Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How does UN Agenda 21 look and feel in your community?

James Bennett
Activist Post

Editor's Note: The video below is essential viewing for a concise breakdown of what Agenda 21 really means and how it is being directed. As proponents cloak their 'sustainability' rhetoric in bright shades of green, the consequences of implementing these globalist proposals are in reality quite bleak. This video is the perfect introduction to James Bennett's list of what you're likely to feel if Agenda 21 arrives in full force to your community.

One thing Agenda 21 is NOT is a conspiracy theory.

It feels like a local government that is out of step with your priorities.
It feels like they are deliberately trying to crash your economy.
It feels frustrating as you pay "public servants" to seemingly orchestrate your decline.
It feels like fixtures in the community never earn any seniority or right to be left alone.
It feels condescending when you are patronized and disregarded simultaneously.
It feels like bikes and cars are socially and civilly engineered to be at odds.
It feels like you're losing your privacy.
It feels like your public servants were identified and installed based on their willingness go along with the program.
It feels like your private property and small business are morphing from an asset to a liability.
It feels like your being taxed and regulated redundantly for reasons that seem to defy your senses.
It feels like your rights are a relationship of someone else's convenience.
It feels like your civil process has been reduced to disingenuous charade.
It feels like belonging to a club with ever increasing dues, but less and less services.
It feels like more and more of your favorite wilderness is off limits.
It feels like someone else is orchestrating your town.
It feels like you have been betrayed.
It feels like you're being lied to.
It feels like they're always talking lack, scarcity and shortages.
It feels like the line between public and private is indiscernible.

It feels like government is picking winners and losers, not the free market.
It feels like city hall is trying to impose themselves on your landscape, like a big municipal male dog; marking on your town.
It feels like your community is being divided against your will or choice.
It feels like neighborhood groups don't represent your neighborhood.
It feels like agriculture and anything in the country is under assault.
It feels like common sense is a thing of the past.
It feels like your town belongs to someone else.
It feels like birds and critters you've never seen are more important than your property rights.
It feels like much of your culture was about cars; now they're bad.
It feels like government employees make too much money.
It feels like your opinion doesn't matter.
It feels like city hall has been brainwashed to think they know what's best for you.
It feels like the local paper and local government have merged.
It feels like your own representation is on a different team, sabotaging your very well being.
It feels disingenuous, like a much-less-than authentic effort is being set forth on your behalf.
It feels like the only things they care about are wasting money and installing more Smart Growth.
It feels like you are an outsider in your own community.
It feels like important decisions are a done deal before you even know about them.

It feels like oppression. 

It feels urgent, like if you don't do something, your community and your abundance will be gone.
It looks like streets are getting smaller and bike lanes are getting bigger.

It looks more and more like a police state with road blocks.
It looks like faux quaint stack 'n pack development.
It looks like your property isn't your property anymore.
It looks like they prefer electricity over plentiful natural gas.
It looks like a lot of terms you've never heard of before.
It looks like all kinds of weird parking stuff downtown.
It looks like Smart Meters being forced on citizens.
It looks like more and more homeless, without a place to go.
It looks like contrails in the sky that linger for hours.
It looks like everything in the country is getting defunded.
It feels like all you do is pay taxes for things you don't like.

It looks like little farms, ranches and dairies are having a hard time.
It looks like your water bill is going up even though there's plenty of water. 
It looks like "Roundabouts" where intersections used to be.
It looks like bikes and cars are being forced to collide on the road.
It looks like businesses with "Coming Soon" signs for a year.
It looks like they really like bikes 'n trains.
It looks like less and less parking, except at the mall.
It looks like they're trying to make traffic worse.
It looks like all the new stuff is a mall or a stack 'n pack.
It looks like empty parcels in seemingly desirable locations.
It looks like local small business' that used to define your town are being deliberately sabotaged through parking manipulations or bypassed completely.

Please add your own in the comment section below.

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James Bennett is a business man and prolific activist from Sonoma County, California.  James says that , "Although I've never been politically active, like many I've become someone I never thought I'd that we don't end up with a life we never thought we'd have."


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Anonymous said...

It looks like the vicious circle is closing in
It seems the vultures are on the alert
It shows the predators are in position
It's time to wake up and use our strength in numbers
It's time for all human brothers and sisters to take a stand
It's time to hold on to each other and join hands
For if we do not stand for ourselves and our children
We will fall for anything
And surrender is not an option.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list to pass out to your neighborhood, might get some people looking into this. There has been good resistance where I live in Texas, but when I visit other states like New York, very few people have any idea.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your 80% pathetic junky-monkeys-brainwashed-slaves...

Anonymous said...

It looks like deep packet inspection.
It sounds like a takeover is imminent.
It smells like shit and puke.

We are Anonymous.
We are the populist trash.
We are the 99%
It's time to wake up.
It's time to resist the occupation of our dreams.
If we do not educate ourselves,
we will be educated.
If we do not act,
we will be acted upon.
If we do not breathe,
we will die.

We are Anonymous.
We resist.
You should have expected us.
We are already here, armed, and ready.

Anonymous said...

It appears that we've been had!!!

Anonymous said...

Amador County California kicked it out of the county. All counties nation wide one by one should follow suit.

Anonymous said...

IN our small community, we have a few self-appointed leaders. They have set up a Strategic Planning Committee that only includes those elected officials that will bow down and agree with them. They all have a "community vision." The community has no input and usually doesn't know what this vision is until it is enacted. Then it is too late. These leaders include economic development people, bankers, and others that all stand to gain from the vision.

Anonymous said...

My city government apparently has a vendetta against any personal vehicle that weighs more than 8001 lbs, arbitrarily classifying them as "commercial" and as such it is "banned" from parking more than two hours in a residential neighborhood. It can be towed after six hours.

I've parked my dually - my only form of transportation at the moment (a situation I wish was different) - on the street in front of my house for two years. This week it's been ticketed once and I stopped them from ticketing it a second time. Yes, that's an attempted TWO $100 tickets in 5 days... because I own a gas-guzzler.

The intent is apparently to keep residential neighborhoods "nice" (so no, it wouldn't matter if it was in my driveway), but our neighborhood IS "nice", all of our neighbors know the situation and why I'm driving this truck, and no one has complained. It's even a "nice" truck. There's no logic other than to prohibit large vehicles from the city, as there are far bigger yard "eyesores" in other parts of town.

Anonymous said...

"5 Dumbest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories About the United Nations"

Anonymous said...

Obviously the regular people have been working hard & trying to live civily among all, while those seeking power & wealth have been conspiring to take whatever they can get their hands on by any means they can call legitimate.

whisker child said...

Shit Anonymous.... DO something!

Hide Behind said...

My communitys vision is finding a job for those without them.
We see 10's of millions in grants for imptovements being eaten by people in study groups who said weneeded then for jobs and then the contract goes to an out of state entity or else into some political hacks friends company. WE see double bipping familys of city state and federal funds move our front streets into their quaint hobby buisness started with fed and state grants that then pay emploees minimum wages.
Weseee slumlords buying up dumps throwiing paint on walls and then recruiting Hud and section 8 welfare mommas into renting them out at rates the working man cannot afford or earns to much to qualify.
we see the same type get all the best pay for putting in time as volunteers or managing hotlines or handing out state paper propaganda at wages no small buisness canafford.
It has reached the point that the middle class is split between the buisness men and the gov state city college grants being the only place he can wring a living from.
It is a good system for some the mainly upper middle vlass wage brackets as the old middle class disapears.

Hide Behind said...

They who make the rules are doing you a favor, and they know better than you what needs to be done to clean up this world.
If they can rid you of car payments and ride a bike to improve your health just look at all the money you save.
If they then tax you at only half what you save then they will get a raise in pay and.
just dhut up and play the game go after some of your neigjbors faults like his dog or cat and you thinkt hey use dope call the cops on em.
MAybe hos lawns so green from using some illegal fertilizer and weed spray.
Oh there are lots of ways to play petty games, are you sure that it wad not the neighbors wife you heard say leave me alone oe I' ll cut your balls off too her husband.
PRETTY SOON we all will be under somebodys thumb no matter what we do so join in the fun and ruin life for evrryone.

Anonymous said...

Agenda 21 is still a conspiracy - it's just not a theory.

Anonymous said...

It appears as if the really bad stuff in agenda 21 has been missed or downplayed in this article, and the comments only add to the misguided priorities.

It is not about destroying your life by making it more difficult for you gas loving big car addicted clowns to drive your big stupid crappy American vehicles. That is such a red surprise to see it front and center here.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I live in Amador County , California .

Anonymous said...

God...I HATE Roundabouts...

Now i know whats going on there. Nobody in their right mind would rather use a confusing nasty roundabout instead of a regular, straightforward intersection!

I have been seeing these roundabouts replace a lot of fully funtioning intersections all around Minnesota. Even in the RURAL areas! :-(

Anonymous said...

It feels like the UN is taking over the world; scary.

Anonymous said...


Great place to "party" but just try living here!

The solution to everything is to RAISE TAXES.
You suspect there is vote fraud because the same kind of local government who does not now or apparently ever has had to work for a living gets elected.

When downtown streets are closed down so people can not get to their jobs or places of worship so the elites can have some sort of Marathon foot race or some sort of celebration.

The bus stop in front of the state capitol is moved because the legislators said they didn't want to see the poor people sitting there.

Affordable housing is nearly impossible to find.

People over 55,disabled people are NOT wanted downtown.

The majority of homeless people downtown are over 50 yrs old and are treated worse than vermin,indeed,are regarded as such.

If you dare to participate in city or county government, you are regarded as a nuisance and will be ridiculed.Your property taxes will be raised into the stratosphere until you can't be, will be declared a blight & torn down or you will be evicted from your apartment.

There is a computerized database the police have under 'field interrogations' and if your name goes in there you are targeted for arrest and harassment.Even a 72-hour forcible commitment to the Austin State Hospital for observation.

The prices get higher and higher and so does your rent because the city keep raising their taxes to benefit the bicycle riders and their elitist 1% at the top.

To find a living wage job here and to hold on to it, you have to have a friend or a relative who is already working there and can vouch for you. Otherwise you get a backstabbing type dead-end,minimum wage job from hell.

There are basically two classes of people here, the 1% and the serfs and peons who grovel.

They want Mexicans and blacks who "know their place." A combination of the Old South

Gentrification is racially and ethnically discriminatory. Everything is replaced wit condos and shops so expensive those who formerly lived there can't afford to live there anymore.

Anonymous said...

The "token" minorities--especially illegal aliens --are rewarded with Free tuition,Section 8 housing the general public never has access too, free medical & dental ALL PAID FOR BY EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEM!

American citizens,blacks and whites who are not in the favored peon servant categories can go to hell.

As in the old South there are a cabal of wealthy, connected white families that control the drugs,prostitution, alcohol sales and who knows what else...If you threaten them, the cops will get you, maybe even bring in the feds...

The old Democrat political machine of LBJ is very much in place, Austin was at one time an extremely racist city with a large KKK chapter, etc and it always there under the surface.

Tourism is encouraged but outsiders are not exactly welcome for reasons I have explained earlier.

Social services for older adults exist but overall this town ONLY wants the rich,young,beautiful --preferably the kind that doesn't have to work. They smile to your face as they pick your pockets...price gouging becomes obscene as it did when they had the F1 Grand Prix race recently.

We were told if we did not have an invitation to the events TO STAY OUT OF DOWNTOWN!

Just whose town is this anyway?

We seem to have a lot of non-profits who help no one but the people who work for them in spite of their stated intention. This December,2012, a man who was a convicted felon with drug problems cleaned out the Austin/Travis County Christmas Bureau, He was NEVER BACKGROUND CHECKED and he was handling thousands of dollars! Another woman ran some sort of educational project for kids and she absconded to South America and on and on and on.

There is a large Occult community too which meets in a christian church to communicate with Satan and put curses in people.

The huge University exploits students as unpaid interns so why hire anyone and there is fresh meat every semester...

Still think you'd like to live there?

Think again.

I could say a lot more but for now, I think the Agenda 21 description given at the top of this article is almost word for word description of what is happening right here, right now in Austin,Texas.

I forgot the BANNING OF DOGS. they are demanding all dogs and cats be spayed & neutered which will of course, make them extinct AND they want all firearms to be banned.

And if you are not hippedity, dippitity perpetually happy and ecstatic about living in this people's Paradise, you get the harassment I described above..

Did I forget to mention that YOU are expected to pay your employers for the privilege of working here? Sometimes they even forget to pay you, like some of the famous employment agencies. If you do get your money its late or skimmed and if you bring it up,you get fired and blacklisted. Expect to make thousands less than you would in a comparable job elsewhere.

Thus endeth The Lesson.

Anonymous said...

To the person above me. You forgot to mention a few things like how there is more whites than hispanics recieving welfare and food stamps. Dont believe me? Looks at the statistics for yourself sir.
I agree with you on some things but if illegals and citizens period ,(to not pull the race card like you did. )Ask for health care, welfare, food stamps, or any other government help. It maybe all because agenda 21 forcing this system on us.

They manipulate the economy,there for forcing people to beg for help because they have no where to go. Now I know there are some that just exploit the system and drain our tax dollars to not work, but we let this happen we let them walk all over us.So now is time to take down the system and stop blaming mexicans and blacks for. All the free money they recieve.

Last but not least I would like to get back to the subject of reasons why it feel like agenda 21 is taking over my town.
1. People seem more and more dumbed down every year high school grads keep getting dumber every year that goes by.

2. People in general are buying into all this save gas save resources buy recycled products big gas guzzlers are bad for the environment. Let me tell you people that you are wrong! Look at the sky look at the chemtrails is a worldwide problem the constant spraying for weather modification is heating up our planet. Its not global warming its all the playing god by our governments and private corporations ran by them. No petroleum is not beong depleted theres been research done that was somehow never made a big subject to suggest that the earth replenishes petroleum so it is not a finite source of fossil fuels.we have hydrogen cars but big oil companies bought the patents.

3.Feels like the same politicians stay in power no matter who gets voted in.

4.Feels like your neighbors are your roomates since all new housing is either stacked on top of each other or you and your neighbors yard is so small it feels like you are sharing one together.

5. Feels like people in the country are moving into cities faster than ever before.

Anonymous said...

Why has there not been any reporting about U.N. Agenda 21 on the local and cable news networks?

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