Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have The "Terrorists" Been Victorious in the Destruction of America?


Shoshana Hebshi, 36 of Sylvania, Ohio, files lawsuit against federal agencies and Frontier Airlines for being arrested, strip-searched and jailed at Metro Airport.

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Anonymous said...

When are you Americans gonna have a NO FLY DAY. Hit the Airlines where it hurts

Anonymous said...

America was destroyed by its own people.

The REPUBLICANS openly embraced and fought for the Patriot Act, the war on drugs (personal freedom), privitized prisons, war on workers rights, free lunch for corporate pigs, torture, and wars all over the world that have bankrupted the nation.....and TSA abuses.

The DEMOCRATS openly embraced and fought for free trade deals that hurt workers, free lunch for corporate pigs, errosion of family values, too many intrusive laws, and TSA abuses.

No terroists required, just dumb hate filled small minded people who wanted to screw the other side more than they wanted to help their own. Hate is the dominant emotion in the USA, it fuels almost everything you do. It reveals its ugliest side in your gun lovers tirades and lies. In the end, you reap what you sow, and most of the world feels that you had it coming.
Shame on all of you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly boycott the airlines

dogismyth said...

boycott the airlines?? who? those living at or below the poverty level? those unemployed waiting in line on blogs to deliver their hopeless and unintelligent comments?

You are not logically expecting that those that have jobs or money to forego flying because of your woes, are you?

As long as the "haves" outnumber the "have-nots", nothing will change for the better. Those gainfully employed choose flying because they don't want to spend 1-5 days traveling by car, train or bus...get it? Those with money choose to travel by the quickest means to get to their destination....get it yet?

So what the fuck are you talking about? Boycott what again?

Yes we hold the power....but only when we are united. And I can tell you that the "haves" really do not care to have anything to do with the "have-nots". And its my guess that the "haves" will not even remotely begin to change their thinking until they feel themselves edging toward the "have=not" line.

Besides, most of the "haves" are complacent for the most part. They do what they are told, are always in fear of losing their job, submit to the government and try to do those things which have been indoctrinated into them by gov brainwashing.

The worlds not fucking crazy...its just that most care only about themselves. Its a selfish and cold world and the have-nots are simply looked upon as "whiners".

Anonymous said...

Serious restrictions on travel, and creating fear when travel is a must.........the stuff of FASCIST NATIONS throughout history.

TSA abuses are not only about humiliation and getting people to bow down. They are about reducing travel and real contact between people, family, friends. Boycott plays right into their hands. Keep traveling, pick your mode of transport based on your own issues.

Anonymous said...

don't fly like i do till they get tsa out they have cought zero!terast anyway

Anonymous said...

Our government are the terrorists. Old school
Americans are in Obama's cross hairs....

Anonymous said...

I have been stating for three years that Osama Hussein Sotero or whatever name the Fraud is using is a plant by the Elitists and Politicians to destroy the US. You are totally stupid if you cannot see what the ni************and government's intent may be or IS? He spends money like all Africans, Not US Black People.He and his illegal gang he calls family spent $1.4 Billion in Vacations in (4) years as reported by the GAO? Not even the Royal Family of England or any of the Government families in any country have spent that much money? EVER?

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