandfather and other men, it is not about guns its about what type of nation we will live within.
They who talked, children did not speak until spoken too, were not wild west open space types but rural and small town New England types and all were vets. Of WWI, WII and Korean combat.
SIDE BAR: If people today thinl some areas of metros are criminal havens and violence running amuck let me state flat out the amounts of crimes from murder rape burglary wife and child abuse and incest in those new england mill towns make any drug ridden area of today look like a park
Gramps family and most others in his circle were multi generational familys of new world and whose ancestors had fought and died in all of our conflicts but not a one of them I can remember worshipped the military as damn near all do today.
The thing was they were still close to the real roots of our history; I got to talk with and listen to old family and others who fought in Civil and Spanish wars.
They were proud, a couple boastfull of exploits, of serving as citizen soldiers and came from time when men from one town went fought and some died all together.
They went citizens did the job and came home to once more be citizens not warriors.
Ever since the commies BS at end of WWII our real history has not been taught in schools or college campus and our educational institutes have bee turned into no more than job training institutes and degree mills.
Todays black gun afficianados are so wrapped into this mystic warrior cult that any crime that has national security label is not opposed but cheered.
This is and has always been a violent nation, we have gobbled up and destroyed nations and tens of millions of killed and displaced outside our nations and wave the flags and cheer on the warriors while safe and content in your home.
Our politics today along with are military are of one mindset, follow orders and your loyalty is to whomever is commander in chief and its minions as well.
You cannot act and be empire building outside your borders for long before your home social ordering must conform to the same patterns you used to conquer foreign peoples.
This nation in last twenty years moved drasticly away from its roots until today they in DC along with those who have access to its rulers are no more than the occupying powers over this nation.

Anonymous said...

Please stop referring to those guns as "assault rifles". Those are Homeland Security Rifles and every able bodied honest and law abiding American male needs to be in possession of one.

Adam Evenson said...

Hey, you are a mighty good writer, as certain of yourself as I am, and easily back up your great and vital points with stark truth. I would like to begin meeting people such as you in person, but it may never happen. But hellfire, I'm God, I'll have what I want.

Steven said...

The drive for gun control is not so much about having a calm peacefull society as it is an attempt by the elites and PC special interests to do several things.
Protect themselves from the consequences of their actions and secondly to ensure that resistance to their plans is minimal to non existent. As long as the elites are safe and not opposed nothing else really matters and gun control is a means to those ends. It is not about preventing crime, it is about protecting elite crime and criminals.

Anonymous said...

Go to hell, America. You've been roaming the mid-East looking for trouble all over the world for reasons of insanity and misery. A President had the courage to look you straight in the camera and warn you about it. His warning didn't take. You are now responsible for millions of deaths, even the starving of Iraqi babies by illegal sanctions and to this day America still wields the Roman sword of power over all. The war whore of Babylon that the world has to deal with in order to profit. The global powers, false religious materialism, and those who can handle US wealth all know it can't last. In the end the big lie makes you worthy of nothing.

If true American style courting involves watching you lazy idiots slaughter each other and not innocent foreigners for a change then let justice be done.

TomTom said...

In order to gain support of the pubic and legislators in the agenda to disarm Americans, the fabricators of the assault on the Second Amendment right to bear arms use a number of half-lie tactics. Of these, the term "assault rifles" has been widely publicized and shown to be inaccurate. "Homocide" is another term in which the definition has been twisted to serve their purpose.

Emotional, rather than logical, approaches to gun control are intentionally used because of the inherent shock value in controlling the thoughts of sheeple who are already dumbed-down by the "politically correct" educational model and by the continual onslaught of subliminal and overt attempts at brainwashing the public by the masters of deceit.

A thorough examination of "progressive," leftist propaganda will reveal that their "King has no clothes." It is unfortunate that many unthinking people fall into the trap of accepting two-minute sound bites as being factual data.

As a result, we are faced with the enormous task of re-educating the Eloi, and showing them that they are the next meal on their chosen masters' menu. If we are to win this crucial battle, our first line of defense rests in converting the thought processes of the masses into accepting the fact that their, and our, survival as a unified nation depends upon seeing and understanding the threat to life, liberty and happiness, and then exposing and confronting the enemy by every means available.

Anonymous said...

Japan has a lower murder rate because Japan is a society that is nearly 100% Japanese.
Japan is not being subjected to a third world unarmed invasion, as America now is.
Finally Japan isnt overrun with ghetto thugs and scum from da hood!

Anonymous said...

No offense...but talking about the National Dialog that they opened with these shootings that happen to look like crisis actors in a Active Shooter Drill has you defending yourself and you cannot go on the offensive while you are defending yourself.
This is how the Dialectic works! Crisis actors is big money like pee testing.
That what your taxes pay for.So there is no reason to defend why they can't have your guns.It is wishful thinking on their part.The same media that told you the guy who campaigned to venues were 2/3 empty won the "election"who ran against a patsy whose tax records were sealed too.The winner of the "election"can't get people to come to the Inauguration.The same media is also telling you he CAN take your guns for the children's sake.What you should be talking about the Dick Act of 1902-3 where it says they can never ever even register guns.Reagan was your first outrage.Shot by a Bush business associate? C'mon.You are participating in a losing battle when you engage in THEIR DIALOUGE. Talk about the Dick Act of 1902
Tell them it's impossible,so forget it.It's not gonna happen

Anonymous said...

Some interesting use of creative language here, to dress up opinion as logical fact.
"Those that are murdered in the UK or Japan, are just as dead as any human being murdered by a gun in the United States. And clearly, this indicates that the presence of guns, or their banning, is not a significant factor driving homicides and violence."

This is like saying "and therefore, banana". Either the point has been made badly, or you're dressing up an inaccurate parallel to serve your argument.

similarly, the idea that a "gun control agenda" is peddled by "global financiers" is as ridiculous as it is stupid. The gun manufacturers create jobs, and also donate to politicians both liberal and conservative. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, as well you know (if you've researched even a little on the other side of the argument).

And your notion of "erosion of freedoms" regarding assault rifles is a tired, weak argument. You also aren't allowed a thermonuclear device, panzer tank or rocket propelled grenade. Is that the fault of the liberals? where do you draw the line?

If you want to have a serious argument, stop dressing up opinion as fact with emotive language. Going the extra step to ad-hominem your supposed opponents points might impress idiots, but it's not proper discourse. Show me a convincing argument with balanced fact.

Anonymous said...

PompAnonymous j@ckass, the line was drawn in 1938 by the National Firearms Act and in 1968 by the Gun Control and Safe Streets Act. That is as far as we are willing to go. Read them and stop dancing around with your BS designed to show off your critical thinking skills and command of the English language.

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