Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good Discussion on Gun Rights


Interview with West Virginia Citizens Defense League President, Keith Morgan, on The State Journal's Decision Makers. Watch as Keith Morgan repeatedly defeats Bray Cary's empty and baseless arguments on the Second Amendment using facts, logic, and rational arguments.

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Roger Young said...

A discussion? Why is that necessary?
Your right to defend yourself by any means necessary is inalienable to every human.
End of discussion.
That was quick. And you didn’t have to sit through a 12 minute video.

Anonymous said...

Hooray Kieth!!!
Difficult to have a battle of wits with an "unarmed" person........

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, here. Isn't the base problem human behavior, not inanimate objects. Bray is a dangerous uninformed, uneducated journalist.

Anonymous said...

Police protect us? When was that? Where were they during these massacres? Where were they when that woman was forced to use her revolver to protect herself and her child from the intruder when the police did not come in time after her 911 call?

Isn't it obvious that police play no role in protection, only in mopping up after the crimes? Only we, can protect ourselves.

Hide Behind said...

Uneducated is a much beloved term used by the uninformed and misinformed, the pot calling the kettle black and you find it not just on the issue of citizens owning weapons but in every political arena in this nation.
Gun ownership is indeed not the real issue and what should be the point of discussion.human behavioral disorders, is kept in a secondary maybe third order of discussion.
The 2nd Amemdment is a part of governmental rules that limit what is in fact outside governments power to change or lmit, it is a RIGHT and a non discriminatory Right.
It has been turned into a political issue that has no bearing upon how the government is supposed to carry on its functions as described in its charter.
The Articles describing what governments duty are not in the wrong it is the politicalization. Of ideas that should never of entered the halls of government that are.
Politics are not required to be upholders of rational thought and in fact the artisans of politics prefer dumb, iliterate and un or undereducated populaces that are easily manipulated through emotional means and usally of the baser emotions.
In this nation we have a misconception of what being educated means, titles do not denote education other than the level you lack in becoming educated.
To say this talk show host is a jounalist means absolutely nothing other than he has a craft in which his opinions are valued by acertain corporate ownership, and its paying advertizers might not even give a damn what he says as long as he can put their products out in front of. A specific portion of public.
In fact what this point out is that host is very lacking in eduation and at the least slovenly in his approach to a study ipon the issue.
He lacs duffecoent factual information and the one factor of a mind that can become educated,an ability to think in a cognizant and reasoning mamner.
Wish I could say that majority of gun owners vould but they are not in the main
Different than the host.
I will state that in the vast majority of the antis ranks that while many can lay claims to varipus and dundry degrees of expertise inDiciplines most are dumb as rovks outside of those diciplines and that is why they are soeasily misled and misinformed and have to fall back upon unsupporyable emotionaly based premices.
Then again this spiel comes ftom one thateven in latter part of life is dtill trying to become educated.

Anonymous said...

The journalist is pushing an agenda of those who put him in position and pay his way. He's not dumb. Well, he might be, which could be one reason he was selected for his position. More likely, though, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Note how he lied through his teeth and claimed that nobody ever used AR-15s for self defense.

You know he lied because he won't correct his lie.

If we was honest and ignorant, he'd correct his lie, wouldn't he.

But he won't.

Wolf in sheep's clothing... 100%.

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